What Are The Email Marketing Tools Online That Can Help Your Marketing Strategies?

Email Marketing Tools Online

A lot of instant messengers have come and gone, but email is still the most trusted tool to correspond with other people. A lot of people have multiple email accounts so that they can have separate email addresses for personal, school and business. If you’ve already done lead generation for your business, then it’s time to do email marketing. I won’t encourage you to email your leads one by one because that would not be worth your effort in the future. There are a lot of email marketing tools online that you can use for the marketing needs of your business.

Email marketers worldwide are competing to attract more visitors to their website so that it can be converted to sales. Just because a lot of people are doing email marketing it means it’s easy. The fact is, it’s not. In fact, if you have more than 20% open rate for your email marketing campaign then you have a very impressive technique. If you are here to know to get email marketing tips on how to create an effective email marketing campaign then I’ll tell you all about them.

How To Do Email Marketing

1. Set Your Goal

Don’t rush. If you have an idea and you want to work on it right away, then you need to think it over. Think back and know your goal in doing email marketing. Do you want to drive traffic to your site, generate sales, or do you want to get people to support your cause? Whatever your goal is, make sure that you understand what you want to happen when people receive your emails.

2. Choose Your Email Platform

Try to check your CRM or Customer Relationship Management system if they have email marketing tools online that you can use for your marketing needs. If not, you can get a dedicated email marketing provider that you can use for your email marketing campaign. Here are a few of them.

Popular Email Marketing Providers

a. MailChimp – MailChimp is used by a lot of email marketers worldwide. It has great automated features. It includes letting you send targeted emails, track your performance, easy to use design templates, social media campaigns, and will let you integrate with major e-commerce platforms. It has a free version if you want to use just a few of their features, but the subscription starts at $10.

b. Mailify – They have a new version which is called Mailify Sunrise. It has new features which include creating online forms linked to your contact list for your email or SMS marketing. They also have a lot of templates to choose from. You can also create emails and landing pages easily with their drag and drop builder feature. Best of all, this app can be integrated with Magento, Prestashop, and WordPress.

c. GetREsponse– This is another email marketing tool that you can use. The features include email marketing, custom landing pages, and webinar marketing designed for different niches. It can be integrated with a lot of popular e-commerce platforms. The basic email marketing package is $15 per month.

d. Constant Contact – This email marketing tool has mobile responsive templates which means that you can use it using your phone. It gives you KPIs real time and it has a simple list of building and contact management. You can also get email marketing tips from the owners of this provider. They currently offer a 60-day trial period. After that, the paid subscription starts at $20 per month.

e. ActiveCampaign– They offer email marketing and marketing automation. It’s very easy to use because of the drag and drop features of this email marketing tool. It can consolidate data from third-party applications with detailed reports and e-commerce integration. Their subscription starts at $9 per month.

f. Campaign Monitor– This email marketing tool online has a lot of professionally-designed email templates to choose from. They also have a drag and drop campaign builder, dynamic content, and optimization tools that you can use for your business marketing campaign. They have good customer support. They have a limited free version if you want to try using it. The monthly subscription starts at $9.

Of course, I’m not saying that these are the only email marketing tools online that are available. You can check other email marketing vendors and their features and see if they fit your marketing campaign.

get email marketing tips

3. Build An Email List

You only have a few contacts in your email list right now and may want them to grow. Getting an email marketing course online is one of the options that you can choose to know how to build your email list. You can also build your email list from scratch using these ways:

a. Existing email list– Of course, this is the basic. You first need to check your current email and add their contact info in your email contact list.

b. CRM – If you are using a CRM tool, then you have a lot of contact information in it. Get the contacts from your CRM and add them to your email marketing tool if you are not using your CRM to do your email marketing efforts.

c. Contact Management System – If you have contact management apps then it’s really helpful. This is in sync with your email, phone, and social media so you can get the contacts in it and add it to your email list.

d. E-commerce platform – Your online store has current and past customers so you can export them and add it to your email list. Some email marketing providers can be integrated with your e-commerce platform so it’s best to check it out first.

After you have built your contacts, then we need to grow your email list. One important note though. Do not by an email list. They may already be expired email addresses or those people do not know you or your company so when they receive your emails, the tendency is, they will ignore it and will trash your email right away. It’s always best to grow your email list the natural way.

4. Build an Email List from Scratch

a. Attract visitors with interesting and unique content – Building your contacts by creating unique content is a sure way of building an email list. People who have already read your articles are very interested in your product or content so they are more likely to buy the product or service that your market. If you are doing blogs never forget to include a call-to-action so that you can get them to your landing page and get their email address.

b. Offer giveaways – Right now, the most popular giveaways of businesses online are discount coupons and free ebooks. This is done by marketers so that they can get the email address of site visitors in exchange for an ebook or a coupon. Of course, there are other giveaways that you can give to your site visitors. Just make sure that your giveaway is related to the product or service that you offer.

c. Get a call-to-action button – A call-to-action button on your landing page will get people to easily subscribe to your newsletters. Make sure that your message is clear and attractive.

d. Guarantee your subscribers that you won’t spam them – There’s nothing more annoying than spam emails. So when you get people to sign up for your newsletters make sure that you don’t send them an email every day. You can ask your subscribers if they want to get newsletters from you daily, weekly or bi-monthly and make sure to honor your end of the bargain.


e. Use a Facebook call-to-action button. According to an email marketing course online that I have attended, you should never ignore social media if you want to grow your email list. Get a Facebook business page and add a call-to-action button on your business page. You may get a lot of Facebook users redirected to your landing page by doing this.

f. Include a subscription link in your email signature – You can always include a subscription link to your email signature to get people to subscribe on your newsletters. It’s not a popular way to grow your email list, but it can still add up to your growing list.

5. Use Autoresponders

Now that you have built your email list, you can now use autoresponders for your email campaign. It’s a program that sends emails for you automatically when triggered by specific actions. For example, after you add an email to your email list an autoresponders will automatically send a welcome email and after a few days send the first newsletter. You can set the time on how these autoresponders are sent. The good thing is, you won’t have to do it manually. All you have to do is write these emails and incorporate it to your autoresponder so that it will be sent automatically every time there is a specific action from your lead.

6. Enable tracking – Now you are almost done. All you need to do is track the rate of your emails. Your emails will be sent automatically on the pace that you have chosen. Of course, you can send a special email from time to time about special offers and special holidays, but other than that, all you need to do is track your emails. You always need to know your performance because if your campaign is not working, you may need to change your marketing campaign strategy. You can change your subject lines or preheaders to get more people to open your email. You can get a lot of information on how to build a successful email campaign by getting an email marketing course online.

Now that you have created an email marketing campaign, it’s time to focus on other areas of your marketing campaign. You can get back to working on your content or your e-commerce website, but make sure that you check it from time to time. You may not get a lot of sales on your first email marketing effort, but don’t lose hope. You can always do research on how to succeed or you can get an email marketing course online. Either way, you can study your performance and make test emails. Also, check your KPI regularly. A little patience and a lot of effort can help your business succeed.

Facebook: A Free Online Lead Generation Secret You Should Take Advantage Of

Free Online Lead Generation

Everyone who has a phone now has a social media page especially Facebook. Ever since Facebook became popular, more and more people are getting hooked into it. Entrepreneurs realized this and decided to take advantage of using it as a free online lead generation tool. This is because a lot of people are hanging out on social media unlike back in the day where we go to a physical place to hang out. People today opt to hangout using their phones and play catch up with their family and friends who are online.

In fact, we often see people checking their news feeds several times a day. Businesses use this platform to introduce their products and services to potential customers and gain more leads. So if you are into affiliate marketing, you should take advantage of this platform to gain more leads. Be careful when you market in this platform, though. Remember that people are on Facebook so they can see what’s going on with their family and friends. Putting up a lot of ads about your product or service through Facebook may annoy them and drive them away. There are sales lead generation techniques on Facebook that are effective in marketing your product and we will tackle it in this article.

Facebook Page

The first thing that you will need to do if you want to generate leads in Facebook is to create a business page. Your page should look professional and interesting at the same time. Make sure the company profile is filled out completely. Your posts should also include pictures, your website links, informative text posts, and videos.

Sales Lead Generation Techniques
for Your Facebook Page:

1. Pin Lead Generation Posts at the Top of Your News Feeds

Any posts that you have that can generate leads should be pinned at the top of your page. It should be something that has a clear call-to-action. It can be anything from a blog post, an image, or a video. Pinned posts are highlighted above your other posts and will stay above your page for 7 days. You can easily identify a pinned post because of the icon which is a blue and white pin located at the top right of your post.

2. Insert Links

When using text to offer something, you need only to write a short teaser of the offer that will capture the Facebook user’s attention. After that, you can insert a link that will lead them to your Facebook landing page. Make sure that your message comes across clear. You may also include an infographic or an image that is related to your offer. If you use an image make sure that it’s interesting and attention grabbing so people will click on it.

3. Featured Blog Posts

You can use your old blog posts on Facebook. This is one thing that I love about Facebook. You can always share and reshare your most popular blog posts. All you need to do is check which blog has the most visits and share it on Facebook. It’s a sure way to generate more leads and eventually more sales. It has already generated a lot of leads. No doubt sharing it on Facebook will surely get more people to go to your landing page or purchase the product or service that you are marketing. Make sure that the blog posts that you are sharing on Facebook have a call-to-action so that they can get to your landing page. Your call-to-action should be something that your readers will want which is related to your niche.

4. Insert Links in Your Image

Using images in social media is a very good idea when you want to grab the attention of Facebook users. When you post photos do not forget to include short links that will get people to your website landing page. This is one of the effective network marketing lead generation secrets that entrepreneurs use to market their products or service. This will help introduce people to your company and get people to do business with you.

sales lead generation techniques

5. Use Video Posts

One of the most effective means to generate leads is to post videos on your page. Of course, I’m not saying that you will only post videos daily. You can also post images and texts on your account, but according to statistics, video posts are more favored by Facebook algorithm. You can use video posts to promote your upcoming events, webinars, or courses. You can also use video posts to promote your special offers or news about your business. Do not forget to use a call-to-action at the beginning or at the end of the video. You can include your call-to-action in your description as well.

You can also take advantage of one feature of Facebook which is Facebook live. This is one handy feature of Facebook because it will allow you to record and broadcast live videos using your smartphone. It will automatically show in your friends’ newsfeed as well. Make sure that your video topic is interesting and useful for your viewers if you will do a Facebook live so that your viewers will become curious and listen to you until the end of the video. Otherwise, they will get out of your live video immediately. Facebook live is an opportunity for you to show your unique personality. It’s also a good opportunity for you to connect with your viewers so you can do a question and answer segment while doing it. Most of all, don’t forget to mention your call-to-action while doing a Facebook live video so you can generate more leads and sales for your business.

6. Use A Call-To-Action Button on Your Facebook Page

Did you know that Facebook now allows a call-to-action button to be placed on business pages? This is usually located at the top of your Facebook page below your cover photo to the right. You can select from the seven call-to-action buttons available which are: “Shop Now,” “Sign Up,” “Book Now,” “Contact Us,” “Use App,” “Watch Video,” and “Play Game.” Choose the most appropriate call-to-action button that is related to your marketing objective and link it back to the right page on your website. One of the effective free online lead generation secrets I learned from my mentor is changing the button from time to time. You also need to link it to different pages on your website so that people will think that you have a lot of promotions.

7. Facebook Custom Tabs Should be Used

As a business page on Facebook, you already have premade tabs such as about, photos, and events. You can also add other tabs in your Facebook Page for your offers and lead generation forms.

8. Facebook Advertising is Also Effective

If you want to advertise your business, but you have a limited budget, then network marketing lead generation secrets you can use Facebook advertising. You can generate leads from a focused audience group at a low price by selecting your daily budget and the marketing duration of your advertisement. Facebook will also let you select your targeted audience based on age, location, interests, and hobbies. It’s really easy to use and will allow your potential customers to connect with your company using the social media platform. Not only that, but, Facebook will automatically fill in the information of your users in your forms which is very convenient for you and the user.

If you are going to take advantage of advertising on Facebook and you are hesitant because of the technicalities, don’t worry. It’s user-friendly because there are a lot of templates to choose from. All you have to do is choose the template appropriate for your marketing needs, fill in the template with your marketing content, add an image, choose your target audience, and set a bid for your ad. As soon as Facebook approves it, you can monitor the ad by using the analytics that will measure the success of your marketing ad.

3 Types of Facebook Formats for advertising:

a. Boosted Post – This is a normal post that Facebook admin boosts so that it can reach more audience.

b. Side Bar Ads – As the name suggests, the ad appears on the right part of the screen of the news feeds of the users. These type of ads have lower clicks so they have lower costs.

c. News Feeds Ads – These are more expensive because they are sent directly to the news feeds of your target users. You can also add a call-to-action button on these type of ads, but they are optional. Your money is worth it though if you will choose this type of advertising for your business because they have higher sales conversion rate.

9. Run A Contest or Giveaway Something

Who doesn’t love freebies? This is why a lot of companies have raffles, contests, or give something away from time to time. It’s one of the old network marketing lead generation secrets that every good business owner do. It doesn’t matter if you have a physical business or an online business. It’s a sure way to attract leads. So if you have an affiliate marketing website and you want to get more leads through Facebook, you can run a contest or give away something related to your niche. Make sure that it has valuable content and a link to a landing page that will get them to fill out their personal information so you can have the opportunity to convert them to a customer.

10. Run A Webinar and Mark It As An Even in Facebook

Most people have the impression that a company that hosts webinars are professional and credible. You can take advantage of this opportunity by hosting a webinar, but make sure that it’s posted as an event on Facebook. Events require people to register to a landing page so you should also have a landing page for your webinar that will capture their personal information.

free online lead generation

Facebook is a free online lead generation platform that is very effective because it can reach more people on your specific target audience. Remember that Facebook is a great place to communicate with other people so you need to make sure that you engage with your target audience. People will feel close to the company and will trust your business more if you will let them feel that you care for them as an individual. If you feel that Facebook is not enough to generate leads for you then you can check out my other blogs about how to generate leads effectively. If you have questions regarding lead generation or marketing, don’t hesitate to contact me. I know it’s not easy to market your business at first, but with patience and consistency, I assure you that you will succeed with your business.

Free Online Lead Generation Tips and Tricks That Could Help Your Business

Free Online Lead Generation

This article will give you free online lead generation tips and tricks that can help you succeed in your quest to make money online.

A business can only prosper if it can generate a lot of leads. This has been the trend for many years now. Every business has sales lead generation techniques that let them keep their old customers and get new ones. Lead generation is no doubt the strength of every business that is serious in succeeding. Let’s take a look at lead generation and how it can help your business prosper.

What is Lead Generation?

Marketers know that lead generation is the most challenging part of the business. It doesn’t matter if you have a local business with a physical office or if your business is online. Lead generation is at the top of every business marketer. So how does it work?

• Lead generation is planning or setting up a campaign that will make people notice your business. It can be an offer that will convince them to sign up for your business, a promotional package, discount coupons, or freebies. For example, you have a supermarket and you give away free loyalty cards for your shopper. Each time they buy something they are rewarded with points that they can convert to monetary value or exchange with goods in the future.

• After which a call-to-action is used so they will sign up for your campaign. In the case of our example above, the customers who want to get the free loyalty card needs to sign up for the loyalty card and in the process give out their personal info.

• If you have an online business, a landing page is also very important. This is the page where a customer is taken when they click a call-to-action. This is usually the order or subscription page and is different than your home page. It is one of the important network marketing lead generation secrets that you can use for your business to gain more leads.

• When taking payments or getting people to subscribe on your page, you should always get the contact details of that person. Now, why do you need to do that when you already got their trust? The answer is simple. Marketing doesn’t end up on getting a sale or getting them to subscribe to your services. You need to make sure that you retain that customer and keep

Now you know what to look out for when creating quality lead generation campaigns, let’s start. We’ll take a look at the leading styles of lead generation that will help you make a significant appeal to the reader.

Now that w know about the lead generation campaigns. Let’s take a look at the different sales lead generation techniques that will help you in your marketing campaign.

1. Supply and demand – If there is less supply for a commodity, there is a demand for it. This technique has been used by entrepreneurs for decades and it still works until this day. So how will you do that? You need to create an idea of a limited supply by checking how many people have purchased or subscribed to your product or service and offering a discount for a limited amount of the product that you offer. People love to get something that is on sale especially if there’s a limited supply and would be excited to get their hands on it.

2. Get Your Visitors Involved – Make sure your call-to-action is visible and sales lead generation techniques eye-catching so that people will click on it. Put it near an image or a video so that people will see it. It should also be clear and simple. You don’t have to use very deep words to catch the attention of your visitor. It can be something that stands out like a red button or an offer for a trial of a product or a service. If your visitor will click on your call-to-action, make sure you have a good landing page so that they will be compelled to sign-up or purchase the product. After they sign-up make sure to thank them for signing-up or getting the free trial.

3. Hook them up and make sure they stay – After people click on your call-to-action, they will be redirected to your landing page. Make sure your landing page is clear and have all the important information that people need to know before signing up. The content needs to be easily read easily and your message should be clear. Additionally, you need to use images about your product or service to make sure they will sign-up or purchase your product. Make sure to only put in the most important details and not overwhelm your visitor. One of the free online lead generation techniques I found useful is the social media part. Your landing page should have a button that can be shared on social media pages. This way, your visitors can easily share your landing page and you will have more potential sales in the future.

4. Seal the deal – Now that they have arrived on your form so they could fill out their contact details, make sure that your form only needs a few information from your prospect customer. It should be just the name the email and a phone number or just the name, email and the request for consultation. Also, make sure that the sign-up button says something exciting. Having the verified seal can also help convince your visitor to sign-up with you. This will help make people feel secure about leaving their contact details because they know that their data is safe if they will give it to you. If you can, provide some testimonials as proof that your service is worth to be taken advantage of.

So we’ve tackled on what you need to do to have a successful lead generation campaign, here are some more additional free online lead generation tips that could help your business:

Paid Advertising– This is the fastest way to gain more leads to your website. Paid ads like Google Adwords can get you a lot of customers. The average rate of people clicking on a Google ad is more than 60% and the conversion rate is at 2.7%. Sounds great, right? Although the conversion rate is high, it’s more complicated than it looks. To gain leads through Google Adwords, you will need a great website. You also need to have a good headline, a lead image and use the proper keywords so that people will click on it. It can also be very expensive depending on your keyword competition. Not all networks are good for paid advertising. Facebook, for example, is a very ideal spot to put your ads in because a lot of people are using it daily. However, you will need a good landing page so that you can get a lot of leads. YouTube is also another good option to put your ads in if you can create good videos. The videos that you create doesn’t need to include you. You can create video ads through video editing apps. I noticed that a lot of people use You Tube to view videos and a lot of them click or view the ads. Of course, we all know that repetitive ads can be an advantage to marketers.

free online lead generation

SEO – Even though SEO takes time, it is still the best way to gain leads online. It is one of the top sales lead generation techniques that are used by marketers for decades. Online marketers make sure that ranking their website in SEO is their top priority for their website because leads that are gained through organic SEO are solid leads. Which means that most of them become returning customers. Here’s a great tip when doing SEO. I would recommend you to do Local SEO. Local SEO is ranking a website for people in a given region. This is primarily used by local shops and businesses who don’t need to market their site globally. If you have a local business or a shop, then this is the easiest route for you. The local search conversion is very high and people who do a search for a local shop or store are more likely to visit the business if it’s within a 5-mile radius. If you have a global target audience, however then you have to be prepared to do a lot of work to rank your site. Don’t get discouraged if at first, your page is not ranking because your hard work will pay off eventually. All you need to do is be familiar with the white hat strategy and make sure you are updated with the latest SEO trend. Do not use blackhat method because you may get a penalty from the search engines and your ranking will be affected. Blackhat strategies include keyword stuffing, contents that are automatically generated, and link building schemes.

Update Your Homepage – A lot of people will be looking at your landing page after clicking your call-to-action, but your homepage is equally important as well. Your homepage is going to be the most visited page on your site so make sure that you also include a call-to-action in it. The text on your homepage is going to be what people will remember most of the time so it cannot be an afterthought. The content should have an impact on your customers and should compel them to click on your call-to-action.

Social Media – Social media are used by millions of people every day. It’s a free online lead generation tool that you can use so that you can drive traffic to your website. Like SEO, you have to put in a lot of work to get leads from marketing lead generation secrets social media. You will need to spend at least 5 to 10 hours a day on social media sites to generate leads. Among the social media sites, you should try to avoid Snapchat because the lead conversion rate on the app is very low. If you want to establish a connection with your potential customers, then you should use Twitter. Take note, however that twitter does not have a high conversion rate when it comes to lead generation so it’s best only to connect to people. If you are into B2B marketing, then LinkedIn is the best place for you. Make sure that you establish a company page and join groups that are relevant to your niche to gain leads in LinkedIn. Of course, Facebook is widely used by a lot of people so you should take advantage of it as well by sharing your articles as well as some helpful tips that will entice your audience to go to your website. Lastly, Instagram is the best place to use to generate leads. Set-up your business account and treat it like any other marketing campaign. Pick out themes and establish your brand by posting pictures with great captions that are related to your niche.


Sales lead generation techniques is a reminder that there are human beings out there that you can connect with through the internet. You can post content and create a good landing page to gain good leads. Create offers as well that could lead people to go to your site. Think about what your target audience wants and to meet their demands without sacrificing your business so that you can gain leads. Remember to think about your customers when trying to generate leads because that is the true secret to lead generation. A very nice looking landing page is a waste without a good lead generation strategy. Do you have any other questions about lead marketing? Feel free to message me so that I can help you.

Blog Article Writers: How Do They Succeed?

Blog Article Writers

We hear about bloggers all of the time and they help in marketing the products of the websites. They are also responsible for ranking the sites in the search engines and are used for the marketing efforts of different companies because they know the ways to make money by blogging. If you are into social media or if you are online most of the time, I’m sure you have your favorite bloggers. You may even be considering being a blogger yourself because you are here.

Blogging is a very handy hobby because you can make money out of it. You can either be working as a blogger for a website or you can set-up your own blog site. In fact, more and more people are making blogging their full-time job and they are surprisingly earning more than expected. Are you now becoming excited? Blogging may be an easy and awesome career, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. It takes a lot of effort to make a successful blog site with a lot of visitors. Of course, it’s not impossible to become a successful blogger like me. All you need is the passion to write and be good at what you do. Here are a few things that you need to know to become a successful blogger.

Thousands of blogs are written online every day, but not all of them are successful. Of course, it has a lot to do with competition and the number of years that a blog has been online. Blog sites that are successful and have a lot of followers can easily discourage a newbie blogger, but this should not be the case. Blogging and ranking your site takes time, effort and a lot of patience. So how do you start writing your blog writing ideas and what makes a good blogger?

Remember that anyone can become a blogger. That is because the main task of a blogger is top communicate and share pieces of information to their audience. They do a lot of research and writing. They also do not share some photos of the product or service that they blog about to the pages that they are managing.

If you think blogging is just like entering a journal then you are wrong. Blogging started as journal entries are made online so that people may share what happened to them on a day to day basis, but over time, entrepreneurs took advantage of this. Today, there are thousands of different types of bloggers.

Here are the most common type of bloggers:

Lifestyle Bloggers – these are the most common type of bloggers. They write about different topics that are used on a day to day basis. They work with different brands and promote their products. These type of bloggers are the ones who get the most sponsorship because they are very versatile.

Music Bloggers – these are the bloggers that review music, share their own work, or discuss instruments and audio equipment. They often give their own opinion on which people respect and follow.

Beauty bloggers – these bloggers focus on cosmetics. They are the ones who try out the newly released cosmetics and skin care trends. Many beauty brands reach out to these type of bloggers for promotional purposes because they know how cosmetics work and how to market the products successfully to the visitors.

Travel bloggers – this is a dream job for those who love to travel. All they dobeauty bloggers is go to certain places, capture the moment, and write about their travel experience. Who wouldn’t want to be paid just by travelling?

Although blogging may seem like writing about your passion, it’s not. Your passion alone will not get you the passive income that you desire. Being a passionate blogger can contribute to communicating effectively to your viewers, but you would not be getting monetary gain out of this. You will need to know the ways to make money by blogging. To be a successful blogger, you need to have a checklist of things to do.

Find Your Niche

First and foremost you need to find your niche. It should be something where you are best at and you enjoy the most. Something that you can see yourself writing over and over again. Remember that managing a blog should be fun and you need to have the energy to get going even though you won’t get any monetary gain at first.

Find A Good Blog Name

This may seem irrelevant, but getting a good blog name will help contribute to your success. Your blog name should be unique and should be related to the topic that you will be writing about so that people can easily remember it. It can also catch the attention of people who are doing a search on the search engines and will make them click on your website. Make sure that you stand out and do not revert from the topic of your website. Your name should also be something that can be easily read and not offensive to the readers. Don’t choose a blog name that will sound like another blog site because that may confuse your prospect traffic.

Content is King

This is very important for blog article writers. The content is very important because that will be your tool for communicating with your audience. Make sure that your content will give information to the readers and your message should come across clearly. Make your content simple and do not use deep words. Use keywords and make your content interesting so that people will keep on coming back to get information from you.

Know Your Audience

Getting enough traffic to your site may be very hard when you start a blog so you should know who your target audience is so you will know what to write and the voice that you will be used in writing your blog. You should always take note of your blog writing ideas and post what you want to convey to your audience while keeping what they want in mind. You need to connect with your audience so that they will return to your site.

Be Interesting

Always make sure that you stand out from the rest. Remember that you will have a lot of competitors that have the same niche as you and they may be blogging about the same thing. You need to make sure that your voice is unique and the information contained in your blog is different than them. Show your blog writing ideas and have your own personality.

ways to make money by blogging

Add Graphics

It’s not only children who love to look at graphics. Adults love to look at them online too. Pictures and videos can change the look on your blog and it’s always important to provide visuals. A lot of people are not fond of texts and a blog with all texts on it is boring to read. The graphics will keep the blog page less boring and intriguing.

Have a Good Offer

Make sure that you have a contact page where your biography and contact details are. You can also add the services that you offer in your biography and people who are interested in collaborating with you will reach out to you through your contact page.

A few examples can be:

Sponsored Articles – More brands will reach out to you to pay for a blog if you have a blog site that has a lot of traffic.

Product Reviews – Use products that you use regularly and blog about it so that your followers will see that you are transparent and honest.

Display ads – make sure it is kept at a minimal and choose them wisely so that your audience will not get bored with your page.

Affiliate links – this is one of the ways to make money by blogging. Being an affiliate marketer for a product or a service like wealthy affiliates can make you a lot of money online. You will be given an affiliate link and when your viewer clicks on the link and buy the product you will automatically get a commission out of that sale. If you want to know more about affiliate marketing, you can check out my other blogs.

Guest Posts – influencers can reach out to you so that they can post on your blog site. This will lead their audience to your website and can help increase the number of followers that you have.

Make sure that the brands know that you are open to offers. Make sure that you choose them wisely because most visitors do not like a lot of ads and may get out of your site almost immediately.

Be Active On Social Media

Your audience may discover you through social media pages so you need toblog writing ideas have a social media page. Remember that a lot of people are on social media. Although social media could not help you in ranking your page, it will help you gain more followers if you share some useful information to them from time to time. Try not to spend than a couple of hours and just give them minimum information to keep them intrigued. If you give them more information they may not go to your website.

Be Consistent

Have a regular schedule when posting blogs so that your audience can anticipate on your blogs. Make sure that you don’t spam your audience with a lot of articles and keep talking about something related to your niche always.

If you followed the steps that I have given you then you have no excuse for making money through your blog writing ideas. Try to focus on your blog and the content. See what your followers like to read and what gets the results that you desire for your blog. The content and the quality of your blog is very important to make sure that they are of good value always.

Bear in mind that blogging is not only about making money but getting your blog writing ideas through your audience. Of course, like any other business, you won’t be making a lot of money right away, but don’t give up. Be patient and work hard on your blogs to be successful. Consistency is the key to being a successful blogger and respond to the needs of your target audience always. You’ll see that you will be getting your desired results in no time at all. And lastly, be confident about what you blog about. That’s how to blog article writers succeed in their field.

eToro Forex Trading: How It Works and Why Your Money Is Safe With Them

safe money

eToro is undisputedly one of the top 5 start-up Fintech companies that you should look out for. There are a lot of eToro reviews out there, but this review will help you gain an insight into what eToro is all about. It will also give you an insight on why you should invest your money in this company.

The features of eToro include being tight spread, multiple options for deposits and withdrawals, commission trade fees, default leverage of 1:100, numerous investment and trading options, and being the largest trading company. Aside from that, the minimum deposit is only $200 and $1000 for an Islamic account. It has a practice account upon signing-up with $100,000 so that you can practice trading in different markets. It also boasts of having an interactive interface that is easily used by start-up traders.

You don’t have to worry about scams with eToro because it is regulated by Cyprus and UK and is compliant with MiFiD. Their customer support is also superb and they also have bi-lingual customer support if you need it.

Now that we know all the features of eToro let us look it in—depth so we can understand how it can benefit you as a user of this application.

eToro is a key player in crypto trading, but it doesn’t end there. The company has so many currencies available to trade just like the trading floor. This company was established in 2007 by brothers Ronen and Yoni Assia with their partner David Ring with a clear vision. They wanted a popular financial trading and investment platform that can be accessed by everyone. Of course, they started as the regular trading floor and dealt with currencies, but over time they added cryptocurrency and other trading commodities to keep up with the demands of the market.

Ever since it was founded, it has made its name known in trading networks and as an online forex broker. There are millions of users now all over the world because it is available in over 140 countries. Thousands of accounts are also opened daily because of it’s easy to use features. Today, it is one of the top social investment networks.

The office of eToro is on Limassol, Cyprus. Its a legally registered Cypriot investment Firm with registration number HE200585. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is regulating eToro under the license number 109/10.

eToro also has a headquarters that is based in London. It is a legally registered UK firm and it is registered under number 7973792. In the UK, it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under license number 583263.

Since it is a legal firm and it is regulated, you can be sure that your money is secure if you invest in it.

eToro Forex Trading

The history of Etoro

Like I said earlier, eToro was established in 2007 before cryptocurrency ever existed. The three people who started eToro wanted a trading platform that can be accessed by anyone and anywhere. They also wanted to reduce the involvement of banks and other financial institutions in the process. Of course, they could not do without it because it needs to be regulated. It has successfully become a trading platform though that did not depend solely on banks and financial institutions. It started as an online trading platform with only graphs as financial instruments.

In 2009 they saw the demand for an actual trading platform, thus they launched the WebTrader. After a year they launched OpenBook which is the first ever social trading platform in the world. OpenBook had the CopyTrader feature which will let you copy the moves of the successful traders. In 2012, it launched the mobile trading app for both Android and Apple users and it became really popular among traders. The company then added crypto trading exchanging bitcoin with CFDs. In 2013, it added stocks and other commodities to trade.

After that, in 2015, eToro updated their interface and it became a better experience for the users because it was easier to use. In 2016, it added the feature CopyFunds which helps the users manage their portfolio and their market strategies. In 2017, it added the crypto trading feature. Today cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin can be exchanged in eToro.

eToro has user-friendly features and was designed so that new traders that have no knowledge in trading can get all the information that they need to start trading. You can use eToro in your PC, your Mac, and cellphone devices that use Android or iOS. You can always check the information about cryptocurrencies and other assets through the graphs that are easy to access as well as other assets.

Here’s what you will see in your dashboard

• Watchlists – this is your personal trading dashboard and traders that you follow will show up on this list.

• Portfolio – this is where your investments are listed. This is also where you will see what market you are trading and the people you are copying.

• Profile – this is, of course, your personal profile and you can update your profile here. You can also choose to make your profile private if you want to just like in social media. You can also view your news feeds, the statistics of your portfolio and the market charts in this area.

• News Feeds – of course, this is the area where you will get the latest updates on news and events which are related to trading. If you want, you can also join discussions about the markets you are trading in this section.

• Copy people – This is where you can search for the top traders in the market where you can copy trades from.

• Invest Copy Funds – this is the area where you get to choose which bundle of CopyFunds you will invest in.

• Refer a friend – Yes. eToro forex trading has a referral program and you will get money out of referring a person to eToro.

• Support – as the name suggests, it will take you to the support and knowledge base of eToro

• Deposit and withdraw funds – Of course, this is where you will deposit or withdraw your funds from.

• Setting and Logout

open etoro account

Requirements in Opening an Account in eToro

It’s very simple to open an account in eToro. You will only need to provide your full name, username, email, password, and your mobile number for verification purposes.

To complete your profile, however, you will need to answer a few questions so that eToro will know how much trading knowledge you have. Social trading eToro will just take about 10 minutes of your time to answer the questions to complete your profile. Additionally, you also need to be verified to make sure that you are giving the right information. You will be asked to provide a scanned copy of your passport, a driver’s license, or your national ID card. Additionally, they may require you to provide a utility bill or a bank statement showing your address.

What are the Countries Where eToro is Available?

As mentioned earlier, eToro can be used by anyone as long as it is legal in their country. There are trading law conflicts in some countries like the US, Canada, Cuba, Japan, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Serbia, Albania, and Sudan so users from these countries cannot legally use eToro.

Safety, Security, and Privacy

Like I mentioned earlier, eToro is regulated by CySEC and FCA. Also, eToro forex trading has a risk management feature which makes sure that their clients’ money is safe. All the client’s information is also secured. Your personal information is kept safe by the Secured Socket Layer or SSL technology. If you want to invest in crypto trading remember that there are no regulations that govern cryptocurrencies. There is no insurance from the investor compensation schemes, but eToro takes pride in resolving these issues.

Trading instruments

eToro has about 1000 trading instruments. These are 6 commodities, 14 cryptocurrencies, 47 currencies, over 150 EFTs, 13 indices, and over 700 stocks.

4 Ways to Make Money on Social Trading eToro

1. Trading

Trading is very easy in eToro. To trade all you need to do is click on the watchlist tab on the dashboard and then view all the available markets on which you can trade. You can also select the market instrument so that you can see the price, performance, graph, and also the community opinion for each instrument. If you like what you see and you want to trade, then you need to click trade, enter the amount, stop loss and, the take profit positions. That’s it! You have already traded in eToro forex trading.

2. Copying People

You can copy the Pro traders through this feature with just a few clicks. When you copy a trader, any move that he makes will automatically be copied by you. Your copied trade will also automatically close once the pro trader has closed the deal. Don’t worry, however, if you don’t like what the pro trader is doing you can always manually close the deal. To copy a trade, all you need to do is click on copy people tab on the dashboard so that you can view the available traders to copy. Then you can choose between the editors choice or the top investors to view more traders. Click on the trader to see more information about that trader which includes past records and investment decisions. If you like that trader then all you need to do is just click on copy, enter the amount you would want to invest, take profit, and stop loss.

3. Copy Fundscopyright

These are instruments that are guided by the market strategy that you have chosen like cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities, etc. To copy funds, all you need to do is click on the invest CopyFunds on the dashboard, choose between top trader copy funds and market copy funds, and then click on partner copy funds. You can then enter the amount and the other parameters that you want to set and click on invest.

4. Referral and Investment Program

eToro rewards people that refer eToro to their colleagues. The referral program rewards $100 per referral. In eToro’s referral program, it’s not only you that will get the $100, but the friend you referred as well. Each user is limited to refer to a maximum of 10 friends.

You can also be an affiliate of eToro. You can check eToro reviews if you want to know more about the affiliate programs of eToro.

No doubt social trading eToro is the leading social investment platform for trader online. eToro is not just about cryptocurrency but, it is an ideal platform for cryptocurrency. The mobile app feature has offered traders an excuse to trade anytime, anywhere they want to. If you want to trade, you can easily access their training materials and the practice feature. Gone are the days where you would need to know and study about trading for a lot of weeks before trading. Today, eToro has opened the doors to a new way of trading.

Tips on How To Market Affiliate Marketing Programs Successfully

Reviews for wealthy affiliate

If you think having a product, setting up a website, and putting up a few advertisements is all it takes to make money online. Then you are wrong. Making money from affiliate programs for websites doesn’t work that way. If you check online, you can see so many products and websites competing for the attention of online visitors so they can make money online. If you really want to make money online, then I would suggest signing up as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is actually being affiliated with a company by signing up as an affiliate for that company. As an affiliate, you will be marketing the product or service of the company you are affiliated with. Every time a product is purchased through your marketing efforts, you will be getting a commission out of the sales.

Entrepreneurs came up with this idea to save money on marketing. Instead of hiring agencies to market the products or putting up expensive tv and radio ads, they get people to be affiliated with them instead. These people called affiliate marketers will then market their products or services. One of the best affiliate marketing programs I found online is wealthy affiliate. The reviews for wealthy affiliate are very positive and more and more people are signing up as an affiliate for them.

If you are curious about how to build your own affiliate programs for websites, here are some pointers that you need to bear in mind.

1. Get the best tracker that you can buy or build

Remember that you will be paying your affiliate marketers a percentage for every sale or the total amount of sales per month. Make sure that the sales are tracked accurately. If your affiliate marketing is done in-house, then you have to make sure that you buy or build a transparent system that can track your sales. A lot of companies that have affiliate programs for websites have cookies that track the advertisements on the affiliate’s website. If you have a good tracking system you will be avoiding future disputes from your affiliate marketers. Remember that they have their own sales data and it may not match yours. Of course, you can always get the data from Google Analytics or you can ask your website, programmer, to get the data from your sales system.

2. Know How Much You Can Spend Per Sale

Before you start negotiating on your affiliates you need to determine the amount that you are going to pay per sale on your affiliate programs for websites. You need to find the gross margin of the product by finding the cost of the product and the retail price if you have a physical product. The marginal price should be the amount that you are going to give to your affiliate marketers. Sacrificing your marginal price will give you a lot of sales in return in the future. Knowing your own margin will let you know your expected sales revenue so you need to plan ahead. If you are selling subscriptions then you will need to know the average rate that a subscriber will stay subscribed to your product or service. You should also need to determine how much they will pay per month. Make sure you pay the commission every month of the subscription so that you can earn a profit. Otherwise, it will take months before you gain something from that subscription. If you have free mobile games with in-game goods, you need to make sure that the game is good enough to stay playing the game. You need to know how long an average player will play for free before they pay for goods. You also need to know how much the player will pay for in-game goods.

3. Know Your Competitionhow to market affiliate programs

In every business, you always need to know your competition. Do your research and know where your competitors are advertising their products. You can invest in paid research or have deals on some websites that have a good ranking. If your affiliates are not managed closely they can start competing against you and may end up ranking higher than your company site. You may also end up paying for something that you aren’t supposed to pay. You will need to set the rules on what is allowed and what’s not allowed for your affiliate marketers to do. The idea is to avoid this in the future. Remember that you are getting affiliate marketers to advertise your product or service at a minimal cost so you need to keep it that way. Always ask for the screenshots of the advertisements on where they are putting your ads. You also need to know their target audience and the tools that they use to market your product.

4. Measure Results Regularly

Nothing is really perfect and that applies to the data of your sales per day. To avoid conflict with the data of your sales from the data of the sales of your affiliate, you will need to make sure that your sales data is transparent. Affiliate programs for websites are complicated because each affiliate marketer can have 10 sales today and 100 sales tomorrow. So you should check daily if that data is accurate to avoid paying in excess to that affiliate because of data errors. If that affiliate looks promising, see if you can spend more on their customers so you can earn more from them through sales. Remember you are paying your affiliate marketers so be wise on spending the money. Make sure you will get enough profit with them if you will spend more money with them.

Before having affiliate programs for websites, make sure that you can afford to pay your affiliate marketer on time. Set-up reasonable payment terms and that the affiliates will agree with your payment schedule. Make sure that your affiliate partners will trust you that way. Spend time getting good relationships with your affiliate marketers so that they will keep on advertising your product and get monetary gains. Remember that every affiliate is aspiring to get a lot of sales commissions and the marketing competition is very tough online. Make sure that they are committed to working with you long-term to achieve the goal of gaining a lot of customers. Spend time identifying the best affiliate marketers that signed up for your product and don’t be afraid to lose those that are not performing. If you are doing it correctly then there is no excuse for you to reach a lot of customers for your product or service.

That’s it. That’s what you need to know if you are going to have a company that will get affiliate marketers to market your product or services. It’s very complicated, right? On the other hand, if you cannot do all those things because you do not have enough capital, then you can be an affiliate marketer. Here are some things that you need to know before becoming an affiliate marketer.

Benefits of Being An Affiliate Marketer

Make sure that the product that you are affiliated with has a solid structure so you can reap these benefits:

• Affiliate marketing has high sales conversions. Of course, email marketing still has the top spot when it comes to getting marketing sales. Affiliate marketing comes second and being an affiliate for an affiliate program that has a solid structure can help you a lot in your business success. If you are looking for something that has a solid structure then I would suggest you check out wealthy affiliate. Reviews for wealthy affiliate from users are very positive so there’s no reason for you not to try it out.

• Endorsements from different independent sources. This is one way of selling something to the website visitors without making a lot of effort to sell them something.

• A scalable infrastructure can get you additional sales from affiliate networks without doing some extra effort. It has automated tracking, reporting, payments, and link generation that will help you a lot in gaining sales.

• You can get diverse revenue sources will let you work with a lot of revenue resources unlike display advertising and paid searches.

Of course, there are plenty of other benefits that you can get with affiliate marketing. You need to be aware that there are also some common mistakes done by affiliate marketers when they are marketing the products or services. Here are some of them.

affiliate programs for websites

Common Marketing mistakes of Affiliate Marketers

A lot of affiliate marketers get into affiliate marketing without knowing what they are getting into. Yes. Marketing a product or service can sound easy, but before you enter into it you need to understand what affiliate marketing is and how it works. If you don’t have any idea at all about affiliate marketing, then you should be affiliated with wealthy affiliates. Wealthy affiliates will show you how to market affiliate programs and even show you how to set-up a website. It has pieces of training that you can easily access and weekly webinars for updates on SEO and other marketing techniques. If you’re already an affiliate marketer and you are looking for tips, however, here are some mistakes that you need to avoid when doing affiliate marketing:

1. Know the rules and guidelines of the program you are affiliated with

Affiliate programs like Amazon affiliate programs have strict rules that they apply to their affiliate marketers when it comes to promoting their brands. They also have rules on where to put your affiliate links.

2. Make sure you have enough resources if you want to grow your program

Making money in affiliate marketing is not something that can happen overnight and definitely not something that you can get money out of not doing anything. If you cannot write then you will need to hire a writer. If you don’t know how to create a website you need to make sure that you are using something that can easily help you make a website. It should be something with beautiful themes. That way, you will have a professional looking website. Otherwise, you would have to hire a programmer to do it.

3. Don’t focus on just one aspect of marketing

Don’t focus too much on your site visitors. Instead, focus on the sales, the conversion rates and the total cost that you will have to shell out in order to get the sales that you need. Remember that affiliate marketing is all about making money through sales so you have to make sure that you are making enough money in it.

4. Start with a single affiliate if you are a newbie in affiliate marketing

You can only join other affiliate marketing programs if you have enough traffic going to your site. Make sure that the affiliate product or service that you will add as an affiliate will have the same rules and guidelines so you won’t get confused. I would not recommend you to do so if you are a newbie because marketing multiple products can lead to disaster. It’s better if you concentrate on marketing one product so you’ll know your metrics and if your business is moving or not.

5. Have a marketing budget on hand

Even though signing up for affiliate programs for websites is free it doesn’t mean that you won’t have to spend money on it. Make sure you have enough budget that is needed in marketing your affiliate so that you will get your desired goal in the future.

Again, affiliate marketing is not as easy as it looks, but with the right strategy, you will get your desired results. Be patient if you are marketing the product or service of your affiliate marketing product or service. Sometimes it takes months or a year for your website to get enough sales for you, but you also have to check it regularly. If it’s not getting traffic, then you have to go back to the strategies on how to market affiliate programs successfully. It’s a matter of trial and error and there is no definite strategy because every business is different. What will work for others may not work for you so don’t be afraid to experiment.

How To Write Ebooks For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

book writing ideas

Digital marketing is something that online businessmen use nowadays to make money online. If you are thinking that digital marketing is just all about writing blogs then you are wrong. If you have book writing ideas then you can also use it now for digital marketing.

In the past, all you have to do is write content, publish it and share it on the social media channels in order to get traffic going to your website. Today, it has become quite complicated. A lot of businesses now maintain a blog and the struggle to stand out is a challenge.

So how do you stand out from the rest of the businesses? How can you make your business unique so that people can identify you?  The answer is writing an ebook so that people can easily recognize your name. I know it’s not that easy to come up with book writing ideas so that you can incorporate it in your digital marketing strategy, but it will be worth it.

Your ebook should contain helpful tips regarding the niche on your website. There should be tips and special techniques that cannot be found anywhere so that people will be enticed to get your ebook.

Writing a blog article is different than writing an ebook so you need to plan it carefully. Let’s take a look at the advantages of writing an ebook for your digital marketing strategy before you write an actual ebook.

Why Should I Write An E book If I Already Have A Blog?

Search engines have been constantly updating and thanks to the latest updates, the lightly researched blogs are already not a trend. That means longer blogs and more information to the readers are the latest norms. That also means ebooks can be considered as good content by the search engines and will help in ranking your website because the articles are getting longer and longer.

Aside from the fact that you can make money writing ebooks, it can also set you apart from the other entrepreneurs online. If the content of your ebook is very unique, your audience will start talking about you and your business can become known. An ebook is also a very good opportunity to deeply connect with your audience. A blog is just a short form and you can connect with your audience, but not as effective as an ebook because an ebook leaves a long lasting impression on the readers.

An ebook is usually tailored for a specific audience so when they read it they can already identify with you. Additionally, an ebook is an option and that means the people who download your ebooks and read it are interested enough with your niche and they are willing to listen to what you will convey to them through your ebook.

Advantages of having an ebook are:

• Having your own personal brand – you can easily stand out from all your competitors if you share something special to your audience.

• You instantly become an expert on your niche – if you have an ebook, your audience will think of you as the industry expert because your ebooks should contain all the juicy secrets about the niche that you have.

• You become the leader in your niche – you will instantly become the leader because people will look up to you and may go to you for advice.

Reasons to Write An E bookmake money writing ebooks

• Your book writing ideas can help- build your email list

• You become the leader in your niche

• It will help increase the credibility of your brand because people will trust you more

• You can show off your expertise in the field.

All business have their own reason on why they are writing an ebook. Of course, it’s not something magical that will get you your goal overnight, but an ebook will help boost the process and will help you get to more audience. Consider an ebook as a major resource. You can help educate a lot of people and your ebook can be used often to market your brand.

How To Start on Your E book

You know how to write blogs, but do you know how to write ebooks for your digital marketing strategy? How should you start your ebook?

First, you have to identify your goal. In doing business you always need to know what your ultimate goal is so that you can plan it well. Always tailor your ebooks to your ultimate goal. Additionally, you need to make time to write your ebooks and focus on writing it. If you are maintaining a blog, try to write your blogs ahead of time and schedule it for publishing so that you can focus on your ebook.

Think hard on what you really want to talk about to your audience. Do not just write ebooks according to what is on your mind. Instead, make an outline of the contents of your ebooks before writing it so that your thoughts will flow freely from that point.

Also, make sure that your table of contents are in order according to what you want to talk to your audience. Otherwise, your audience will become confused about what you are talking about and will not finish reading your book. Your ebook should be clear and make sure that your message will get through them. If possible, consult your book writing ideas to an expert and ask for advice or you can get your family and friends to check your outline and get an opinion about it.

Remember that you have to gain the trust of your audience when writing an ebook so you have to show off a little. Make sure that they will be convinced that you are the authority on your niche and they should go to you for advice so that they will follow your blogs and also purchase the products or services that you are marketing. Be careful not to sell your product or service overtly. Just insert some pieces of information on the ebook so that they will get curious about it and check it out.

How To Pick A Subject For Your E book

In order to make money writing ebooks, you will need to have a good subject to talk about. I know from experience that there can be several topics related to your niche that you can talk about. It’s important to pick one topic only so that you can express your thoughts and your expertise easily. Pick out something that you know well. It should be a topic where you can share your expertise in. Bear in mind that you will be the expert on the topic so you share something that other people are not talking about on their blogs or on their ebooks.

Tips on How To Pick a Topic:

• Ask your audience – if you have a social media page, you can ask your audience about what topic they would want to know more that is related you your niche. You can do this by creating a poll or just by simply asking.

• Repurpose your blog – identify your most popular blog and rewrite it to an ebook. You can add additional insights and some other techniques that you did not include in the blog because you already have enough words on it.

• Expand your customer testimonials – use your customer testimonials in order to write your ebook. You can also check them out if you do not have any book writing ideas. Your customer testimonials are very important so do not leave them out when considering your ebook topic.

Whatever topic you choose make sure that your audience would want the information that you are going to share with them. Be aware of the latest industry trends and include it in your niche. Once you have picked out the topic that you would want to talk about, write a detailed outline on what you would want to talk about with your chapter headings. Always revert to your chapter title when writing your ebook and stay focused on it. It’s easy to get diverted when you are writing so you have to make sure that you are reviewing your own writing after a chapter.

how to write ebooks for

The Writing Process

Not everyone has a skill in writing and a lot of businesses hire writers for their ebooks. This is a good business strategy especially if you do not have very good writing skills. Hiring a professional writer for your blogs will make sure that your ebook will look professional and your ebook will have a purpose. On the other hand, you may lose your own identity and voice in the process and your expertise may not be conveyed to your audience.

This stumbling block can be overcome though. You can record your book writing ideas, transcribe them, and give it to the professional writer so that they can capture your personality and your unique voice.

If you opt to write the ebook yourself make sure to use simple words. Deep words will not get you anywhere. Imagine yourself reading a book where the writer uses deep words and you will find yourself looking for a dictionary or searching online now and then for the meaning of the words that are in the book you are reading. What will happen more likely is that you will forget what was in the ebook and remember the new words you have acquired instead. You don’t want this to happen to your ebook because your goal is to leave a long lasting impression to your audience.

Simplicity and clarity is the key to a successful ebook. Always remember that if your audience will benefit from your ebook, your business will benefit as well. Gone are the days where you have to keep your business secrets so that other people cannot copy your strategy. Book writing ideas are now converted to ebooks and shared with an audience in digital marketing so that you can make more money.

An ebook can have a lot of uses and no doubt you can make money writing ebooks. You don’t have to sell them though. You can always give it out for free and benefit from it through email marketing. If you want to know more about how you can use your ebook in your marketing strategy you can follow my blogs and learn more about digital marketing strategies.

Get Email Marketing Tips That Can Get You More Website Traffic

get email marketing tips

If you are here then maybe you already know what email marketing is, but you do not know the advantages of using email marketing. You can get email marketing tips in this article because I will tackle the different email marketing tips that are effective in getting more traffic and sales to your website.

If you have an online business then you know that having a good marketing strategy will help you get your ultimate goal: getting a lot of sales online. Before going on the tips, however, let’s take a look at what email marketing is.

Email Marketing: What Is It?

Email marketing is sending out content to your customers through their email addresses in hopes of increasing your sales by getting them to make an action on your website. Your email list is the people who have already visited your site and have given their permission for you to email them by giving out their email address when they visited your site. This can only happen if your website visitor has opted to subscribe to your newsletters or if they have already purchased something. There are a lot of ways to grow your email list and you can use email marketing tools online in order to make quality templates and send out multiple emails at once.

Basics Of Email Marketing

1. Choose an email service provider

There are a lot of email marketing tools online that you can use for your marketing strategy. Email service providers have a lot of benefits for you. Use email marketing tools are automated and you can literally send a million emails on your email list every day. You can also track your email bounce rates using the email service provider. Email bounce rates are very important for you because they are dependent on your mailing list. The email bounce list determines the invalid emails and removed them from your list so you will have a lower bounce rate.

The email marketing tools that you should use should also determine your email deliverability. This means that an email service provider has the potential to deliver more emails than those that are sent personally. Of course, if your email list is still small, you can send each one personally, but if it grows, I doubt if you can still keep track of all the emails personally so it’s really best to use an email service provider at the start to manage all your email list.

Now that most people are using the phone, it’s also important that the email service provider that you use should be mobile-friendly. Even I read my emails through the phone so it’s best to get one that is mobile ready. Your email service provider should also generate reports so that you can keep track of your sales easily. Remember that email service providers usually offer a free trial. You should take advantage of this and try it out before getting a subscription. You can also get an email marketing course online so that you can be familiar with the different email providers.

2. Get A Professional Email Address

Getting a professional email address is very important. G mail, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail are designed for personal use so you should get something that is related to the niche that you are marketing. Email marketing campaigns are also based out of the free service providers will not pass DMARC policy authentication and will never reach your email list. Email campaigns from your personal domain are encouraged and will help your subscribers identify you. Your website will also look more professional and your customers will trust you more because they are assured that you are running a legitimate business.

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3. Get a healthy list of subscribers

A lot of online businesses buy leads and this is wrong. You need to build your own list if you want to be successful in your email marketing campaign. A healthy list of contacts should come from your sales funnel or your landing page. This is very important because the email list that you will build using this technique will ensure that your recipients will have a higher chance of opening your email because they are familiar with your product or service already.

Having a healthy email list will also keep your bounce rate low and the email service providers will not mark you spam. Make sure that you regularly update your subscriber list because there are people who do not open their emails for some reasons. Your chosen email service provider should help you identify this and help you delete the email addresses that are already not used.

Techniques For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Now that we’re done covering the basics of email marketing, we will now get to the tips that will help you have a successful email campaign, let’s talk about the tips that will help you get more sales for your business.

1. Plan Your Email Frequency

Before launching your email marketing campaign, it’s important that you plan ahead on how frequent you should communicate with your customers. You also need to have a strategy on how to approach them so that your campaign will become successful. You can get an email marketing course on how to do this correctly. As a tip, you need to make sure that you send them a regular email, but not too frequently that they will lose interest in your product because they think you are spamming them. Do not forget to send them special emails on special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. These kinds of emails with special promotions will often get you more sales than the regular emails. Always make sure that each email will ensure building trust to your customers and eventually getting sales out of them.

2. Experiment With Subject Lines

Subject lines are also important in your email marketing campaign because they are the ones that your customers read first when they receive the email that you send. There is no special formula for a successful email campaign, but there are patterns that work. For starters, make sure that your subject line should have less than 50 characters. It should also be something either funny or exciting. Do not overuse emojis and exclamation points. Always include a time limit or discount on the subject and don’t use caps lock. Also, use pre-headers if possible.

3. Pay Extra Attention to Call-To-Action Buttons

A call-to-action button is very important in your email campaigns because people rarely read your entire newsletter and tend to use scan them. Your call-to-action buttons should be short and should contain action words that will compel the customers to click on it.

4. Always Keep The Visual Elements In Mind

A lot of email marketers love to use fancy visual elements in their emails, but according to the metrics, emails without fancy visual content are often converted to sales versus the ones that contain fancy elements. Also, do not forget to use your logo and keep your design simple. Leave enough space so that the important parts of your email will stand out. Do not forget to customize the email fonts and pick relevant designs for your email.

5. Set-up Automated Emails

Automated emails are very important and you should schedule them accordingly. Always send a welcome email for new subscribers and follow-up with another email. This will make your customer feel valuable because customers expect welcome emails when you subscribe to them so don’t let them down. The email marketing tools online will help you schedule the frequency of your emails. If you have an e-commerce store you should also send an abandoned cart email to remind them to go back to their cart in order to purchase your product. Also, set-up a follow-up email after a purchase thanking them for being a valued customer. This will make your customers want to get back.

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6. Make Sure You Track Your Campaign Results

Track your campaigns so you’ll know which ones are successful and which ones are not. If it’s not successful, don’t give up. You can always change your strategy and send out emails to your subscribers. If you don’t want to make an experiment, you can always get an email marketing course online so that you will have a better chance of being successful in your email marketing campaigns.

Now that you are done reading this guide, I hope that the tips I gave you will help you have a successful email marketing campaign. You already have the email marketing tools online that will help you get the result that you need There are a lot of other email marketing tips online that can help you succeed in your marketing campaign. If you want to know more you can send me a message or you can leave a comment.