Is It Possible to Make Money Writing eBooks?

Ever since eBooks were introduced, the world of publishing has changed. Although traditional publishers are denying this, there is no doubt that the sales of our traditional books are dropping. People worldwide make money by writing eBooks more than writing traditional books.

Best-selling authors are still on the market and are still getting sales, but along with their paperbacks and hardbound books they are forced to produce an eBook version of it as well so that they can reach more people. Of course, some people like me still prefer to get a copy of a paperback every now and then, but eBooks are more convenient to buy especially if you are a busy person.

You don’t have to go to an actual bookstore and look for the book that you want to buy. If you choose to order it online, you don’t need to wait for weeks for the copy of that book to reach your doorstep as well. EBooks can be bought and downloaded instantly to your computers or your phones and you can read it right away.

The truth is paperback books and hard bound books are no longer popular among the readers. Collecting traditional books will only become a hobby for a lot of people just like the hobby of collecting vinyl records are for some people nowadays.

Publishing companies are acknowledging the fact that the traditional books are no longer a trend so they are now focused in selling the eBooks. The sad thing is, the eBooks are sometimes more expensive than the paper version even though eBooks are more cost-effective and environment friendly. They are taking advantage of it so they can generate more income from the people who are into eBooks.

Traditional publishers usually have authors writing a book at least one book a year, but for best-sellers, they tend to publish a book every quarter. This is the speed of publishing that the readers are used to and like it that way. Casual readers do that, but there are people like me who read books on a daily basis. Thankfully, Amazon has a lot of eBooks to choose from especially the eBooks that are in a series.

Books that are in a series are getting people to buy them as long as they keep the schedule of publishing a book every 3 months or less. Otherwise, people will forget about it and will no longer buy the next series of the book. People are getting rich by writing an eBook regularly.

Since you now know that eBooks are profitable, you don’t have any excuse in writing one if you are into writing. I know you probably have a topic in mind that you want to write about for months, but you are hesitant because you are afraid it will be failure.

Don’t be afraid to start writing an eBook. In this article, I am going to teach you the tips on how to write an eBook so you can make money out of it.

In order to be successful in writing an eBook, the steps in writing an eBook that you should follow are the following:

  • Write fast so that you will keep up with the short attention span of your readers.
  • Your eBook don’t need to be a very good read. They just need to be comfortable and entertaining so that people will look-out for your next issues.
  • Know the different writing styles that experienced writers are using so that you can improve your writing style.
  • In writing non-fiction books, you should do your research well so your content will have the information that the readers need from you. Remember, you need to establish yourself as an expert in the niche that you have chosen when you write an eBook.

Ways To Make Money Writing eBooks

So we’ve talked about the publishing of eBooks, how frequently you need to write one, and tips on how to write an eBook. Here are other things that you need to keep in mind when you are writing your ebook.

1. Sales From Direct Traffic and Affiliate Marketing

You are probably interested in writing an eBook and thinking that you can generate income from the actual sales of the eBook. Well, you are wrong. This is the one thing that I love about eBooks. You can write your eBook and be an affiliate marketer at the same time. You can generate more income from it by inserting special links from your seller. Just make sure that the product or service that you are marketing in your eBook is related to the niche that you are writing. Also, make sure that you are not violating the terms and conditions of your seller when inserting the links in your eBook because some sellers do not allow this. As long as you check these, you can make money writing eBooks.

2. Selling Services

If you write an eBook you are establishing yourself as an expert on the field or a niche. If you are writing non-fiction eBooks you will have a lot of people who will have more questions for you. You can sell your services to the readers if they are interested in consulting with you for your expertise especially if it’s related to online marketing. There are a lot of people who will read your book, be impressed with what you have written, but they don’t have the luxury of time to implement what you have written. These people will end up asking you for your services instead. The potential of earning as a consultant is more lucrative than the earning that you will get from the sales of your eBook.

If you want more tips on how to write an eBook then I am going to talk about them below.

1. Choosing a Topic

When writing an eBook, choose a topic that you are very passionate about. Remember, you are not writing an article. You are writing an eBook that is longer than a blog or an article. When choosing a topic, you also need to identify your target market so you can write your eBook to fit the needs of your target market.

2. The Length Of Your eBook

When writing an eBook, the length of an eBook has no rules. You can write a short eBook that has interesting things in it or you can write a long eBook that will give your readers a lot of information that they would not normally see anywhere. Don’t be conscious about the number of words when writing an eBook. This is one of the best tips on how to write an eBook that I found. Just write and give out the information that you want to convey to your readers.

3. Title

Think about your title and make sure that it stands out from the rest. It should have a “wow” factor so people will choose to read it.

4. Content

One of the important steps in writing an eBook is the content. It should have information that your target traffic need just like in an article. The only difference between writing an eBook and writing content is the length. In an eBook, you can talk and elaborate the topic in an eBook. You are free to put some unique content in the eBook as well that are not found anywhere else online. Make sure that you do your research well and you put sections in the eBook.

5. eBook Format

The format of your eBook should always be in PDF. Make sure that the format is in a standard 8 ½” x 11” as well so it will be more convenient for printing.

6. Editing

Always make sure that you proofread your work. You can even use a program like Grammarly to check for grammar and spelling lapses on your work.


The traditional way of writing a book has been changed when eBooks were introduced. Now, you have more ways to make money writing eBooks than the profits of your books. You can earn more by inserting links from your affiliates or you can offer your services to people who need them.

Make sure that you follow the right steps in writing an eBook so your eBook will be professional looking and your readers will refer other people to read it.

Online Lead Generation Ideas That You Need To Know For Your Business

A few years ago, I remembered that a lot of companies do cold calling in order to get more customers. Mind you, I got a lot of them and most of them were very annoying. There were some products that I found very useful from these calls, though and I am still using some of them. Today, I am still getting some calls from merchants, but not as many as I have before because online lead generation ideas have changed over the years.

I know this change has a lot to do with the behavior of the buyers nowadays. A lot of people are now going online for their purchases. In fact, even a big grocery company has recently announced that you can send your grocery list to them online and you can pick it up at their entrance at a time that you will designate them. Some companies will even deliver food to your doorsteps.

This is how the digital technology has affected our lives. Business communication has changed and the sales people are getting the impact of it because cold calling is no longer effective for a lot of businesses.

Buyer Behavior

Buyer behavior has changed over the years because of technology. Buyers in the past have very little option. All of us relied on the information from sellers within our reach give us to help us with purchase decisions. When internet entrepreneurs discovered selling online, everything has changed drastically.

The buyers today are more empowered and they have more options. Entrepreneurs are saving money from hiring salespersons. All they need to do is hire online marketers and they can reach out to a lot of people all over the world if they choose to. This is the reason why a lot of buyers today are avoiding salespersons.

Buyers now have the option to filter out the advertisements that we want to see. Ad blockers and spam filters now exists so that buyers can only get the information about product that they like. This is one of the disadvantages of technology.

Gone are the days where posting advertisements are enough so you can generate sales for your product or service. In order to get a sale online you need to get the trust of your potential consumers first which is a lot of work.

Online Lead Generation Tips

If you are into sales and you want to generate leads for your business, then you have to be familiar with these techniques.

1. Inbound marketing

This technique involves the combination of SEO and content marketing. The companies that use this lead generation idea creates content that are very compelling and informative so they can attract leads for their business. These content are often tailored in such a way that it will answer the problems that the potential customer have. It is very complicated, but it’s cost-effective for businesses. Inbound marketing works best with companies that are targeting other companies as their potential customer. Inbound marketing creates connections for both the company that is selling and the potential customers because they communicate through the information that is published by the online seller.

2. Demand Generation

This term is used for a strategy that is used by marketers so that their consumers will be aware of their brand. After they generate awareness they will then compel the potential customers to be interested in the brand. When they have enough people interested in the product, they generate demand for the product or service by giving an impression to the potential buyer that there is a demand for the product or service they are marketing.

This strategy is very involved with the journey of their buyers and combines both inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Marketers produce content, run a digital ad campaign, and send out email to their prospect customers so they can become leads.

3. ABM or Account-Based Marketing

You are probably not familiar with this term because it is seldom used. ABM is a lead-generation approach that focuses their marketing effort to target certain accounts with multiple decision makers or businesses. Just like inbound marketing, this technique is very effective when used by businesses that are targeting other businesses. They focus on individual prospects and treat them as their own market. They create events, content, and campaigns that only for the people that are associated with their target customer. They do not tailor their campaigns for a general audience, but rather for that specific individual or business only.

4. Content Marketing

We are all very familiar with content marketing. They can be in the form of blogs or short articles that are educational and compelling. They can also be in a form of webinars, or training videos. If you want to know how to generate leads online for free, then this is the best idea that you can use to generate leads for your website. A lot of online marketers are using this because it is very effective. You do a research so that you will know what your target audience need and then write content that will answer the questions of your target audience.

5. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

You may have heard a lot of online lead generation tips that mentions SEO. Search Engine optimization refers to the techniques that are used by the marketers in order to rank their websites in the search engines list. Typically, if your website is on the first pages of a search engine’s result then you have a higher chance of generating traffic to your website.

This technique involves optimizing the content of the website so that the ranking of the website will increase. Optimization is done by searching for appropriate keywords to use for the website and inserting the keywords in the content so the search engines can see it. The efforts of an SEO expert usually reflect on the website in a minimum of 90 days.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the online lead generation ideas that a lot of entrepreneurs use with cold calling. Typically, they will call potential customers and ask if they would like to know more about the product. If the customer agrees, they will then ask for the email address of the potential customer so they can send them more information about the product.

Some of the businesses are also using a landing page in order to capture the personal information of their target market. After that, they will include the email in their email marketing campaign. Regular email are sent to the potential customers which may include the following

  • Educational materials that give them more information about the product or service
  • Sales campaigns that will include promotional offers
  • Lead campaigns which include freebies or a free trial

7. Website optimization

This is one of the online lead generation tips that will let you improve your website so you can generate more leads for your business. It is also known as CRO or Conversation Rate optimization. Unlike Content marketing, web optimization involves changing your site so that you will attract more traffic.

Basically, you optimize your site so that your customers will have satisfaction. Why? You changed your site to make it easier for your visitors to use your site. For some entrepreneurs this will involve changing everything in the website including the overall look of the website. Website optimization varies depending on the need of the company.

The most common optimization upgrades are:

  • Adding forms and fields for your customer to fill-up
  • Adding conversion points
  • Developing conversion paths for target personas
  • Contextual offer mapping throughout the website
  • Attaching lead nurturing and marketing automation to the backend of a website.

In Summary

If you want to know how to generate leads online for free, then you have to study the lead generation tips that I have given you above. Applying at least 2 techniques to your business is very effective in generating the number of leads that you need for your website. These online lead generation tips have been used and proven effective by a lot of entrepreneurs online. So not just rely on cold calling or email marketing. Try exploring other options and see if these online lead generation ideas will work for your company and let me know.

Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Guide To Earning Your First Commission

Some people do not believe that you can earn money from affiliate marketing. What they don’t know is that with the right knowledge, you can earn an unlimited amount of money with affiliate marketing. The good news is, you can do it from the comfort of your home. If you want to learn affiliate marketing secrets, then read on.

Affiliate means being a partner and if you are an affiliate marketer, then you are authorized by a company to market their brand in exchange for a percentage of their sales. In a way, it’s like running an ad marketing agency without an actual office.

The concept of affiliate marketing is easy. All you need is to look for a brand that you like, promote it online, and earn a profit from the sales that is generated from your marketing efforts without increasing the price of that particular product or service. The company will pay you directly for marketing their brand.

Is It Easy To Do?

There are a lot of people who claims that they are experts in affiliate marketing and make it sound very easy when in fact it not!

It not a get rich quickly scheme. If someone online offers you to be an affiliate marketer of a brand and then claims that you can earn thousands of dollars in just a short span of time, do not believe them. Some of these people will even try to tell you that all you need to do is set-up an account as an affiliate, set-up a website, and just post a promotional ad about the product and wait for your money. Sounds very easy, right? This is not how affiliate marketing can let you earn money.

Affiliate marketing is just like any other business. You need to do some research, plan it well, and work hard in order to earn. There is no doubt that with affiliate marketing, you can earn while at home.

There are other ways to earning money at home like search engine optimization, pay-per-click, email marketing, sales funnel, and blogging. Affiliate marketing is unique because it overlaps the other ways to make money online that I mentioned above. It’s a great way to earn an income as long as you have the willingness to learn. If you learn how to do affiliate marketing then you can sell your own products or services online in the long run.

Below is a step by step affiliate marketing guide that you can implement in order to be an affiliate marketer.

How Can Start Earning From It?

Like I mentioned above, all you need to do is sign-up to be an affiliate marketer of a brand and market it. You can market the brand through a blog, social media, email marketing, or any other channels online that does not violate the terms and conditions of your affiliated company.

You are given a special code by your affiliated company so that you can promote their products or services. When a customer clicks this code, they are redirected to your affiliated company’s sales page. When they make a purchase, you get a commission for that sale. The special code let’s your affiliated company track the statistics of the clicks and the sales that you generate for them, thus simplifying the process of calculating your commissions. The commission for each product and service differ and that depends on the agreement that you had with the company that you are affiliated with.

You may think that getting a fraction of the sale is very low and it is not worth your efforts, but if you check the testimonies of successful affiliate marketers then you will realize that the pay that you will get will be based on your performance. If you get more people to buy the product that you are affiliated with, you will be rewarded more pay. This is fairly easy considering that you are only advertising the product or the service and then refer them to the sales page of the company that you are affiliated with for purchases.

Some reviews about affiliate marketing may be telling you that it’s free. Indeed, signing-up as an affiliate marketer is free, but it will require you to spend your money as well. In fact, you cannot start any business online without an initial capital. The start-up capital is very minimal, though. You only need the capital in order to pay for running your website. You also have to option to use other paid marketing tools if you have enough budget for your online venture.

Before you go ahead and sign-up as an affiliate marketer, let us tackle the advantages and the disadvantages of being an affiliate marketer.

Benefits of Being An Affiliate Marketer

  • You don’t need a big amount of initial capital in order to be an affiliate marketer.
  • You do not need to create an actual product or service.
  • You don’t need to have any product on-hand to ship to customers.
  • You can work anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection that will allow you to market your affiliate product or service.
  • You will be your own boss which means that you don’t need to have normal working hours nor have a boss to report to.
  • If you learn enough marketing skills online and apply it to your affiliate marketing efforts, then you have a potential to earn a lot of money while doing minimal work in the long run.
  • You can be a part-time affiliate marketer and have a full time job at the same time.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

  • It takes a while to get your first commission because you will need to establish your online presence first.
  • There may be bugs in the system of the company that you are affiliated with and you might not be credited for some sales, but this seldom happens.
  • If the company that you are affiliated with has a bad reputation, then your reputation might be affected as well because you are marketing their product or service.
  • You have no control over the quality of the product or the services that you are promoting.
  • It is very competitive because there are a lot of affiliate marketers that may be promoting the same products or services that you are affiliated with.
  • If you are not doing email marketing, then you will not have any information about the customers that you referred so you cannot get them to be returning customers.

Step By Step Guide On How To Do Online Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a very difficult business as long as you have the drive to earn online. Here are some tips on how to be an effective affiliate marketer.

  • You should have the thirst to learn all that you need to know about marketing. Learning the techniques in SEO, social media marketing, and blogging will help you get your first commission.
  • Check each product or service that you want to be affiliated with if they have good reputation. If possible try to use the product first so you can have an honest opinion about it. Make sure that the product or service has a very good quality so you can answer the questions of your potential buyers if they will reach out to you. Do not focus only on how much commission the companies are offering. SFI affiliates have products and services that have good reputation. They also offer great commission prices so why don’t you check them out.
  • Select a channel to market your affiliate. A lot of people are choosing a blog to market their affiliates to, but you can also use social media channels and email marketing. Reach out to as many channels that you can handle so you can reach more potential customers.
  • Your niche should be affiliated to what your website is all about. You can choose to be affiliated with several products or services in one website as long as they belong to one niche. Remember, people will go to your website because they are looking for specific niches so do not veer away from it.
  • It is required by the FTC to disclose information that you are affiliated with a certain company or brand so make sure that you include it in your website.
  • SEO and social media channels can help drive traffic to your website, but do not rely on it solely. You should identify your target market and understand their needs so you will know where to find them. After you find them, you need to get their attention so they will go to your website. You can do a research so you will learn affiliate marketing secrets that can help you attract more traffic.
  • Do not hesitate to use email marketing. Even though a lot of people are no longer doing email marketing, you should. Email marketing is still a very effective means to get more sales.
  • Make a sales funnel system so that you can have a definite plan on how to get potential customers. You can also take advantage of special promotions just like what they run for affiliates of SFI affiliates and email these to your leads so they can be turned into customers.
  • Always monitor the progress of your affiliate program.
  • Be patient with your online affiliate marketing business. It takes time to pick up traffic, but once you have picked up the pace, you will surely have passive income in your hands.


I know that you are here and reading this because you want to learn more about affiliate marketing. Don’t worry. You are on the right track and keep doing your research so you will learn affiliate marketing secrets. I would also recommend you to check SFI affiliates. It is an affiliate marketing network that can help you earn a passive income. They have hundreds of affiliate marketing products and services waiting for you to be affiliate with.

It is important that before you start being an affiliate, you know the advantages and disadvantages of this online venture to manage your expectation. Starting-up any business is always difficult, but as soon as you start earning your first commission, things will go easier for you.

At the end of the day, there are no quick easy ways to make money online. However, if you are determined enough, you would not give up and you will continue to learn affiliate marketing secrets until you get the desired results that you need.

Internet Affiliate Marketing Tips That Will Help You Make Money Online

When you do a search online, there are a lot of ways to make money through the internet. In fact, when you do a search you can find a lot of suggestions on how you can start earning by just using the internet. One of the ways to make money is through affiliate marketing. As long as you can find the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, you can have passive income.

In this article, I am going to help you understand what affiliate marketing is, to find the right affiliate marketing, and how to make money out of it.

So are you ready to learn how to make a passive income? If so read on…

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing happens when an online seller pays a commission to affiliates for sales and traffic generated by affiliates through their marketing efforts. Affiliate means to be connected to a group or organization. So when you are an affiliate that means you are connected to the online seller and you are authorized to put a lot of effort to market their products or services. In exchange you get a portion of their income. This concept came from sharing the revenues of the seller to the people who are helping them get more sales for their business.

Marketing is the main role of affiliates so you need to be familiar with internet affiliate marketing tips if you want to participate as an affiliate marketer for online sellers.

The range of commission differs per company, but it’s usually between 1 percent to 50 percent commissions. There are platforms that offer more than 50 percent of commissions, but their products are harder to sell than the other affiliate marketing products and services.

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing

I know that there are a lot of ways to make money online and if you look it up the other ways to make money are much easier to do than affiliate marketing. The other options will cost you a lot of money to start earning while affiliate marketing does not require a lot of starting capital.

You don’t have to have an actual product is you are an affiliate marketer also. This is why you don’t need a lot of capital.

Assuming that you have a product in mind that you want to create, but you don’t have the capital and the experience in marketing online yet. You cannot just introduce your product or service without establishing your online presence. You have to build your audience first.

You are left with two options. First, you can find affiliates to market your product or services. Your second option would be to become an affiliate marketer for the same niche and establish your online presence first before introducing your product or service. The first option would require a lot of money as a capital investment while the second one will require very little capital. Whatever option you choose, it will require you to learn the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

This technique is very powerful especially if you are building your name as an expert in a given niche online so you can drive traffic to your website.

The following are tips so to help you succeed in affiliate marketing:

1. Know Your Cookies

If you are not familiar with this term then you may be thinking about those bite-sized goodies your grandma or your mother bakes.

The internet has different cookies, however. In the internet, a cookie is the piece of code that tracks the website actions. This is very important in affiliate marketing because this is how the clicks and the sales are tracked through the special link of the affiliate marketer.

These cookies expire so if you are looking into investing in affiliate marketing then you need to choose the affiliate that has longer-termed cookies. This is one of the internet affiliate marketing tips that I learned while I was taking up the courses at wealthy affiliate university. This is one of the affiliate marketing platforms out there that I found very helpful when I was starting out as an affiliate marketer. Try searching for affiliate programs that have 30-day to 90-day cookies so you can be sure that all your sales are paid.

The cookie duration can be found on the terms and conditions of the affiliate. You have to look out for these if you want to be successful at earning a passive income.

2. Do Your Research

In order to be a successful affiliate marketer, you have to do your research. You can’t just go on and promote a product without offering something to your target traffic. People who are online are hungry for information and if all you do is promote something, then you won’t get any sales at all. Remember that you have to establish yourself as an expert in the niche that you have in order for people to trust you enough to buy something from you.

If you are just starting out and you are looking for the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, then you have to start with something that you love to do. Maybe you love to eat or cook. So you can start to look for products that are related to food or with cooking. You may look for kitchenware brands that you can be affiliated with and market it. You can even be an affiliate marketer for a food product like chocolates and talk about it all you want. Whatever it is, you have to know a lot about it and do a deep research so you will be an expert in that niche.

3. Scroll To The Bottom

If you find a product or a service that you really like outside any affiliate marketing platform and you want to be an affiliate of that product, and then just try to scroll to the bottom. If there is a link that says “affiliates”, you can click on it and see how you can become an affiliate marketer for that product. I would strongly recommend you to check out the affiliate marketing platforms if you are starting out, though. Platforms like wealthy affiliate have training materials and webinars that can help you be an effective affiliate marketer. I know that’s one of the reasons why wealthy affiliate university reviews that you can find online are positive.

4. Go To Affiliate Marketing Networks

There are companies that want to get affiliate marketers, but don’t want to go to all the trouble of screening the applicants, generating the links, tracking the progress in sales, and all the legwork. This is where affiliate marketing comes in. They handle everything from providing you with special links to tracking and paying your commissions.

There are a lot of affiliates marketing networks available online and that includes wealthy affiliate which I mentioned above, ClickBank, and Amazon. These are only three of the affiliate marketing networks that you can join. You can do a search and I’m sure you can find more affiliate marketing networks

You may sign-up to be an affiliate marketer for a couple of these affiliate marketing networks, but that can be overwhelming. I would suggest you to do an intensive research and compare them to see which affiliate marketing network will suite your needs.

5. Believe In The Product Or Service That You Are Promoting

You can sign-up to be an affiliate of several products or services so that you can earn more, but if you are starting out I would not encourage you to do this. It is best that you find the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners and choose among them. Marketing just one product will help you achieve your goal fast.

It is also important to be an affiliate of something that you believe in. Why? If you believe in something it is easier to promote it. You will find it easier to talk about through blogs and reviews. In addition, of you believe in the product, you can give people more information about it. Being convinced that your product is the best will make it easier to promote and give more information about the product. People will love that you know a lot about the product or service that you are affiliated with and will be compelled to buy from you. This in turn can lead to higher sales because your customers will come back to you regularly to purchase.

When I was starting out, I did a lot of research on how to make money online and stumbled upon affiliate marketing. I didn’t know how to start being an affiliate marketer, but I knew I wanted to be one. So what I did was to look for a platform that can help me succeed in affiliate marketing. I found some wealthy affiliate university reviews that are promising so I tried it. I was very happy with it because it gave me a step-by-step guide on how to be an affiliate marketer even though I didn’t have any website at that time. I would encourage you to check it out as well so you will know more internet affiliate marketing tips online.

Following the internet affiliate marketing tips that I gave you above help you be on the right track to starting with affiliate marketing. Do not be afraid to learn because this will help you get your overall goal of making money online through affiliate marketing.

How To Start Blog Writing For Money

Who wouldn’t want to be a blogger? After all, there’s a certain respect for bloggers. If you tell people you are a blogger you are often met with smiles and questions on what kind of blogs you are doing. You don’t really need unique blog writing styles so that you can be set apart from other bloggers. All you need is your personality so you can start making money using blogs.

You are probably here because you want to make money using blogs then you have come to the right place. Blogging is very different from the conventional boring articles about new finds which are heartless and just gives out facts. In blogging, you need to build your blog site with blog writing ideas that can get you a lot of money in the long run.

Knowing how to build a blog and monetizing it successfully is what it takes to be able to make money through blogging. There are a lot of bloggers that build their website and start writing without having any plan on how to make money out of it. They think that money will come as long as they are blogging which is wrong.

There are a lot of blogs nowadays and you have to do a lot of things in order to be successful at making money out of it. No matter how good you are at blogging, you will never get money out of it without applying techniques that online marketers use to have a passive income.

Honestly, there are times that I find writing a blog tough. The good thing is that you can write a lot of things if you choose to in this profession. There are bloggers out there who don’t have a website. They just write for other people and get paid to do it.

If you are starting from scratch I would suggest that you treat your blog as if it is a full time job. Spend some time on it and learn what is needed in order to be successful at blogging. At first, you won’t get any payment from doing it, but in the long run you will find that you will have unlimited income in your hands. All you need is a lot of patience, consistency, and the drive to earn.

A lot of new bloggers do not just write. They also do their research, but they apply all the techniques that they find online and expect a lot of money immediately. This is wrong because it takes time to make money out of blog writing. Once you get a sale, you will be very satisfied and will have the motivation to earn more.

What Do I Need To Start A Blog?

You don’t need to have a lot of knowledge in creating websites. All you need is to be tech-savvy. All you need is the willingness to learn and a lot discipline. Why do I say so? You need to know what you are doing when you are blogging. It’s a long process and you need to learn a lot of things along the way. Another trait that you should possess is that you should be a problem solver. You will be encountering a lot of problems on your website so you should be ready to take action when it happens so that your goal of achieving a passive income will become a reality.

Consistency and Intensity

You need to be committed to working on your blog on a regular basis. Consistency is the key in blogging so you need to be very equipped when you are blogging. You need to also have the drive to succeed. There will be a lot of times that you will lose hope because your blog site is not doing well so you don’t need to lose hope during those times.

You can also sign-up for training for courses on blogging techniques so that you can get people to your blog site. When I started blogging, there were a lot that I learned. I took up courses on blog writing styles, digital marketing techniques, and even SEO courses. If you want to learn some things that I learned on these courses, then read on.

How To Start Blog Writing For Money

Blogging is more popular today than it was several years ago. There are positive and negative sides of the popularity of blogging. There are a lot of ways to make money in blogging, but it has become more competitive than before.

Anyone can do blog writing for money, but you have to work hard first to see good results. Here are steps on what you need to do to start blogging:

1. Pick A Blog Topic

Your blog topic is something that you can decide. You need to choose a topic that is close to your heart. Blogging something pops in your head is not a good idea. You will find it harder to have an audience. You need consistency when blogging so that you can have a steady traffic. People will go back to your website if you have a dedicated topic. Choose your topic wisely. Something that you can talk about for a long time not something that you think you can make money from. You’ll run out of something to write in the long run and this goes against consistency.

2. Get A Domain Name

When picking a domain name you should choose a name that is related to the topic on your blog. This should also be something that people can remember easily as well. Do some research and pick out 3 to 5 domain names. You need to have alternatives so that in case the domain name you chose is taken, you have other alternatives.

3. Purchase a Hosting Site

After you have decided your domain name, the next thing that you need is a hosting site. This is like the memory of your website. It stores all the information on your blog site including your blogs, pictures, and videos. Choose a hosting site that has good customer service so that you can get feedback on your problems if you encounter any.

4. Install WordPress

I know there are a lot of domain sites where you can create a website, but so far WordPress is leading when it comes to blog sites. After you’ve chosen your hosting site, you will need to install WordPress in it. It’s just easy to do because it will just require a few clicks to do.

5. Start Writing

Now that you have your website and your hosting site you can now start blogging. Do not do over-analysis paralysis. Do not spend a lot of time thinking about your blog site design and layout. Just spend a little time on it and start creating your content as soon as possible.

6. Find Your Target Audience And Start Building Traffic

Do a research on what group of people are interested in your blog and make them your target audience. Tailor your blogs according to what they need and want to know from you. You also need to tailor your marketing strategies according to them so that you can get your desired results which is blog writing for money. There are many ways on how you can capture the attention of your target traffic. All you need to do is discover them by learning the different techniques in marketing. After that, try to see and analyze what will work for your blog site and apply it. If it will not work, then simply try another strategy until you find the right combination for your blog site.


Blog writing for money is possible and you can do it. In fact, anyone who can write with great grammar can do it. Just make sure that you have the drive and the patience so your blog can succeed. There are a lot of courses that you can take up in order to apply your blog writing ideas. Do not forget that you need to apply SEO writing techniques in your site so that you can attract more target audience. You can also do affiliate marketing through wealthy affiliate so that you can make money on your blogs through marketing products and services in exchange for a commission. You can also learn how to create a blog site through the wealthy affiliate university. They have a step-by-step guide on how to create a website and how to market your affiliates.

What You Need To Know Before Investing in eToro Forex Trading Platform

In just a span of a few years, a small fintech company became the leading social trading platform in the world. How did they do this? Are the founders just pretending to help small investors start with forex currency trading system or are they really helping them with their investments? I am going to discuss below more information about the eToro forex trading and if investing in it is worth your time and efforts.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of eToro

Like anything there are advantages and disadvantages in using the eToro platform. Let’s take a look at them first so you will know what you will be dealing with when using eToro.

Advantages of eToro users:

  • It is user-friendly. In fact, I enjoyed using eToro and discovering it’s features. Newbie traders will have no problem using the eToro forex trading platform for the first time because they have designed it well to fit the newbie traders. Try searching for reviews about the site and I’m sure you won;t find anything negative about the platform navigation of eToro.
  • It’s a social trading platform so you can ask for help and get the opinion of your fellow traders anytime.
  • The interface of eToro is very responsive. The graphics on the platform are great. It also gives real time information about the current status of trading just like when you are on the trading floor. The features can also be used using a PC, Mac, Android, or IOS devices. This means you can do trading anytime, anywhere.
  • There are some features in eToro that are now found in any other social trading platform. Copy Trading and Copy Funds features of eToro are designed only for the platform. These features will let new and small investors to mirror the trade of other experienced traders. This allows new users to flawlessly open an account in the platform. Check out other reviews and the rating for both features are 5-stars.
  • The fees on trading are very low compared to other social trading platforms.
  • The charting of eToro are full-featured. It has 66 indicators and drawing tools that help charting the statistics in trading better.
  • Cryptocurrency is the new trend lately and there are about 35 new options for cryptocurrency trading waiting for you to be traded.
  • Don’t worry about your investment because it is in good hands. They are authorized by Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission or CySEC. They are also compliant with the European Securities and Markets Authority or ESMA. They are also licensed in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Disadvantages of using eToro

A lot of users have complained about the following:

  • They have a web ticketing system with no phone or live chat support so the resolutions are slow when there are issues.
  • The webs trading platform have several issues that is related to customization.
  • There are some reports on outages like not being able to view other trader profiles, transaction histories, and balances.
  • The website does not have a new link which is a feature that allow clients of the eToro forex trading to post in social forums. There is no feature that update clients on market reports and analysis, but the Tradeview feature is an alternative to get this information for your trade.
  • They have a withdrawal fee if $25.
  • Some countries like Canada, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, north Korea, Iran, Cuba, Sudan, and Syria cannot trade in eToro forex trading platform.

Who Are etoro?

eToro was founded by the brothers Ronni Assia and Ronen Assia together with David ring. In 2010, they release the copy trading feature and the OppenBook platform of eToro social trading. The android application was also released that year so trading can be done anytime, anywhere.

Between 2007 and 2013 the company has managed to raise $3.5 million from Russian and Chinese investors. They managed to get a partnership with Coindash in December 2017. This lead to the development of blockchain-based social trading. In 2018, they got an additional $100 private funding.

Is the eToro Forex Trading Platform Good To invest In?

If you are in doubt about investing in eToro because you are afraid to be scammed, then don’t worry. They have no known issues to date of being scammers. It has not been around for a long time, though so if you are still convinced then you have to deal with legacy brokers. The problem with dealing with trading using legacy brokers is transparency. They are not easy to use and can be expensive for new traders.

Maybe this is why in just a span on about 12 years the users of eToro have already reached 3.5 million in 152 countries. This is good when compared with the users that competitor trading platforms have who have the same number of years in existence.

One of the things that you have to bear in mind when using etoro is that they are not using a parent bank. They are also not listed on any stock exchange worldwide. In case of a financial crisis there are no banks that will help liquidate the assets of eToro.

The good thing is that they are regulated in three countries which are Cyprus, Australia, and UK so your investments are very safe.

The legal entities of etoro are the following:

  1. a. United Kingdom – the protection amount is £50,000 which is regulated by the Finandial Conduct Authority or FCA.
  2. b. Australia – there is no protection amount if you are a trader based in Australia, but they are regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission or ASIC.
  3. c. Other clients worldwide – there is a protection amount of €20,000. They are regulated bu the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission or CySEC.

eToro Fees

What I love about eToro is they have low trading fees and they have a transparent structure. The non-trading fees however are high and the withdrawal fee is $25.00. The inactivity and financing fees are the following:

a. US Stocks – the fee level are low and the spread per side is 0.09%.

b. EUR USD – the fees are average and the fees are built into spread which cost 3pips.

c. Inactivity – the fee level is low and there is a charge of $5 per month if you have been inactive for one year.

Account Opening

Opening an account in eToro is easy because they have made the necessary changes for a fast and user-friendly platform to join in 2018. The minimum deposit when trading in eToro is $200 in all the countries where it is available except Israel which require an initial deposit of $10,000. For wire transfer deposits, the minimum is $500. If you are hesitant to put your money in, just go ahead and open an account in eToro. The free demo feature in this forex currency trading is free to use. You can play around it and practice trading for a period. The initial practice trade that you can use is $100,000. After you get to know the ins and outs of using it, you can then do an initial deposit on your account so you can start to trade.

All that you have to do when opening an account in eToro are the following:

1. Create an account with the eToro forex trading platform by filling in a form that will require you to enter your personal details.

2. Make sure that you fill-up the part that require your phone number for security purposes.

3. Answer the questions on that are required so eToro will know the level of your trading experience.

4. Verify your eToro account by giving a proof of identity and proof of address.

5. Start using eToro and make an initial deposit.


No platform can beat eToro forex trading platform when it comes to social trading. Undoubtedly, they have improved it’s features so that their current users will stay and encourage other users to trade using it. They have a very large user-base so their social trading feature capability is magnified.

The disadvantages of using eToro are only minimal when compared with the other trading features and I think this is why more and more people are using this platform.

A fair warning to those who want to invest in this platform:

Trading always have high risks so only invest money that you can afford to lose. There is no guarantee of being successful in trading even if you use the copy trading feature from a very successful trader. There is always a risk of losing money because trading depends on a lot of factors.

When investing in CFD’s you should be ready for high risk of losing your capital. They are very complex and the percentage of losing your money is as high as 65%. You need to understand how CFDs work before investing. If possible try to get a forex currency trading system course that can help you understand how to read the chats and the movement in trading.

Free Sales Funnel System Guide For New Marketers

If you are a new marketer, you should know the different online marketing strategies used by other online marketers. Sales funnel is one of the marketing strategies that you need to familiarize yourself with. It is used to convert traffic into leads, and then the leads are turned into prospects. Eventually, the prospects are converted to sales.

There are three parts to a sales funnel: the top, middle, and bottom. If completed, these three make up the whole sales process. The top is your sales funnel while the bottom is the sale of the product or service.

Now let’s discuss how a sales funnel work below.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a visual presentation on how you can achieve sales for your business. Here’s how it works. You have a business and you have a target market. You now have a lot of potential buyers for your business. Now the problem that you are facing is how to reach that those potential buyers.

When you find free online lead generation secrets that can help you reach your prospects and apply it, you’re on the top of the funnel. These people are now inside your funnel. After you get them to the top of your funnel, you can now start to work on the middle of the funnel by building their trust.

The last stage is the sales part which is the bottom of the funnel. This is the most satisfying part of the funnel because you have reached your goal.

So why are people using a sales funnel? The sales funnel is used by a lot of marketers because it helps depict the process of getting a sale in a business. Remember when you identified your target market, you got a lot of people, and then it goes down when you get to the middle. On the last part, you only get a few of those leads that you captured. If you put this in a drawing, you will get the shape of a funnel: wide at the op, and a very narrow bottom.

When you apply a free sales funnel system as a visual presentation for your business, it’s a never ending funnel. The more leads you pour at the top of the funnel, the more results will come out of the bottom of your sales funnel.

Let’s discuss the online marketing strategies that are used on each part of the sales funnel below:

1. The Top of the Funnel

The top of the funnel is where you identified your target market. After you have identified them you have to get their attention by applying free online lead generation techniques. This means you have to get them to be aware of your brand. In order to be successful in capturing the leads on the top of your sales funnel you need to apply these techniques that most online marketers do.

a. Search engine marketing – commonly known as search engine optimization. The main go of search engine marketing is to get the website on the top of the search engines’ list of search results. This way, they get more traffic for their website. Companies do a search for what their target market needs and search for the keywords. These keywords are then recognized by the search engines and rank the website higher.

b. Social media marketing – this is literally using social media in order to market the products or services through the social media channels. These social media sites offer companies to post ads on their sites in behalf of the company in exchange for a fee. They post the ads to a certain group of people that you identify as your target market. You can also use the social media channels to create a page for your business. From there, you can connect with your target market and get their trust.

c. Referrals – a lot of companies offer rewards for referrals. This can be the form of monetary rewards or gift certificates.

2. The Middle of the funnel

You have now captured the attention of your target audience they are now called leads. This is now the middle of the sales funnel and you have to build a relationship with them to gain their trust. Why? These are people who are ready to buy your product. Some of them may be window shopping or checking the reviews of the product. Some of them may have are still hesitant to buy because they are afraid to be scanned. Interacting with them, answering their questions, or sending them an email update about special discounts and freebies (if there are any) can gain their trust enough to buy the product or service that you are marketing.

3. The bottom of the funnel

The bottom of the funnel is where you close the deals. So how do you it? You must ask for a sale from your lead. If you will not ask them to buy your product or service and just keep on interacting with them, you may end up not getting any sales. Do not be afraid of asking them to buy your product because they may just be waiting for you to ask that question.

Over the years marketing has changed. Although there are online marketing strategies that are still used today, the overall process of getting a sale is different. As an online marketer you need to keep up with these changes and adapt the new trend.

A few years ago you can just publish a few blogs or you can send out email newsletter and call it your sales funnel. This is no longer effective in generating sales. Personalized sales funnels are now used by marketers online and not the generic sales funnel. You need to make your leads feel special so these are the things that you need to consider when creating your sales funnel:

a. Know what your target market need and guide them.

b. Get their personal contact info and follow-up with them through personalized newsletters.

c. Give them what they want. This can be promotions or discounts.

d. Retain them by helping them or sending a thank you newsletter and keep sending them more information about the product.

Let Go Of Old Free Online Lead Generation Techniques

I remembered a few years back that a lot of websites asks for your email before entering the website. I know that this is a form of lead generation that worked for a lot of businesses before. This will not work today though. If you ask for the personal info of your prospect upon entering the website, chances are that your prospect will leave your site immediately.

This is another proof that the old generic online marketing strategies no longer work. You sales funnel should be personalized and adjusted according to the needs of your target market. You need to guide your prospects to a content that they can relate to. When you drive people to content that can answer their questions or solve their problems, you will have a higher chance of getting their contact information or get a sale right away. If you do this your conversion rate will become higher. Leads can be converted up to 58%.

Find the right lead magnets for your online traffic and give them good offers. This will result to more leads and higher conversion rates.

As an online marketer, you have to apply free online lead generation strategies in order to achieve your goal of getting continuous sales. A sales funnel can help you achieve this goal, but you have to remember to fill the top of your funnel in order to achieve more sales which are the bottom of your sales funnel. You need to have a well-run sales process in order to keep the leads to go further down the sales funnel or your efforts of driving traffic down your sales funnel.

Make sure that you check out your free sales funnel system for leaks. If there are any leaks make sure that you find a way to fill the leak. Here are several questions that can help you in checking your sales funnel for leaks:

  • Did you map out your sales funnel?
  • Did you create any offer for sales in each stage of the funnel?
  • Are you applying optimization in every sales funnel system?
  • Do you have clear lead conversions between sales and marketing?
  • Do you measure the metrics of your success?

Make sure that you test everything from your landing page to the sales page. If you have positive answers for all the questions then your free sales funnel system is good to go and you can continue using the online lead generation strategies that you are currently using.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets That Will Give You Your First Income

What Is Online Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has been practiced even before the internet was invented in the form of rewards programs and referral programs of different sales companies. Today people do online affiliate marketing so that they can earn a commission by promoting the product or services of someone else. A large part of affiliate marketing affects the retailing industry online and it is predicted to grow in the years to come.

If you want to be an affiliate marketer, you have to be familiar with how affiliate marketing works. There are 2 important players in affiliate marketing which are the party that sells the products and the party that markets the products. There is also an optional third party in affiliate marketing which is the mediator or the party that manages the details that are technical.

  • Advertiser or seller – this is the person or company that creates the product or service for sale.
  • Affiliate (marketer) – they advertise the products or service of the advertiser or seller in exchange for commissions.
  • Network – this is the third party or a platform that bring together advertisers. They help them find affiliates so that the product or service can be promoted online. This also applies vice versa.

Now let’s learn the affiliate marketing secrets so that you can start your online money making endeavor.

Steps to Becoming an Affiliate

1. Choose a Niche

If you want to do online affiliate marketing then you have to choose your niche first. A niche is a small segment to market that is profitable enough for a marketer to focus on. This means that a niche is large enough to be monetized and just small enough to be marketed to a certain group of people that have similar interests.

If it’s smaller than a niche then it’s not worth your time because there are only a few people to market those products or services with. Anything that is larger than a niche is not ideal to market because you cannot monetize it.

A good advice that I found while I was with SFI Affiliate, which was a network that helped me start with affiliate marketing, was to choose a niche that you are interested in. Choose something that excites you and something that you can talk about over and over and over again. You may be thinking that is a lot, but that is what it takes to be an affiliate of a product or a service. Remember you will be marketing that product or service so you will always be talking about it so you can sell it. You will be building a website around that niche, writing content, and help people with their questions related to that niche.

You can choose something that you are an expert at like something to do with computer software, or something related to your hobby like camping accessories. The point is you need to be familiar and comfortable with the niche that you will choose so you can market it easily.

2. Prepare Your Online Assets

You may be confused at this point because you may be thinking all along that you only need a website in order to do online affiliate marketing. Although technically that is true, you need other online assets if you want to reach out to more people online.

Other Online Assets That You May Need For Affiliate Marketing

1. Social Media Profiles – A lot of people are into social media nowadays to connect with other people. In fact, a lot of people are addicted to it. Online marketers recognize this and take advantage of it. This is one of the important affiliate marketing secrets that successful marketers use. You can connect with your potential clients through the social media channels so you can interact with them personally. You can always post something and react to their comments or questions so they can be more comfortable with you. Marketing is all about earning the trust of your potential clients so they will eventually buy from you. Some social media channels also allow you to post ads in exchange for a small fee of course. You can take advantage of this opportunity as well. According to the training I had with SFI affiliate website, this is a very good move because the percentages of the conversions for social media ads are very high.

2. Blog – Although you can add a blog page on your website, you can create a different subdomain or even a separate domain for a blog. Blogs are very important in affiliate marketing because you can use it to insert the special links given to you by the advertiser or seller. Affiliate marketing is all about getting commissions and the advertiser or seller is tracking it through the special link that they gave you when you signed up to be an affiliate. Blogs are not only useful in sales, but it is a very effective way to rank your websites in the search engines. In order to achieve this you need to regularly update and optimize your blogs. When starting your blog, remember that you will be the expert on the niche that you have chosen so be sure that you are ready with the possible questions of your potential customers.

3. Email –Add an option for your target audience to subscribe to your email newsletters. This is helpful for your sales especially if there are special offers. An email newsletter is a very effective way to increase traffic to your site as well as increase your sales. Just remember not to overwhelm your subscribers with a lot of emails.

4. Mobile – Almost everyone today have an access to the internet through their mobile phones. In fact a large percentage of sales come from mobile phones. Always make sure that you know how to get your website to be mobile optimized. If you don’t know how then learn how to do it. The SFI affiliate website also offers step-by-step training on how to tweak your website.

5. Advertising – Try checking out online advertising like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords if they are within your budget. These can be very helpful in generating sales for your website. Don’t worry about not knowing how to set it up because they are very user-friendly.

3. Earning

This is the best thing that you can achieve when you do online affiliate marketing. This is not a get rich quickly scheme. This is a real business so you have to work hard in order to earn money through affiliate marketing. You need to exert a lot of effort and spend a lot of time on your website in order to be successful in this field. This happens in several steps mainly:

1. Affiliate placement – The affiliate and the advertiser agrees on the commission for marketing the product and signs an agreement on how to market the product or the service. After the agreement, the affiliate then markets the product or the service using the online assets and the website.

2. Conversion – The visitors of your site will click on the special link given to you by the advertiser or the seller. The customer may then purchase the product or the service or signs up on the website of the advertiser or the seller. The clicks, sales, and/or the sign-ups are then recorded automatically on the advertiser or seller.

3. Payout – The advertiser or the seller then pays you on the agreed timeframe or after you have achieved your conditions. This may vary because the advertiser or the seller may pay you once a month or they may pay you when you reach a certain minimum sales volume. It is always up to the agreed terms that you had with the advertiser or seller. The money is usually transferred to your chosen payment method that you agreed.

You do not have to be affiliated with only one affiliate product or service. You can market several products or services in your website as long as you can manage to market them. Advertisers do not really care if you are also marketing another product or service as long as they get their desired output from you.

Are You Ready For the Challenge?

There is no limit in how much you can earn if you do online affiliate marketing. It is a very profitable business and both the advertiser and the affiliate can benefit from the sales. Just remember that this is a performance type of business. The more time and effort you pour in this business, the percentage of your earnings will also become higher.

You can learn a lot of things when you do online affiliate marketing. I’m sure you will encounter a lot of challenges while in this business, but don’t give up. Never stop learning and do your research well. Do some experiments if the affiliate marketing technique that you chose is not working for your website. Try to find other affiliate marketing secrets and in time you will have your first earning. I’m sure that first income is very exhilarating. Once you start earning, it will become a steady flow.

How To Land Content Writing Jobs So You Can Earn Money At Home

You can earn money while you are at home. You don’t need to travel everyday so you can earn a decent amount of money for your everyday needs. All you need to do is look for online article writing jobs so you start earning money at home.

If you can write blogs or short articles then this is a job for you. A lot of people have the impression that you can only earn money if you have a website. This is wrong because a lot of people who have skills in writing are getting paid to write for some websites.

Some people would not like this idea because they love getting benefits from an actual employer. I know this is one of the disadvantages of working at home. Working at home is very rewarding because there are a lot of advantages to working at home that will overshadow this disadvantage. You can work anywhere as long as you have access to a computer or an internet. Most of the writing jobs have flexibility when it comes to the work schedules. Which means you can work anytime you have the urge to write. You will also have the satisfaction of seeing your work being published on the website that you are writing for.

Content writing jobs are not easy and you need to have some expertise in order to start working. Here are some skills that you need to have in order to start working as a writer online.

Skills So You Can Land Article Writing Jobs For Beginners

1. Adaptability

When you are looking for article writing jobs for beginners you need to make sure that you are reading the job description. The niche of the client is often mentioned on the job descriptions, but if they are not then you have to get ready to write just about any topic under the sun.

Make sure that you are also aware about the different kind of tones that are used on the different pages of a website. A home page should have a different tone from your blog pages. A lot of times the contents of the websites are done wrong so they don’t attract visitors. Remember that you are writing so that you can help your client attract more visitors for their website.

Learn all the styles of writing that are used by online writers often. You can also improve your writing style by taking up creative writing courses online.

2. Great At Research

Content writing jobs online require intensive research so make sure that you are comfortable with this. Take note a good article is something that has been researched well. It not only adds credibility to the articles, but it also adds value to it. Always try to research the topic that you are about to write so that you will have good credibility. As a writer, you are the expert on this topic so make sure that your readers will become satisfied with the things that they will read from you.

Don’t try to make the content perfect because there is no such thing. There will always be something on your article that people will find lacking or wrong. Just make sure that the mistake is very little that people will not bother to comment on it because it can reflect on your credibility and your websites’.

3. Have Knowledge In SEO

Websites often hire writers so that their website can rank in the search engines so you need to have at least the basic knowledge in SEO. I find that most online article writing jobs posted recently need people who have SEO knowledge.

SEO actually helps the websites get more traffic. People are often too lazy to go to other pages when doing a web search. Majority of these people would only click on the links that are displayed on the first 5 pages. This is why SEO knowledge is very important when you are looking for article writing jobs for beginners.

Clients will hire you if you have the SEO knowledge even if you do not have any experience yet in writing. Just make sure that you are updated with the latest trends in SEO often.

4. Organized

Being organized doesn’t just mean that you have a clean workplace or surroundings. It means you have the ability to stay on the top of the jobs you have taken and your files are filed into your computer folders for easy access.

Make a separate folder for every job that you are doing. Also make sure that you have a calendar so you won’t miss any deadline. The smartphones nowadays are equipped with applications that will remind you of your work deadlines. Being late on your submissions may cause editors a delay in checking the articles for publishing on the website.

5. Focus

An effective article writer has focus. If the writer can focus on his or her work, it can be finished quickly. The technology today offers a lot of distraction and can cause writers to lose their focus on their work. When you encounter this kind of obstacle in writing, I suggest you start with the smaller tasks so you get them done quickly. I’m sure after you have gained the momentum to work it will be easier for you to focus writing. If this does not work then try to get rid of the distractions so you can work easily.

6. Meeting Deadlines

When you are a writer online you will find out that a lot of your jobs have deadlines. You have to meet this deadline while delivering great quality content. You need to have time management skills in order to meet these deadlines. Meeting the deadline of your client will make him or her trust you more. Who knows they may give you a bonus or a raise.

One good tip that I can give you so you can always meet the expectations of your clients is to be honest. When you feel that you cannot finish the task on time tell your client and ask for an extension. They will appreciate it and will give you that deadline extension. Never submit content that have low quality because it will be given back to you for revision. It saves more time to ask for an extension so you can deliver great content.

7. Communication

For most clients that hire online workers for their article writing jobs, they love to be open. Clients appreciate online workers that ask questions before working on a task. When you are writing you are communicating to your readers so you don’t have any excuse for not communicating with your client if there is a problem with the work. If they don’t respond immediately to your questions, be patient. They may have other things to do aside from publishing your content.

8. Editing

Your drafts are not perfect so make sure that you edit them. Editing your work or someone else’s requires a lot of attention and patience. You need to have a good eye for detail so you can spot spelling and grammar errors. Also be on the lookout for points that are repeated within the article. Don’t worry about the time that you spend when you are editing because it is worth it. Most of the time you may find that you are spending more time editing than writing.

9. Have Quality Content

My motto is quality over quantity. Remember that I mentioned earlier that you need to deliver great quality content to your clients. Make sure that your articles have a lot of information and should engage your readers. Make your readers feel comfortable with you.

You may write fast and not take time to proofread your work, but this is a bad habit which will make your clients think that you are unreliable. You can land more online article writing jobs and get higher pay if you always deliver high quality content articles.

10. Be On Demand

If you are a writer, you need to be updated with the latest writing trends and SEO trends. If you do not do so, then you will have a hard time getting content writing jobs. It won’t do you any good if you are just a great writer.

Take time to join writing and freelance communities on social media. These people can help you improve your writing skills and improve your online profile. You can also market your work through these channels and even find new clients.

Online article writing jobs are very rewarding if you have the passion in writing. The passion to write is not enough though. You also need to have some knowledge in SEO, be adaptable and should always be updated on the latest trends online. Try to develop these skills if you do not have them so you can get more content writing jobs and get higher pay from clients online. After all your main reason for writing online is to gain money, right?

Are You Looking For Small Investment Opportunities? eToro Is The Best Platform For You

There are a lot of investment opportunities nowadays, but if you only have limited income I know you are hesitant to try the small investment opportunities. You don’t need to worry because eToro is a social trading platform that does not need a very large investment.

If you are here because you are curious about eToro, then don’t worry I will give you an honest social trading review. Before you start investing in eToro, however, you have to understand that it’s a trading platform and like any other investment opportunities, there are risks involved. I do not guarantee your success when you invest with this platform.

There are only two things that will happen when you do an investment with eToro forex trading. It’s either you will gain profit or you will lose your investment. I’m not telling you this so you will not invest in eToro, though. I am telling you this so you will understand what will happen to your money if you go with these kinds of small investment opportunities.

eToro is a social trading company that connects traders around the world. It acts as a broker so people can freely trader whenever they want to and wherever they are. This was a variation from the traditional trading on the actual trading floor that is only open during business hours.

Before eToro was established, there were only a few traders on the trading market. The main reason is because most people have the luxury of time to spare to study how trading works and to go to the trading floor to participate in the exchange. Some people who can afford it go through brokers so that they can invest their money on trading.

The creators of eToro which was brothers Yoni Assia and Ronen Assia together with David Ring recognized these obstacles in trading. They developed eToro so that people all over the world can freely trade.

Copy Trading

Another great feature of eToro is the copy trading feature which will let you trade without the need of a deeper understanding on how to trade. Trading is complicated because you need to always monitor the changes and the eToro copy trading feature eliminates this obstacle in trading. It also allows people who have fulltime employment to participate in small investment opportunities. This helpful feature is free to use for anyone who will sign up with this platform. Copy trading allows beginners to copy the moves of experienced traders in trading whatever commodity they chose.

In order for a beginner to do copy trading, he or she should choose an experienced trader to copy. According to a social trading review it’s just easy to do copy trading. Take note that there are thousands of experienced traders in eToro so you have to choose carefully. You can check the profile of each experienced trader so you can see their trading history and their risk percentage. After you have chosen the experienced trader to copy, all you have to do is click the copy trade button and fill out the fields on how much you would like to use for copy trading.

If My Trade Loses, Will I Lose All Of My Investment?

Do not worry about losing all of your investment because there is a risk management feature when you do copy trading. This is called copy stop loss or CSL in eToro and it’s one of the fields that you have to fill up when clicking copy trade. The default CSL is at 40%, but you can always change it to whatever percentage of CSL you want. Once it reaches the percentage of loss that you have indicated it will automatically stop the copying the trade of the experienced trader.

Choosing The Trader You Want To Copy

Always take your time in choosing the experienced trader that you want to copy. Choose someone that has a long track record or someone who has been trading for at least 6 months. Aside from checking their profile and their trading history, you can also see their posts and follow them just like what you do in social media. Get to know them a little bit through what they are sharing on the eToro community. You can also send them a message and ask them questions privately. You can always ask help from these experienced traders without even paying them a single dime.

When you follow these experienced traders in eToro forex trading, you are also learning more from their experiences in trading. eToro also offers a training course and webinars for beginners which can be found in the dashboard, but learning from the experienced traders will give you more insight on what you will have to encounter when trading. If you have time, you can also study the trades closely and the trading movement of the experienced traders. In due time, I’m sure you can be an experienced trader as well.

Before eToro trading was created, people would often look for a stock broker first in order to invest their money in trading. Most traditional brokers, however, do not have enough experience in trading so they could not give you any tips on how to trade successfully. Getting a broker will cost you money as well so it’s more convenient to trade with eToro because it’s free.

I mentioned above that eToro works just like the social media channels. This means that you can see the information that was shared by the experienced traders that you follow. You can also post your questions about trading and get answers from the experienced traders. The experienced traders are very active in eToro and you’ll be surprised at how many will give you an advice in trading. Just a heads up this may be confusing because the advice they will give you may be different so it’s up to you which advice you will follow.

Aside from the training materials that you can access on your dashboard so you can learn how trading works, you can also use the free practice mode or the virtual portfolio mode. You can start trading with the virtual mode feature, but with fake money. This means you don’t have to lose anything with the virtual mode feature in eToro. This feature will help you boost your confidence in trading if you are a newbie trader.

eToro Forex Trading Spreads

I know that there are a lot of scammers online nowadays and you may be worried about your money when you invest in eToro. Don’t worry though because eToro is regulated. The commissions that are charged in trading are called a spread. Here’s a table that will show you the spread that eToro charges their users.

Currencies Typical Spread Overnight Fee
Sell Buy
Euro/ US Dollar 3 Pips 0.03 -.06
Australian Dollar/Swiss Franc 4 Pips -.072 0.52
Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar 4 Pips -0.45 0.27
Australian Dollar/ New Zealand Dollar 4 Pips 0.08 -0.18
British Pound/US Dollar 4 Pips -0.3 -0.15
New Zealand/US Dollar 5 Pips -1.35 0.15
US Dollar/Canadian Dollar 3 Pips -0.2 -0.2
US Dollar/Japanese Yen 2 Pips -0.28 0.01
US Dollar/Swiss Franc 3 Pips -1.4 -0.09
Australian Dollar/US Dollar 4 Pips -1.00 0.12
Euro/British Pound 4 Pips 0.03 -0.52
Euro/Swiss Franc 5 Pips -0.9 0.02
Euro/ Japanese Yen 4 Pips 0.03 -0.36
British Pound/Japanese Yen 6 Pips -1 0.03
Euro/Australian Dollar 7 Pips 0.23 1.51
Euro/Canadian Dollar 7 Pips 0.08 -0.72

You may notice that a term Pip is in the above table. This is a term used in trading which means percentage in point. This is the smallest price change in the exchange rate that is paired. The increase or the decrease in Pips is the profit or loss of the traders. A good example would be trading in Euro/ Us Dollar. If your trade is successful and you got 20 Pips you will get 17 Pips and 3 Pips will go to the broker which is eToro.

What’s in it for Experienced Traders Who Will Allow Their Trade to Be Copied?

According to a social trading review eToro experienced traders who allow their trade to be copied are given a percentage of the profit of the people who copy their trade. This is an extra income which is on top of the profit that they are getting from their own trade. This is the main reason why experienced traders compete in order to get the attention of the beginner traders in eToro. A percentage of 2% on the profits can be a lot if a lot of people are copying your trade.

What Can You Trade?

There are hundreds of financial assets for you to choose from if you want to trade in eToro. There are several categories which are commodities, cryptoassests, currencies, indices, and ETFs.

In Conclusion:

If you are looking for small investments opportunities to put your money in, then I would recommend you to use eToro. It has a lot of advantages like the copy trading feature and the graphs which will show the history as well as the latest trend in trading. Their platform is also user-friendly which is very appealing to anyone even those who do not know how to trade.