Is Wealthy Affiliate For India?

Wealthy Affiliate is worldwide. Wealthy Affiliate currently has members from all over the world. Indeed, creating a global network of Wealthy Affiliate. People around the globe are eager to get to know the new trends in marketing. Therefore, people in India are trying to set themselves up for Wealthy Affiliate marketing schemes.

I know you are now thinking about what is Wealthy Affiliate program?

Many people get puzzled when they are The Wealthy Affiliate is therefore mainly a multimedia marketing affiliate. Initially, the platform emerged as the main website for membership of keyword lists. It has since developed into much more comprehensive applications. It offers educational sessions and instruction.

Affiliate network other than amazon or ClickBank even to be particular, Wealthy affiliate can be used for a vast and trusted product range.

Please note that this scheme is for the people who are willing to invest their time and skill together. Do not assume that you can get wealthy automatically. It delivers you the necessary training, resources and software to support the online startup of your venture. While some people are scared of participating and believing such as the newbies. The several negative reviews that exist on the internet make it especially tricky to believe in these membership schemes. Whereas, It provides a vital insight regarding marketing techniques and it helps you decide if it is suitable for you.

How Wealthy Affiliate offers you to help you make money online?

Wealthy Affiliate is all in one virtual digital marketing center. Training, information and strategies offered to users are available, resources, and keyword software are available on the website and, most importantly, you belong to a supportive and welcoming group of experienced marketers.

Let us discuss the preparation, resources and support from the group in detail:

  • The Online Certification Course offers five levels, and each level provides ten lessons. The course contains comprehensive training courses and videos that show you how to earn money online.
  • Wealthy Affiliate Process: You learn everything about starting your website, even if you never made a website before, using social media platform to promote your site and how to reach your website on Google’s first list.
  • Above all, you will learn how to write reviews and helpful articles which help your readers decide what to buy.
  • You can use a single connection to track your sales and statistics on your website to take your readers to Amazon. You receive a discount if anyone you’re sending to Amazon purchases something.
  • The training will lead you through the online cycle of making money from start to finish.
  • A wealthy affiliate member does not only teach you, but they also have the resources to do so. They have a web building framework linked to Word Press that is easy to use.
  • In just a few minutes, you can build a beautiful website with a professional look. Also, you can select more than 2000 themes for Word Press.
  • You have also provided a program to track the website so you can see whether your site gets classified on Google. Reviews and suggestions are available 24 hours a day from an expert technical assistance team on your websites.
  • You can host up to 50 websites on your robust hosting servers as a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member and you back-up your site every day.
  • The Affiliate has members from all continents around the world.
  • Some are marketing newbies, and others are experts and prosperous businessmen who have been members since the launch of the wealthy Affiliate in 2005.
  • In each course, you have live chat areas and comment areas so that you can always ask questions if you are not sure.

Now, to explain things, we need to know about the Wealthy Affiliate membership scheme. Two memberships are eligible for wealthy partner memberships.

Free Member Account – completely free, minimal training available, but enough to get you started. If you don’t come from a banned country, you’re paying $19.00 off in the first month when you register with a free member for the early seven days.

Premium Membership plan-you must pay a monthly fee of $47.00 to gain access to the latest online content on affiliate marketing.

Now that we know of Wealthy Affiliate membership options, we can explain stuff. Two specifics about joining the Affiliate are essential. If you come from India or from any other country, (except Nigeria) anywhere in the world, you are entitled to join the Premium Membership. If you come from India or any excluded country, you cannot enter the free Membership Account. When you come from a prohibited country, joining the Premium membership is the only legal way for a Wealthy Affiliate. No restrictions extend to Wealthy Affiliate’s paid edition (premium).

Unless you are from India, you cannot join Wealthy Affiliate, but you can join it as the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member. Just the paying wealthy affiliate version, which is always the better one, if you ask me.

There are some countries banned who cannot join the free membership of this wealthy affiliate program.

You must be wondering which countries fall into that category, so following are the countries that wealthy affiliates forbidden from joining.

There are actually seven countries which cannot access Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership.

  • India
  • Philippines
  • Pakistan
  • Vietnam
  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Nigeria (update, people from Nigeria cannot access the Premium account, and membership is free)

Well, you might think why these countries do not have the access to a free membership. Trust me there are following reasons due to which these people do not get the access.

Yeah, that is because the prohibited countries have been attempting to hack and steal a lot. The Wealthy Affiliate network teds to have high fraud rates, increased rates of spam and dishonest competition. They decided to prohibit the most notorious countries from cheating in order to protect their program. You can’t blame them for wanting to uphold and preserve an ethical framework. If you’re going to enter for the sake of building a website and company and don’t want to play a game, then you can register the wealthy affiliate Premium account.

Try to pick a neighboring country or neighbor country and seek to sign up for that if you are paying for the premium account and your country (other than Nigeria), is not listed.

A Wealthy Affiliate membership scheme is an environment free of scams that means it is spam-free. It is a safe place where members can support each other, learn and achieve more success. The Wealthy Affiliate’s co-founders, Kyle and Carson, have, unfortunately, seen increased rates of cheating and spam in Indian, Pakistan, Nigerian and Philippine nations.

Therefore, they had no other alternative but to ban these countries from preserving the most important group within the wealthy Affiliate from the free starter membership. India has more than one billion people, many of whom are looking for a real way to make online money, so I hope this will change in the future!

Moreover, some more questions that arise are:

Does Wealthy Affiliate support and understand our Language?

Wealthy Affiliate supports all languages in the world as a great thing. But the only issue is that the training provided and the request for assistance is in English. If you can understand English, you can take the training; then you can use it and then you can create a website in your mother tongue.

You will probably need a laptop or PC to function optimally on your site (s). What you need to do effectively to join Wealthy Affiliate? You may use some kind of IPad or the same, but usually it’s much slower because a keyboard isn’t available. It’s not impossible, though. A broadband link is also essential to get started.

What should be your next move?

I know it is disappointing that you cannot try a wealthy affiliate with free starter membership. Still, I trust that I have provided you with ample details to make the right decision as a premium member to join Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is genuine, legitimate, what they teach gets the outcomes, and if you sign up today and start the training, you can be a good businessman.

As Premium Members, I assure you to join the Wealthy Affiliate to gain full access to the resources, support and training.


Yeah, you’re from a banned country and now what?

I have a few tips for you if you are interested in studying Affiliate Marketing, and you are interested in entering an affiliate marketing network. You get prohibited from entering by your country which gets banned from Wealthy Affiliate.

The Chris Farrell program – This is an excellent plan, of course, second to the wealthy member and a unique answer to the productive member.

Ninja Blog – You pay $1.00 just to engage in affiliate marketing and to teach them the fundamental values. A smaller package, but you’ll get it.


The Wealthy Affiliate is fantastic and serves customers, so if you are on the prohibited country list, I strongly encourage you to join the premiums. You’re not going to get fooled. Be ready to work and see your findings. I hope you’ve been explained in this article.

For your achievements online!

Is eToro Safe To Use?

Throughout the internet, there were a series of questions, and a lot of people commenting that is Etoro a safe site to go with. Many people did put in their own experiences. Now when you are introduced to something new, there are chances of having a bad or a pleasant experience. Likewise, there have been arguments as to Etoro is safe or it is fake. Some people eventually had a great experience and interpreted it well were, on the other hand, some were not able to understand it well and had terrible experiences. Below I have shared background to what it is and my opinion to the question that is Etoro safe to use.

Introduction to the Etoro:

Etoro was established in 2007 and is a famous Israeli startup. It provides exchange trading funds in Europe, and the non-EU clients are supplied with low fees. Using the Etoro, you can get a duplicate scheme of other traders. The parts of Etoro in the UK and Australia are managed by front line economic command. Etoro is regulated, and the reason why regulation is made is to protect its investors. Etoro works in line with the FCA, CySEC, and ASIC. To keep up with the widening demands, the company has introduced cryptocurrency.

This very day Etoro has more than 6 million people registered to it. Before a user invests in the real money to help them, they are provided with virtual money accounts so that they can quickly work on the competence and programs. To add to it, Etoro offers regular market inspections. The previous year, Etoro added the copy portfolios. It is the feature that was added to the cryptocurrency trading. Etoro has another option for cryptocurrency and fiat investments. By using this, a user can have an overview of another trader’s record and can kind of copy the records. It just helps in a display to the market without much testing done on your own. It must be put into account that the results you get while the trial is almost the same when you do it with real money.

Many excellent affiliate networks are here that allow us to promote quality products and generate the safest income on the internet. For instance, there is network eToro that welcomes you and also trains you to generate your first-ever buck on the internet.

This proves that it is safe and is not spam because it allows you to work with testing first so that you get sure of how to work in Etoro. You get a small insight to copy trading by a demo. Etoro is basically for those willing to do social trading.

Customer reviews of the Etoro:

Moreover, from the customer reviews, we can see that it is one of the easy to use sites where all you just have to do is follow the steps and go with their policy and terms. If you follow what it says, you will surely have a great experience; otherwise, there might be chances you face risks. It was something to help the people who were out of any involvement in trading, and this will eventually benefit them in knowing how to trade and how to go about this the information they will be requiring. It does have a high status around the countries. It is a massive company that is immensely established so the users can be satisfied with their fund kept in there.

However, a few customers did report it as spam, but it is highly likely that it is because of their lack of knowledge and due to lack of attention. Many did not read the terms and conditions properly and are not able to understand how it works. Many customers just are into the withdrawal, and they pay no attention to the investments. The policies have been mentioned, and it states all the pros and cons. It also says all the risks and losses and gains one can face in trading. Nobody really will have a fantastic experience of trading. Someday the luck might turn upside down too. So it’s just that people have to understand the experience accurately.

Features of the Etoro

Etoro provides numerous options for deposits to be made, such as wire transfer, transfer through banks, Visa, PayPal, Master Card, and a lot more other E payment options. However, there is a requirement for withdrawal from it, which is having a colored copy of your passport, a copy of your signature and proper proof of your address. For the ease of the users, the Etoro wallet allows managing and storing multiple cryptocurrencies, exchanging the crypto for the crypto, and the transfer of crypto’s from the Etoro accounts.

The trading spreads of Etoro are highly noncompetitive. There is a chance that the data Etoro provides is not apparent. For example, if you are willing to copy a trader’s work, you cannot view or download the entire history of the trader. This might make many people suspicious, but it did for the user’s good. Etoro has a proper security check, which includes multiple certifications to prevent any kind pf robotic rush.

Not only this, but there is a proper customer service available too which is accessible the entire time for the customer’s help. To form a better comprehension of the cryptographic ledger globe. Though Etoro, in its policy and conditions, has clearly stated that it might be the case that a trader does well in the start and not later on.

Trading can sometimes be about luck, so your performance doesn’t have to remain stable throughout. The traders are even paid additional money if they are being copied on, but of-course, the payment depends on the copy. There have been cases that a trader earned a lot because of good luck and popularity, but all of a sudden, there might be a case where the success does not work, and he faces a loss. Etoro keeps its users prepared for both sides of the situation. None of us can be sure about how a trader will work in the future.

Etoro is phenomenal at providing customer support. Though Etoro takes about 4-7 working days to give in the money, it does have a broad market.

Necessary know-how of getting started with Etoro:

The primary way you can get started at Etoro is by first of all making an account. To create an account, the information one has to enter includes; email address, password, country name, and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the site you are logging onto, which is Etoro. After this, an email would be sent over to the email address you just entered, and that is how you would verify onto the Etoro. To maintain security, Etoro gives the best to let the real users log in. It asks for a user’s actual name and picture so that it is sure that the user is authentic. Also, it uplifts the users to take proper safety measures and provides them with numerous tools to reduce any kinds of risks.

To continue ahead, you would be prompted to enter some personal information. The next includes adding of your deposits. You can also find various help links to help you understand the trading business and the loss and gains of the system. Ahead, the process is all straightforward. The Etoro itself quite visibly explains the process. The people should concentrate more on the investing process than the withdrawals.


When you’re working in the trading sector, you take risks in investing; that’s how it works. If it probably didn’t work for you, you cannot call Etoro spam because there are chances you didn’t correctly understand the work. It is totally up to an investor as to how much money he or she is willing to invest, and then the result is either a loss or again. There are a few poor traders, but this is all about experience and luck. If not stable at the start, you might in a while have good luck and get the right amount of withdrawal.

It varies people to people. Many times those who risk large amounts of money and lose it, in the end, are the ones who just blame the site and do not comprehend where did they went wrong. So it is preferred first to understand and then invest in large amounts. Working is about risks, so not expecting any kind of loss is a wrong theory to keep in mind.

I honestly believe after all the reviews I have read that Etoro is not a spam. It depends on the user to gain profit or loss from it. Etoro uses an SSL system to encrypt the personal data, which adds up to its favor. In my opinion, with all the safety measures it has been giving, and how, by the time it does warn the users, it cannot be spam. It’s just some people blaming the company for their own mistakes.

Difference Between HubSpot and Wealthy Affiliate

Every day is the new day for publishers to benefit them from recurring cash via affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing has been playing a significant role in monetizing your blogs, especially when you are selling your products and services. While earning your own money, you can freely join any affiliate program to generate more compelling content for your audience. Affiliate marketing can produce a few hundred dollars every month. The affiliate market based on revenue sharing. Another way of affiliate marketing is that it communicates a business to connect in the selling of the products and services that effectively make the affiliate market costly. The shipping payment method of affiliate programs is Pay-Per-Sale. By far now, it is the most used and popular affiliate program remuneration.

Affiliate network other than amazon or ClickBank even to be particular, Wealthy affiliate can be used for a vast and trusted product range.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is an automated online electronic program that involves a web publisher and recruited cash masters. Affiliate programs are also known as associate programs that deal with the arrangements of online web publishers that pay affiliate websites a commission to send traffic to their way. These affiliate websites include webmasters and affiliates under the company’s advertisements on their individually owned website by the publishers and the ads referred to as the company’s ordinance links. Affiliates publishers generally have to apply for the affiliate programs, although the majority of the affiliate program costs nothing to get joined. When an online customer clicks the affiliate link, the customer redirected to the affiliate advertiser’s website. If the customer makes any purchase from there, the affiliate pays a commission to the affiliate advertisers then.

Consequential Types: Affiliate Programs

If you are planning to promote or sponsor your products and services, then there are few affiliate programs that you can consider for yourself. Whenever you are going to choose an affiliate program, you must keep a check on the avenues and platforms of your audience as they spend the majority of their time typically read blog posts and scrolling Facebook. Here we will discuss some basic types of affiliate programs:

Bloggers/Influencers: If there are any impressive bloggers or influencers on social media with a good range of audiences who engage in ideal persona daily, you might consider working with them. I.e., if you sell makeup products, it might be a good thing to reach to a blogger or YouTuber to feature your product in their next video. Fortunately, it will automatically result in your product’s publicity and targeted audience.

Review Websites: If you want to conduct purchase on an expensive product, it would be a good idea to do well research on top websites reviews related to your product. Reach out a good writer who can publish the product asking whether they would be interested in providing an affiliate link to your product.

Coupon Websites: If you are offering a product that is absolutely new in the market, then you can contact with a coupon website that might create an affiliate partner for a limited time. As you don’t want your first product to get out at a low rate, then it might be a good thing for you to head towards some first’s buyers to check out your product on the website and become a brand advocate.

Now, if you are planning to work on HubSpot and Wealthy affiliate program, then here is the brief difference between them:

HubSpot: Better Way to Grow

HubSpot is a better way to grow in affiliate programs. The primary mission of the HubSpot is to help millions of organizations to work effectively. HubSpot’s platform gives thousands of companies the opportunity and tools they need to manage the customer experience. HubSpot software and product affiliate program comprised of Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and Service Hub. It is a great initiative to help in the growth of companies in their affiliate programs by managing their customers’ experience featuring all the way awareness from initiative advocacy.

They are keeping the scenario in mind that you can purchase up to $1,000for every purchase made. The legit goal of the HubSpot is to make people interested in their business and a happy customer. When you join Hubspot’s affiliate program, you gain extensive access over inventory, banners, and copy examples of all designs to help you earn the most commission possible. If you have a large business platform and you want to monetize your content, then HubSpot’s affiliate program is the best option for you.

App Marketplace of HubSpot

HubSpot has access over products and standard business tools like G mail, Outlook, Zapier, and any other new personalized app for the core products which offer HubSpot to integrate with their products.

Commission Rates and Rules: HubSpot

HubSpot gets even better when it comes to giving commission rates. For the basic tier of membership, you can get $250in commission for each fresher membership you’ve sold. Isn’t it a great initiative to attract the audience towards them? Here are the commission rates for every stage of membership in HubSpot:

  • Starter/Fresher: $250
  • Intermediate Professional/CMS: $500
  • Expertise: $1,000

HubSpot has also accrued boundaries for its commission limitations, and the rules of the commission are:

  • Members paid for the initial purchases, and the customer will not be added subsequently in the active member sales cycle of HubSpot.
  • The customer is advised not to cancel the cycle in the first 60 days.
  • The customers who make sales must be connected directly to the official website of HubSpoton, not any international standard website.

Dos and Don’ts of Affiliate Program: HubSpot

Like every other affiliate program, HubSpot has its dos and don’ts, too, that makes up the affiliate program more convenient. Here are the dos and don’ts:


  • Use provided HubSpot standard business tools for affiliate program
  • Take advantage of 90 days cookie limit window


  • Don’t mention yourself as a partner
  • Having checked on another affiliate program for your benefit is another NO

Wealthy Affiliate: Internet Marketing

Wealthy affiliate is a program that has been created with a single idea to help people establish their own online business and earn money from it. Unlike other entrepreneur programs that teach you how can earn income and gives the power to deliver all the necessary features in a comprehensive package. Well, in this scenario, the Wealthy affiliate program is one of those that actually work. Wealthy affiliate is all about making the entire process of starting your home business as simple and easy as possible. Then you have to attract the customers to your affiliate program and earn revenue.

Wealthy affiliate is here to offer you all the guidance and help that you need. The design of the program is to teach everything you need to know about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and website marketing. As we all know, people are our business. The Wealthy Affiliate is a whole course and community that promises you to teach you how to make your money online with the help of affiliate programs and marketing.

Drabs and Fabs of Wealthy Affiliate Program

Every online marketing company has a drab and fab on its own and helps its visitors to use a better affiliate program. The drabs and fabs of the Wealthy Affiliate program are as following:


  • Other companies do not invest so much in the website’s owner internet marketing knowledge and success. While Wealthy affiliate provides the best affiliate marketing course on various ways of good affiliates market and successful online business.
  • Wealthy Affiliate offers a free trial, and it would allow a member to maintain a lifetime membership.
  • There is a strong community in the Wealthy affiliate program for its members and visitors.


  • As a Wealthy affiliate program offers the best affiliate marketing program, but there is a drab that the community can get addicted to it.
  • This process of the Wealthy Affiliate program may take up to 6 months or more for consistent revenue.

Tools and Training of Affiliate Program: Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate members offer affiliate training to their customers so that they can gain additional stream recurring revenue by referring other people to use their services. The Wealthy affiliate provides a very in-depth marketing certification course, which comprised the module; each module indicates task to complete. The training of the Wealthy affiliate is updated subsequently, so if you see nothing new and un-updated, then you can frequently hit up to the option “Request an Update” on each module, and the update will be solvent. There is no experience required; the main aim is to turn newbies into successful affiliate marketing programmers.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing has been playing a significant role since now. It is a great initiative to engage in business with customers. In this article, the above mentioned were the difference between HubSpot and Wealthy Affiliate program for affiliate marketing. You can thoroughly read the whole write-up and can choose which affiliate program is best for you. Both of them generate revenue for suitable means so we can’t enhance which one is best, it’s totally up to you that what suits you the most.

What is the Difference Between Zulutrade and Etoro?

When it comes to online trading, there are many platforms according to your requirements. Social trading is growing faster in the modern world. The global financial market is getting higher in this sector. Competing with a trader that is automated is beneficial for the unaware and unexperienced traders. Etoro and zulutrade are the topmost technical platforms.

Zulutrade and eToro are well-known among other platforms. To make it clear for you that which one is better or beneficial, we are here to discuss the comparison between both platforms. For the forex investing, many social trading places are competing with each other; zulutrade and etoro are from those greatest ones. The difference between zulutrade and etoro will tell you which you should go to.

For the comparison between any two things, we must know about both sides. Therefore, we are going to discuss zulutrade at first.

Many excellent affiliate networks are here that allow us to promote quality products and generate the safest income on the internet. For instance, there is network eToro
that welcomes you and also trains you to generate your first-ever buck on the internet.

What is Zulutrade?

If you are looking for the best social trading platform for forex industry, it is the right thing for you. It is a Fintech Greek company found in 2007. By 2009, zulutrade had over 4,500 traders who were more comfortable to be copied from the user’s base. Zulutrade was listed as a startup 100 for the categories of Finance, E-commerce, etc.

Working of Zulutrade

There are trading experts or robots that are forex traders, and the zulutrade user can mimic the trading strategies from such traders. Users can also follow others rather than expert traders. Some users are signal providers, whereas some are followers. The platform not only got successful but unveiled several beneficial features for the users, including zuluguard. This feature allows the automatic unfollowing of the traders that change their strategies.

Being social is the first requirement these days. Hence, zulutrade has forums and commenting sections to make it more compatible with the users. Moreover, users can easily create a script to start trading automatically.

For investors, it has a ranking system that helps them copy other’s portfolios. Users can get a spreadsheet of the simulated trades and profits, with alerts also.

The user or investor starts following the traders to utilize their money. Traders that are experts work for the forex and issue signals, which are received by the zulutrade and send them to the brokers by seeing the related users or followers. Sometimes there are no brokers either. Brokers receive the signals and materialize them for the forex trading. Some people design their robots and publish them in zulutrade. Traders get the commission for their forex movement, whereas investors capitalize on their investment with ease and comfort.

What is eToro?

Since 2008, eToro is the top online trading platform. It is a web-based and mobile platform that enables the users to trade everything from currencies to stock. For the forex market, it is one of the leading social trade options.

eToro was also found in 2007, just like zulutrade. But, it released it’s investment platforms on a copy-trading feature in 2010. The users of eToro can automatically view, share, and follow the trader strategies. Buying financial instruments was never easier. Further, the android eToro app lets the users buy and sell through their mobile phones. The platform founds Coindash as a partner in 2010 for social trading based on Block-chain.

Working of eToro

Etoro helps the users to utilize their capabilities for the investment in stock with a variety of stock products. Etoro added cryptocurrencies to the financial instruments of eToro in 2014. Investors can copy the portfolios of the leading traders. Etoro launched this feature in 2017. The successful increase in features didn’t stop here. Etoro was having an increasing number of accounts by the end of 2017. Therefore, the platform has to launch; it’s a cryptocurrency wallet for android and iOS users.

Etoro continued to make it more and more beneficial for the users. Following block chain technology, it released a non-profit project for the community to reduce inequality of global wealth.

On etoro, you don’t need to pay any fees or markup. You can invest as much as you can. Trade and invest easily without any worries. Connecting with other traders and copying their portfolio strategies help you trade with improved experiences. Buying and selling underlying assets with the help of cryptocurrency. Crypto based portfolios let you enjoy the trading benefits exclusively.

Investors program of this platform knows about the talented traders and earn up to 2% annual profits. Moreover, protocols of security protect the funds f security. The platform gives you two options to invest in crypto assets.

Comparing the Two Leading Social Trading Platforms

in the work forex, there are many trading platforms, among which two are the most popular and top rating social trading platforms, eToro, and zulutrade. Both of them have their values and features according to your choices and requirements. But, how to choose the best from both? By comparing them.

Demo Accounts

Signing up on a platform is a necessary and crucial step. It is so obvious that any of us will feel confused about whether to invest or not and how to do it. Therefore, both trading places provide the option of a demo account for more comfortable usage and surety.

It is a straight and simple procedure to sign up within only 2 to 3 minutes. You can sign up for a free demo account and know about the platform.


After a perfect demo, you will end up on the areal account, from which you can invest the right amount. Zulutrade lets you connect with several brokers, but has it’s own broker, AAAFx either. Whereas, eToro is a broker itself and a social platform with no good broker competition. Hence, the commission is there, but zulutrade sounds more profitable.

Actual Profits

The first problem with the investors is that they feel such platforms to be a scam. People often ask, are they able to earn a real handsome amount. Zulutrade has a lot of long-term users and makes a generous amount. Whereas, e Toros short-term users paying some fees either.


Both trading systems are free of charge and only have to pay the commission for accessing the market. EToro has it’s brokers with a spread close to 3 pips for EUR/USD. On the other hand, zulutrade has a variety of different brokers charging accordingly. In some cases, you have to pay the same as AAAFx with other brokers by increasing the slip sometimes. You will find zulutrade cheaper than eToro but not every time, therefore check the broker ranking and choose accordingly.


As we all feel insecure, sometimes, there is a research feature available. The feature has data, graphs, and tables to show you the trade of every trader and zulutrade is better in this thing. In this matter, eToro has a less range of such features and advanced research tools.

Beneficial Features

If we talk about excellent benefits for the users, zulutrade is an impressive trading company. It also has a feature to know about the entire trader history and knowledge of every transaction.

EToro is confusing at points as it doesn’t show how the trader work that you follow. The transparency data is better with zulutrade but not with eToro. EToro displays the traders with two carts and five indicators, whereas zulutrade has eight charts and 12 indicators. EToro doesn’t offer trader portfolio simulators, but zulutrade has.

Social Support

Both trading companies have a support system that is a chat and comment option for social help. But etoro provides you with a personal helper if you cross $20,000. Etoro traders interact more than the zulutrade ones.

Risk Help

For the help or prevention against risk factors, there are risk management features. Both platforms are different in this case. eToro has the right approach, like the amount your trader risk is also at risk in your account. Therefore, you can set a limit in your account to adjust the max risk range you want. Whereas zulutrade depends on the risk on you. The more you invest, the more chances you have but have some other features to save you from higher risks either. You can restrict the copying times, trade range, and much more.

Both are good at saving you from risk factors. But zulutrade is more beneficial in this case as it saves exponentially from risk.

Which one is the better performing trading company? People often ask such questions. The answer is not with the name of anyone, but it is all about the trader. It doesn’t matter what company, but the trader always matters. Your earning depends on the performance of your followed trader.

Both social trading platforms are best and famous, and we can’t get on the one. But discussing the comparison, we can differentiate which one will be better for you. If you are a beginner, etoro will be a good option, whereas zulutrade is suitable for experienced investors. But, no doubt, zulutrade, and etoro are the two most beneficial. And leadi8ng trading platforms for all investors and provides you with easier access and compatibility according to your requirements.

Filling Out Surveys And Earn Up To $250 a Month

Online reviews are one of the most natural techniques to make online money. You only need to register online, complete a profile or create an account, and exchange ideas on updates, products, services, or more. You specifically have to perform a detailed or short review of products or services in the form of questionnaires etc. Taking part in online surveys is the best shortcut to earn an extra sum of $250 a month.

How much money a person makes is the real question here. Right? Or how much you have to work to get the work completed. Even if you can’t do online surveys every time, can you spend some time on making cash online? The organization may also give you free vouchers with other benefits such as having free goods.

Online surveys are one of the few sources of income but have made a difference for many. Even though it is a small sum of cash every month, it lets people cover extra expenses each month without spending or earning.

You will add to your day’s work income by engaging in paid online surveys and creating a supplementary source of revenue. All this is accomplished at home quickly or even during your lunch break if you are willing. On the other hand, just think about how long you waste your time watching TV when you can get easy cash from surveys instead.

Affiliate network other than amazon or ClickBank even to be particular, Wealthy affiliate
can be used for a vast and trusted product range.

Surveys and Market Research companies

There is a question many people ask when they learn about free online survey websites and how money a person can make online, which is what are the platforms that allow us to make money online. Many sites help you make an additional $250 or above per month. The fact that market research is a significant sector, people don’t know. Industries around the world will spend billions and trillions of dollars figuring out before they ship, what customers think of those products/ideas. They must know the specifics of a consumer’s relationship to their company in a complicated and minute way. It is why surveys have a lot of value. For the sake of knowing about a new product and even unique items. Big companies such as IBM, Panasonic, and Microsoft take an incredible amount and expense to figure out reviews about their products.

One of the best ways for businesses to find out if customers want their goods are to pay them, and the money spent can vary significantly depending on the company. Surveys play an essential role in maximizing the effectiveness of the company’s products, and this is the sole reason why they conduct surveys. Huge or successful companies outsource market research companies to achieve their goals of knowing about their product.

Also, this is a reason why market research companies exist. They are the intermediaries between the customers and the companies who let out their concerns for their products. These market research companies chalk out a plan or set a questionnaire for a bunch of people within a population.

You may think it’s ridiculous for companies to pay people for filling out online surveys. Why will anyone pay for your points of view? Many companies currently rely on customer feedback. Organizations without staff are now hiring consulting firms to conduct consumer surveys. Also, positive customer feedback allows companies to make more profits through marketing and advertising views. That is why companies pay people for every study for the time they take. Most significantly, the creation of your work needs your skills.

Tips for performing surveys successfully:

  • Stick with legal survey companies

Here are some guidelines: Is the company asking you for money? If yes, then do not sign up if you ever encounter a survey company asking you for cash or personal details such as your social security number. You’re probably checking out the scam website.

Reputable companies try and are free to develop a partnership with you. As soon as you buy a membership on a website survey, it’s time to proceed.

  • Sign up to several surveys

When you get selected to participate in surveys, sign up for several surveying sites is close to becoming a mystery buyer. You never know when a chance will be selected. Register with as many of those survey sites as you can to maximize your chances (and make the most money). Every survey website in this article is valid and a perfect way to make additional money online.

  • Don’t be quick

Please respond thoroughly and thoughtfully to all your questions. There are no correct or incorrect responses, but any attempt to speed up surveys can disqualify you, take a similar survey more than once.

A few legitimate survey sites are mentioned below for you, so you can quickly check out which works best for you

1. Swagbucks

The most renowned and established online survey company is Swagbucks. They pay you back for every survey made by giving something called Swagbucks or, in brief, SB, to a wide variety of online distributors such as Amazon, who provide gift cards.

2. InboxDollars

You can earn a lot of money via Inbox Dollars by doing surveys. When you choose to play online games, you may also make money to read emails.

3. Springboard America

For each study undertaken, Springboard America pays a little amount. You can either settle your Amazon Gift Card for $50 in money or receive cash as a bank deposit or a Prepayment VISA card after you have built up $50.

4. Cash Crate

Cash Crate is also another choice that pays for a range of tasks, including online surveys, online games, and online searches. Cash Crate is glad to send you a cheque –not just a gift card–once every month for your income if you fulfill their $20 minimum requirement.

5. MintVine

You will receive payments for surveys and the development of innovative products and services at MintVine. You are paid in cash to reap $10 in earnings, which is a requirement for a bonus.

6. Toluna

Toluna is a company based on conducting marketing researches where gift maps from brands such as RedBox, Amazon, Target, and Gap can be signed up for surveys and rewarded. Like many other companies on that list, Toluna functions on a score basis, and when you meet a minimum standard, you can redeem points for prizes.

7. Opinion Outpost

You will be unexpectedly selected to take part in a survey when you sign up for this account. Every study conducted is given opinion points, and the review rated at a certain number of points. Cash points at $1.00 per 10 points get paid.

8. Global Test Market

It started in 1999, and this site offers market research for global customers. You collect market points after finishing your survey. The benefits range from 35 to 40 points for each review.


You earn rewards get exchanged for money or goods by conducting the studies.

10. Harris Poll

Harris Poll, managed by the Nielsen Group and is one of the nation’s most prominent and most highly regarded research organizations. Here, you can complete surveys on some household products and brands. Furthermore, you can earn benefits from companies such as Amazon, ESPN, Apple, The Wall Street Journal, and Starbucks.

How do I obtain a payment?

It depends on the platform and payment terms.

However, there are a few systems widely accepted: Sweepstakes, Gift Cards, Cash / Check / PayPal Points. In any case, you expect some form of money. However, note that by taking surveys, you won’t become wealthy. In some instances, you would need to do multiple surveys to meet the reward thresholds. Yet if you do multiple surveys, I guarantee they will pay off.

Moreover, when you join these survey sites mentioned above, please check and read the terms and conditions that apply to undertake the survey.

When registering for a survey website, make sure to read the terms and conditions when you register. The privacy policy is another place to test. In most cases, these pages notify you that the company is selling your personal information to third parties. You probably do not have a problem, but many people would rather not sell their personal information on websites. It is also a smart thing to create a separate email to help you remain organized for your survey activities.


One of the easiest ways to make little cash is to complete online surveys. It is an excellent opportunity to gain money from online reviews to add another stream of revenue to your money generation strategy. From this technique, you can earn up to $250 a month. As I mentioned earlier, several businesses are asking you for views on a specific product or service. It is, therefore, important that one of you provides honest feedback. You should undoubtedly register with websites, such as Swagbucks, Inbox dollars, Springboard America, etc. if you are ambitious, eager, and intelligent to undertake surveys.

An Optimized Guide to Make Extra Money at Home 2020

Sitting and working at home on your most comfy couch is everyone’s favorite thing. But, who does not love the idea of earning extra pennies at home and ditching a hectic office routine? Oh, let me tell you something; you are not alone in this; somehow, shortly,we all want this. Well, sometimes we don’t want to be early birds for hectic office life, and technically that’s not a bad thing. Now, whether you are a working woman, an office manager, a busy mom, a college student, or a stay home father, or if only you want to earn some extra money doing something different from your work can help you to make money from home. We all often have some spare time, and we don’t bother utilizing it effectively, and it doesn’t take too much effort to earn extra pennies on the side. Although we are not talking here about billions and billions, we are talking about small and little projects that generate some fast cash.

This article won’t disappoint you if you want to stay home and make extra money, hang in there! Here are some easy ways to make extra money at home:

Blogging: Online Business

Nowadays, Blogging has become a new-owned and fast earning system where you provide your interest to the audience and make money. You can make more than $40,000in a month through your blog. You can start up your blog by a little $2.95 a month, like, wow! Isn’t it amazing? You need to create a blog and affiliate your blog to sales and product features and review deals, and you are good to go. While creating a blog, you can consider the following topics for your blog on which you can further work on;

  • Travel blog:a travel blog is something you may get invited by travel agents, and they will take you with them on the tours and ask you to pin them in your blog for publicity. Also, you can work as a traveling agent.
  • Cooking blog:in a cooking blog, you may get PR Packages and gifts from different cooking brands of oil and other food items to sponsor them in your blog. Also, you may sell your food items through the blog.
  • Health blog: a health blog may get featured by different health and nutritionist and can give packages for their exclusive health diets and workout.
  • Technology blog: you may be provided tech products by brands to give tech reviews in technology blogs and can make money through it.
  • Makeup blog: this is for the women who are makeup freaks! You can get PR Packages or get sponsored from different drug store brands and give reviews on them through your blogs and get money through it.

Sell Services On Fiverr: Freelancing

Fiverr has gained an intensive significant since its contrivance. In neoteric time, Fiverr is a vast marketplace for Business with a vast number of audiences who sell their gigs and services and earn extra money sitting at their homes. The best thing about Fiverr is you are your boss; no one is here to supervise you as most of us don’t like to work under someone. Fiverr is an excellent platform if you want to earn extra money online, working as a digital agent while sitting on your most comfy couch at home in your PJs. You can make from $5
to $200while selling your services on Fiverr, isn’t it great? Like, working from home and making enough extra money is so good! What are you waiting for now? All you need to do is to create your Fiverr account and start selling your gigs and services. Here are some services that you can consider for your Fiverr account;

Many excellent affiliate networks are here that allow us to promote quality products and generate the safest income on the internet. For instance, there is network eToro
that welcomes you and also trains you to generate your first-ever buck on the internet.

  • Content Writer: yes, you read it right! Content writing is the most edible field in the freelancing. It allows you to provide your content writing skills at fullest with the money of your own choice.
  • Digital Marketer:digital marketing is another most talked field in the freelancing. It allows you to provide online based technologies to promote your products and services.
  • Graphic Designer:graphic design has enormous scope in Fiverr. It is the field of visual communications and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, and iconography that help you to sell your services in this regard. It helps graphic designers to embrace their talent, and who can deny that Fiverr is the best platform for this one?
  • Music & Audio: oh yeah! Hang in there. You read it right, yes you can provide the talent of your voice and skills for your video editing and making through Fiverr.
  • Programming & Tech:if someone is an IT expert or has a little knowledge of IT, then they can for sure go for Fiverr’s Programming and Tech services, and I am confident working on Fiverr won’t disappoint you ever!

Baby Sitting: at Home

If you love kids and you have enough quality time to spend it somewhere, then babysitting could be the best option for you. Babysitting can make you gain good experience in how to deal with kids. You need to find a good babysitting app like Care.command need to spend a few hours of a week babysitting. TheCare.command allows and offers you website verification of both the baby and the babysitter with the full authentic background checks to make sure that you have reliable sources. The rates of babysitting based on the sitter’s working experience, the number of children, and the number of working hours per week. The average hourly rate for a babysitter, according to ZipRecruiter, is $28per week. Sign in to Care.command plug into the calculator to know your experience and find how much you should be making money in an hour for babysitting. For babysitting, you need to practice child care basics and learn the house rules for the babies. There is no specific age for baby’s to suit;moreover, any period of the baby is capable of babysitting. Babysitters need to be respectful and patient while babysitting because sometimes if sitters are sitting toddlers, they can mess up too;after all, what else babies do?

Renting Out Your Residence: Home

Renting out your residence is another easy way to make money at home. Renting out your home is an effective way that leads you to a high profit. If you want to rent out your home, you need to make a unique financial program, set a rental rate for your house on which you will rent out your home, and have an excellent property management plan. Set aside a list that contains property taxes, municipal expenses, insurance, regular maintenance, and repairs & upgrades before renting out your home. You need an excellent property dealer that can ensure you authentic paying guests. Renting out your home can surely help you a lot to earn extra money while doing nothing at home. All you need to do is rest on your other side of the house and let someone use your home for months or weeks, and they pay you for it. Renting out your home is the most effective and easiest way to earn while sitting at home. You genuinely don’t need to do any hustle and bustle for it. Like, what’s the best thing than not doing anything and still earn? The best option till now for sure!

Selling in E commerce Sites: Digital Options

E-commerce has a vast significance nowadays as people tend to use online and digital options more to earn extra money while sitting at home, and so you can. E-commerce sites are the popular most used sites for selling of unnecessary and unwanted products. Although, you have a great option of selling unwanted and unneeded products such as books, jewelry, wedding dress, and some of the electronics stuff. But all you need to do is take a fantastic photo of the product, write a detailed and honest description of the product with a price you want them to sell, and upload them to an e-Commerce site. Here are some websites you can consider for selling of your products;

  • Amazon: amazon plays a considerable role in the sale of literally anything. Yes, you can sell whatever the product you want to.
  • EBay:eBay is just the same as Amazon. On eBay, you can use legit sell any product you want to be.
  • Book Finder:this site is for selling used and unwanted books you want to sell.
  • Gazelle:an excellent site for selling electronic products at the cost you want.
  • Nearly Newly Wed:most used site for selling your used and unwanted wedding dresses and accessories.

Final Thoughts

Above mentioned are the ways I had in my mind to make extra while sitting at home. But, everyone should need to find more new ways so they can earn more while just sitting at home without doing any hustle and bustle. While sitting at home and make is such an effective way for everyone who needs to earn some extra pennies and of course there is nothing terrible in that.

Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program A Pyramid Scheme?

There’s no doubt in the fact that the affiliate marketing business is the most profitable business at the moment. You probably already know this, which is why you are here to learn about the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

Yes, there’s indeed a lot of good that people are talking about this training program. If you search the internet, you’ll find a flood of positive reviews about this affiliate program. But eventually, it will all force you to think, “Is it a pyramid scheme?”. We all have been there, so we know that this question will bug you. To put all the confusion to rest;

Wealthy Affiliate is not a pyramid scheme.

What Exactly A Pyramid Scheme Is?

For those who don’t know, a pyramid scheme is a business model. This model runs on a cycle that starts from you buy into a company, and then to make a profit of your investment, you just have to recruit more people to join the company.

Seems confusing? Well, it is, and it’s designed this way so that no one asks any question and just becomes a part of this risky cycle, putting all their efforts and investments into it.

Quick suggestion: Never become a part of a pyramid scheme, or else, you’ll end up buying yourself into a sham.

Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program A Scam?

No, the Wealthy Affiliate Program is not a scam, and it’s nothing near to a pyramid scheme. To cut it short, it’s an online training platform that helps you make money through creating different websites on the topics that you are interested in. Next comes the point where this program teaches you how to rank your sites high on the search engines where you get daily visitors for free. Once the visitors start pouring in your website, you can then promote different products and then earn a commission from them.

Affiliate network other than amazon or ClickBank even to be particular, Wealthy affiliate can be used for a vast and trusted product range.

Yes, we know it sounds like “Affiliate marketing” and that’s precisely what this program is about. It’s nothing like a pyramid scheme, so you can relax on that and trust the program as your investment in it will help you earn a good figure. The one thing that makes this program unique is that it won’t only tell you how to start your affiliate website and earn through it. In fact, it will also equip you with all the tools that you need throughout this process.

As far as the question of this program being a scam is concerned, you don’t have to stress about it either because the first ten lessons are totally free. Yes, you read that right! You don’t necessarily have to put some money to start this program. The creators of this program welcome all the users from around the world to try the first free ten lessons on website creation. If you feel like it’s worth your time, that’s when you invest some money and become a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

Do You Have To Promote The Wealthy Affiliate Program To Make Money?

We are well-familiar with all these questions because that’s precisely what we had in our minds when we started this program. Well, the good news is that no, you don’t have to promote this program to make money.

You might see some reviews against this program, calling it a pyramid scheme, but don’t be fooled. You see, this program has an Affiliate Bootcamp course that’s specifically designed for those people who want to promote the Wealthy Affiliate program. This is why people confuse it with a pyramid scheme, which is the opposite of what it actually is.

If you want to make money promoting this program, you do have that option, but we’d recommend you not to think about the Affiliate Bootcamp course. Instead, you should be focusing more on what the program is about. You should be making your own websites and starting your own affiliate business with the help of this program.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Right For You?

There are people promoting WA with false claims like “you will be able to make a website in 30 seconds with this program”. Now, yes, somewhat, this is true, but on the other hand, if you get a little realistic, you’ll know that this isn’t possible. You can’t just expect a program to help you create a site in 30 seconds and that the next moment you see, you are making money out of it.

This isn’t how it works, especially when it comes to the WA program; you need to have some patience. The truth about affiliate marketing is that it takes time, but the wait is always worth the outcome. The Wealthy Affiliate is clearly not a get-rich-overnight program, and any program that claims to be one is definitely a scam.

You need dedication, commitment, and patience for this program to show you results, and we assure you that if you stick with what you start, you’ll be witnessing some of the best, life-changing results. Currently, there are more than 2 million people who have enrolled in this program, but the sad reality is that only a fraction of this figure is active.

People join legit programs like the Wealthy Affiliate, they lack patience, they lack dedication, and then they start blaming the program for not providing the results that were promised. The point here again is that if you don’t have that kind of dedication, you shouldn’t think about joining this online training program. Not just this program, but you should get rid of the whole idea about getting into the affiliate marketing business because it clearly isn’t for those who lack patience.

What Makes The Wealthy Affiliate Program Legit?

By now, one thing is established that this program is legit, and it does work. But if you still want some more convincing reasons to try it, here’s what might work for you;

It’s Comes With A Free Trial

What other proofs of authenticity do you need when there’s a program offering you a free trial period that comes with ten lessons? As said earlier, this program has a lot to offer, and it’s all on you if you want to buy the premium package and become a member of it. The first ten lessons are more than enough for you to determine if it’s worth your time. If you don’t feel like it’s your piece of cake, then you sure can quit it and decide not to become a member.

The Membership Fees Is Reasonable

We’ve seen online training programs asking for membership fees that cross the thousand dollar figure. Yes! It’s shocking how these simple affiliate programs are charging people so much and making a fool out of them. As far as the Wealthy Affiliate Program is concerned, it’s just going to cost you $49 per month. What more reasonable can you ask for? You can easily afford $49 per month, especially when you are joining such a worthy program, right? This is another proof that this online program is legit, and it’s nothing like other scam courses that you come across on a daily basis.

You Don’t Have To Promote It

We challenge you to find programs that don’t force you to promote them in order to make money. It’s just the truth that most of these programs and courses will somehow force you to promote them or refer them to other people if you want to earn a profit. However, this isn’t the case with the Wealthy Affiliate program. There are two main training courses in this program;

➔ The Affiliate Bootcamp course

➔ The Online Entrepreneur Certification course

It’s true that the affiliate Bootcamp course will help you start your business by promoting the WA program, but those same lessons are applicable to other niches and other businesses that you are interested in. It’s your own choice, and there’s nothing done forcefully here. If you want to go on the “promoting” side, you can join this training course. But if you don’t want to promote anything at all, then you do have the other option to consider.

Overall Verdict

The Wealthy Affiliate program is one of the best programs you’ll ever join, and there’s absolutely no doubt in this fact. Think about it? 2 million people are a part of it already, and many more are thinking about joining it just like you. Do you believe that these 2 million people are just following a scam? Of course not! It’s a legit program, which is why the users are increasing in number with each passing day.

Joining the Wealthy Affiliate program might be the best thing you’ll do this year. It’s 100% legit, it’s authentic, and it does provide you all the things it claims. It’s just that you shouldn’t expect overnight success with it or any other business. It won’t take you 3 to 5 years to earn profit out of this program, but yes, it might take you around six months at least. The more efforts you put into this program and your skills, the better the results will be.

Comparing Two Incredibles-Etsy Vs. Wealthy Affiliate Program

As time is changing, everything is carried out online. Be it a business or shopping, people are more into enjoying things through the internet. Especially when it comes to youth, they are more interested in growing online because of the expanding opportunities. Among such facilities, being an affiliate is a beneficial option. But, proper research of the right affiliate program is a must to do before.

We all know, there are multiple opportunities online, be it real or a scam. Hence, we should choose the real and profitable one. Moreover, as an affiliate, you need to put all your efforts and attention.

At First, Knowing About Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and tricky ways of online earning. Affiliate marketing lets you make a handsome commission on other products for advertising and selling. You, as an affiliate, have to post links to the related site to increase the traffic, and the merchant site will pay you for the co-ordination.

Now, what are affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs are the sites of affiliates that post links and send the traffic to the merchant site. If the deal is done between the buyer and the related website, you will get your commission for that specific agreement.

Affiliate network other than amazon or ClickBank even to be particular, Wealthy affiliate can be used for a vast and trusted product range.

There are thousands of affiliates and affiliates programs, but you should know that not all are right for you, some are scams too. Be careful before jumping in as instead of providing benefits, they will ruin your hard work.

Comparing the Two Affiliate Programs

Wondering how to utilize your extra time or how to avoid wasting yours after retirement age? Some also prefer affiliate marketing as their full-time job to start their career. For all of these, we are going to talk about two most discussed affiliate programs, Etsy affiliate program, and a Wealthy Affiliate program.

So, as you are now aware of the basic terms, we are comparing these two programs to give you the best one to proceed further.

Etsy Vs. Wealthy Affiliate Program

Let us discuss the Etsy affiliate program first.

Etsy affiliate program is one of the best-known affiliate programs. This marketplace lets you explore a new world full of arts and creativity with the right commission rates. It appreciates handmade things and their manufacturers. It is not easy to earn a good living, but with Etsy, your talent will let you grow quickly. Moreover, if you are an affiliate, this is the most relaxed place for you.

Etsy provides you with a reasonable commission on the qualifying sales, but you must have a website because Etsy is a stricter affiliate program. Etsy approves each application. It is a well-known and global leading site on the world of affiliates and crafts.

The commission rate is impressive but also depends on your location or country. Mostly it is between 4 to 8% on all completed sales. On average, 5% of us paid by other programs, comparing to which Etsy is quire beneficial. Every time a customer clicks your affiliate link and buys through it, you will get benefited.

One more thing is quite attractive that no matter where the buyer lives, you will receive the commissioner any cost ignoring the locations of both of you. Moreover, if you are already selling on Etsy as a seller, you can still be an affiliate marketer for other products.

Pros and Cons of Etsy Affiliate Program

Every affiliate program has some pros as well as cons. Avoiding them will no good for you; therefore, we are mentioning the pros and cons of the Etsy affiliate program.


  • Trusted brands and companies
  • Customers are not priced sensitive but impulsive
  • Variety of unique and impressive products
  • Good trust buildup


  • Low commission rate
  • Difficult approvals
  • Cost you some dollars for the startup

Wealthy Affiliate Program

I am sure; you have met several scammers ad worked or various scam affiliate programs. Therefore, we are here to help you out by explaining the goods of a Wealthy Affiliate program. It is a beneficial platform for your affiliate marketing and is not a scam.

No matter at what level of affiliate you are standing on, the wealthy program is right for you. Not only it lets you grow better, but it helps you with numerous choices to set your business niche. If you are out of ideas, it gives you over 1,000,000 views for your business opportunities.

Wealthy Affiliate not only gives you the chance to start your affiliate career but enhances your abilities by providing online training courses. You have a choice to start your business with almost 1million lucrative options and ideas.

The diverse platform helps you grow with a handsome amount every time. Unlike other affiliate programs, it enables you to achieve a profitable website of your own in around 1-2 minutes at all. The process is ultra-powerful, highly reliable, and more comfortable to proceed further. This popular yet effective affiliate program make you a successful affiliate in a few days. The first few lessons teach you about traffic attraction, as your affiliate career is all about people.

Wealthy Affiliate program holds massive and potential traffic, which means you are already on the positive side. There are proven strategies to get traffic around you for better advertising. All you need to know is to gather more and more traffic so you can start making money in seconds.

A massive range of products lets you start earning undoubtedly. Once you know how to get the traffic, the thing is to promote the products. For which, you have thousands of opportunities. There is no particular limit or criteria; it is all about you and your efforts. The wealthy program lets you know about how to promote the highly demanding products more accessible and faster. You don’t need any support, design skills, inventory, shipping, or else.

The other most important part is the free seven-day trial. You can also stay free forever, but an excellent free week trial is to convince you for further connections. Now comes the commission art, you are paid about 1-2$ for every referral. Every time you refer someone wealthy affiliate program, you are paid for it. Moreover, your upgrades are also responsible for impressive commissions. Every upgrade is useful and profitable for you, be it monthly or yearly.

Your referrals also give you small but good commissions. The Wealthy Affiliate program is beneficial, but in some cases. However, the training courses are the best part of this affiliate program for any affiliate, either beginner or expert. For beginners, it is the perfect startup because of quality training.

As we start comparing, we know that every site is different. Therefore, every website has some pros and cons accordingly.


  1. Hosting and training at the same time
  2. Exciting seven-day free trial
  3. Interesting and attractive commissions
  4. Good for beginners
  5. Free startup with numerous ideas and member
  6. Provide expert coaches


  1. Use only one language, English
  2. Difficult navigation
  3. Expected monthly add ups
  4. Doesn’t support significant affiliate issue
  5. not so good and fast earning

Which Affiliate Program is Better?

When we compare the two well-known sites for affiliate marketing, we get many things on the top, among which commission is on the front cover. Every affiliate focus on the commission and handsome income, because this is the reason behind starting up.

There are many factors including, trusted brands, various products, quality workers, and content. Etsy is a different kind of affiliate program. In some cases, it is far better than a wealthy affiliate program. It offers a generous amount of commission, which is highly appreciated.

Working with Etsy requires you to attract traffic and let them buy specific products, whereas a wealthy program is the training program that lets you earn over upgrading and referrals. Etsy is more profitable than the wealthy one because the profit is more accessible and reliable. Moreover, the site is also helping people to utilize their talent, including art and creativity.

The next most important thing is working, which is better with Etsy. Wealthy Affiliate program trains you to be the affiliate whereas, Etsy one helps you grow. But, if we talk about the beginners, the Wealthy Affiliate program supports the beginners by training them tremendously. Their training courses are known for their effectiveness and perfect knowledge. The wealthy program prepares the beginners to be best and top qualified affiliate marketers.


We can’t say which affiliate program is better or best. It also depends on your efforts and hard work. Moreover, your strategy is what makes you successful; if you know the basic tactics, you are all set to go. But if you only depend on the affiliate programs, then it is just a waste. Both the programs are excellent in their way; it is your choice for what type you are ready to go. You can follow the way that you train yourself to be the best through a wealthy affiliate program and then work on the Etsy program to earn a handsome income for your home. This is the best way to make money by sitting at home and without any investment. The demand for affiliate marketing is increasing every day. Hence, there is a small number of good affiliates.

Money Chaser Review: Is Money Chaser a Scam or Authentic

A Money Chaser is a new website that claims to be an influencer working network. Money Chaser claims that any person can earn around $500 the exact day of joining the site. Does everyone know how this could be even near to possible? Though Money Chaser seems like a GPT website, it is not a GPT website, although Money Chaser offers different tasks to complete and make good revenue from it. While you can also make money by sharing various referral links on unlike social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and so on, the list continues. How it works is, you get $2 when someone clicks your link and when someone joins through the link, you get $10 on every sign up. Plus, you also get $25 as on bonus sign up. In this regard, Money Chaser seems to be an excellent opportunity to make a handsome amount of money by doing simple tasks and sharing links with your friends and family by making them join Money Chasers and sharing your links in social media networks.

How Money Chaser Works?

Money Chaser is a website that pays you for completing some minor tasks like watching videos, clicking on links, downloading apps, visiting the site, inviting your friends and family by sharing the ring, and whatnot. Money Chaser allows you to get $30 on every task you complete on the specific “Task Wall,” which is quite high sophisticated than legit other GPT websites. To get started with Money Chaser, firstly, you need to create an account on Money Chaser websites for the working for free. Money Chaser authentically requires you for your email address, your name, and then choosing a name and password for you. After all these steps upon joining, you are given a $25 bonus for signing up and for your unique referral link.

The link would be shared via text, phone call, email, on any social media networks to begin making money from several clicks and referrals. That is pretty obvious; any legit GPT website would not offer you such a high rate of pay on doing these simple steps. Like, it also claims to give $500 at the exact day of you joining the site. Once you have made $100
or more in commissions through this site, you can apply to withdraw your money from Money Chaser. But, if we have some checks on Money Chaser, then we can have an idea that if at best, this is not a real way to make money by merely signing up and sharing links tasks, and at worst, this could also lead to theft and credit card fraud.

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How Much Money Chaser Cost You?

Money Chaser is in general free to join, but it can cost you way more than that. As BBB –Better Business Bureau has already given a warning to all #1 influencer sites that claim to be real and collect all the personal data of the members and sell them to the third party involved in it for, of course, their gain. In this regard, you can now expect to get scam calls, emails, and texts to promote such products and services with zero value.

Not only this, but they can also try to hack your PayPal and Bank Account, which can cost you a lot and a dangerous thing for you. Whenever you decide to withdraw the money once of time, you will ask to do some simple tasks like downloading apps and opening websites, and when you download the apps to your device, your device will get infected by the virus through it. Hence, never download anything asked from these websites.

Is Money Chaser a Scam or Legit?: Ownership

On the upper side, you must check when you are planning to join a program; you must ensure that the information about its owner. Authentically, anyone can take great pride in introducing to their products and services by first introducing themselves. But if the owner seemed hidden or the ownership looks disclosed, then what that means? The site does not have any owner? If the site does not have any owner, then for sure, all the products and services would be a scam. The same is the case with Money Chaser; there is no clear information about the owner; after authentic research, you will find that Brandon is Money Chaser’s moderator. I am confident in this that this, not the real name and real person. Yes, Money Chaser is a scam, and BBB has already given a warning to such sites.

Money Chaser is a Scam: 3 Main Reasons

Here are three main reasons that Money Chaser is not legit;

1. Fake Testimonials

2. Not working with big-name brands

3. Referral programs don’t add up

Let’s discuss them in detail to have more information about this scam.

1. Fake Testimonials:

There is one thing always to ensure that the legitimacy of the testimonials the site has provided. In this regard, the Money Chaser site has a page called “Payment Proofs” and “Testimonials.”The Payment Proof does not prove anything. They are just a bunch of screenshots of supposed payments that, in reality, does not prove anything. So, the payment proof is not even a cup of tea to be discussed.

On the other hand, on the Testimonials page, there are some videos of people who claim to be making $1,000 by referring people in Money Chaser.

There is a guy who is convincing people to choose Money Chaser by making a video for this site through his Fiverr account. Like, there is so much more than convincing because it’s a real person. But it’s entirely scam because he is, in reality, just an actor from a working online freelancing site

A legitimate program does not need to pay actors to provide real testimonials; they get them in real.

2. Not Working with Big Name Brands

Money Chaser claims to be working with big-name brands like Wendy’s, Burger King, Fortnite, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Which is acceptably not valid, a big scam. There are some other websites too that are identical to Money Chaser and claim the same as Money Chaser do and probably run by the scammers. No legitimate company would every associate their trusted brand and company name with a website like this, which has zero credibility, as it is a whole scam.

3. Referrals Programs Don’t Add up

If you’ve been assuming since now how the site can pay you such a high amount of money for some simple clicks and sharing links that create a free account on Money Chaser, in other words, without selling anything, and making such a tremendous amount of money. You are on the right track and if you think that this could be real and possible, and then you must need to gather some information before getting scammed. The Money Chaser site told, paying their users according to the ad-spend revenue and promoting the products generate cash through it, of which they pay money to their member. They also said that by inviting friends, we are building traffic to their site and increasing their revenue.

Firstly, The “ad-revenue” they make is enough to pay $10 per referral to their every member. But, isn’t that funny how are these websites thinking they can scam people so quickly? Like, THERE IS NO ADS IN ANYWHERE WITHIN THE MEMBERS AREA! That’s insane duh!

Secondly, This is not a realistic amount of money to be paying for free at any time.

Some people who are earning an income doing affiliate marketing for companies which, is basically about all generating leads and sales for other companies. There is no company paying $2 for clicking a link and $10 on every sign up.

Beware of such scammer’s website to not get scammed from them!

Final Thoughts

The affiliate market is a legit market and sure way to make money online, but you make money through it or not, success depends on you. Whether you want to join Money Chaser or not is totally up to you, but in my regard, I will not recommend anyone to join Money Chaser and get scammed through it. Since it is free to join and lure of making easy money is a great temptation when something like a hit out and this is what goes “see if it works,” and that is what many people do. But though, in the first place, you will not get paid, so what’s the matter to indulge you in such scam and spread this scam to people too? What makes the case more badly is promoting this scam to others, and you don’t have any idea of doing so. If you do so, you are unintentionally helping scammers to build more of this huge email list that could use for scamming more. That’s how the money goes off of you and everyone who joins by misusing personal information and selling it to the third party.

All You Need To Know About Wealthy Affiliate Webinars

A wealthy affiliate webinar describes an enticing e-experience of an all-in-one network for people wishing to start in the incredibly rewarding but also extremely complicated business world. It is a forum built for all-levels of affiliates. It is a seminar conducted over the internet. We can say that a webinar is a digital live interactive experience. It is a learning session that involves audiovisual collaboration between a speaker and the participants. The system allows slides and social feedback via chat box along with Q&A features.

Wealthy Affiliate Program

For this, you should know what is a wealthy affiliate program? This is the most frequently asked question that confuses a lot of people. Although, it’s simple. So, the wealthy affiliate is primarily a digital affiliate marketing network and culture. In 2005, the forum began as a basic keyword list affiliation site. Since then, it has expanded into much more detailed software. It is an interactive site builder; it provides training workshops and guidelines.

In comparison to the other scam marketing networks of affiliates, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t pretend to get wealthy instantly. Rather, it offers you the right training, services, and software to help you launch your company online.

Although, as a beginner, people are initially skeptical about believing in the framework. This is particularly difficult because of the many negative affiliate reviews present on the internet. In this analysis, we offer a critical view of the platform and its aspects to help you determine if it suits ideally for you.

Affiliate network other than amazon or ClickBank even to be particular, Wealthy affiliate can be used for a vast and trusted product range.

Wealthy Affiliate Culture

It is this culture that makes a difference between a wealthy affiliate from other training platforms for affiliates. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most involved leaders, always able to address the problems. Imagine you may post your questions and receive assistance from your peers and expert members at any time you want. You can use the live chat box to communicate with other affiliates. The premium version also helps you to contact your coworkers directly via direct messages. The owners, Kyle and Carson, continue to exist and respond to the people in the affluent affiliate culture.

Single-purpose Platform

Wealthy Affiliate gives greater functionalities including the development and maintenance of website along with domain registration as its backbone. Besides, you can have exposure and can set your business online. It also offers market analysis tools and even their membership programs. This makes Wealthy Affiliate a single-purpose platform to launch your company.

WA Community

The community of Wealthy Affiliate is very successful and cheerful. But it can both be a good and a bad thing.

Of course, everyone is trying to be supportive, however, while its information is very small, I saw members jumping to answer questions.

I know it sounds a little rough, but it’s real.

It could be that some people like to ask questions and build a lot of conversation about it without becoming too worried about the exact answer. That is not the case for people to care about. Some people want to think about it.

What are Wealthy Affiliate Webinars?

Wealthy affiliate webinars are part of the training provided for premium members by Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and are also called Live Video Classes in the WA dashboard.

There’s some good information about things you’re not getting at formal training sessions – some of them appear to drag on a little in general – a little like doing a lecture at college where you get into the detail.

How are wealthy affiliate webinars demonstrated?

These last around one hour and are generally used to highlight an argument in PowerPoint presentation or screen captures. They are also re-played if you cannot see them when they are streaming live.

Webinars are addressed by one of the leaders who are consistently ranked at approximately 8 in the WA ranking. He is very familiar with conducting the webinars and generally, the style and substance of the presentation are strong.

Who presents a webinar?

The pace of the webinar is reasonable and can be managed both by initial and novice participants. During the webinar people typically note electronically what actions they will take to deal with the subject, even though they are available to see it again and again. It saves them time after a one-hour lecture to find out any information – because people don’t want to waste time.


Weekly, one of the popular affiliates streams a virtual webinar on a wide range of topics all linked to the online business growing via affiliate marketing. The webinars are documented live. These are also recorded. Since it is recorded so you don’t have to miss them if you couldn’t watch them live.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches people how to make money from home through targeting affiliates. The website is targeted at newcomers to the internet marketing philosophy and shows how you can start perfectly.

There are many things you need to know about wealthy affiliate webinars, especially the characteristics that make it attractive for the people to watch it. You don’t want your webinar to be boring and silly. The following are the points you need to know about a relevant wealthy affiliate webinar.

Perks of Wealthy Affiliate webinars

  • People who are looking forward to setting up their businesses online, it’s a great opportunity for them to join wealthy affiliate webinars for more efficiency.
  • Webinars provide people all the required information; they need to know while they carry on with their affiliate marketing.
  • Live webinars enable users to interact more.
  • Wealthy affiliate webinars are a platform for healthy discussions related to frequently asked questions by the users.
  • People who are skeptical about believing in this platform initially, its great opportunity for them to ask their queries via live webinars.
  • The chat box is available for the assistance of people.
  •  Even if you miss one session of a live webinar, you can always see the recorded version.

Wealthy affiliates and their services can be used in two ways. The first approach to the WA educational programs is to gain the required skills and experience. You can then pick a niche, create your site and build a money management policy. You must formulate a strategy to generate useful content and encourage them. The second solution includes mastering the strategies and being a WA member. You create a WA website and each time a new user joins with your affiliate connection, you earn a fee. While it may appear as a tempting choice, but this approach to affiliate marketing may not always be most suitable. This technique works only if the WA practice fits the niche you enjoy.

Let us draw your attention to the same issue, whether a wealthy affiliate webinar is appropriate for you? I would recommend you look at it in the opposite direction. Is the wealthy affiliate program right for you?

Number one, examine thoroughly about your weaknesses and strengths. The WA training might not always function for you if the production of the content does not fit in well with you. Moreover, a deep understanding of your targets is also important. Do you want a fast-fix plan to get wealthy or you’re in it for the long term and execute your purpose accordingly.

You should also know that you can devote the time and energy you need. There are many questions you need to be certain about. Would you be able to participate in the courses consistently because you already have a full-time job? Will you provide the desired time and effort needed to prosper? Etc.

Some quick tips on how to run a webinar:

  • Always do a trial run. No matter how it goes. And if the audience doesn’t want to listen or you think you might be boring. Just do it. This will build your confidence.
  • Don’t depend on the Internet; make sure people can listen to you. Therefore, use a proper mode of communication be it internet or landline.
  • To reach the audience, use survey questions.
  • Checking A / B and optimizing your landing page and welcoming contact.

Coming forward to the FAQs about wealthy affiliate programs and webinars:

· Is a wealthy affiliate program worth the money?

A quick reply is yes, wealthy affiliate is worth the investment. The only affiliate willing to put virtually anything in one bundle is a wealthy affiliate.

· Can I make money with a wealthy affiliate?

Yeah, you can, but it requires training.

Since Wealthy Affiliate is not a network or program that will fill your bank account in hundreds of dollars until you enroll and take the proper learning.

· What is a wealthy affiliate webinar?

A wealthy affiliate webinar includes a speaker or a small group of speakers addressing their suggestions to a wide audience by responding to surveys and using other engaging resources available.


Successful webinars can be like amazing films – they make you feel optimistic, empowered and able to embrace the future. Wealthy affiliate webinar provides the purpose for different kinds of online networking facilities, including training courses, webcasts and web conferences of peers. On the other hand, if you want to join Wealthy Affiliate … make sure you understand how long it takes to polish skills as a good affiliate marketer and work. You can just find another niche if you do not learn about affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is all right when it comes to providers of affiliate marketing.