Are Digital Marketing Strategies and SEO Techniques Still Working?

The best SEO tricks that were used by previous marketers included content marketing. So it’s really safe for me to say that SEO and content marketing work go together. Although they work together they are rarely mentioned together in the latest SEO updates that I see online. In this article, we will talk about SEO, digital marketing, and content marketing so read on.

The Objectives of Digital Marketing, SEO, and Content Marketing

When you say these three things, people often assume that these three are completely separate and should be done separately. The fact is, SEO and content marketing are under the digital marketing strategies that people use online to rank their sites.

There is a difference between SEO and content marketing, however. If you have studied SEO, then you may know by now that there are two major techniques used in SEO: blackhat and white hat. The SEO latest updates prefer the use of the whitehat technique or on-page SEO. So this is where the relation comes in. On-page SEO is actually content marketing or optimizing your content to be SEO-friendly to help rank your site in the search engines.

Let’s take a look at the objectives of both SEO and content marketing so you can understand their relationship better.

SEO Techniques are used to:

• Optimize your site by using keywords that are related to your niche.

• Add backlinks from popular sites and high traffic sites that are related to your niche.

The goal of SEO is to:

• Improve the rankings of the website by using well-researched keywords

• Gain more popularity for your brand.

• Get more website visitors.

In other words, SEO is done on a website in order to get more traffic to your site, but what about content marketing?

Content marketing is used to:

• Create content that is informative, and engaging.

• Get people to click on the call-to-action buttons which are in the content.

• Create great content that is shareable in order to gain more popularity.

The objectives of the use of content marketing are to:

• Make people recognize the brand that you are promoting.

• Make yourself be the expert in your respective niche.

• Increase the time spent on your site by your site visitors to increase the percentage of a sale.

• Help improve your sales in the long run.

So in summary, SEO is used in order to gain more traffic to your website and content marketing strategies are used so that people will stay longer to the site and helps convert the web traffic to sales.

So they complement each other. Now what? Will the digital marketing strategies that have been released lately help in improving your site?

How Can SEO Help Improve Content Marketing?

If you are a content writer, then there may have been a time when you have written an article that is very engaging and informative. However, you found that this article did not become popular. This may become a turn-off for a content marketer like you. Don’t worry though there’s a way to get more people to read it. The answer is simply to apply SEO to your content.

Now when I say that you need to apply SEO to your content or to make it SEO-friendly, it doesn’t mean that you will need to add SEO techniques to your content. This simply means that you will need to make your content seen by the search engines by adding keywords to it. If you have a problem finding the keywords related to your niche, don’t worry there are a lot of software available that can help you get good keywords that are related to your niche. If you are doing affiliate marketing and you have signed-up with wealthy affiliate, Jaaxy will be included with your plan so that you can start looking for the right keywords for your site.

These keywords are very important to your site because these are the ones that are scanned by the search engines when displaying the results for a search query. If you are using good keywords that are related to your niche and you have very informative content, then you have a higher chance of getting a higher rank in the search engine results.

Do not stick to doing research for relevant keywords only, you need to research the content topics that are ranking well for your keyword, the content type that are working with your competitors, and what your target market is expecting from your future content.

How Can Content Marketing Help Improve SEO?

The best SEO tricks online for improving your SEO will always include content marketing. Remember that your target audience is expecting certain topics from you to talk about. These people are always looking for content that has high value or more informative articles. If you are writing content that is not informative, then they will see through it. Make sure that you do your research first before writing so that your search engine ranking will improve.

According to the SEO latest updates, the search engines love content that is long and have more information in it. However, you will need to be careful because if you produce content that is not engaging and informative, then people will catch up to this and will no longer look up to you for advice on your niche. You should avoid this if you are doing content marketing so make sure that your efforts are not wasted.

If you are creating high-quality content that is SEO-friendly then you will be hitting two birds in one stone. One, you will have a better ranking in the search engines, and two, your brand will become known and people will go to you for more information regarding your niche which in result will create more sales.

So in perspective, SEO demands and the content marketing meet the demands. If SEO needs content, content marketing creates the content. If SEO needs keywords, content marketing use the keywords in the content for SEO. If SEO needs backlinks to rank the site, content marketing produces the backlinks. If SEO needs the site optimized, then content marketing makes the customer comfortable so they will have a better user experience and will come back for more.

There are digital marketing strategies that separate the use of these two valuable techniques, but if you use techniques that combine them together, then you have a better chance of succeeding.

Combining SEO and Content Marketing

Now you know that content marketing and SEO should be together in order to get better sales for your website. Now it’s time to learn how to combine them. Here are the different ways on how to combine the best SEO tricks online and content marketing.

1. Set Goals and Measure Results

The first thing that you will need to do in order to combine SEO and content marketing is to set a goal. The goal for both these techniques should be the same so you will achieve the same results. Think of the activities that you will need to do in order to optimize your content and your website for the search engines. This should include things that will help increase the traffic to your site. After you have identified the best SEO tricks online for your site and the same content marketing strategy, then you will need to measure your success.

Be consistent in updating our website content, but do not forget to check the website ranking of your website from time to time so you can change or optimize your strategy for your business. Remember that you will not always succeed, but you need to be positive. If you are having success in ranking your site for SEO, then you need to understand why your website is standing out from the others. As soon as you have identified this then you need to continue using this strategy so that you will continue to get more sales. If your digital marketing strategy is not succeeding, then you also need to study your site. Check what makes your website fail and try to use another technique. Remember that there is no right formula because every business is different. Try to check your target market and know why your traffic is not converting into sales. Check your content and see if they are SEO-friendly.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Like I mentioned above, your target market is important. Identifying who your target market is should be the first thing that you need to do. Then, know what they need. You can do a survey so you can understand their needs so that you can give them more informative and engaging content. If you can do this, then you can drive more traffic to your site.

3. Create SEO Optimized Content

After you have identified your target audience and you have created a marketing plan, you will need to optimize your website next. Make sure that people can find your content by using keywords so that your audience can find you or else, your content will remain a content and will not convert to a sale. According to the SEO latest updates, you should build your brand awareness by writing topics relevant to your niche that will appeal to your target market, use the right keywords, optimize your site for mobile phones, and mapping your content for your sales funnel.


These are digital marketing strategies that you can use in order to get more sales for your website. Use the best SEO tricks online alongside with a good content marketing strategy so you can get better sales for your product or services. I know the results that you must have to get more sales for your site will take a while, but do not lose patience. The real key to any business success is patience.

Learning How To Do Affiliate Marketing the Right Way

Everyone on the internet is talking about affiliate marketing. If you are here because you are curious about what it is then you have come to the right place. Learning how to do affiliate marketing is not easy. You will need to learn the techniques of the trade so you can be a successful affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is also known as performance marketing. When you are performing well, you get a lot of sales resulting in more commissions. Starting out as an affiliate marketer is the biggest stumbling block that you have to overcome. There are thousands of affiliate marketers out there and there are scammers everywhere. You need to define which ones are good and which ones you should avoid.

I know you can always check the reviews on which company is good and which are not, but sometimes reviews are just made up. So you have to be careful and choose wisely.

There is no risk involved in affiliate marketing. Always choose an affiliate marketer that offers to sign up as an affiliate marketer for free. If the company that you want to affiliate with asks for payment then do not sign up with them. You want to gain money not to lose your money.

Once you have chosen your affiliate marketing product or service, it is best not to get another one. Focusing on only one affiliate can get you better monetary rewards in the future. You see, this is one of the mistakes that new affiliate marketers do. They sign up for a lot of affiliate marketing products or services thinking that they can gain more money because they will market more affiliates.

Focusing on only one affiliate will get better results. If you are a newbie in affiliate marketing you need only to choose the best affiliate marketing products and be an affiliate of only one of them. Do not go out of your way. Instead, focus on getting the right formula to gain money.

I would recommend affiliate marketing to people who want to sell their products without risking anything, but their time. So how do you start choosing the affiliate that is right for you?

Where do you find the best affiliate marketing company?

If you do a search on the search engines for affiliate networks I’m sure you will get a lot of results. You will find that there are affiliate marketing companies in different regions. Starting out as an affiliate is very simple. Find an affiliate marketing company, choose the product or service that you want to be affiliated with, and sign up with them for free.

Beware of Bad Affiliates

If you are trying to sell a product and someone approaches you promising you a lot of things that are too good to be true, then be careful. A lot of people out there promise marketing and performance as long as you pay. When you hear this, do not grab the opportunity right away. Stop and think about their offer first.

Check out what they are offering first. Do not go for something that you have to pay without any good output. With wealthy affiliate online business community, you do not have to worry about paying without getting any results. You only have to pay for the commissions on the sales of your affiliate marketer. Make sure that you are also not paying them commissions on sales made before 30 days. This will allow your software to check for shady sales. Remember that you should not pay for sales that are not valid.

Tracking Your Market ROI

Now that you are paying for commissions out of sales, you have to make sure that you track your sales. There are a lot of tools that are available online to help you track these sales. If you have the best affiliate marketing products, then the probability of higher sales are better so tracking them manually will be difficult. The good news is, most affiliate marketing networks have software that tracks your sales for free if you sign up with them.

Always choose an affiliate marketing network like wealthy affiliate that has a good track record and a good reputation when it comes to selling affiliate products or services. There are affiliates out there who will create false promises on behalf of your product thus discrediting your product. The affiliate marketing network that you should choose should include conditions on their affiliate marketing contract not to give false promises to prospect buyers.

The false promises are often included on their landing pages so it’s very important that your product or service credibility is positive always. Not only will your credibility be affected, but you could also into legal trouble. Learning how to do affiliate marketing is not easy and a big part of it is driving traffic to the website. Make sure that the way your affiliate marketer drives traffic to your website is through the white hat. If your affiliate marketer is using black hat method for driving traffic to your site, this might affect your product or service negatively as well.

A lot of affiliate marketers focus only on how to make money. The wealthy affiliate online business community, however, do not encourage unethical ways to make sales or drive traffic.

When choosing the affiliate marketing network for your product or service, try to choose the bigger affiliate network. They are the ones who are legitimate and the percentage of having a bigger email list is better with them. These affiliate networks can drive more traffic and sales for you.

The Selection Process Are Two-Way

So we talked about being careful about choosing your affiliate marketing network company for marketing your products or services. As soon as you have chosen and signed up for their affiliate marketing service, you will be their partner. Before becoming their partner you will need to do your part as well.

Your website should have the ability to handle high traffic. So that means your website landing page and your website should be able to handle a lot of buyers that will be going to your site. If your website is not fine-tuned for a lot of traffic, then the affiliate marketing network that you chose will not approve the partnership with your company. Remember that they handle a lot of products and services as well so they do not have the time to help you tweak your site for the influx of sales that will be coming your way in the future. The wealthy affiliate online business community for example only partner with companies that they believe will help them get an income out of the sales as well so you must do your part on enhancing your website.

Learning How to Do Affiliate Marketing

If you really want to start marketing your products or services with affiliate marketing then you should do your research first. You can read a lot of books available to you online about successful affiliate marketers.

If you do not have a product and you want to start with affiliate marketing, then you may choose to create an e-book or a guide. If it performs well, then you can make the best affiliate marketing products that have a demand for your prospect customers. Starting up a business is always a gamble, but you have to make sure that the stakes are low and your chances of winning are high. So how do you make sure that you have a higher chance of getting sales?

As soon as you have created a product or a service to sell, you can now start scaling your website. Start creating a marketing plan on how to create an effective sales funnel. Now, you may be thinking that these are only done by the affiliate marketers because they are the ones who will market your product, but you are wrong. As a brand, you also need to have a good sales funnel and landing page because this is where the customers will be going to buy. This is the secret of having a solid business online.

You should use the wealthy affiliate online business community well as any other company that you will choose to affiliate with. They will help build your website and your sales in the long run.

Also, consider using social media marketing for driving traffic to your site. Of course, if you do not have the time to do this, which is why you got an affiliate marketing network in the first place, then you can include this in your contract. A few affiliate marketing networks do not allow marketing the products on social media networks. Make sure that your affiliate marketers are doing it right on the social media sites, though. You would need to give them guidelines and if what they are doing is working. Do ahead and copy what they are doing for your website. This will help you get more passive income in the future.


Learning how to do affiliate marketing can be time-consuming, but do not worry. All your efforts will be worth it in the long run. Remember that a lot of companies out there rely solely on their affiliate marketers to market their products or services. The best affiliate marketing products are even successful in their respective niche. Make sure that you interact with your affiliate marketers or the affiliate marketing network that you have partnered with. It’s better to talk to them and get their insight on how you can help them market your site than not doing anything at all. Remember that you are partners so your product is not selling, they will not get any commission as well so both of you will not get any money.

eToro: An Online Forex Trading Software For Your Trading Needs

eToro is a Cyprus based forex trading company. Recently, eToro forex trading has added commodities to trade to their app. Ever since eToro was introduced to the world, the company became very popular. When they launched this trading platform their goal was to make it like the social media pages. It has been recognized as a leading social media trading platform and a lot of users trust it to trade online. So, is investing in this social trading app worth it?

Opening an account with eToro only require $200 minimum capital. You don’t need to worry because there is no annual fee when you join eToro. All that you need to have is your initial capital. Below are the reasons why eToro is the best online forex trading software.

1. It’s easy to use

Beginners and experts will have no problem using this trading platform the features are straightforward and easy to understand and use. eToro has recently launched the OpenBook social invest and this feature became popular as well. If you are in doubt about using this app you can check out their website and see the training materials available on how to use the app and how to start trading. In fact, you can check out the commodity forex online trading communities and check out what people say about eToro.

2. Free eToro demo account

Practice makes perfect and this is true with eToro. When you sign up, you can use the demo account to trade to make sure that you are not using any money. They will give you $100,000 virtual money to start practice trading. The good news is, you can even practice trade in whatever currency that you want and even in commodities. The copy trading feature is even there so you can check out that feature too free of charge.

3. Copy Trading

Copy trading is the best feature of eToro. This is for those traders who have no time to monitor their online forex trading software. eToro keeps track of all the moves each trader make so that if they choose to be a copy trader, they can share their history easily. With just a few clicks all the data that you need to share is there. This feature is even easier to use for those who want to do copy trading. All that they have to do is do a few clicks and they could see the trade history of the experienced traders. Not only is eToro user-friendly, but they are boasting a high “win ratio” for its users. If you are here because you want to copy trade, you will need to watch out for traders who have trade percentage profits of almost 100 percent and follow them. I know they are just a handful, but they are the ones worth copying.

4. Great customer service

When it comes to customer service, eToro has a great customer service review. This online forex trading software has a chat feature for instant help. You even get to have help while you are just starting to trade.

5. Well-funded

When you are investing I know you are often hesitant because you are afraid to be scammed. Don’t worry because eToro is a legit website and it is not a scam. It is well-funded and it has a lot of financial backing. The headquarters of eToro is located in Cyprus and this is proof that they are legit. You don’t need to worry that you cannot get your money because this social trading platform handles billions of dollars of investments every day.

6. Learning from the experts

Beginners in this online forex trading software can learn from more experienced traders by following them. It works just like social media and people can share information through the online community channel available in eToro. You can learn from what they share or you can also send them a private message. Anyone can enjoy the ins and outs of both the social networking community and making investments through this platform.

7. Rewards Program

eToro also offers rewards for referring people to use their platform. When you refer people to eToro, you can earn $50 as a reward and the new user will be rewarded a $50 reward as well. This will be awarded to you as long as the new user will deposit a minimum of $200.

chart eToro forex trading

The Disadvantages Of Using The eToro Software

• eToro is not available for the United States users. It is also not available for users in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. You will need to be a user from other countries in order to use this platform. However, as July 2019, eToro real trading can be used in the following states in the United States namely: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Not all of the markets are available through and there are features that you cannot use if you are a resident of the United States. The platform is also not available for United States citizens who are living outside of this country for regulation reasons.

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using the eToro platform, we will now discuss the features of eToro.

After signing up as an investor in eToro, you can start trading already. For new users, however, I would recommend you to use the demo account first. Check out the training material available. After that, select the experienced traders that you want to follow or copy. The real-time charts are shown on the eToro interface so you can check it out as well. You can directly copy the transactions by clicking the “copy” link. Open the social trading feature and you will see the trades and tips that people share on the community page. You can also comment on the trades for the people you are following and ask questions from them regarding trading.

If you have a specific trader that you want to copy, you can use the “guru finder” feature of eToro. You can also find the trader in the ranking of the traders. If you do a copy trade, remember that it is done in proportion. If the risk of the experienced trader on the online forex trading software is 2%, the risk on your account will be 2% as well. The amount on your investment does not matter. The percentage of the risk involved is the ones that are copied on your account.

The trader or guru finder screen will allow you to list the traders based on criteria. Here are the popular search filters in eToro:

• Top traders copied in the UK

• The most copied traders

• Manual traders

• Photo and full name

• Limited weekly loss

• Frequent trader, 6M

• High profitability ratio

If you are doing a search, you can always adjust the risk level that you want for your account. All the other filters on eToro forex trading are created by eToro and cannot be adjusted. The ranking of the experienced traders is displayed for 3,6 or 12 months.

Here are the terms on the experienced trader profile that you need to know if you want to use the online forex trading software which is eToro.

• Copiers – these are the number of people who copy the experienced trader with a real account.

• Weekly drawdown – this shows the biggest weekly decline in capital of the experienced trader in a certain period. Most traders do not really look at this because they think this is not useful. They think it only represents the risk level of the experienced trader.

• Daily exchange volume – this is the total amount of money that was invested by the experienced trader. This is usually calculated by using the average daily trading volume and divided by the average daily amount of funds invested. If the trader has a high number of daily exchange volume, it means that the trader often uses a large portion of his account.

• The number of profitable weeks – this is the ratio of profitable weeks which is in relation to the number of weeks selected.

• Profit – This is based on the “Modified Dietz” formula. It has all the trader’s transactions. All the commissions that are earned, deposits, and withdrawals are calculated in the profit feature. The profit is actually the outcome of the closed positions of the experienced trader as well as the open positions of the trader at any given time. The commissions of the gurus also affect their monthly performance. This means that the performance of your account is not the same as the performance of the account that you are copying.

Always use the statistics to help you choose the experienced trader that you want to copy for your commodity forex online trading. Although some factors can affect the profitability of your account when you do copy trade, the statistics are actually there to help you decide who to copy. There are a lot of tools that are offered by the eToro forex trading in order to rank and filter the traders. CFDs are actually very complex. These instruments come with a high risk of losing money because of leverage. You need to understand the terms used, how to read the charts, how to open and close trades and understand the factors that affect the condition of the market when you trade in eToro. Don’t worry so much about losing money because if you choose the experienced trader to copy using the indicators that I mentioned above, you will have a lower risk in your investment.

Secret Copywriting Techniques of Storytellers That You Should Know

A lot of people do not know that before F. Scott Fitzgerald and Joseph Heller became very popular novelists, their job was copywriting. Copywriting is a skill that you can use if you want to write blogs for money.

Copywriting is actually a creative way of writing advertisements. If you practice this it will influence your writing style. In this article, we will talk about copywriting and how you can use it to make money by writing blogs.

There are three things that you will be forced to develop when you’re copywriting:

• It will force you to understand the importance of each word that you are writing

• Understand what the readers want to read about

• Be an expert on working with deadlines

Learning how to do copywriting will help you become a better writer in the long run. Aside from that, your style of writing will also help you generate more sales when doing email marketing.

Here are tips to help you become a better copywriter

1. Creativity does not really mean being creative

When the word being creative is mentioned what comes to mind are works of art like paintings, sculptures, and buildings. If you have a website and you are doing blog writing or copywriting being creative means differently. You don’t have to use deep words that people do not understand. Your blog should be simple and should be written as if you are talking to a person.

If you want to write blogs for the money you have to understand that you will have deadlines. Even if you own the website and you are here because you want to learn how to make a website blog, you need to have deadlines. You cannot avoid deadlines. Remember that you have a website blog because you want to communicate with people. You will need to publish a blog regularly or else people will forget all about you.

The challenge in copywriting and blogging are the same- keeping a regular schedule. These schedules can be hindered because of three things: Lack of inspiration, writer’s block, and creativity. So make sure that you read your blogs after you finish them and see if you are being creative or writing a story.

2. Do your research well and you will be rewarded

If you are writing research is very important. This is what being creative means in writing. You need to have a thirst for knowledge or have a lot of hobbies so you can make money by writing blogs. It is very important that you are a versatile writer so you can write just about any topic that is given to you. Of course, this is not applicable if you have an affiliate product or service to market. In this case, you need to be an expert on the niche that you are marketing so you still need to do your research.

3. Be Meticulous And Mind The Little Details

Details are very important, especially in a story. The details allow you to show instead of just telling a story. When you are writing, you are just giving your audience texts. So make sure you include words that will describe what you want to convey to your audience. Your research should help you give the description that you need in your blog.

4. Your Swipe File Is Very Important

Swipe files are your ideas. This should be filed in a folder and you should be able to access it anytime that you need to. Remember that one of the obstacles that you will encounter when writing is running out of ideas. It is always good that you have something handy when you need a little inspiration.

Some writers would prefer not to have a swipe file for fear of having other people steal their ideas. This can be overcome by a lot of security measures nowadays especially if you are using a computer.

Having a swipe file is very effective especially if you want to make money by writing blogs. If you are doing research, write every useful detail that will encounter. Novel writers, in particular, use this technique for their “scenes” to make their story more effective. Whenever you get to something you are not familiar with all you need to do is visit your swipe file and you will have the details that you need.

Do not underestimate this writing tool because this will help you become a more effective blog writer. Start creating swipe files now regarding the topics that you are writing. In the long run, you won’t have to do another research because everything is already there.

Another obstacle that you will need to overcome if you want to make money by writing blogs is the writer’s block. Every writer encounters this problem from time to time. If you are new to writing then you are probably confused because you do not know what I am talking about. A writer’s block is running out of ideas and inspiration. Often times, you will find yourself staring at the string and you don’t know what to write.

This is bad especially if you have deadlines, but it can be overcome. I’ll tell you the techniques that you can do to overcome these later. Right now we are going to talk about writer’s block first and why you encounter this problem.

Common Causes Of Having A Writer’s Block

• Fear – a lot of writers have a writer’s block because of fear. They fear that their ideas will get rejected by their boss or heir audience. Some writers stop writing because of this fear. They fear that people will not appreciate their style of writing or their peculiar ideas and critique them. I remembered the first time I wrote a blog I also had that fear. I have been working for my client for quite some time and I don’t know how he knew that I have the potential to write. So anyway, he asked me to write an article about our product. I was hesitant, but I said yes. Luckily he was very gentle and knew I had fear of rejection. He did not give me any deadlines. He told me to take my time when writing the article. After an hour I found myself staring at the screen. My boss was observing me at that time and told me to be optimistic. I ended up writing a 500-word blog in 2.5 hours.

• Timing – Your timing may be off and it’s not time to write your ideas. You may need more ideas before writing them.

• Perfectionism – being a perfectionist may be one of the reasons why you have a writer’s block. Do not try to get your blog perfect. There is no such thing as being perfect so remove the hesitation from your head. Go ahead and hit that publish button and wait for the audience to read it. Be confident in what you have created.

• Tiredness – Of course when you are tired you will find yourself having a mental block.

So how do you overcome this obstacle in writing? There is no real solution to this problem. There were a lot of times in my years of writing that I encountered this problem and every time I had this problem the reason for having the writer’s block was different. There is no right formula for overcoming it.

Here are some solutions to overcoming the writer’s block

• Walk around to clear your mind

• Focus on just writing and eliminate the distractions that may hinder you from writing effectively

• Get your blood pumped up like running or biking

• All work and no play makes a child dull so make sure you a lot some of your time playing

• Move around and try a different work environment sometimes. You can move from your workroom to your bedroom sometimes so you can have better creative ideas.

• Read good books

• Do free writing from time to time

• Listen to some music while working

• Drink some coffee while working. It helps keep your brain working

• Have a daily routine

• Spend time with people you are comfortable with

• Make some calls and talk about stuff other than work

• Put your ideas in bullet points so you won’t forget about them and you can get on with what you are currently writing

• Read some inspirational quotes

There are more things that you can do to overcome a writer’s block when you write blogs for money. It’s up to you to find out which ones will work for you because each person is different. Once you know what works for you then you will easily get back to writing again when you encounter it. Deadlines will never be a problem with you again.

These are four of the most important techniques that you need to know if you want to know how to make a website blog. The truth is there is so much more than you will need to know when it comes to copywriting, but these four are the most important things that you need to know. Of course, like anything, there will always be a stumbling block. It’s up to you on how to overcome that problem.

Don’t hesitate to start writing and express yourself. Just write what is on your mind and don’t try to be perfect. Write because you like writing and not because you need to write. Remember everything is easier if you like what you are doing so enjoy it. Just type a few words and forget for a while that you want to make money by writing blogs. Be a professional writer and overcome this writer’s block.

eToro Forex Trading: How It Works

You may have heard about Forex before, but you don’t know what it means. It’s usually associated with the stock exchange and people think that it’s a term for some kind of money. What people don’t know is it stands for foreign currency exchange. In this article, I’m going to talk about Forex and eToro forex trading. Read on so that you will understand how it works.

Foreign exchange is actually the exchange of one currency to another currency. There are a lot of reasons for forex. It’s usually used for commerce and trading. A lot happens with forex every day and the volume for forex trading is an average of $5.1 trillion in 2016 according to the Bank for International Settlements.

There is an actual place where the currencies are traded and this is called the foreign exchange market. Every country uses currencies and this is important to all the people around the world. Without currencies, we cannot transact business from one country to another. If you are traveling, you also use different currencies on different countries so you have to exchange the money that you have with the currency of the country with the current exchange rate so that you can transact business on that country.

Currency trading is done everywhere electronically or over-the-counter. This also means that everything is done electronically in real time between the traders all over the world. What is amazing is it is open 24/7 on any timezone. The major trading markets are located in London, New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, and Sydney. They are very active so the foreign exchange rate can change any time of the day. The major reason for this is the varying time zones. When the trading market closes in New York, the trading is also starting in Hong Kong. This is the unique feature of the international stock market and eToro forex trading is the best platform to do this exchange.

Forex Trading History

The major currencies were allowed after the accord at Bretton Woods in 1971. In fact, there were a lot of currencies floating that the need for foreign exchange and trading rose at that time. Back then, the commercial and investment banks were the ones who traded on the forex market on behalf of their clients. The market was also open for opportunities for professional and individual investors at that time, but they were limited.

Spot Market and the Forwards and Futures Markets

Forex trading is done three ways by the commercial and investment banks: the spot market, forwards, and futures markets. The largest market in the on the spot market is forex trading. The reason why it’s the largest market is the “underlying” real asset that forwards and futures markets are based on. The “underlying” real asset of forex trading is the reason why the forwards and the futures of the market are based on.

The futures market was popular to individual traders before because it was the only trading that is available for them for the longest time. Today, electronic trading is the new trend. eToro forex trading, in particular, surpassed the activity of futures trading. The forex trading that we know now is actually the spot market. Individual investors and speculators alike are doing spot market trading online. While forwards and futures market are used by companies that hedge their foreign exchange risks out to a future specified date.

The spot market is the market where currencies are exchanged according to the current market price. This price is usually determined by the supply and the demand for the currency. A lot of things affect this supply and demand and it includes the current interest rate, performance of the economy of the country, and political situations locally and internationally. After a spot deal is finalized, the bilateral transaction of one party will deliver the agreed currency amount to the other party. The other party will then receive the specified value of another currency in which they agreed upon before the spot deal. We all know that the spot market is the present market, but other people do not know that the trades actually take to days to process.

One thing that you differentiate the spot market from the other two markets is the exchange of currencies. Futures and forward markets do not deal with trading of the actual currencies. The deals are between contracts and present claims of a specific currency, specific unit price, and a settlement future date. The forwards market contracts are sold over-the-counter between two parties. These two parties will determine the agreement of the contracts between them.

The futures market, on the other hand, deal with contracts that are bought and sold based on the standard size and the settlement on public commodity markets. An example of the commodities market is the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The regulating body for the futures market is the National Futures Association. If you want to deal with futures contracts, remember that they have specific details which include the number of units traded, the delivery and the settlements date. Take note that the minimum price increments cannot be customized in the futures market. The actual exchange provides clearance and settlement to the trader. The two types of contracts are permanent and can be settled for cash on the expiration date. Even though it has an expiration date, these contracts can still be bought and sold before the expiration date.

The forwards and the futures market also offer protection against any risk when doing currency trading. The big corporations and speculators prefer to use futures trading to protect them from the exchange rate fluctuations in the future.

Take note that whenever you see the terms FX, forex, foreign-exchange market, and currency market, they have the same meaning which is the forex market.

Currency as an Asset Class

Lookout for these two distinct features to currencies as an asset class:

• Differential interest rates are earned if you exchange between two currencies.

• There is always a profit from the exchange rate through the change.

If you are an investor in eToro forex trading, you can profit from the difference in the exchange rate between two currencies in two different economies. You can get this profit by buying the currency with a higher interest rate using the currency that has a lower interest rate. This strategy is called the “carry trade”. Way back before the crisis in 2008, traders used to buy the GBP or the British Pounds using the JPY or the Japanese Yen. This was because the JPY has a short interest rate and the GBP has a higher interest rate.

Why Do We Trade Currencies?

According to forex trading platform reviews, currency trading was very difficult for individual investors before the internet was used to trade. Majority of the traders were multinational corporations or high net-worth individuals because it required huge capitals. When the internet became popular, retail markets like eToro forex trading has opened doors for individuals to invest in trading. It was easily accessible to the foreign exchange market because brokers like the eToro forex trading offer very high leverage to these individual traders. Now, individual traders can control the large trade using a small account balance.

The Risks Involved in Forex Trading

There is a lot of risks involved in trading currencies. Not only that, but it can also be very complex. There are also varying degrees of regulation and the instruments used in forex are standardized. There are also unregulated forex trading on some parts of the world which makes it more complicated. If you are new in eToro, you can check out the eToro demo account. The eToro demo account will give you $100,000 to play with. As soon as you get the feel of how to trade in eToro, you can get to the actual trading market so you can participate in the currency exchange.

There is also an existing interbank trading market that trade currencies with each other all over the world. These banks determine and accept sovereign risks and credit risks. Over time, they have developed internal processes that keep their risks at a minimum level. They also have their own regulations that protect each of the participating banks. Because the market is controlled by each of the participating banks, the market price is based on supply and demand.

Large trade flows are done within the system of the interbank trading market so rogue traders cannot influence the price of a certain currency. This system is used to create transparency in the market so the investors can access these deals anytime that they want to.

Retail traders that use eToro and other brokers, on the other hand, trade with small and semi-unregulated system. If you are dealing outside of eToro forex trading, you will find out that the brokers sometimes require the prices and even deal against their own customers. This does not happen is you will use the eToro platform, however. They are regulated by the government and industry regulations that will safeguard your investment wherever you are around the world.

The Pros and Cons of Trading in eToro forex trading


• According to forex trading platform reviews, the forex market is the largest platform that you can use in terms of daily volume and they also offer the most liquidation. It’s very easy to sign up with an eToro account, enter a position in the market, and exit a position using any currency in a small spread. You can do this on most of the market conditions in currency trading.

• The trading is done 24 hours a day five days a week. The forex trading usually starts in Australia Stock Exchange and ends in the New York Stock Exchange. The major stock exchanges are located in the following areas: Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Paris, London, London, and New York.


• The Banks, brokers, and dealers like eToro forex trading allow a high amount of leverage. This means that the traders can control the large positions using only a small amount of investment at any time. In fact, the leverage can range to 100:1. It’s a high ratio, but it’s not really uncommon when doing forex currency trading. If you are a trader you must study how the market works. You must also understand the market conditions, the use of leverage, and the risks that are involved when leverage is introduced. Extreme leverage conditions have caused a lot of the dealers to have an unexpectedly negative exchange on their accounts.

• Currency trading in eToro and other platforms require an understanding of the terms used in the trade, how to read the charts, the indicators, and how the economic fundamentals can affect the rate of the currencies. You need to study it first and according to forex trading platform reviews; eToro provides information to new traders. These can be found on the eToro trading platform through training, news updates on the current market, and weekly webinars.

The Bottom Line:

If you are a trader with limited investment eToro forex trading can be the best platform for you to do currency trading. You don’t have to study on how to trade anywhere else because they have an eToro demo account which you can use to get the feel on how to trade currencies. Training, webinars and news updates are also available for your use so you can understand how trading works. If you can afford a bigger investment and you want longer-term horizons, you can invest in long-term fundamental based trading on the actual trading floor or you can also do that in the eToro. Long-term fundamental-based investments or what we call carry trade can be more profitable for individual investors as long as you know how they work you can earn when trading currencies.

Free Email Marketing Strategy in 2019

If you have products or services to sell online then you may need to market them online. You will need to do use every marketing strategy that will help your business sales. One of them is email marketing. If you want to take advantage of this strategy, there are online email marketing tools out there that you can use for your business needs. Read on to know more about these email marketing strategies.

Are Email Marketing Strategies Still Working?

Even though a lot of entrepreneurs are not using email marketing anymore, you should not disregard it. I know a lot of marketers are encouraging new entrepreneurs to use social media marketers. You can follow them and use social media marketing, but you should never overlook email marketing. Email marketing is still the leading strategy in generating sales for your business.

Email marketing is still used by a lot of B2B marketers. If you have an email I’m sure you are also receiving these email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is a quick and efficient way to send personalized emails to your target customers.

The email marketing campaign that should be used for your business should be solid. It is estimated that $146 million will be spent on digital marketing by 2021. Today there are a lot of digital marketing tools that are used by marketers. Email marketing still remains as a solid backbone for your marketing efforts.

Original techniques in email marketing are still used by digital marketers because it’s still very effective until today. It increases the ROI of those who are using it resulting in greater monetary gains. You can get a free mass email marketing software for your email marketing campaign, but you must first learn the different strategies used by email the successful email marketers. Then, you will need to choose which strategy is best for you.

If you are already using online email marketing tools for your business and you are reading this, then chances are you are looking for a better way to use email marketing. A few changes in your email marketing campaign can help your marketing effort become more successful.

Share Content Through Email Marketing

I know that there are new ways in digital marketing today that some experts claim have better results compared to email marketing. Yet these claims have to be proven. Email marketing, on the other hand, has proven its effectiveness and 95% of online business entrepreneurs still use email marketing for communication. This is no surprise because even in a workplace people still prefer to use email as a communication tool. It is a very effective way to make business announcements, company or team updates, share marketing-related announcements, and share product or services review.

Recent research shows that consumers still make their purchases through email even though there are a lot of online shops available online. In fact, 77% of email users still prefer to get marketing emails and you may be one of them. It’s a given fact that people love discounts and freebies so if they get an email about one of these promotions; they grab the opportunity right away.

You can now personalize your email marketing emails because of the technological advancements. You can take advantage of this new technology by using a free mass email marketing software that is available online. Remember that you need to personalize your emails so people will feel close to you and will choose to keep receiving your emails. You can create ads and offers designed for your potential client. You need to know your consumer base in order to create a personalized advertising experience to the clients.

Check your existing email templates and revise them. Take time to check each of your email templates and get the statistics of your emails. Your free mass email marketing software should be able to provide you these statistics. Determine which template is more effective and use it. The ones that are not so effective should be revamped. Refresh the look of your template and improve your call-to-action statement. Always make sure that your recipients would feel close to you so the templates that you should use will let them feel fresh, new and inviting.

After you’ve revamped your email marketing campaigns, double-check them if the technique that you use is effective. There are some common email marketing mistakes that you should avoid.

Here are the marketing mistakes that you should avoid

1. Unsolicited messages

You always need to make sure that you get the consent of your potential customers before you send them a message. Remember that your messages are considered commercial messages. So you should never buy leads. You need to have a sales funnel or a landing page in order to get these emails. This is a way of getting their consent to send them an email. If you are sending an email coming from a lead that was bought, chances are they will be marked as spam. You should always avoid this because if your email is marked as spam by the email providers it will affect your reputation. Do not follow the example of other businesses that send spam emails. If you think sending a lot of emails will get more sales then you are wrong. You can just send just a small amount of email and get a lot of sales. As long as you have the consent of your potential customers then the chances of getting more sales are very high.

2. Sending Without Testing

Another mistake that online entrepreneurs make is sending out emails to their prospective customers without testing the email first. You always need to send a test email to make sure that the link works and the email looks good. Your free email mass email marketing software should allow you to send this. Also, check how the message is displayed. See if the alignment of the email is good on the recipient’s end. Send an email to the major email clients like Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo. If the email looks good, then you can start sending the emails.

3. If you think the body of your email is the most important of your email then you are wrong

Entrepreneurs fail to give importance to the subject of the email and the sender name. If you open an email the first thing that you do is check the subject of the email, right? After that, you check the sender’s name. This is the main reason why you need to get the approval of the people you will be sending your emails to. They need to be able to recognize your brand or your product so that they will open your email. Always make sure that you also create an attractive subject line, but don’t make one that is not related to the body of your email or this will cause your subscribers to unsubscribe from your newsletters.

4. Handling Unsubscribes

When you are asking for people to subscribe to your emails, they should have the option to unsubscribe from your newsletters. Of course, I’m not saying that your subscribers should unsubscribe from your newsletters, but you should give them this option. Remember that unsubscribing should be made easy for them. If possible make your customers unsubscribe in just 2 clicks. If it’s difficult to unsubscribe from your newsletters the chances are they will mark your emails as spam. You need to avoid being tagged as spam because your sender reputation will be affected by the email providers. The more people who will tag you as spam, the more chances that the email providers will not deliver your emails to your subscribers thus affecting your overall sales.

5. Using too much graphics

When you create an email, this should be different from the way you create your web page. Structure your message carefully and so your subscribers will understand what you want to convey. Make sure that your call-to-action is displayed correctly do not only contain an image because a lot of email providers block these.

6. Check your statistics

A lot of online marketers use free mass email marketing software for their email marketing campaign. These tools actually have statistics on the number of emails sent and opened daily. Most of the marketers do not check these statistics. They just continue sending the emails even though the emails are not opened. This is a bad practice because you need to always make sure that the click rate of your emails is good. It affects your free email marketing campaign results in the long run. Discover which emails are opened by people and which ones have a lower click rate. Rewrite the emails that have a lower click rate so you can have better chances of getting a sale for your affiliate marketing program.


There is a lot of free email marketing campaign techniques that you can use with your online marketing tools. Remember that you always have to use an email marketing system so that you can get better results. Do not expect more than 50% of click rates because chances are, 50% of your emails may never be opened by your potential customers. Do not send a message with a lot of BCC or send your emails manually because this will automatically be marked as spam by the email providers. Always use email software that can let you personalize your emails. Check the email software available and their features as well as their pricing to suit the needs of your business. If you follow all these tips I’m sure your email marketing campaign will never go wrong.

Free Search Engine Optimization Techniques To Rank Your Shopify Store

 If you have an online store how would you get customers to find your store? You have to rank it in the search engines, right? If you don’t know how to do that, I’m here to help you know how to improve your SEO ranking. So read on…

SEO or search engine optimization is a must for any entrepreneur online. It won’t matter if you are in dropshipping, affiliate marketing, or launching a new product brand. As long as you are marketing a product or a service online, you have to know and apply SEO. Otherwise, people will not find you.


We all know that the internet is taking over our daily lives. Gone are the days when we have to read books in order to get the answers that we need. All that you have to do is go online and type the question or words on the search engines and you will get answers. The search engines are programmed to determine and give you the websites that answer the query relevant to your search. The web pages that appear on the first page after you made a search are the websites that have a good ranking in the search engines. So the goal of your store should be on that first page in order to get a better chance of sales.

Here are the free search engine optimization techniques that will help you rank your store

• Natural links pointing to your store

• Your website should have a good reputation and should have quality content relevant to your niche

• Age of your domain name

• Your content should be SEO-friendly and your website structure should look professional

I know that you are probably here because your store is new. Selling online can be tough because of the stiff competition. The first three factors can take time to achieve, but you can get them. Planning your long-term strategy for the SEO ranking of your site ahead of time can help you achieve that first page in the long run. You can do this by doing the fourth technique which is optimizing your content. Now how do we do that?

Adding Keywords

The answer is using keywords. Keywords are the words that people use to search online through search engines. There are a lot of online tools that you can use to know which keywords to use. These words should be those that are searched often in the search engines and they should be relevant to the product or niche of your online store. Google search engine optimization techniques experts tell us that inserting these naturally sounding keywords on the content of your site will help rank your website.

It is very important to use natural-sounding keywords for your content always. Remember that people read these content and they won’t click on your link if they don’t sound natural. Aside from that, the search engines also use web crawlers to scan your site content and keywords. These web crawlers check your site and will not recognize your keywords if they don’t sound natural.

You can put your keywords in the following areas of your content:

1. The title – The title is an important element of SEO because these are displayed by the search engines. Most of the time only look at the title of your content. They will click and read on your content if they like it. This principle also applies to your online store. Always make sure that the name of your store is related to your niche and people will get attracted to it. You can also insert the keywords on the title of your content for your online store.

2. Meta description – This is equally important as well. Just like the title, this is what the search engines display when doing a search. A meta-description is one or two sentences that are displayed at the bottom of the title. It’s usually a description of the product, service, or content of the site.

3. Image Description – This is one of the free search engine optimization secrets of online marketers. They apply descriptions to images with keywords so search engines can find the content. This is very helpful for people who have problems visually. Just remember that the description should describe the image and not what you think about the image.

4. Header – The header should have keywords as well. If you have a Shopify store it will let you create a header for your page. The largest text size is called the header and search engines check this to see what the content on the page is about.

5. Content – All online marketers use this. The content of your page, be it a store or an article, should always include keywords. The web crawlers on the search engines check the header and compare the keywords on your content to see if they coincide so make sure that the header is what your content is all about.

If you are doing affiliate marketing, always create a different product description and title page from the ones that the manufacturer gave you. Other websites might also be using it and might be tagged as plagiarized by the search engines. The content of your blogs or articles should always be unique. The longer your content is, the better because search engines love more informative articles than shorter ones.

Your Site Should Be Optimized So Search Engines Can Find It

Your site structure should be tailored so that the search engines can find it easily. If you have an e-commerce store on websites like Shopify, Amazon, or eBay, you don’t have to worry about optimizing your store because it optimizes your store automatically. This way, search engines can easily find your online store content.

Here are some Google search engine optimization techniques that e-commerce websites are practicing:

• A logical hierarchy of categories are followed by the content

• iframes are not used on the pages of the online store

• URLs are readable and use only standard characters

Here are some things that you can do so the structure of your site is optimized:

• The navigation of your online store should be optimized – your online store should be organized and should follow a logical order. If you do this the search engines will easily understand the contents in it. Your menu titles should describe the content. The menu items should also be in order so that they will show the relationship of with one another. The link for the menu should also describe and match the title page that it links to. Also, remember that each page should have a link and the pages should not be more than 3 clicks away from the main menu.

• The filenames of your images should be descriptive – the filenames for the images should describe what’s on the image. They reveal more about the image and can be read easily by the search engines. Remember that some e-commerce sites would not let you change the filename for the images so make sure that you rename then before uploading them on the sites.

• Internal links should be descriptive as well – The link to the pages should be descriptive as well. Do not use one or two words for the link only that will not describe what the page is all about.

How To Improve Your SEO Links To Your Store

Another free search engine optimization techniques used by online stores is to increase the links pointing to their store. These links should be from other websites that are more popular. This is one way of making the search engines think that your website is popular.

Here are some ways to increase the number of links for your store:

• Other websites may offer opportunities to list online stores. Look out for these and grab these opportunities immediately.

• You need to communicate with other websites with the same niche. After you have established a relationship with them, ask for a link back or be a guest blogger on their site.

• Always have quality and interesting content in your online store. If your content is interesting enough, you get a chance to be linked back by other websites that are related to your niche.

Hide Your Page From The Search Engines

Yes. You heard me right. I know that we have been talking about getting the search engines to recognize your website in the search engines, but sometimes it’s also necessary to hide pages from the search engines. This is one way of how to improve your SEO on your website as well.

I know you are confused now so let me explain this to you. We all know that the search engines check the pages for new data regularly. No one knows for sure how often that is checked, but if you have an online store it’s necessary to hide some pages from it. The root directory of your online store’s primary domain has text files which block the content on your pages. We have to get around it so that your content will be read by the search engines so your website will get better ranking.

You cannot really edit the content on the text files, but you must know which content is blocked by the text files. You can hide the pages that contain the text files by customizing the section of your store which contains the theme.liquid layout file. To do this you can tell the search engines, not to index pages on your site. All you have to do is use your robots.txt file on what to crawl and not to crawl on your site.


People who start online stores often neglect to SEO their store. This is a mistake because most of them think that e-commerce sites will optimize their sites automatically. Remember that we have to use all the free search engine optimization techniques for your business in order to get a lot of passive income in the future. Follow the techniques on how to rank your online store above and I’m sure you will get more potential customers for your business.

Additional Wealthy Affiliate Tips For Beginners

Ever since Facebook was introduced in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, a lot of people got hooked in it. Almost everyone who has access to the internet has an account in this social media app. Facebook is very big and a lot of marketers in wealthy affiliate marketing are taking advantage of it by using social media marketing.

In 2018, the active users in Facebook have reached 2.23 billion and affiliate marketers are aware of this. In fact, they have taken advantage of these numbers and use this social media app to promote their websites or their online stores.

Just yesterday while I was browsing the social media app and I noticed a lot of advertisements on it. There are all types of products and services being marketed on this app.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate marketing for Facebook? If you can do affiliate marketing for your website, you can definitely do affiliate marketing on Facebook. I know a lot of wealthy affiliate tips that you have read will not tell you how to market on Facebook and this may be new to you. The percentage of you getting a sale for your affiliate is very high using this social media network so read on to know more.

If you are here reading this and you have not signed as an affiliate marketer for any product or service yet, then you need to get one now. You can check out wealthy affiliate marketing which what I am using right now. This website is really ideal for beginners in internet marketing because they have tons of training materials and webinars available. They are really into helping new internet marketers to be successful.

If you have already signed up as an affiliate marketer for a product or a service, then the next thing that you need to do is create your own page on Facebook. The page should be a business page and it’s really very easy to make one.

All you have to do is click on the drop-down menu on the right side of your Facebook page and choose “advertising on Facebook”. After that click on the “pages” tab and click on “create a page.” Enter the details that Facebook is asking from you regarding your product or service and you are done.

It is very important to create a Facebook page so people will know that your business is authentic. You will also have access to insights which are the page like, post reach, engagement, track followers, number of page views, and the statistics of your video.

One of the wealthy affiliate tips I learned for Facebook marketing is to choose a good theme for your page. You also need to choose a topic that you are passionate about which is related to the product or service that you are marketing and talk about it. You also need to promote deals and discounts the product or service that you are marketing on Facebook. You will be more successful if you can produce high-quality content on your website that is related to your product or service. You can then share it on Facebook so your Facebook audience will trust you more. Just make sure that the content that you share is relevant to the product or service that you are affiliated with. Also, make sure that the content is very useful. Otherwise, people would just ignore it and your efforts will become futile.

Improve the SEO For Your Page

Affiliate marketing is not complete without SEO so you cannot really get away from it. SEO is linked to the search engines so you will have to improve your search engine rankings if you want to do wealthy affiliate marketing. You can also improve your SEO ranking through Facebook. Here are the steps that you can take so you can improve the ranking of your website through Facebook.

• You can claim the vanity URL of your Facebook page after you have reached 25 likes. Vanity URLs are the shortened version of the original URL. Vanity URL’s are recognized by the search engines and helps rank your website.

• Get the vanity URLs to be posted in the pages of other pages that have a good ranking in SEO. This is called backlinking and is an important part of SEO.

• Make sure you also use keywords when you are writing a status update in your Facebook pages. The web crawlers of the search engines also check Facebook pages so they help rank your website as well.

Get organic Likes

When it comes to doing affiliate marketing for Facebook, you have to get as many likes as you can. You can buy “likes” so that your page can look like it has a good business background, but this will not help with your sales.

It is very important that the likes that you get are organic. The number of page likes will remain just a number if you will not get any results from it. Real people should like your business page and this is one of the wealthy affiliate tips that you can get from the training materials on their site. If you get real people to like your page, they will read your posts and your blogs. They also have a high percentage of clicking on your call-to-action and get sales. Do not be aggressive if you will market your page, though. Being pushy will drive people away from your business page.

Just getting likes is not enough, you also need to engage with your fans regularly. Post too much and your audience will be annoyed by you. Post too little and there’s a high chance you will be forgotten on the busy Facebook. You need to find just the right balance.

Be Active In Your Facebook Business Page

One of the secrets in getting more likes for your page is to communicate well with your audience. People who liked your page will get updates from you regularly so they will read what you post and might comment on it. Make sure that you do not post too much or your audience may choose not to see our post on their timeline. Be careful not to post too little as well because people may forget you and your business.

You can do one to four posts a week. This is dependent on the needs of your potential customers. You should always do research on what the demands of your potential customers are. For example, if your potential customers are teenagers, you should always post pictures and videos with appropriate captions that are related to your niche.

The attention spans of the Facebook users are very low so visual posts are getting more engagement. Photos and videos get more likes, comments, and clicks compared to text posts. Using infographic materials are also encouraged when doing wealthy affiliate marketing.

When posting, do not post only about the products or services that you are affiliated with. Post other information that is related to your niche. 80% of your posts should be something informative that is related to your niche and the remaining 20% should be about your affiliated product or service.

The idea of posting is to build a relationship with your audience so after you post do not leave it as it is. Be active and reply to the comments on your posts. Answer questions of your potential customers if they have one. Get their trust so they will trust you enough to buy your products and services.

Promote Your Products and Services To Groups

There are communities for just about everything on Facebook. Make sure that you join communities that are related to your niche. Do not promote your links on these groups because you may be removed from these groups and your affiliate product or service may not allow it. Just make sure that you make a contribution to these groups. Here are things that you can do to these Facebook groups:

• Check out interesting conversations and be active on it.

• Do not post the same thing on a lot of groups at the same time.

• Post your insights on the comments. Do not send it as a private message to an individual. Remember that you have to establish your reputation as an expert in your particular niche. This way, people will buy the product or service that you are marketing.


Facebook is a good way to promote your wealthy affiliate products or services. You have to make sure that you know how to use it well though. There are a lot of ways that you can use this social media app to get more sales for the product or service that you are promoting.

When doing affiliate marketing, do not just focus on Facebook. You can take advantage of other channels as well and do not forget SEO so your site will be ranked in the search engines. You can check out the other tips on how to do affiliate marketing on their site. Don’t worry you don’t need to pay anything if you sign up with them. You can just browse their site and check their training materials. If you like it the price is just $19 on your first month. Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out now.