Affiliate Marketing and SFI Affiliate: How Do They Work?


If you are a website owner than you need to have affiliate marketing on your website. A lot of people just set-up a website to blog and share stuff with other people or for their local business without even knowing that they can also earn from it using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing program online will allow you to have a passive income while having a day job or a business. You can sign up for an affiliate marketing program, insert special links on your website, and earn commissions from the products that you are affiliated with. Let’s face it though. Not everyone will try their hand at affiliate marketing because it can be confusing. Of course, a lot of people are afraid of being scammed online. In this article, I will let explain what affiliate marketing is and the legitimate affiliate marketing programs that you can sign up with.

So what is affiliate marketing exactly? Affiliate marketing was developed by businesses in order to widen their target market without investing more money on marketing and advertisement and getting more sales. Affiliate marketers sign up to be connected with the company so that they can be authorized to market the products of that company. The affiliate marketers then get a percentage of each sale that the company gets out of the affiliate marketer’s efforts. It’s that easy to do affiliate marketing. All you need to know is how to market the products correctly and you’ll start earning.

Here’s the downside of doing affiliate marketing. At first, you won’t be getting enough money. When I started doing affiliate marketing, I was only earning a few dollars a month. Several times, I thought of quitting, but my will to be successful was stronger than my pessimistic side. I did a lot of research on how to do affiliate marketing correctly. Of course, I tried several of them until I came up with the right strategy. I lost a lot of money from scammers as well, but I managed to regain them with the money I earned with the right affiliate marketing tools.

Affiliate links on your site do not only earn a commission every time there istogether a sale. Some affiliate companies pay every time there is some action on the link that was given to you. You get a flat fee for generating a lead or for a subscription sign-up. Of course, the pay is higher if you get a sale compared to the earning that you’ll get from other actions. There are also PPC or pay-per-click programs that will pay you a small amount each time a visitor clicks on the link without any action at all. Each affiliated company has different terms so check out the company before signing up with them.

There are a lot of affiliate marketing programs available on the market and one of them is SFI affiliate. SFI is much different from any other affiliate marketing online providers because they promote triple clicks and recruit people to join them. Affiliates who have invited people to join SFI now has the opportunity to earn from the sales of their affiliate links and from the sales of their recruits.

Anyone can sign up to be an affiliate of SFI because it’s free and joining them will automatically let you become an affiliate. SFI can be done by anyone because they have a page dedicated entirely to training you on how to become an affiliate. There are also tools that will help you build your business as an SFI affiliate. I was amazed when I first went to their site. There is a members-only forum that will answer your questions. Not only that, but they have tracking data and leader boards where you can see who has the most number of triple clicks.

Triple Clicks

Triple clicks is a big part of SFI and it was launched in 2009. Commissions are based on triple clicks and when people spend money inside triple clicks the SFI affiliate earns a commission. There are several ways to use triple clicks. You can buy and sell products participate in penny auctions on products that are discounted and play games online to win prizes. When you do these things you get either T-credits or Member Reward Points (MRP).

T-credits can be used to buy products, pay seller fees, bid on auctions and play games online. The monetary cost of one T-credit is $1.99 or as low as $.29 if bought in bundles. They are very important because you cannot sell products, do penny auctions or play games without it.

MRP or Member Reward Points, on the other hand, are given to you whenever you spend T-credits. MRP can be used to redeem products in the triple clicks marketplace.

4 Ways to Use Triple Clicks

1. Buy Products – Use Triple Clicks to Buy Products just like what you do in other legitimate affiliate marketing programs.

2. Sell Products – If you are a standard seller you can sell each product for 1 T-credit. Pro sellers, on the other hand, can sell for free and pay 15% on the price of the product. Along with the pro seller feature is a website with a sub-domain to sell your product. Both two types of seller can just list their item on triple clicks and the company handles everything. Whenever there is an order, all you have to do is fulfill the order that Triple Clicks will send you.

3. Bid on Penny Auctions – This is also known as Price Benders – At penny auctions, the price will be sold at a regular price, but when the timer hits zero participants can bid on the product for a cent and the last person to bid will win the item. Each bid will cost one T-credit and every time a person bids the price goes up by $.01. So the company will collect your T-credit for each bid and will also collect the final price of the item from the winning bidder. Of course, the winner of the bid gets to have a huge discount for the item, but the other people who did a bid on the item gets to lose T-credits.

4. Play Online Games – Whenever you play games you will have to pay T-credits, but when you will get either T-credits, MRP points or other p[prizes.

So we’ve tackled T-credits and MRP points. There is another thing that you need to understand in SFI and this is how you can make money. SFI uses Versa Points (VP) system and these can be converted into money.

You can earn a VP by completing daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that will be given to you as an SFI affiliate. Each T-credit spent or each member recruited will also earn you a VP. Doing all these things will increase your SFI ranking and will increase your earnings. The more VP you get the higher earnings you will get.


Ways to Earn in SFI

There are actually 6 ways to earn when you join SFI affiliate.

1. Direct Commission – Of course since it’s an affiliate marketing program online you can earn commissions on your affiliate link. You earn 45% commission volume (CV) for any purchases made by your referrals within triple clicks. A CV is the gross margin of any sales from your referral link.

2. Triple Clicks Executive Pool – How much money you will receive from VP’s will depend on three things, your ranking, your accumulated sales, and the company revenue for the month. Executive Affiliates will get a share of 40% of the company-wide revenue for the month, but team leaders that have higher ranking will get more. The rankings are as follows:

• Bronze Team Leader: Matching VP on all EAs in your down line within 6 levels

• Silver Team Leader: Matching VP on all EAs in your down line within 8 levels

• Gold Team Leader: Matching VP on all EAs in your down line within 10 levels

• Platinum Team Leader: Matching VP on all EAs in your down line within 12 levels

• Diamond Team Leader: Same as Platinum, plus double matching VP on affiliates on the 12th level.

3. Co-Sponsered Commissions or CSA – this s a referral program given by SFI affiliate. The payout commission for each CSA is 15% of the CV.

4. T-Credit Bonuses – The bonuses are earned each month depending on your ranking. Executive Affiliates earn 10 t-credits per month, Bronze team leaders earn 12 T-credits, Silver Team Leader earns 14 T-credits per month, Gold Team Leader earns 16 T-credits per month, Platinum Team Leaders earn 20 T-credits per month, and Diamond Team Leaders earn 24 T-credits per month.

5. ECA referral program – every time you refer people to become an ECA you will earn 10% CV on all the sales of that person for life. On top of that, you will also get 100 VP points when your ECA when they make their first $10 on sales.

6. SFI Pay per action – Earn for referring people to become an SFI affiliate. You can earn $10 per sign-up.

With affiliate marketing the amount of money that you earn is different. There are a lot of different legitimate affiliate marketing programs and each of them will let you earn different amounts each time you have a sale. SFI affiliate is different though. It will give you an opportunity to earn more than just the commission from your sales, but you can earn in more ways. It’s also very important that although you can earn $100 per day today, that amount can fluctuate and your earnings can become lower if your product does not sell well. Being an affiliate means you will have to work hard in order to make sales and maintain your status. Check out SFI affiliate and I’m sure if you diligently follow your tasks and market your product, you will earn money every month.


eToro Social Forex Trading: Is It Worth Investing Your Money In?

social trading review

Social forex trading is very popular nowadays because it has made trading much easier. It was initially created to stay in touch with people who have the same interest. Namely, Forex trading. Over time, copy trading or copying other traders’ moves in trading became an advantage in social trading. With this added feature in trading, forex trading became open and more and more people are doing it.

We already know how copy trading works. The retailer will open an account and link it to the account of the trader and whatever the trader does, it will be copied automatically to the retailer’s account. So if the trader gets a profit, the retailer gets a profit as well.

There are other features in social forex trading that are very useful as well. Remember that there are a lot of markets in trading. With the social trading review, you can view the accounts of traders with specialties such as crypto trading and study them. You can opt to observe their strategies and how they trade instead of copying them so that you can do the same thing in the future if you choose to trade in the same market. This is why social forex trading can be done by everyone. Gone are the days where people who would like to trade have to undergo some training or get courses to understand how trading works. With social trading, all you need to do is sign up and start observing traders. After which, you will have the option to copy trade or not.

Why Choose Social Forex Trading?

1. You don’t need to spend a lot of time learning the trade – with social trading, you can do trading immediately because of the copy trading feature.

2. You can share your knowledge about the trade to others– just like social media people share their ideas, observations and stock knowledge about forex trading. Of course, just like social media, you will need to use your common sense when evaluating information and spending your money on which stocks to purchase.

3. You have the potential to earn more than your share of your stocks – If you become a copy trader, you can get 10% of the profit of your copier. You will need to be successful in trading in order to get the 10% commission from your copier or else you won’t get any at all.

4. No 3rd party dealers – All the trades are copied directly so you don’t need to pay any third party agents unlike what people in the stock market floor.

5. Meet people – since you can connect with people using the social trading platform, you get a chance to interact with more people and making friends along the way. You can also invite your friends on social media apps to join you in doing social trading.

There are a lot of social forex trading platforms available and one of the best social trading platforms that I would recommend is eToro. In fact, when you say social trading, it is always associated with eToro because it was the first online broker that introduced the concept of social trading.

social forex trading

It’s very easy to start social trading with eToro, A newbie trader can do copy trading almost immediately because eToro has shortened the learning curve in forex trading. The app itself is very easy to use and tutorials are available for you to use.

I know that you might be a bit skeptical because there are a lot of scammers out there that don’t deliver as promised. Etoro is a legitimate company and I would recommend it to anyone. Try to read a social trading review and I’m sure eToro would be mentioned as a legit social trading software.

In fact, eToro has several licenses namely:

• eToro (Europe Ltd with registration number HE20058 regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), license number 109/10.

• eToro (UK) Ltd is regulated by the FCA or Financial Conduct Authority and has the company reference number 583263.

• eToro AUS Capital Pty Ltd with license number 491139 under the authorization of ASIC or Australian Securities and Investments Commissions and provide the financial services under the Australian Financial Services with license number 491139.

eToro has been on the market since 2007 with hundreds of employees and offices all over the world. If you are living in the United Kingdom and you are an eToro premium client, you can ask to become a client of eToro (UK) Ltd instead of automatically becoming a client of eToro (Europe) Ltd which is a standard when you deposit your money in eToro.

Whenever you make a deposit on eToro, your money is deposited in separate accounts in first-order banks and does not end up in eToro’s personal accounts. They are deposited in the separate account is required by regulated brokers in order to make sure that the funds will not be used by the broker for any other reason in case the broker is bankrupt.

If you register in eToro, you are not only opening a trading account in a brokerage firm. You are entering a very large community of aspiring expert traders. eToro social trading is a social trading platform that you can do a lot of things with.

You can:

• Operate on different trading markets or do retail trading. Retail trading markets that you can choose from are cryptocurrencies, stocks, currencies, indices, ETF, and commodities.

• Follow and observe other traders just like what you do in social media. With just one click, you can also copy them or do copy trading.

• Do social trading or participate in sharing your knowledge in trading and making investments with the eToro community.

• Create a copy portfolio and become a copy trader so that aspiring traders can copy you.

• Earn in CFD operations. Since eToro is just like social media and can be accessed by anyone, you can interact with other people and ask for advice. You can even share information that has been shared by other traders. You can also view the success rate of the traders and what they did with their investments in the past letting you decide which trader is best for you.

Tips in Choosing a Social Signal Provider or a Copy Trader

There are a lot of social forex trading signal providers available in eToro. If you want to check them out, feel free to do so, but beware because there are a lot of scams out there that are only after your money. Here are things to consider when looking for a social forex signal trading provider:

• If it’s too good to be true then back out. There are social signal providers that will promise you a huge return in just 3 months. This is not how social forex trading works. You need to use your own judgment in social trading on where your capital will go. In fact, there is no guarantee of a huge return in just a short span of time in social trading. It takes a lot of time. If they have a large return on investment in just a short span of time, chances are they are over leveraging their account and it will have a huge impact in the future.

• Choose a social signal provider that has real accounts. There are people who have the same interest as yours. You should also be able to see their past history and how their investments faired in the last year.

• Choose a social signal provider that has a long track record because they are the “experts” in the field. Newbie traders who have gained a lot of returns may only have a stroke of luck in their investment and don’t have the experience needed to know when to sell their stocks or add more money in their investment. The trader that you will choose should be someone who has been through a lot of market conditions. Choose someone who has been trading for at least a year with a good track record so that your investment will be safe.

• If your social trade is doing well, don’t be surprised if the copied trader is compensated with a portion of your income. Remember that you are not doing anything, but copying their trade so it’s natural that they get a portion of what you get as well. It’s a fair trade. Don’t worry, if you are not getting an income nothing will be taken away from your capital. Copy Traders do their best in trading because of a possible 2nd income from your capital.

• Choose signal providers that have a professional background. They are the ones who had a lot of training and experience so they are likely to succeed because they understand the stock market better than the others.

etoro social trading

Social Trading Risk Factor

If you are investing in social forex trading, remember that it’s not a sure thing. A lot of people will spend a lot of hours looking for the best signal provider that is a good fit for them and spend all their capital to that signal provider. This is not a good social trading practice. Look for several good providers and invest in them to balance your portfolio. Talk to your copy traders so that you will know what they are doing if you are confused with what they are doing. eToro will also let you set your risk limit on your account to reduce your losses.

Of course, be ready to have losses when you invest your money, but the good thing with eToro is, you can reduce the risk of your losses. It’s up to you on how much you are willing to lose. Once it reaches its limit, it will automatically stop investing your money on that certain stock so you can invest in something else.

Don’t worry if you have losses. It’s natural in trading. The most important thing is, you don’t quit because social trading is a high risk/ high reward investment. If your investment doesn’t work the first time, you will have another chance at another trade. Give it time and you will find the right signal providers in social forex trading.

Why Use Email Marketing?

note email

People thought email marketing no longer works, but it’s not. If you have not been using email marketing as a marketing strategy to get sales for your product, service, or affiliate then think again. Email marketing is not as complicated as you think. In fact, a lot of people can do it because of some email marketing course online that are being offered.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered the most effective tool in converting your leads to a sale. In fact, it is very effective and generates more sales than SEO and social media. Your website should have a sales funnel so that you can get the email addresses of the visitors on your site and email then more information about your product or service.

If you get a sale from a person, you also need to send them emails according to an email marketing course online. Your one-time buyers will get informed about your latest products and become fans of your company earning more from their purchases.

So what do you need to do in order to have an effective email marketing campaign?

If you are unsure on what to do with your email list you can get email marketing tips from the experts like me that have converted leads into sales effectively.

First, you need to be ready to commit to do email marketing.

Reasons Why You Need Email Marketing

1. Email is still the #1 communication channel. Despite the rise of social media and the options to call and chat with your connection on it, people still consider emails important. In fact, people check it regularly even though they can communicate through social media. People use social media to interact and do other personal stuff from while emails are a means to communicate in business and other more important matters.

2. You have your very own email list. Your social media accounts can get deleted or banned anytime, but your email list is there permanently as long as you use it. No one can take it away from you.

3. The rate of conversion in email marketing is better. More and more people are buying from the emails that are sent to them compared with other marketing campaigns. There are a lot of email marketing tools online that you can use in order to start your marketing efforts. People who get emails tend to buy 138% of the time than the people who did not get any emails from companies that have their leads.

How To get Started With Email Marketing

First, you will need permission from your website visitors to email them. How do you get that? Setting up a sales funnel will give you permission to email them. As long as people give out their information to you freely by filling up the forms that are on your sales funnel, they are giving you emailpermission to email them. That means they are interested enough with the product that they want to learn more before they decide to buy your product.

There are email lists that are available for you to buy of course, but I would never recommend it. Buying an email list from someone else means you are lazy to build a sales funnel and people you email about your product doesn’t know about it so chances are, they will trash your emails almost immediately no matter how good your offer is.

Lead Magnet

In order to attract visitors to your website, you will need a lead magnet or an option bribe. You will need to give away something for free like a free eBook or discount coupons in exchange for their name and email address. Leads magnets are often digital like MP3’s, audio, or video files. These can be created at a low cost.

What is a good lead magnet?

We know that a lead magnet is one of the email marketing tools online that are available, but how do we choose a lead magnet?

• It should be easily consumed or used – Lead magnets are only effective if the visitor of your site can use them. So choose something that your visitor would want to get.

• Actionable– Lead magnets should be useful. It can be a discount coupon or something that can give a lot of information to a visitor regarding your niche.

• Create Improvement – People will buy products that are effective so your lead magnet should be something that is effective and delivers as promised.

• Relevant – You lead magnet should be relevant to the niche that you are promoting. Otherwise, it would be useless. For example, if you are marketing an affiliate marketing software, don’t choose a lead magnet that will give them a discount for cellphones. People are on your site for that discount coupon for cellphones and would not care about affiliate marketing.

• Available Immediately – People nowadays love to get things instantly so giving them something that they can download right after filling out the form is something that you will need to consider when choosing a lead magnet.

Follow Through With Informative Content

• Your call to action should match your content. Remember people will expect you to follow through with what you promised them. If you promised a coupon, then you should deliver a coupon and not something else to them. People will get out of your site immediately if you do that and will never recommend your site. Delivering what you promised, however, can get you a lot of fans which can be converted to sales in the long run.

• Your first email is very critical in email marketing. It should be something that would thank them for giving you permission to email them and welcoming you to their website. A follow-up email should also be sent almost immediately that will contain an introduction about yourself and the product that you offer. It should also contain what they should expect from you in return for their email address. You may want to inform them how frequently they will get an email from you.

When to Give Them a Product Pitch

Remember that you are sending an email to your lead because you want to give them more info about your product and eventually get a sale. It’s not an easy task, though. The transition from freebies to a sales pitch should be handled well. Do not pitch in about your product or service immediately. Instead, think about what you should do in order to be effective. Try to give them information and do a sales pitch from time to time. Do not send them a sales pitch every time you email them or else they will not read your emails. Remember that your email list is very valuable and the people that receive them are your potential customers so you need to handle them well so that they will become a returning customer or else your efforts will go to waste.

How To Write an Email Newsletter

writing email

A bad newsletter is a newsletter that you don’t recall receiving. A good newsletter is something that people will remember. People should know you when you email them and will want to read your email. Make sure you are consistent with the emails and send them regularly. Effective newsletters are a mix of messaging and updates.

Remember to engage your receiver every time you email them. Try to set-up a relationship with them instead of focusing on the sales pitches. Sales pitches should be made with new updates and upcoming promotions.


If you are starting, it will be easy to reply to emails one by one, but once your list becomes huge, it will be impossible to reply to all of them. I would recommend email marketing tools online that have autoresponders so that you can keep up with your emails on top of doing other marketing stuff for your business. It’s a well-known secret among email marketers.

An autoresponder does not only send replies to emails, but it will also send newsletters to your leads on the schedule that you have set-up for it to be sent. Scheduling emails is a very convenient way to market your products to make sure that you are sending them regularly. Companies plan out a series of emails that are sent to their email list ahead of time so that they can do other things for their company also making sure that they are not forgetting to send the emails. If you have built a relationship with your customer, they will expect your emails every now and then and will want to know what you can give them through the emails.


Email marketing is a very good way to reach out to your leads. People treat emails important so it’s also important that your emails are informative and useful. There are a lot of email marketing tools online that you can take advantage of your email marketing campaign. Check out their features and compare their pricing in order to start with your email marketing. In order to make sure that your email marketing campaign will be a success, you can get an email marketing course online. It will teach you how to use the tools that are available online, how to set-up schedules for your emails, and the content that you should put in your emails. Like I said above, if you have not considered using email marketing for your website, you need to start now. The leads are waiting for you to give them information and the chances of you getting a sale is very high with email marketing.

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing: How Does It Work?

affiliate marketing

Are you new at blogging and you do not know how to do it correctly to succeed in legitimate affiliate marketing programs? Then, you’ve come to the right page.

A lot of people blog as a hobby and earn from it because they are doing it right. Signing up as an affiliate for a product or service is a good way to earn money. If you have been blogging for quite some time and you have signed up for an affiliate marketing program online and you are not earning, chances are you are doing it all wrong.

Before I became a blogger, I knew there were a lot of ways to earn money online. Getting online jobs was one of them, but I had a job already. I continued to search for something that can help me earn at the sides. I signed up for some programs that promised me to get a lot of money in just a short span of time, but I was only scammed.

That was why when I first read about affiliate marketing I was skeptical, but I was determined to earn online. I checked reviews and learned that it was a legitimate way to earn online. It is used by companies so that marketers who are affiliated with them will market their product in exchange for a commission on the sales of that product. I then took an online course on how to market legitimate affiliate marketing programs. Back then, the information shared by a lot of people about affiliate marketing was not enough to convince me that I could succeed that was why I enrolled in a course. Today, there are a lot of tips and tricks shared by successful affiliate marketers like me that can help you succeed.

Surprisingly, there are still bloggers or online influencers that get a lot of visitors but are not signed up for affiliate marketing.

So how do you start being an affiliate marketer?

1. Remember that you need to have a website in order to be an affiliate wordpressmarketer. If you do not have a blog site yet you need to get one. A website domain can cost around $10. I would recommend using WordPress when setting up your website. It’s perfect for beginners who are not familiar with programming because its features are user-friendly. All you need to do is click on buttons to set-up a domain, add images, and text and your website are ready to be published online. Professional looking website themes are also available in WordPress for you to use. Not only that, but you can also add plugins in WordPress if you like that you can use to optimize your website. Also, remember that your domain name needs to be relevant to the product you are affiliated with so if you do not have a website then choose a niche that you are comfortable to market first before setting up your domain name. If you already have a blog in place then you are good to go.

2. Find a good product to affiliate with. There are thousands of products and services to choose from so you need to think of something that people would need to buy that you are very familiar with. Being familiar with a product or service is very important because you would be the authority on that subject once you start marketing the product. People will tend to ask questions and you should be ready to answer them when asked. It’s also important to choose a product that is not very popular with marketers online. Sure it’s very easy to choose a popular product and market it, but if a lot of marketers are also promoting the product, the chances of getting a sale so you can get a commission is very low.

Recommended Affiliate Marketing Programs List

• Clickbank – Click bank is one of the affiliate marketing programs that you can take advantage of. They offer thousands of niches that you can affiliate with. Since it is one of the first legitimate affiliate marketing programs that were available online, the integrity of this company in affiliate marketing is very good and they have good customer service available when you need it.

• Amazon Associates – like Clickbank, Amazon is another affiliate marketing program that you can check out. Of course, Amazon is very popular online and promoting one of its products is very easy. There are a lot of products to choose from.

• SFI – Strong Future International Marketing Group or SFI is also one of the first affiliate marketing programs online. It’s free to affiliate with SFI. There are about 100,000 products to choose from in SFI and you get to earn at your own pace.

• JVZoo – Is an instant commission platform. Unlike other legitimate affiliate marketing programs available online, JVZoo gives you a commission for every sale that they get. Everything is instant with JVZoo. They even offer real-time statistics for you to check so you’ll know where your affiliate marketing business is going.

• eBay – eBay is known worldwide and not all people know that you can affiliate with the products that are on eBay. With eBay you work with popular products and marketing these products are also eBay. People would not have a second thought if they know they are buying from eBay because each purchase is secure.

3. After you have set-up your website and you have chosen your affiliate, you can now start to plan on your marketing strategy.

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing?

• You don’t have to invest a lot of money with affiliate marketing. Unlike setting up a local business, affiliate marketing is cheap and you don’t have to get out of your house and do some cost and estimates to do it. It’s free to sign up, but you may have to shed a little amount of money buying your website domain. If you are already a blogger, this should be easy for you to market.

• You only need a positive attitude with affiliate marketing. People who give up easily are not meant for affiliate marketing. Earning online is not an overnight thing. You will need the patience to learn the tricks of the trade. It takes time to build an online presence so you can divert traffic to your website and get sales commissions out of affiliate marketing. So if you’re already a blogger and you have a lot of online presence, choose a product relevant to your blog and affiliate with it so you can earn.

• Unlike setting up a local business, it only takes little time to set-up affiliate marketing. You don’t need any physical products or build your store for weeks or months. All you need to do is set-up a website and sign up for legitimate affiliate marketing programs and you are good to go. It’s the fastest way to start a business, right?

• It is a safe business. Why do I say so? Affiliate marketing is a safe and sure way to earn online. If you sign up as an affiliate, you automatically become a marketer for that product and we all know that marketing earns a lot even offline. Having your own product and promoting it is a big risk, but if you are an affiliate, you don’t need to be worried about expiration dates or being banned because you are only referring the product you are affiliated with.

free start

• It’s expandable. After you have built your online presence, you don’t have to be an affiliate of just one product. You can be an affiliate of other products as well.

• It’s easy and simple. The way it works is very simple. You set-up a website, choose a product or niche that is relevant to the topic on your website and start marketing it. Of course, it goes without saying that the company that you are affiliated with is willing to pay you for every sale that they get from your referral. They will give you a special link to promote and you will be notified for every sale that you get from that special link.

• It’s a great opportunity to earn. Sell other people’s products by marketing it using your special affiliate link and you get to earn a commission. You don’t need to get a phone line to receive the orders, no need to meet up with people so you can deliver their goods, no need to have contact with the buyers at all, and you don’t need to have the physical product available in your hands. All you need is that special link that is given to you to promote and you can start blogging, making videos, or start promoting it on social media in order to earn your commissions.

• Your earnings will depend on you. You can be serious about promoting your affiliate and get a lot of commissions from it or you can just promote it from time to time and get a modest amount of money from it. Either way, you have the options on how you can earn online with legitimate affiliate marketing programs.


Affiliate marketing is a very legitimate way of earning online. Be sure that you are signing up for legitimate affiliate marketing programs, to begin with and you will surely succeed in marketing it. It is something anyone can do because you don’t need to have a huge capital in order to start earning from it. If you are already blogging, this is something that you need to add to your blogs because it’s a sure way to earn money from. I’m not saying marketing products is easy because you will need to do a lot of effort in order to get visitors to go to your website if you are a newbie at affiliate marketing, but once you get the right formula to drive traffic to your site, everything will fall into place and you can earn a lot of commissions from the product or products you are affiliated with.

Lead Generation Techniques and Creating A Good Landing Page- Is it Essential

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Lead generation is one of the ways to earn money online nowadays. What is lead generation and how will it help your online business?

First, we’ll have to talk about the lead. What is a lead? A lead is anyone who is interested in your product or service by giving out their personal information to you like an email address or a phone call. The company then gets in contact with these leads and they will offer you their products or services. This is way different than cold calling or sending out a random mass email to offer the company’s product or service because they have already expressed interest in your product.

Lead generation is actually attracting and converting leads which have already expressed interest in your product or service. Some free online lead generation techniques include blog posts, offering coupons or live events like webinars, and sending out online content.

Lead generation is actually finding ways to attract people to do business with your company. You give them enough information about the product or service that you offer so that they can be convinced to take advantage of your product or service.

If a person expresses an interest in your product or service he automatically becomes a lead. After that, you can easily convert them to a customer.

How to Generate Leads

Here are the steps in generating leads:

1. A visitor goes to your website, blog or social media page

2. The visitor then clicks the CTA or call-to-action. This can be a button, image or a pop-up message that will make the visitor do an action.

3. The visitor is then taken to a landing page. The landing page is a web page that contains questions or a sheet that the visitor should fill-out.

4. The landing page gives an offer like a free course or e book, a course, or discount offers.

5. The visitor then fills out the form or questionnaire and sends the information to you.

There are sales lead generation techniques that are offered online. You can check them out and learn how to capture leads. The above information is just a basic structure of lead generation. Real estate lead generation techniques are also different and an online course or techniques are available for you to take advantage online.

Marketing Your Product

After you have set-up your landing page you will need to drive the traffic to your landing page. Below are the ways to do it.

Platforms to Use To Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

1. Content – Writing good content related to your product or service is a good way to get users to go to your landing page. Include a call-to-action anywhere in your content to get them to your landing page. The more informative your content is, the more likely the visitor will click on your call-to-action.

2. Email marketing – Email marketing has a very high percentage rate of sales conversion according to statistics. People in your email list are from your landing page and they are already familiar with your product so it’s much easier to get them to click our call-to-action. Be careful with the content of your email though. People tend to trash emails that they think are not good enough to read. Use eye-catching titles and design for your email so that it will grab the receiver’s attention.

3. Ads and retargeting – Ads should get the people’s attention and get themsales lead generation to take action because of that so make sure that your ad is eye-catching and will get people to click on your ad to get them to your landing page. Otherwise, the money that you spent on the ad is useless. Also, make sure that the landing page that you are taking your visitors o matches what is promised on the ad so that you can convert it to a sale. Otherwise, people will get out of your landing page without giving you their information.

4. Social Media– More and more people are into social media nowadays. You can share some content with them or post some stuff with links included in it to get them to your landing page. This is a good way to promote your offerings.

5. Product trials – People that go to your page will look for offers and offering a free trial for a certain number of days on your product will get them to click the link to your landing page. You can also get them other promotional offers so that they will continue to use your product.

6. Referral Marketing – Be communicative with your potential good customers and provide them with informative and useful information related to your topic so that they will tell their friends about you. The good old word-of-mouth marketing is still a very good way to get people to go to your landing page and buy your product.

You can combine these methods in order to get people to go to your landing page. Building a good landing page is also very important according to experts on sales lead generation techniques.

Tips in Creating a Landing Page

1. Create a video – Product reviews or tutorials are encouraged because a lot of people are visual learners. If you are a frequent YouTube user, you may notice that a lot of videos are “how to’s” or instructional videos of creating or using just about anything. I think you can learn anything just by watching YouTube videos. You product video doesn’t need to be too long. It can be a general overview of your product so that people can be informed of the important features of your product.

2. Do not mention spam – Landing pages that promise not to send spam messages on their landing page do not usually get a lead. Reassure your customers’ privacy so that they will give out their information, but never mention spam. Reassure them in a nice way so that they will trust you.

3. Take a squint test – If you are not familiar with the squint test let me explain it to you in a simple way. Drunk people have a different perspective. A squint test is a way to test if your website is attractive by taking a few shots of alcohol and taking a peek at your landing page to see if it will convince you to fill out the form. You can also ask somebody else to do this for you if you don’t drink.

Buying Leads: Is It a Good Option?

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Some people who want results immediately may want to buy leads. Some courses mention this as one of the real estate lead generation techniques you can use to convert to sales.

Yes. The temptation to buy leads is very high when you are doing lead generation because it will save you time and effort as opposed to creating a landing page. There are a lot of disadvantages to buying leads, however. If you buy leads, the people that get your emails are not familiar with your product or service so the chances of them clicking on your call-to-action are very low because they simply do not know you. Therefore, the emails that you send them are automatically recognized as spam and will be ignored immediately. The chances of getting your email address marked as spam, you are automatically blacklisted from sending them messages. Not only that, but the email providers will mark your email address as spam as well and your email reputation will be harmed in the email providers.

Always follow sales lead generation techniques so that your marketing campaign will be effective. Doing a shortcut like buying leads can just harm your website.

Qualifying a Lead

Once you get the personal information of your website visitors lead generation doesn’t end there. You need to gauge the interest of your lead. How do you do that? It depends on how they gave out their information.

• Job Application – a job applicant will share a lot of their information with you. A person who fills out the job application on your site is very interested in working with you so they qualify as a lead for recruitment and not for sales.

• Coupons – People who fill out your form for coupons are interested to buy your product or service. Therefore, these leads are valuable leads for sales.

• Content – A content lead is a good lead, but not as good as leads that come from coupons. These leads may need more information from you before they can be convinced to take advantage of your product or service. You may need to give them more information first by sending more content or useful information in your emails before they are converted to a sale.

Marketers get a lot of sales lead generation techniques from different sources. Lead generation is still one of the top techniques to market your product or service. The information I have shared with you are very effective in lead generation. If you play your cards correctly in lead generation, you can never go wrong. If you are new at marketing and you have a website, I would encourage you to do lead generation for a higher chance of earning more money on your business. I would encourage you to come up with an original yet effective way to get traffic to your landing page. Get some inspiration and plan your marketing campaign well.

How To Make Money Writing eBooks and How to Market


Back in the old days, if you want to learn something all you have to do is go to a library and look for books that can help you answer your questions. Today, the new generation does not even know how to use the Dewey decimal system when they go to a library. They go to a computer instead to search for the location of the book in the library. I don’t even think most kids go to a library. The internet can provide them with the materials that they need when they search the search engines.

eBooks are also found online and it’s no wonder people make money selling ebooks online. People who are experts on a given field opt to write a book sharing their knowledge on their expertise. There are also non-fiction ebooks available online. Even the famous writers acknowledge the importance of ebooks and have converted some of their writing to ebooks.

The sad thing is, there are a lot of people out there who will grab the opportunity to scam people who are searching for ways on how to make money writing ebooks. They would offer you to sign up for their program and sell you a sales kit that could earn you a lot of money in a short span of time. Do not fall for one of these. There are no quick ways to get rich online. You have to work hard for it.

Of course, if you want to earn by selling ebooks online you would need ab ebook to sell. Here are things to consider when writing an ebook.

1. Don’t worry about copyright – There’s a Digital Millenium Act of 1998 which will allow you to have the copyright of anything that you generate and publish online. Is legally copyrighted under your name.

2. Write a topic that is in demand – the criteria for choosing your topic should be the same as the criteria you use when writing articles or blogs. You would need to think of a topic that is in demand and the availability of the number of ebooks related to your topic available online.

3. Do your research – if you cannot decide on a topic and you have a blog, you can create a poll in order to know what your readers would like to know about. If you are writing non-fiction novels, study books that have been published under the same category and know the mistakes that they made so that you can avoid them.sell ebook

Where to Sell Your eBooks

1. Set-up an account in eBay – eBay is a very good marketplace to sell your eBook. You can set-up a seller store and start selling your eBook.

2. Craigslist – list your eBook to local cities where there are a lot of people in your target market are residing. Craigslist is used by a lot of people and a good platform to sell stuff.

3. eBook directories – look for these eBook directories that accept submissions from writers. There are eBook directories that only accept books from major publishers.

4. Amazon – this is the site where most authors prefer to sell their books. Kindle books are very popular that a lot of people go to Amazon just to get a copy of a Kindle book. If you want to sell your eBook through Amazon in order to make money selling books online, you need to understand that you cannot sell your book anywhere else. They will ask you to sell your book exclusively through them. Keep in mind though that there are thousands of books available on Amazon and standing out from them is a challenge.

5. Apple’s iBook store – Apple is also being competitive when it comes to eBooks. Unlike Kindle books though, the books from the Apple iPhone store can only be read using an iPad or an iPhone.

6. Host your own eBookYou can do self-hosting by setting up your own website or blog and start selling your eBook. Of course, you will have to start from scratch and market your website well in order to generate sales. Once you have made sales, the profits from selling the book will be yours 100%.

Check out all those and decide which platform is best for you to sell your eBooks. After deciding which platform to use to sell your eBook, you will need to decide on how to create and upload your eBook. You can create it on your own or you can pay an e publishing distributor to do it for you. You can even hire someone to edit your cover design.

Once you have your book ready to sell in a selling platform, you can start marketing them. Back in the old days, the writers just turn everything over to the publishers and leave the promotion to them. Nowadays, even famous authors promote their own eBooks through their blogs and social media accounts. Paid advertising can also be a good way to market your eBook so you can make money selling eBooks online.

Make Money by Giving Away Free eBooks

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One of the ways on how to make money writing eBooks is giving them away for free. Yes. You heard me, right. Give them away for free so you can earn money. It’s a crazy idea, but it works. About a month ago, I downloaded an eBook online for free. It gave me a lot of ideas about what I wanted to learn. After reading the book, I found out I wanted to learn more. So I searched and found out there’s a “part 2” of that book and it’s no longer free. That is one of the ways on how you can market your books to make money selling eBooks online.

Here are other ways to make money by giving away free eBooks:

1. Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime Borrow – Amazon has a KDP Select Program that Amazon Prime members and Kindle Unlimited members use. Members of these programs are allowed to read your book for free. Amazon then will pay you based on the number of pages of your book the member has read. If your eBook becomes popular, you can earn a lot of money through Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime Borrows.

2. Lead Generation – You can give away an eBook so that people who got a copy of your book become their fans. Of course, before they can get a copy of the free eBook you will need to get their name and email address to send the copy of the eBook to. The email addresses that you collect can now be used to send email promotions and marketing materials. These emails can be converted to a sale if you are promoting products to sell.

3. Exposure – If you are a new writer, you need to build up your name so that people will buy your books. If your free eBook is a good read, bloggers and influencers will talk about your book and share it. After that, you can write another eBook and sell it so that you can earn.

4. Sell Products or Services – If you will give away free eBooks under related to the product you are selling, chances are they will want more or be convinced on purchasing your product or service. Include links in the eBook to the products or service that you sell and it can be converted to a sale.

5. Promote Affiliate products – You can sign up as an affiliate for products and services and market them in your free eBook. This is a good way to earn. You can include resources or link to your affiliate so that could be converted to a sale and you can earn commissions.

6. Get Amazon promotion – One good thing about using Amazon is that they promote popular books. If your book is getting popular among readers, Amazon will promote it and of course this can be converted to a sale of you included links to a product or an affiliate inside your book.

7. Rank in Search Engines – Doing SEO so that you can rank your website is not easy. It takes time, but you can get your book ranked #1 in Amazon in order to rank in the search engines in a much shorter time if the content of your book is good enough.

8. Attract Subscribers and fans – Giving out free copies of your eBook will attract subscribers and fans. The fans can talk about your eBook in social media sites and get other people to read it. That way, you can make money by selling books online in the future.

Now that you know how to make money writing eBooks, you can start writing your eBook. I know it’s hard to decide what to write, but a lot of research can help you decide. Yes. There are a lot of authors out there that can be your competition in selling your books, but having the right content can help you make money online selling eBooks.

Here’s a secret when writing your eBooks. Keep your investment low so that you can profit from selling your eBooks even if they are not selling as well as you like. Also, keep your eBooks short unless you are writing a non-fiction novel and your goal is to get an award in literature. Invest a lot of your time planning your strategy before writing an eBook and surely you will succeed in your goal.

JVZOO Affiliate Platform and How To Become An Affiliate With

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If you have been following my blogs then you should know what affiliate marketing program online is because I have written several blogs about it. If not, then let me explain it in a way where you can understand it easily.

Affiliate means being connected or attached to a person, group of persons or a company. Now, we all know that marketing means to advertise a product for the purpose of getting a sales commission for each product that was sold through your affiliate link. One of the ways to earn through affiliate marketing is through JVZoo.

JV Zoo is one of the legitimate affiliate marketing programs available online. Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, JVZoo provides instant or easy promotions of products. Affiliate marketers can also find a lot of interesting products with bigger commissions to promote.

What You Need To Know Before Signing Up For JVZoo

1. Affiliate cookies – affiliate cookies are the tags stored to the website when a person clicks your affiliate link on the product you are affiliated with. The cookies are stored in a span of time the affiliate website allows them until such time the person will make a purchase on your product. Some affiliate platforms only allow 24 hours for the cookie to be stored and then you will not get any commission for any purchase after that. With JVZoo, every time a person clicks on your affiliate link and buy a product, the cookies are stored for a lifetime. So what happens is, every time that certain person makes a purchase of the same product, even though they purchase the product through another affiliate link, you will still get the commission.

2. Instant affiliate payments – Some affiliate marketing program online have the rotation payment system. This means you will only get a payment for every other sale and you will need to get a lot of sales in order to get payments. JVZoo, on the other hand, gives you credit for every sale even if you only made one sale.

3. Becoming a JVZoo affiliate is easy and free. That’s right, with all the features that it boasts you’d think there’s a fee for joining this legitimate affiliate marketing program, but the good news is, there’s none.

4. Easily track your sales status – JVZoo will give you the stats of the product when you start joining them in order to help you choose the right product that will match your needs. These stats are very helpful because there are a lot of products to choose from and knowing the statistics of the products can greatly help you decide which product to choose from. Not only that, but you will get the statistics of how many times your link has been clicked and how many sales have been converted.

5. A great help in your niche – one of the reasons why people are not support JV Zoo successful in affiliate marketing is promoting products that are not related to their niche. JVZOO, on the other hand, will give you a list of products under your category that is related to your product. So JVZOO is not only handy on the statistics, it will help you increase the chances of your affiliate marketing success.

6. Dimesales – JVZOO uses this strategy. This is a business strategy that businesses use to create the idea of a scarcity of a product in order to get more sales. When people see that the supply for a certain product is limited, chances are they will buy that product and won’t pass up on the deal, thus more sales for the product and more commissions for you as the affiliate.

7. PayPal Payments – all payments on JVZOO are made only through PayPal. No other payment methods are available so you need to make sure that you have one before signing up.

8. Vendor Approval – Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, you will not get instant approval to be an affiliate for a certain product with JVZOO. Vendors will have to review your application as an affiliate and get approved by them.

9. Refunds – Refunds are taken out of your PayPal account immediately.

Start Using JVZOO

Like I mentioned, signing up on JVZOO is easy. You can just go to their website, and click on the red letters that say get started now. Just fill that out and you are ready to be an affiliate marketer with them.

If you are a seller you can create a product with them for free. In fact, if you are a seller, you don’t even need to have a website, all you need to do is create a landing page with the details of your product and it’s benefits. After that, you can create an affiliate program for your product. You can also customize your offers by creating one-time offers and dimesales. The good news is, there are also no upfront fees with JVZOO. They will just get 5% of the sales or a $17 flat fee which includes the one time offer. To start selling on JVZOO just click on start selling on JVZOO at the bottom of the page.

JVZOO has a great feature that is called the ad manager plugin. The plugin is used by a lot of people to promote the affiliate products of JVZoo. The ad manager provides a link to your blog to promote the product. The plugin has your JVZoo affiliate ID so you’ll get paid when they buy the product. This plugin can also be used to display the feed on your WordPress page.

While there are a lot of things that you can do with your affiliate link, let’s take a look at the things that you should not do with your affiliate link.

Things That You Should Not Do With Your Affiliate Link:


1. Do not send affiliate links to anyone that did not give you permission to do so. I get emails and texts all the time that contain links and I don’t really care about them. They are either blocked or deleted almost immediately so stop sending out spam messages. They don’t really work. People only buy from those they trust.

2. Affiliate links shouldn’t also be posted again and again on your social media pages. JVZoo links are blocked by social media pages because of this. Remember people go to social media to interact so don’t put in links. Instead, try to create informative content about your niche, insert your affiliate link, and share it on the social media sites. If your content is interesting enough, people will check it out and you have a higher chance of getting a commission out of a sale from the affiliate link.

3. Do not put your link on the traffic exchanges. People who are on the traffic exchanges are there to get traffic or leads as well. Another reason for avoiding this is that there is a chance that your affiliate status may be removed by the seller. Sharing your affiliate link on the traffic exchanges will cause short visits to the links and it could affect the website of your seller.

How To Promote JVZoo

1. Capture leads or build a list of prospective customers and send them emails. When you are lead capturing, people enter their email addresses because they want to learn more about your product. So sending them email information about your product and inserting the links will have a higher percentage of revenue.

2. Create a blog. Blogging has a very high chance of creating revenue. Why? People who read your blogs get more information about your product, thus a higher change or earning money from legitimate affiliate marketing programs. You can also incorporate SEO on your blogs so it will rank well on the search engines. Once your blog has a good ranking with Google, you will have a lot of traffic going to your site. You can also put a lead capture form on your blog and email your prospective buyers in case they did not buy anything.

3. Create a video review. You can create a YouTube video reviewing the product you are affiliated with and insert the link on the description of the video. YouTube is widely utilized by a lot of people so it’s a good platform to market your affiliate products.

4. Create a lead capture page and redirect them to your affiliate link. Autoresponders will allow you to create a lead capture page and build your email list without a website or a blog page.

All in all, JVZoo is one of the legitimate affiliate marketing programs available on the internet that can help you get a lot of money. Before choosing an affiliate product, review the product well and the affiliate link. It is very important because your success will rely on it. Of course, this is just an overview of JVZoo and affiliate marketing. If you want to succeed in promoting the product, do research on how to succeed. You may find a lot of suggestions from different individuals and it’s up to you to try the suggestions so you can succeed in an affiliate marketing program online. There is no exact recipe for being a successful affiliate marketer. All you have to do is have the patience to market the product and the determination to succeed even if at first, you will not earn enough money.

eToro and Social Forex Trading: What You Need To Know

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Social forex trading has been a trend nowadays. Social trading became popular because it is a combination of traditional trading and online communities. It is also known as copy trading or mirror trading. Social trading is very simple to do. It is called mirror trading or copy trading because novices copy or mirror the trade of veteran traders.

Why Social Forex Trading?

1. It’s a time saver – eToro social trading has invented copy trading which allows new traders to check the profile of other traders and review their actions. If they like what that particular trader is doing, they can copy or mimic the action of the trader. Unlike the traditional forex trading, Social forex trading can be done almost immediately by the newbie because all the information and resources that they need to start trading is within their reach. Just like what we see in the advertisement of eToro, people can spend less time trading using this platform because they can just copy what the experienced trader is doing and earn when the experienced trader earns.

2. You know where your money is going – Every trader has their profile open to the public so that people can see what they are doing. Newbie traders can check their profile and the history of how they trade. eToro social trading has a risk score for each trader based on their strategies and their trading habits. Newbie traders can choose the risk score that they are willing to take and copy their strategies.

3. It helps you gain knowledge – No one is a master of everything and that also applies to social forex trading. There are a lot of markets available globally. Social trading will actually allow you to check the other stock markets that you might be interested in like crypto trading.

4. It allows you to analyze – Social trading is not always about experience or having the time to waste to do trading. Experienced traders also use the copy trading method to take a break from the fast-paced trading life and managing their portfolios so other traders can copy them.

Why choose eToro?

eToro has been a leading platform to trade over the past years. Without it, copy trading would need a power of attorney to manage the account or you would need to manually copy a trader often. eToro will let you copy a trader and the platform will mimic the actions of the experienced trader automatically. Not all social trading platforms would allow you to do this.

eToro actually lets you trade in any niche be it commodities, currencies, stocks, or cryptocurrencies. Let me give you a walk through on how to join the platform.

1. Sign up for eToro. It’s free and all you need to do is sign up with your name and create a user name. After that, you will need a phone number to verify the account.

2. Complete your profile to start trading. Some questions will pop-up sign up etororegarding your trading experience and you need to answer them honestly. Then, verify your account.

3. Make a deposit. Although the deposit amount has changed over the years, this year eToro social forex has decided to raise it’s minimum deposit to $200. The reason behind the higher deposit for joining eToro is to create awareness to the traders. Of course, higher deposit means people will be careful of how they make a trade, thus lowering the chance of failure.

4. Familiarize yourself with the platform. You can check the watchlist, portfolio, news feeds, trade markets, and copy people.

What to Avoid in Trading with eToro

1. Don’t just choose the trader with the most copiers. Blindly copying someone can be a danger to your money. Remember that most people on eToro are beginners like you and they might have copied that person for the wrong reason. Analyze the trader first, check his history, success rate and the techniques he is using before copying them.

no2. Do not over trade. When you are a beginner it’s tempting to check your investment regularly and expect a result in just a short period of time. Bear in mind that there are no traders that get an income every week. Be patient because over-thinking may cloud your judgment. Think of a long-term approach and monitor your investment regularly to see where your money is going and when to pull-out your stocks.

3. Do not copy a trader that is a newbie as well. Choose a trader that has a good history and have been using eToro for more than 6 months. Their techniques should show that they are experienced traders and they were not just lucky with their respective investments. Check their weekly and daily drawdowns. If it’s more than 10%, then do not copy them/ Also be on a lookout for returns that are unreal.

4. Traders that are uncommunicative are not good traders to copy. Choose someone that will help you learn and can guide you to your success. Traders who do not reply to your messages are more likely not knowledgeable enough or they are careless traders.

How To Copy A Trader in eToro

Copying is easy in eToro. Just open the profile of that person and click on the blue copy button. A prompt will pop-up on how much you will invest in. There is also a stop loss feature in eToro. If you are losing 40% of your investment, your account will automatically stop copying the trader so that the remaining amount of your money will be safe. 40% is the default losing stop loss rate, but you can always lower your losing rate to save your investment.

You can monitor your investment by clicking on the portfolio section. Here, you can see your current position and check your trading history. The traders you copied will also appear on this page.

Social Trading vs Social Networks


Social trading is based on social networking. You collaborate with other traders and use the data provided for trading. It’s basically how social media works. You get to connect with other traders all the time and you get to see what they are doing. You basically exchange ideas and strategies about trading with them.

The only difference between social trading and social network is that social trading focuses on trading instead of the personal or social aspect of a person. The information on your profile is all about the trader. It contains their past activities, their niche, and their success rate. Just like social media networks, social trading gives you regular information about veteran traders. Veteran traders give out advice on their trade. Just like social media, not all the information that traders share is true. You need to use your own judgment on whether or not the information that was provided by a veteran trader is legit or not. Do a social trading review of the profiles of the traders before you start copying their trade.

If you are new in social trading you can check out a lot of trader profiles and follow them. This is a very popular feature of eToro social trading. Check out the tips that the trader is posting and weigh it if what he is saying is true. Follow them so that you can see what they are doing and the comments of the other traders on the post. Of course, just like social media, you can always ask questions so that other traders can comment and give you advice. Always choose a trader that interacts with other traders on the information that they share on their profile. These are traders who are very helpful and are often than not, the ones who give accurate advice to new traders.

eToro social trading also has a private messaging feature. Just like social media, you can send a private message to anyone you are connected with. If a trader you are copying or following makes a move that you do not understand, you can send them a private message their move. Just like social media, you can ask them anything.

Social forex trading is actually a good platform for newbie traders. The data that you can acquire from it will allow you to trade and make financial decisions without the needed knowledge and training that traders enroll in before starting to trade. You can also help fellow aspiring traders when you have gained enough knowledge in trading. Giving advice and sharing trade secrets with others is one way of giving back to the community that helped you with trading.


Social forex trading is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced trader or an expert trader. It gives everyone an opportunity to collaborate with other people and get a higher chance of success in trading. It is based on your instincts on who and what to follow. At the end of the day, the opportunity to earn is waiting for you. Do not be afraid to fail because you will learn from it and be an experienced trader in the long run.

A Guide To Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

affiliate marketing program online

What is affiliate marketing? If you heard about this term and you’re curious about how to make money with affiliate marketing, then you came to the right place. I will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing and give you tips on how to make money with legitimate affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate marketing is a practice of recommending products to potential customers in order to generate sales and get a commission from their sales. It basically works like the referral program. An affiliate marketing program online involves the affiliate website, the affiliate network, the advertiser, and the buyer.

Basically, the advertiser goes to an affiliate website, choose an affiliate network and signs up as an affiliate for the product, and markets the products to the potential buyers. The business model for affiliate marketing programs is performance-based. Basically, the affiliate does not necessarily need to have a product to market Here’s how the four major players in legitimate affiliate marketing programs:

1. Affiliate – Anyone who owns a website can be an affiliate. It can be anyone and building a website is not that complicated. You’ll just need to go online, choose a domain for the product that you will be advertising, and pay for it. Then, you just need to put details of the products, reviews and customize the theme for your website.

2. Advertiser – The advertiser is any company online that sells products.

3. Affiliate Network – An affiliate network is a company that gives you the link to advertise the product you are affiliated with. An example of this is the SFI affiliate.

4. Affiliate website – This is the website that is used by affiliate networks that give you the link in order for you to get a commission for your affiliate marketing program.

What IS SFI and How Do I Earn From It?

SFI or Six Figure International was founded by Gerry Carson in 1998. Back then, he had only one product and the business was only operating in the United States of America. Over the years, the business has grown and expanded worldwide with over 1000 products that you can choose from to affiliate.

With over 2 decades of success, SFI is a trusted name when it comes to affiliate marketing. So how was the company founded?

SFI History

The founder, Gerry Carson was part of a top affiliate marketing program of a direct selling company in the United States from 1985 to 1998. He was also a business publisher for a famous magazine. In 1998 he founded SFI. His aim was to help many lives around the world earn a living through the internet. The company became widely known in 2009 because of Triple Clicks which was an online store. The online company offered a unique way to sell their stuff through marketing the products in exchange for a commission for each sale. It was named triple clicks because a person can earn in three different ways: buying the product as a customer and saving a lot of money, by being an online marketer and earning a commission for each sale, and as a seller selling your very own

In 1998, he started SFI in the view of utilizing the internet to enrich many lives all around the world. Now, it is one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Their success boomed with the start of their own online store, Triple Clicks in January 2009, which provides an easy way for its members to sell their stuff and also market other products for commissions. If you want to join as an SFI affiliate, it’s easy and free.

SFI affiliate is not like other legitimate affiliate marketing programs as well. SFI has VP or Versa Points and needs you to maintain a leadership level in order to increase your ranking and your income potential. Versa Points are given for every action that you do on the SFI website. 1 VP is = $.0005. So the more VP points you earn the more earning you get.

5 Stage of ranking:

1. Executive affiliate is the first rank in SFI. You will be required to maintain 1500 VP every month.

2. A bronze team leader is the second ranking in SFI. You will need to maintain a 3000 VP every month.

3. A silver team leader is the third ranking in SFI. You need to maintain a ranking of 4000 VP every month.

4. A gold team leader is the fourth ranking in SFI. You will need to maintain a ranking of 5000 VP every month.

5. A platinum team leader is the last ranking in SFI. You are required to maintain 6000 VP every month in order to maintain this ranking.

Now we understand that you will need to maintain Versa Points in order to earn from SFI. How do we get these Versa Points? SFI has a series of actions assigned to you when you log in. These actions are on your SFI-To-Do-List. You can start doing these as soon as you register in order to rank as an executive affiliate and start earning.

Don’t stop there as soon as you become an executive affiliate. SFI Affiliate will require you to keep at least 1500 Versa Points each month in order to keep earning so you need to keep on doing the tasks given by SFI to you in order to keep earning. As soon as you get to an executive affiliate status, you will be assigned co-sponsored affiliates or CSA. If your CSA purchase products, you will earn 20% commission every time.

In order to keep your SFI account, you need to do three things: Login to your account and do the SFI-To-Do-List, Place a standing order of 1500VP worth of products, and market your online store. If you do all of these, there is no reason for you to be a failure at being an SFI affiliate. All payments are done every 20th of the month for the previous months earnings as long as you have $25 if you choose a PayPal payout or $100 in you choose a check payout.

Reasons Why People Fail At Affiliate Marketing


Legitimate affiliate marketing programs have a lot of potentials to earn money. A lot of successful people join affiliate marketing to earn a lot of money, but they have no idea how they will start marketing the products they are affiliated with. Here are the 7 reasons why people fail affiliate marketing.

1. No patience – like any other business, you should not expect to earn a lot of money at affiliate marketing immediately. It takes patience and a lot of hard work in order to succeed in this business.

2. Poor quality content – you need to write content that is relevant to the niche of the product that you are marketing. Search engines check the content of your website and determine if it has good quality or not. Choose a niche that you are passionate about so that you won’t have a lot of problems creating content for your website.

3. Black hat SEO – avoid black hat SEO. You may have success in ranking your website by using black hat SEO, but it’s only short-term success. Search engines will catch up to this and will rank down your site or worse, you will get banned.

4. Promoting the wrong products – choose a product that people need and are using regularly. Do not choose a product that people will not buy without seeing the actual product. Remember that when you market a product online people could not see or check the product physically so it should be something that people do not have to inspect in order to buy them.

5. Never choose products with little commission – always choose a product that gives a bigger commission. You will be working months to promote a product in order to get a sale so the commission from that product should be worth your effort.

6. Getting affiliated with too many products – do not be tempted to be affiliated with a lot of products at the same time if you are a newbie at affiliate marketing. The temptation is very strong once you know how to market products, but marketing a lot of products at the same time can end you up as a failure in affiliate marketing. In order to succeed in affiliate marketing program online, you need to start with just one product. Concentrating on marketing only one product will get you a bigger chance of success.


There are many kinds of opportunities to earn online nowadays and joining legitimate affiliate marketing programs can get you to earn the top dollars that you are dreaming of. SFI affiliate is one of them, but do not start joining them without any knowledge. If you have knowledge on sales funnels, SEO, website building, and writing then you have an edge over people who do not have these skills. If you are reading this, chances are you do not have the idea of how to do affiliate marketing. Try to learn one or two of the skills I mentioned so you will succeed. Do not be pessimistic if you do not have these skills. If there’s something I have discovered lately, anything can be learned online. You can take up courses or check out free tutorials to develop your skills. SFI even offers a 30-day training session to newbies who want to be an affiliate with them. You can take advantage of this. If you do not have the time to do these then you can hire somebody to do these things so you can succeed. One thing is for sure. Your success depends on your determination to succeed.

Stock Trading vs Affiliate Marketing


People have been trading even when money has not yet been invented so it’s not a surprise that people nowadays still want to trade. In fact, a lot of stock trading courses online are being offered despite the popularity of cryptocurrency. So what attracts people to stock trading?

Stock trading or stock market is a public market for issuing, buying, and selling stocks using stock exchange or over-the-counter. Stocks are also called equities and are being traded because they represent the fraction of the ownership of the company it is representing. The stock market is a platform that allows investors to sell or buy the ownership of different companies. The stock market is very important to each economy of the country because it is the margin of how a country is doing in terms of economy.

So what is the purpose of stock exchange? The stock exchange serves is the means to provide capital to the company which is used for the expansion of the business. Offering stock shares allow the company to expand without the need to borrow capital from lending companies or banks and avoiding the interest that go with the loan. Another purpose of selling stocks is to let the investors share their profits to the public. There are two ways the investor can earn from their stocks. They can either get a dividend regularly or profit by selling their share of stocks when the amount of the stock increases.


The New York stock exchange has been established in 1972 and soon became the major player in stock exchange all over the world. The American economy has become the major reason why it expanded and dominated the stock exchange all over the world.

In the late 20th century, the stock market tried different techniques of exchange and that included NASDAQ. This became the favorite of technology companies and became important for the technology sector in the ’80s and ’90s. When technology started to modernize, NASDAQ was the first exchange to operate online trading. Electronic trading helped a lot in speeding up the process of the exchange and increasing its efficiency.

Today, a lot of online stock trading courses are available. Gone is the days where people would gamble at buying a stock exchange blindly. The courses would teach you how to read graphs and trading trends. Most people can now identify if the stock exchange will increase its value or it’s time to sell their stocks because the price of the stocks is about to go down.

Most stocks are exchanged such as the NYSE and the NASDAQ. Stock exchanges are usually regulated by the government because the rise and fall of the price of stocks will affect the economy of the country greatly. SEC or Securities and exchange commission is found in almost all of the countries worldwide. They is the ones who oversee the market because some companies may be abusive and increase the price of the stocks even though it is doing well thus affecting everyone.

Some stocks are traded over-the-counter or through a dealer. These over-the-counter stocks are usually the stocks that do not meet the requirement which is required by the major exchanges. One of the advantages of getting an OTC stock is that they are not required to do a public reporting so investors will have a hard time getting information about the OTC stock.

If you are a newbie on the stock exchange and you would want to start trading, you first need to learn the basic jargon used in stock exchange. Aside from that, you will need to learn the ins and outs of the industry. You can actually learn a lot about stock exchange if you take up online stock trading courses. You will not only get more information about starting to trade, but your mentor may also give you tips on how to predict the growth of the stock exchange accurately.

Since stock exchange has been around a long time, the techniques used by a lot of people several decades ago, are still working for most traders. Here’s what you need to do in order to be a player of stock exchange:

1. Open a broker account on the stock market – look for a reliable stock broker online and open an account with them. Familiarize their layout and use the available free tools that are offered to clients.

2. Read books – books are a great source of information, especially in learningtrading. Successful traders do not give out their trading secrets for free. They usually publish books so that they can earn through books.

3. Read articles – Articles are another great source of learning the stock exchange. There are a lot of articles that will teach you the basics of how to trade in the stock exchange successfully.

4. Look for a mentor – Anyone can be your mentor as long as they know the ins and outs of stock exchange. Finding a good mentor among family members or friends can be hard so getting an online stock trading course may be the best option for you. A good mentor answers your questions, give out advice on how to be successful in the trade and provides you with other resources such as books, forums and articles to help you become a positive trader.

5. Study the greats – learn about the most successful investors and learn why they have been successful in trading.

6. Read and follow the market – Read about the updates on the stock exchange through financial news sites. You can also get information from the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg in order to get accurate and detailed updates on the stock exchange. You can also watch news channels and check the updates on the stock exchange. Be careful in the shows or the news updates that you may be watching. Not all people who talk about the stock exchange and how they succeeded are good mentors. They may give you false information with you ending up losing your money on stocks.

7. Pay for subscriptions – Reseach and analysis are very useful to invest in getting updates on stocks. You can either do this or find stock trading courses online to help you succeed.

8. Take seminars and online stock trading courses. They usually have speakers that have been very successful for a very long time. Just be careful because there is almost always a sales pitch on these seminars and online courses. Learn to filter them and choose the tips that they give out that will best suit you.

9. Use a simulator – There is a simulator available that you can use to practice trading. These are very useful for newbies because they will let you practice the trade without causing you to lose a lot of money.

10. Passive Index – Do not try to beat the market. Instead use it as a passive index to earn extra cash at the side.

Stock Trading Vs Affiliate Marketing

stock vs affiliate

Stock trading can give you a lot of money as long as you invest a lot of time and money in learning the trade. Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is just easy to earn money from. Signing up as an affiliate marketer for a product is easy and free. Just like the stock exchange you will also need to have a lot of patience in earning.

Affiliate marketing works like this: when a marketer signs up as an affiliate for a product. The company sends a special link to an affiliate site to give to the marketer. The marketer then markets the product and inserts the affiliate link. Whenever a buyer clicks on the affiliate link and buys the product, the marketer earns a commission. It’s that easy.

Stock trading, on the other hand, will need you to invest a lot of money to exchange. It does not only cost a lot of money, but it will take up a lot of your time to learn the trade. You also, need to be a lookout regularly to see if the money they invested will go down or up.

I would recommend you to be an affiliate marketer instead an sign up for legitimate affiliate marketing programs. After signing up as an affiliate marketer, you can start marketing the product almost immediately and start earning. Stock trading will need you to take up online stock trading courses and spend time learning the trade before signing up as an affiliate.