Is SFI4 Legit?

One of the most significant advantages of coming out of the technological advancements is in freelancing, that is, working online or offline through the means of the internet or available offline applications. People can now sit at home and earn a lot easier! If you are an active internet user, you might be aware of the freelancing opportunities available to the people seeking home-based jobs. Freelancing has been the talk of the town for quite some time now mainly because it offers a flexible working routine and because the generation of today avoids the nine to five old-fashioned, limiting jobs. Other than that, freelancing allows you to stay at home during the corona virus; it will enable visiting safe from any exposure to the virus itself.

One of the most significant opportunities to come out of Freelancing is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the kind of marketing where a business affiliate gets paid a chunky commission for bringing site visitors or business clients back to the business website they get affiliated to. Affiliate marketers make it simple by working with an item they enjoy and relate to. The most significant advantage of working as an affiliate marketer is that it doesn’t require much physical or mental effort. You need to put yourself in the mind of a critical consumer and criticize a product, its advantages, disadvantages, pros, and cons. Affiliate marketing is more of a detailed review of the product that helps the customers out there decide better as to why they want to or not want to buy a specific product. Make sure that you understand that being an affiliate marketer itself is a pretty big responsibility; you should make sure that you don’t vouch for harmful products. This isn’t just a job responsibility but also an ethical responsibility. Just like every other profession, there is high market competition in the affiliate marketing agency. They face more top competition because this is a web-based system and is accessible to all in today’s world. From the ones as big as Amazon, many businesses, to the ones as minor as a small-scale business, user groups, or teams of affiliates, ease and grow their marketing techniques in today’s world.

Like every other thing, freelancing and especially affiliate marketing has a disadvantage to it. There is a problem with the possibility of fraud. Because of this, thorough research is highly recommended before you get yourself in any freelancing work. Make sure the sites or companies you work with are well-known, or if not well-known, then make sure they are at least legitimate and that they can be trusted since you’re working through the means of the internet so there’s a higher probability that you may get exposed to internet scams. So keep in mind, research before you get yourself into anything!

Talking about legitimate affiliate marketing jobs that also bring you back cash, SFI4 tops the list. SFI4 is a well-known and pretty old affiliate brand that works under its eCommerce platform called triple clicks. This web marketing network has been there for about 30 years, and so it’s pretty authentic, come to talk about authenticity, there hasn’t been much dirt thrown on SFI4 within these 30 years! Triple clicks tend to work as their e-commerce platform. With their affiliation to triple clicks, they make different products with the help of affiliate members worldwide. When you become a member of SFI4, you can resell the products already offered by triple clicks and earn a commission of up to 45%.

With SFI4, earning money is made pretty straightforward, but you can’t receive a ton load of money in the very first go. Like everything else, SFI4 requires steady growth! There are ways you can earn easy money and make money by putting in a lot of effort!

Talking about easy ways, one fun fact is that every new member gets 125 Versa points worth 0.5 dollars as a gift for only joining the SFI4 platform! Other than that, you can find many other easy tasks which later give you Versa points in return, such as verifying your email, reading the introductory lessons, reviewing and making changes to your plan, and even tasks as simple as getting yourself and your profile up to date! But these tasks, of course, don’t get you a lot of money! These surely don’t get you the financial “freedom” you’re working for and are more of an incentive right away!

Coming to the ways related to their real business model, the first and the most important yet not so complex ways is related to the 45% commission that you can easily earn out of every product you’re affiliated with. Other than that, you can put up your products or invite people or professional vendors to put up their items on triple clicks, and you can earn royalties through every sale that they make. You can even refer a person to some of their other services such as Astro Auctions, which is an online auction holding company which works through triple clicks, you can quickly bid with the lowest amount and still receive gifts in return, other than that, anything you offered of the auction is to be delivered free, no matter where you live! You can even earn by recommending people to play games and more on Eager Zebra, a gaming site affiliated with triple clicks. It offers a million games for children, teens, adults, and elders beyond that age! Apart from all of that, there are points given toward the individuals for various exercises on SFI4. At the point when you make it to 1500 Versa Points, you’ll become a part of the Revenue Share Pool, where SFI will give you a specific level of their income. The biggest pro to the website is that you can easily earn a lot online with some amount of patience, of course!

But the site holds cons too. Cons such as the fact that the site is not a user-friendly platform, it can be a little complex to get started with, especially for beginners, a lot of information has been placed on the website which proves to be a blessing but in disguise, since getting access to all this information isn’t as easy as it seems. While having a lot of information should make the work even more comfortable, it makes it complicated to the contrary.

Apart from that, the money methods of this platform are also pretty complicated. Other than earning a straight forward commission for the sales made, there is the whole Versa point commotion, where you have to earn 1500 versa points to be the part of the executive pool, which later pays you your share. This may prove to be advantageous for the members but is also a complication since members are unable to keep a proper track of their inflows and outflows.

Other than that, its training methods are pretty sophisticated for beginners. These training methods do not hold much detail to them, and they lack actionable tasks, which are why they prove to be a big letdown for the beginners trying to work their way through SFI4.

Another complaint usually lodged by avid SFI4 affiliates is how the products that are to be promoted are poorly selected and annoying and pretty unorganized.

In conclusion, SFI4 is a fantastic, legitimate program/site, which has been relatively paying and recognizing the works of its members for the past 20+ years. But, like every other site, it has some complications, due to which beginners and those who are not aware of tech and how the technology works frame it as a scam, or as a site that isn’t legitimate. One might take some or even loads of time to adopt the ways of SFI4 finally, but when they finally do, it’d be a financial and professional treatment for them! SFI4 demands time and flexibility, and like every other good thing, it requires patience. So, it would be suggested that when you finally plan to go and become a member, you keep in mind that it won’t work like magic and make you a millionaire within seconds, it will take time and effort! So, Quit reading reviews about the SFI 4 program and sign up for their free SFI4 account right now to make decisions about the program yourselves. Later, when you start making decent sales off the company affiliation, the triple clicks forum, the auction house, or the Versa points affiliation, you can decide to expand your account and buy in different shares. SFI4 is undoubtedly a legitimate web network, and if you still have queries, you are free to do further research!

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Years back, no one ever knew that the internet would bring such a drastic change in our lives. All people did after completing their academic journeys was that they applied for jobs and ended up with a 9 to 5 job with a particular figure of salary that they got at the end of every month.

However, now things have changed to a whole other level. There’s still a part of the world’s population that’s doing some sort of job in some company, but on the other hand, there are entrepreneurs and people with a business mindset who want to run their own company online.

Yes, you read that, right! When it comes to the internet, you don’t have just one but several opportunities to make money. There’s blogging, there’s freelancing, you can run your own online store, and similarly, there are several other means to make some good cash.

Speaking of making money online, you probably already know about affiliate marketing and how it can be a game-changer for you if you learn it. Affiliate marketing is what most entrepreneurs think of doing because once things fall into place, there’s a lot of money in this field.

Today this is what we are here to help you with. If you are someone who wants to make money through affiliate marketing, then the “Wealthy Affiliate” is just the right program for you.

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing program that’s specifically for those who are beginners or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to run their own online business. You see, whether it’s blogging, freelancing or marketing, you can’t just start without gaining basic knowledge and skills. This is why and where the need for such great platforms arise.

The long story short of the Wealthy Affiliate program is that it will help you learn everything from scratch. From learning how to build a website to creating content, working on SEO and then driving organic traffic, this is all that you’ll learn with this amazing program.

One of the best parts about this program is that it comes with no false claims. There are several online training programs, and it will be confusing for you to decide which one is the best and which one isn’t worth your time. As far as the Wealthy Affiliate program is concerned, you won’t fall victim to any lie or claims that aren’t reasonable. In other words, this program DOES NOT claim to make you rich overnight.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Legit Program?

It’s 100% a legit and an authentic program that won’t bring you any disappointment at all. Initially, this platform was nothing but a keyword list membership, but then the creators turned it into a training program which now has more than 1.43 million entrepreneurs from all around the globe.

Think about it? A platform with a massive following. Can it be a scam? Well, of course not, and that’s the reason why we are here trying to emphasize that you join this program if you really want to start making money online.

What Are The Distinguished Features Of This Program?

You might be wondering that where there are several other online affiliate programs, why choose Wealthy Affiliate? Well, the reason is that the Wealthy Affiliate program has so much to offer that you won’t be able to resist it. For starters, it has a huge community of members, unlike any other training platform. Imagine posting a query any time of the day and getting an answer to it right away? In other words, there are millions of people in this community that are always on the go to help you and guide you no matter what problem you are facing.

On top of it all, there’s this live chat feature where you can talk to the customer support and get things straight if you are encountering any issues regarding affiliate marketing. In the paid version, you are allowed to get in direct contact with your peers and the best part is that even if you want to talk to the owners directly, you can do that with the “private message” option.


Most people are worried about the registration or sign up fees that they have to pay in order to become a part of such a community. However, with the Wealthy Affiliate program, you have two options! First is that you can opt for the free membership where you have limited access to different features, but for someone who wants to have a little know-how about the program, the free membership does work. On the other hand, if you are sure of using this platform and if you want to get the best out of it, then you should opt for the paid plan. You can take the premium package at the cost of $49 per month! Yes, you read that, right! It’s that cheap and even if you are on a tight budget, paying $49 won’t be a big deal for you especially when you are getting so much to learn from such an amazing affiliate marketing site.

The Features And Benefits

The Wealthy Affiliate program is like a one-stop-shop for you if you are a beginner who wants to dig deep and learn affiliate marketing or how to run your own online business.

There are two different courses offered by the Wealthy Affiliate program. First is the Online Entrepreneur Certification and then comes the Affiliate Bootcamp. The first course will help you in becoming an online entrepreneur, and it will teach you how to run your own business. The second course is for those who want to make money by just promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program. Each course comes with different levels, and each level has something new to teach you.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

This course comes with a totals of 5 levels, and each level has ten lessons. Yes, it does seem a lot but doesn’t worry because there are videos and other such interesting material in this course that will make it all fun for you.

Level 1: This level is all about completing your profile, selecting a niche to work in and then creating a website. Not just this, but you also get to learn some Wealthy Affiliate tips here to drive organic traffic on your website.

Level2: As SEO is an integral part of driving traffic, you need some basic knowledge for it, and that’s what you get in level 2. You learn how to find target keywords and how to create quality content.

Leve3: This is the level where you learn how to monetize the traffic coming on your website. Here you learn about affiliate marketing and affiliate links.

Level4: Using social media to drive increased traffic is what’s taught in level 4.

Level5: This level is all about teaching you how to make your content engaging and compelling.

The Affiliate Bootcamp Program

If you are interested in promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program, then you have to opt for the Bootcamp program. It’s the best thing for someone who wants to become an affiliate for the platform. There are a totals of seven levels here that you need to take hold of.

Level 1: In this level, you learn how to design your website and set up your own online store.

Level2: This is the level where you learn how to find the right target keywords and how to use them in the content.

Level3: Here, you learn how to use social media to increase the traffic on your website.

Level4: You are taught different techniques about how to make your reviews about the Wealthy Affiliate more appealing and attractive. The best part is that here you learn how to make text-based graphics.

Level5: Tips to create engaging content for the Wealthy Affiliate program. Here you are also taught how to use YouTube to drive traffic on your website.

Level6: Here, you learn how to use the Bing Webmaster tools and how to run PPC campaigns on it.

Level7: The last level is all about showing you how to increase the outcome of your PPC ads.

Overall Verdict

These are the two courses taught in the Wealthy Affiliate program, and as you can see, none of these courses and levels seems like they are a waste of your time. If you dedicate time to any one of these programs and if you decide to stick with this program till at least the time you see results then yes, the Wealthy Affiliate program is what you should be joining right away.

It’s an authentic program that’s all about training and no false claims at all. When you learn how to create your own website, how to design it, how to create content on it and then how to drive traffic, things will fall into place for you, and you’ll definitely be able to make the money that you are thinking about.


There are various trading brokers online, and it seems so difficult to get connected with a single trading broker. It seems so hard to find out the trading broker who fits well for opening a trading account. We have written down the details regarding Rakuten and eToro, which helps you open the trading account in the system, that fits well according to your needs.

Before jumping onto the comparison between Rakuten vs. eToro, let’s dive into finding out what exactly these two terms are.


eToro is a well-known trading platform that offers consumers flexible methods to invest in different markets or copy trades. This innovative tool was designed by three entrepreneurs in 2006 to make financial markets easily accessible for the users. eToro is a large platform that allows the traders to perform trading while offering them a huge range of analytical tools to assist trading. Millions of investors and traders are trading with eToro in around 140 countries. eToro allows clients to invest in Commodities, Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Indices, Shares, Energies, Metals, Bonds, CFDs and ETFs.

eToro offers the consumers zero commission, unlimited trading volume, no extra mark-ups, ticketing and management fees. It allows the clients to invest in different stocks without any broker fee. The eToro community allows traders to interact and communicate with other traders to build a stunning portfolio. It is one of the transparent, honest and trustworthy brokers you can easily rely on as multiple jurisdictions regulate it with strict guidelines.


This broker company is considered as the five most top-notch forex brokers globally. It is known as the pioneer of the leveraged forex trading. It offers services like CFD trading and forex on the MT4 platform. The website is available globally and used by millions of users worldwide. It is available in 11 different languages. Rakuten has been operational since 1999. The market capitalization of Rakuten trading is around 1 trillion Japanese Yen.

Rakuten offers multiple trading tools to the users, including the latest news section, where the users are updated with the news. It also offers Copy-trading services through Myfxbook’s Auto trade. This social trading network is very popular as it allows users to copy and follow other clients’ strategies. Rakuten also offers the users with Virtual service provider.


Have a look at the following advantages of Rakuten and eToro:


eToro allows the users to enjoy EFT trading and the free stock while for Rakuten, they are charged with low fees.


both eToro and Rakuten offer the consumers a fast, easy and seamless account opening experience. Both the account opening experience are fully digital, and they offer a trade-in low minimum deposit.


eToro works well for a social trading experience while Rakuten serves as a perfect mobile trading platform for the consumers.

The social web trading experience with eToro is user-friendly, clears any fee report and offers a two-step login. However, it offers limited customizability to the consumers in terms of work space, charts and others.

Rakuten’s desktop trading platform offers the consumers a clear fee report and offers good customizability in terms of work space and charts. It also offers users with price alerts. However, Rakuten does not offer a two-step, safe login and has a poor design.


eToro charges the consumers with an extra amount of forex fees. The withdrawal of the money with this trade is quite slow. eToro allows consumers with a single account base currency.

Rakuten Trade, on the other hand, offers the consumers with a limited amount of product portfolio. It misses the web trading platform and offers a poor service to the customers.


  • FEES FOR eToro:


the best part about eToro is that it charges the consumers with small trading fees and offers free stock trading. It charges the consumers with small CFD fees.


It charges the consumers with excess forex fees along with the withdrawal fees.



When considering about Rakuten, it charges the consumers with a small amount of trading and forex fees. It does not charge the consumers with any inactivity fees.

High withdrawal fee for international bank transfers and electronic wallets.


it charges the consumers with excess withdrawal fees for transferring the amount in international banks or electronic wallets.



eToro serves as user-friendly, mobile trading experience. It offers a safer, two-step login system with stunning search functions.


it comes with no face ID or touch login.



Rakuten serves as user-friendly, mobile trading experience. It offers stunning search functions. It offers consumers with regular price alerts and can be seen in different languages.


the worst part about Rakuten is that it has no face ID or touch login. It offers no confirmation for orders, and it does not have a safe login i.e., two-step system.



Both eToro and Rakuten are user-friendly, and they don’t charge any deposit fee. The best part about eToro, when compared to Rakuten, is that it offers credit card and debit card options to the users.


eToro offers a single account base currency to the users. It charges $5 withdrawal fees to the users, and a conversion fee is also charged for all non-USD deposits.

for Rakuten users, there is no credit or debit card facility. There is a high withdrawal fee, and it offers the users a slow withdrawal service that takes around three days.


eToro offers the users multiple markets and products ranging from stock, Forex, CFD, Crypto and ETF. However, Rakuten, on the other hand, offers users consumers with only CFD and Forex.



It offers consumers with stunning trading ideas, good interactive charts. It offers analyst recommendations to the consumers and is highly user-friendly.


There is no such fundamental data available with eToro. It offers poor or zero quality news flow to the users.



It offers trading ideas to consumers.


There are no interactive charts or analyst recommendations in comparison to eToro. There is no such fundamental data available with Rakuten. It also offers poor or zero quality news flow to the users.



eToro offers consumers with an immediate response. You can connect with them on live chat. They offer relevant answers to the customers.


It offers no call service, and the service is not available 24/7. They offer live chat, but it is usually offline.


It offers consumers with no support 24/7. The support system with Rakuten is quite slow, and they offer irrelevant answers to the customers.



It offers the users with a demo account. The use of eToro offers consumers with an intro guide regarding the platform.


It only offers users with basic educational demo videos.



It also offers the users with a demo account.


The use of Rakuten offers no educational videos or tutorial videos regarding the trading platform.

  • SAFETY WITH eToro:


The majority of the clients are from the top-notch financial authority with negative balance protection. They belong to the well-known fintech startup.


This trading system does not hold any banking license. The financial information with this trading system is not available publicly. eToro is not listed over the stock exchange.



The majority of the clients are from the top-notch financial authority. It offers users a banking background and has a parent company that is listed over the stock exchange.


Rakuten does not offer any investor protection and has non-negative balance protection.


Have a look at the verdict that we extracted after the comparison of Rakuten vs. eToro.

RETAIL CFD ACCOUNTS- AMOUNT OF MONEY LOST- In eToro, 75% of the retail CFD accounts lose their money while for Rakuten, 74-89% of the retails CFD accounts lose their money.

OVERALL RATING- the overall rating for eToro is around 4.6%, while for Rakuten, it’s around 3.6.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR eToro- It is specially designed for traders interested in social trading, such as copying the trades of other investors. eToro is also recommended for zero-commission stock trading.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR RAKUTEN- Rakuten is specially designed for people who are Forex traders and willing to pay low fees. It is also designed for people who like MetaTrader 4 as the trading platform.

ClickBank University Review

When it comes to making money online, there are several means one can opt for. There was a time when people only knew about working in offices from 9 to 5 every day for a specific figure of money. But now, the world has changed to a whole other level. The internet has brought us several opportunities, not just to earn but also to learn and grow.

Speaking of learning, growing, and earning, if you want to step in one of the most successful fields right now, know its affiliate marketing. There’s blogging, there’s freelancing, there’s eCommerce, and then there’s affiliate marketing. Yes, this field requires you to first invest in as much time as possible in the “learning” process, but once you get a hold of it, things then fall into place for you.

Today we are here to review a similar program for you, called the “ClickBank University.” There has been a lot of hype going around regarding this program, and new people, who just got to know about it, are curious whether it’s an authentic and legit program or not.

What Is ClickBank University?

ClickBank is more like a training center than a program. It’s a community that can help you in two ways. First, it can help you in creating your products and then selling them. Second of all, this community can help you learn how to market other people’s products and earn on a commission basis. So technically, there are two great earning opportunities that ClickBank University offers to its users.

Many excellent affiliate networks are here that allow us to promote quality products and generate the safest income on the internet. For instance, there is network eToro that welcomes you and also trains you to generate your first-ever buck on the internet.

Is ClickBank University An Authentic Training Program?

For someone who is joining such a program for the first time, things can get a little confusing, and you’ll probably end up with the question, “Is ClickBank Training A Scam or is it a legit program?”. Well, we won’t beat around the bush and make it very clear for you that yes, it is a one legit and authentic program that you need to be a part of. If you have even the slightest possible interest in affiliate marketing or in creating and selling your digital products, this program is undeniably one of the best things you’ll opt for this year.

Is ClickBank Free?

ClickBank is free for those who want to learn or become a part of the affiliate marketing cycle. All you have to do is to make an account on ClickBank. Once you sign up, you’ll have to choose how you’d like to receive your payments. After that, ClickBank will ask you about some of your tax information, and that’s it!

However, if you are a vendor who wants to upload his products on ClickBank, you’ll be charged a one time fee of $49.95. Once your product is live and uploaded on the official ClickBank official site, you can then stay carefree as ClickBank will be handling all the promotion and sales of your product. During this process, there will be some extra charges that you’ll have to pay, but don’t worry as they won’t be out of your budget.

The ClickBank Marketplace

One of the best things about this program is that you decide the product you want to promote. The ClickBank marketplace is quite huge, and you can always search for different products as per the niche that you are interested in. Once you know the products that you’ll be working on, it will just be a matter of a few seconds to get started with it, and you will get your affiliate link right away.

Is ClickBank Safe?

Some people don’t trust such programs easily, especially when they have to put in their credit card details. It’s good to be concerned and to first research the place that you are about to put your details into. However, when it comes to ClickBank, you can be sure that it’s a safe place! It’s safe for learners, for affiliate marketers, and even for the vendors. This program has been operating for years now, and it has quite a huge user base, which makes it obvious enough that yes, this training program is worth a try, and it’s worth your trust.

ClickBank Affiliate Training

If you want to register yourself as an affiliate marketer, know that ClickBank offers a training course of 8 weeks. It’s one of the most useful courses to opt for because each week, you’ll be taught the different aspects of affiliate marketing and how to succeed in this field.

From why making an email list is important for you to build squeeze pages and bring traffic on them, this course will teach you each and everything important to get started as an affiliate.

ClickBank Vendor Training

If you are looking forward to creating your digital product, then the vendor training course is just the right option. The vendor training course is a little longer than the affiliate course, and this one will last for 12 weeks. This seems like a lot of time to invest in a training program, but eventually, it’s you who will be reaping all the benefits and earning all the profit. So, yes, these 12 weeks are going to be a worthy investment.

This course, as you can see, covers everything from the research part to the part where you create a product and write sales copies along with video sales letters. By the end of this course, you’ll even know how to test your sales pages and scale up your business on a whole other level.

Which ClickBank University Course Is Better?

Now that you know about the vendor course and the affiliate course, you might be wondering which one is best for you, right?

Well, let’s put it straight for you!

Choosing any one of these courses depends on what you want to do. If you can create your product and then sell it on ClickBank, then the vendor course will work wonders for you. If, like most of the other people, you want to become an affiliate marketer and earn on a commission basis, then the affiliate course by ClickBank is what you should go for. Both these courses are effective, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll learn and earn a lot out of them only if you are ready to put in some real-time effort with consistency.

What Is The ClickBank Builder?

ClickBank Builder is like an up sell that will be offered to you. It’s a sales funnel platform and a landing page. In other words, you won’t have to worry about having your website when you have the ClickBank Builder. This platform will be more than enough for you. However, if you want to buy a domain of your choice, you can do that too. ClickBank even recommends its users to buy a custom domain for each of the pages they build.

Overall Verdict

This is all that you should know about ClickBank University. This training program is one of a kind, and as said earlier, just with some consistency and effort, you’ll end up earning a lot if you just put your head into it.

Now, if you think that this is the kind of program you’ve been looking for, then don’t wait for any further and get your registered right away. We assure you that once you become a part of this community, you’ll see wonders happening as an affiliate.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Outdated?

We all have heard the phrase ‘Old is Gold.’ Well, in this article, we will be deciding whether the services old offers remain gold or are just outdated. But before we start discussing the various pros and cons of Wealthy Affiliate, let’s talk about what Wealthy Affiliate offers.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Any person starting as an online marketer needs some side guidance on how to go about it. Wealthy Affiliate is an online training website that has been operating since 2005, making it one of the oldest Affiliate websites online. It offers two extensive courses on Affiliate marketing. These two courses are:

1) Online Entrepreneurship Certification Course: The online certification course is for people looking to start their online businesses. If you are an entrepreneurship newbie, this course will help you build your base.

As part of this course, Wealthy Affiliate takes you on a 5 phase journey into the marketing world. It starts with the basics, such as starting your website through WordPress, deciding on your website’s features and outlook, and what niche you should work on.

What to expect out of this program?

Well, for once, it is guaranteed that at the end of this training program, you will be a pro at setting up your website online while generating vast amounts of traffic. It also helps you decide what niche you are passionate about and can help you earn a profit. Now SEO and keyword optimization is the key to online success.

The way to earn through the online website is by directing traffic to your Affiliate links. Affiliate links help you make a huge commission, and you can do so by generating traffic through the website. And how to create a killer website? That is what an online certification course teaches you. It will help you in revamping your website and on how to create content regularly.

2) Affiliate Boot camp:

The Affiliate Boot camp is the blue-eyed boy of Wealthy Affiliate. For all the newbies who are unsure on what niche they want to work on, this solves your problem. Affiliate boot camp helps you in building your website on the make money online niche. And the plus point is:

-you earn money through your website content and affiliate links.

-Wealthy Affiliate boot camp teaches the users how to promote Wealthy Affiliate itself and earn commissions.

What to expect out of this program?

Make money online niche may sound easy to work on, but in today’s market, it is the most competitive niche out there. When you start as a newbie, it is challenging to work on your unique niche. This is why Wealthy Affiliate puts you on your feet through their Affiliate boot camp.

As part of their boot camp, you go through 7 extensive phases, each phase having ten learning sessions. This course, too, walks you through the basics of WordPress and how to optimize its use. Since you will mostly be getting money through Affiliate links commission, you have to make sure these links are easy to navigate. Make the interface and the structure of your website easy to use. Boot camp also teaches you how to apply social plugins and generate content every day.

Apart from these basics, the last 3 phases introduce you to some essential tools and traffic generating techniques. It introduces you to the concept of the Jaxxy Affiliate program and Google Analytics. Apart from this, you get to design your logo on Illustrator. It also teaches you the importance of Pay Per Click PPC advertising.

What makes WA better than the Other Affiliate Program?

Apart from these two fantastic courses, Wealthy Affiliate also offers you several other features. These include:

1) Access to the Online Community: One of the reasons Wealthy Affiliate is the go-to option for many people is that it has more than 1.9 million members. Most of these Affiliate marketers have an experience of 10-15 years in the online marketing world.

If you are a newbie into the affiliate marketing world, you will have thousands of questions before you get on your feet. This is where you will find support from the online community of WA. By just clicking on the ‘Join the Discussion’ option at the end of every lecture, you can start conversing with the diverse community.

One thing that WA takes pride in is its diverse community. Members of these community are working on different niches, so if you are stuck at any point, doesn’t matter what niche you have, you will have people to guide you. WA also provides the option to refer for feedback in the help section. The website will refer you to either Kyle or Carson or any other experienced coach.

2) Research Tools: The online Affiliate market is a very competitive platform. For any website to stay relevant, it must keep innovating. Over the years, WA has changed its interface and features several times according to its users’ needs. The most important feature has been its research tools.

Over the last decade, they have introduced their Jaxxy Affiliate Program. Through this program, they familiarize the users about the Keyboard Research Jaxxy tool that allows you to come up with unique keywords for your website. Apart from this, their website analytics tools are upgraded at the end of every year.

3) Live Chat: One of the most attractive features of Wealthy Affiliate that helped it gaining users was its live chat option. During the 2000s, providing a live chat option was groundbreaking in the Affiliate world. These live chats are solely there for two purposes:

-Since the live chats are happening 24/7 the whole week, you can simply jump in and ask your question whenever you want.

-It helps the online community grow together by encouraging members of their achievement.

4) Free Vs. Paid Membership: Unlike many other Affiliate businesses operating, Wealthy Affiliate has also adopted the premium business model. This business model has been able to retain more customers and has the highest 1:8 conversion rates.

Even as part of their free membership, you attend the lectures of Phase 1 of both the online training courses. For one whole week, as a free member, you can participate in the live chats, comments section, ask for feedback, and can have a website back. You also get two free sites, a personal blog, video tutorials, and free first 30 keyword searches. And to put the cherry on the top, you also get a free one-on-one training session with the most experienced coaches of WA.

As a paid member of WA, your perks are doubled too. You can access all the phases, of course, you opt for. You get to learn about the Jaxxy Affiliate program and Google Analytics. And you get 50 new websites!

5) Commission Plan: In comparison to similar Affiliate programs, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the least costly programs available. In case of other programs such as Namecheap Affiliate, you first have to buy website hosting and the domain names to start their affiliate program. In the case of WA Affiliate, you only have to purchase a domain name, and you are given free websites from WA itself!

Due to the premium business model, you can also start earning commissions without spending a penny of your own. As a free member, you can earn up to $87.5 per year through a single referral! But if you are a paid member, the commission rates are almost 2x for you. As a paid member, you can earn through domain purchases, form sign ups, monthly referrals, and yearly referrals. You can earn up to $235 per year through a single referral!

Our Verdict:

If you have managed to stay with us till the end of this article, you already would have guessed our verdict. Even though WA has been operating for 15 years and has some technical glitches, it is still one of the market leaders in the online Affiliate world. The main reason being constant innovation and the introduction of new features. Kyle and Carson have managed to innovate the website features and tools every year by adding an easy interface and commissions plan.

But there is one thing that we need to note. Even though the features and the Affiliate program WA offers is top, the training courses need improvement. There has been constant innovation in the interface of the website and its features. But the founders have not paid that much attention to the curriculum of the training courses.

Over the years, the curriculum has mostly remained the same, which has opened a market gap for new competitors. There are, without no doubt, better Affiliate training programs that introduce users to modern affiliate tools. But regardless of this fact, WA can be the market leader once again if Kyle and Carson can bring innovative ideas to the curriculum as they have to the features of the site.

How To Earn Money Online?

If you are an avid internet user, you probably are aware of the fact that there are numerous amounts of programs and opportunities on the internet which help you earn money in exchange for the service you provide. This era is where people look for flexible work hours rather than a 9 to 5 old, boring job, and freelancing is the best answer to their query. Other than that, everyone is looking for ways to earn money and keep the cash flowing in a while also staying within the safety of their homes during the times of the coronavirus pandemic. Freelancing and virtual working have been the talk of the town throughout the pandemic. Rightfully so, since freelancing allows you to earn but also gives you the safety of not being exposed to the virus.

But all these pros are subsidized by the big chunky con of internet fraud/ scam. This also happens to be the reason why a substantial background and work behavior research is advised before you get yourself into anything! You need to find the best but also the most relevant and legitimate work for yourself! There’s nothing to worry about, once you research and find yourself a good option you hopefully won’t fall as the prey to all the internet scams out there! Keep in mind, researching is essential!

Coming back to how you can earn, there are various ways as to how you can earn money online! One of the most important ways is affiliate marketing. The basic know-how you need to have before you dive in is the complications is the fact that Affiliate marketing is where business affiliates are rewarded with a commission for getting new likely clients or site visitors or on the other hand, for enhancing the results of the business, they’re associated with. Affiliate marketers make it simple by working with an item they enjoy and relate to. This procedure is straightforward; the reward is that along these lines, you can achieve much more without having to put in a lot of physical or mental effort. This causes rising organizations to easily purchase, sell, move, and even convey their items and administrations.

Affiliate marketers work and promote their products per market conditions. Just like every other profession, there is high market competition in the affiliate marketing agency. In fact, they face more top competition, because this is a web-based system and is accessible to all in today’s world. From the ones as big as Amazon and as minor as a small-scale business, many businesses use affiliates to ease and grow their marketing techniques in today’s world.

Many excellent affiliate networks are here that allow us to promote quality products and generate the safest income on the internet. For instance, there is network eToro that welcomes you and also trains you to generate your first-ever buck on the internet.

Diving in the complex parts, we need to realize that before getting employed as an affiliate marketer, thorough research of what you’re getting yourself into is mandatory. Be Always an affiliate marketer for the product you personally believe in, relate to, and would want others to use. Being an affiliate marketer is not just a job; it’s a responsibility, so make sure you’re responsible enough not to endorse any illegal or harmful products. Apart from that, you should make sure that the company or the group employing you be legitimate and can promise you a secure job.


When talking about legitimate courses that can further help you earn money. Wealthy affiliate happens to be the first company that pops up in the mind of those aware of the business affiliates market. It’s considered to be the home of affiliate marketing. It is a flexible, adaptable forum and is open to all kinds of marketers. Whether you are an experience less beginner or a top-notch, successful affiliate who’s wanted by many. Wealthy Affiliate program welcomes every one and every talent out there. This program is divided into different financial plans. There are some lessons which are free.

Further, the premium services are provided for $19 a first month, which later expands to $30-49/month afterward. The starter plan offers you with Live help for the first seven days, and private messaging isn’t included in this package. Two websites are allowed to be managed. There isn’t a website security package, and Later you can also avail live classes, affiliate boot camps, beginner affiliate courses, and more! As for the premium plan, there’s a lot many activities and programs involved in the premium plan of Wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate is a service that teaches people how to become affiliate marketers rather than actually providing them with affiliate work. The programs available will help you find a good industry, find affiliate programs within the industry, build a website, create high ranking content, and finally convert the website visitors into ready to buy customers.

The fact is, you may never really earn money through the direct means of wealthy affiliate, but it can teach you to make money with other affiliate programs. The point is, it doesn’t give you the fish directly; It teaches you how to fish so that you’re never hungry again.

Another way to make money using the wealthy affiliate program is by being the affiliate marketer for wealthy affiliate yourself! Working on websites that promote wealthy affiliate and its programs can be the go-to deal!

Quit reading reviews about the wealthy affiliate program and sign up for their free wealthy affiliate account right now so that you can make decisions about the program yourselves. Later, when you start making decent sales off the company affiliation or the wealthy affiliate affiliation, you can make the decision of signing up for a paid account!


Another valuable way to earn money through the internet is through the use of SFI4. SFI4 is an online marketing network. This web marketing network has been there for about 30 years, and so it’s actually pretty authentic, come to talk about authenticity, there hasn’t been much dirt thrown on SFI4 within these 30 years! This website is linked to triple clicks. Triple clicks tend to work as their e-commerce platform. With their affiliation to triple clicks, they make different products with the help of affiliate members from all around the world.

When you become a member of SFI4, you can resell the products already offered by triple clicks and earn a commission of up to 45%

There are two main ways through which you can earn from the SFI4 program.

Through internet sales: one of the easiest ways, as told before, is the 45% commission that you can easily earn out of every product you’re affiliated to. Other than that, you can put up your products or invite people or professional vendors to put up their items on triple clicks, and you can earn royalties through every sale that they make.

There are points given toward the individuals for various exercises on SFI4. At the point when you make it to 1500 Versa Points, you’ll become a part of the Revenue Share Pool, where SFI will give you a specific level of their income.


The last way to earn a great amount of money through the means of the internet is through the social trading programs available on the internet. This is where eToro comes in; eToro is the most famous social trading network. This includes the Social trading programs, which are business affiliated programs where people tend to share their trading ideas, and other than that, there is exchange and trade of cryptocurrency, indexes, and stocks.

The sign up process for eToro is a straightforward procedure, and with some essential data, you will have the option to sign up easily. Once you are all signed up, you’re ready to make the trades.

It’s okay if you’re a beginner and don’t know much about trading and investing the option to copy trade is available to all, and this helps you to copy the trading styles of those who are efficient in what they do! Once you dive in and adapt how trading works, you’re all set to make money.

On eToro, you can make money by just a few clicks, you buy stocks, you hold stocks, and you let them go at the right time! You need to be proactive and business and stock oriented to understand how the whole system works, though! You get dividends for the stock you buy and the stock you let go. Remember, everything you earn through eToro depends on you and the trades you make! So it’s better to play wise and safe than being sorry! You are to remember that you can even lose money within this process, so be thoughtful!

These are some of the most efficient ways through which you can earn money online in 2020!


Whenever you try to avail an opportunity online make sure it’s not based on the lust for money, you need to give yourself in, put in a crazy amount of time and effort to be successful! Respect your job, respect what you do, and keep up with the new business affiliate and trading trends to earn while staying in your home’s safety!

Warrior Plus Scam?


Are you tired of looking at the same online shopping website? Do you want to go for a site that has a number of buying options? Then Warrior plus is the perfect website for you. Whether you are a buyer, seller or a marketer, this article will interest you. Before we talk about whether Warrior plus is a scam or a legit website, let’s talk about what Warrior plus is.

What is Warrior Plus?

Warrior Plus is an online marketplace where you can sell your products, buy products and even promote the products as an affiliate marketer. In this article, we will be talking about how useful Warrior plus is for an affiliate marketer. Warrior Plus is a make money online niche site that helps marketers interact with buyers.

Affiliate network other than amazon or ClickBank even to be particular, Wealthy affiliate can be used for a vast and trusted product range.

What does Warrior plus offer?

One of the great things about Warrior plus is their ‘no investment required’ policy. In the case of affiliate marketers, there is no need for you to spend a single penny of your own. Unlike other online affiliate programs, this allows even the newbies to try their skills in the online world without the fear of loss.

But if you are looking for earning money through selling your stuff, you have to pay a % of commission first. One of the benefits of using an affiliate marketer to sell your product is they can generate more buyers than you can. Since these Affiliate marketers have an existing base of online traffic, you can sell your product 10 times faster than yourself!

Warrior plus provides you with such marketers. Similarly, if any marketer can sell your product through their affiliate links, you have to fund their commission. But as a marketer, earn money without any seed money of your own!

How to promote Warrior Plus as an Affiliate?

Most of the products on Warrior Plus are make money online products. These include online courses, teaching programs, CD files, and PDF. Since these are online products, it is much easier to sell them. To register yourself as an online Affiliate for Warrior plus, all you have to do is visit their website and sign up. Once you have signed up, you can now choose the option ‘offers.’ This option will direct you to thousands of different products options for you to promote.

To be successful as an Affiliate for Warrior Plus, you must follow their affiliate guidelines. These are:

  • The best way to get a head start in the affiliate world id to look out for future product releases.
  • In the case of Warrior plus, you can visit to view the product release calendar. Pick a product that still has 7 to 10 days left until release.
  • Now once you have chosen a make money online product, write a review of it. Make sure you know the product thoroughly and have properly researched it before writing.
  • Don’t oversell it! This is the key rule of online product reviews. Stay grounded in your words and write honestly how legit the product is.
  • One thing that can give you an edge over other affiliates is adding bonuses to your website.
  • Download some paid music, eBooks or PDF files from Warrior plus at cheap rates and put those up as bonuses for using your referral link for purchases. Because let’s be real, everybody loves bonuses.
  • Make sure you upload the reviews a day before the release of the product or the same day. This will bring some authenticity to your review.

Just like many other online Affiliate websites, Warrior plus uses PayPal for money transfer too. In case of withdrawal of your commission, there are specific rules that you need to follow:

  • Visit the ‘Account Setting’ and set up your affiliate account using your PayPal ID. If you are a buyer instead of an affiliate marketer, create a separate merchandise account for transactions.
  • Now once you have set up the account, start marketing! You need to at least get a minimum of 5 buyer purchases of products through referrals.
  • Another thing that you need to make sure is that all of these five buyers have to be different people. Only then you will be able to make a withdrawal of your commissions.

Why do People consider Warrior plus Scam?

Now if all the above features of Warrior plus seem too good to be true, you are not wrong. Just like any other affiliate website, Warrior plus also have some glitches along the way. While we do accept that it is the most up and coming online market place for make money online products, it still has some scams. I have mentioned some significant Warrior plus issues that have been faced by the affiliate marketers over the years:

  • Payment Delay Period: Over the years, marketers of Warrior plus have repeatedly complained about the delay in their payment process. Now the problem with the newbies is that since they start from scratch, it takes time to get five different buyers.

And even if the newbie affiliates manage to get five buyers, there is always a delay in their funds’ clearance. Generally for a regular website, the funds’ clearance hardly requires 1 or 2 days max. But in case of Warrior plus, funds’ clearance can take up to 1, or 2 weeks. Even though this delay period gets shortened once you have the experience, it can still be pretty annoying in the start. Many people have scammed due to this, but Warrior plus has yet no fixed this.

  • Sketchy or No-Good Products: One of the main reasons that Warrior plus no longer attract massive traffic of affiliates is their lack of innovation in the products section. Sellers available on the website do introduce new products every three months, but they fail to make them ‘revolutionary.’ The simple way to put this is that there is no ‘catch’ or innovation in the products available on Warrior plus.

Some people in the past have also complained about the products being scams. Either the eBooks or the music files available are corrupt, or they do not live up to their review. Many affiliates avoid marketing such products as it tarnishes their reputation as an affiliate. The most important thing for an affiliate is the credibility of their reviews.

And if something does not live up to how they described it, people will no longer use their affiliate links for purchases. Due to this reason, Warrior plus has lost a significant number of its affiliates over the years, which makes it hard for its sellers to promote their products effectively.

  • Too good to be True Reviews: One of the things that put of a buyer is when the product they ordered through an online review turns out to be a scam. In the case of Warrior plus, the sellers have often tried to influence the affiliates reviews to jump up to their sales. Due to this, there is now a lot of fake Warrior plus reviews available online, which can be misleading for the buyers.
  • Fake Promises on Review Sites: One of the most common examples of these fake promises is their Refund Guarantee offer. Many of the Warrior plus review sites have been declared a scam due to their false promises of refund or other bonuses. In the past, many review sites have stated that Warrior plus has a 30 or 60 days 100% refund offer in case the buyer is not satisfied with the product. But in reality, it is a lie because Warrior plus is only responsible for funds clearance. Once these funds are clear, they cannot hold any seller accountable in case of a damaged product or scam.

Due to their lack of supervision, many sellers have been able to scam people with their shady products. This has resulted in ruining the image of Warrior plus over the years. Sometimes even the eBooks or music offered as bonuses for purchases turns out to be corrupt.

Ending Note:

While almost all the online affiliate websites have some glitches in the long run, Warrior plus have more than average. The site has specific pros of being the most diverse marketplace for making money online products. But the website has long ignored the complaints of its users be it a buyer or a marketer. The customer service of Warrior plus have either ignored these complaints or have taken too long to respond. This has resulted in the site losing its credibility. Due to the lack of supervision, sellers have made the most out of their faulty products. They have scammed multiple numbers of buyers while teaming up with unethical affiliates. This, in the long run, has tarnished the image of Warrior plus.

Namecheap Affiliate Commissions

If you are starting your website, I have a few affiliate options for you to explore. Now there are other ways to earn money through your site such as Google AdSense. But if you are looking for a quick and foolproof way to make money, affiliate marketing is your best bet. There are many programs available online that provide you with huge commission options. One of these is the Namecheap Affiliate Program.

What is Namecheap Affiliate?

If you have a website online, you must be familiar with the website hosting and domain names. Namecheap Affiliate is one of the oldest domain providers. It started as a domain provider, but it later launched its Affiliate Program. Through this program, people can make money off their sites by referring customers to Namecheap Affiliate! Affiliate marketing through Namecheap Affiliate is one of the most risk-free ways to earn money. Since affiliate marketing requires no money from your end, more than 2 million users are working with Namecheap. You not only get a sense of the real world but also get to make money out of it.

What are the services of Namecheap?

Namecheap is a domain register and web hosting company that has millions of online users. Apart from this, it also provides SSL service and top product guarantee. Some unique features of Namecheap Affiliate are:

  • The Namecheap website has been working since 2000, which has been in the market for two decades now. It is one of the oldest programs available online and has 2 million users worldwide.
  • Usually, one of the main concerns people have about online affiliate marketing is about their privacy. What most of the websites fail to deliver its users is an online security option.
  • But one of the great things about Namecheap is that it provides users with free online security that protects you against scams.
  • This includes full protection of your identity, your website, your address, and any other contact info that shouldn’t have been public in the first place. But unlike any other program, Namecheap provides you with this too.
  • Namecheap provides its marketers with a unique Domain Search Widget tool that they can easily add to their website. This way, it is much easier to search for unique domain names and generate two times more traffic than before.
  • Namecheap Affiliate has an online community for its affiliates. This is an active Q and A section where you can ask away any query that you have. People from Namecheap admin or affiliate industry professionals will answer you back.

Another worth noting feature is that Namecheap has 2 million users, which is more than any of the users of affiliate programs online. It has been working for almost 20 years. Over the years, it has managed to stay relevant by charging the least for domains. Yes, that’s right, my friends! It not only has unique features but is also so much less costly than any of the other affiliate programs. They have fantastic promo offers such as 50% sales and domain available at prices as less as 88 cents per name!

Many excellent affiliate networks are here that allow us to promote quality products and generate the safest income on the internet. For instance, there is network Wealthy Affiliate that welcomes you and also trains you to generate your first-ever buck on the internet.

Namecheap Affiliate Commission Plan:

Before you start generating commissions, you need to sign up as a domain user at Namecheap first. The sign up requires three simple steps:

  • Namecheap offers three affiliate networks written below. Use any of these networks to enroll, and Namecheap will provide you with your Affiliate ID and banners for promotion.
  • Use your Affiliate ID to refer any of the Namecheap website pages using the banners presented to you. You can add these links or banners to your website, emails, or even your social media page.
  • Here comes the money. Now the last step is for you to sit back and watch the money flow. With every banner you put up, you will get more and more referrals. These will increase your earning and regular payouts.

What makes Namecheap stand out is its fantastic commission policy. If long plans confuse you as much as they confuse me, then Namecheap is your way to go. Namecheap Affiliate offers three commission networks to its users:

  • Impact Radius
  • Commission Junction
  • ShareASale

These three are the easiest affiliate networks out there where you can earn money every single day! Now here is a tip for the newbies. If you want to get traffic of referrals to check out the links you refer, make sure you put some new links. In the case of Namecheap Affiliate, it has regular promos such as $1 or 88 cents for a domain name, or 50% off hosting. So if you want to attract people, lure them in through these offers. You know the basic human psyche; people go for sales and other promo options. This way, you can generate huge traffic to your site.

Another exciting thing about the Namecheap is that even the lowest offer you earn through a referral is between 20%-35%. This % is well above the industry average and results in better conversion rates of your clients. Here is a small breakdown of the commission plan that Namecheap Affiliate provides:

Products Commission Rate
Domains 20%
Hosting Packages (Stellar, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated, Servers Plans) 35%
SSL Certificates 35%
Private Emails 20%
Premium DNS 20%
Apps 0%
Marketplace and Premium Domains 0%

And now, let me clear some confusion for you. These commissions are on the number of purchases and not the users. So if a single person purchases 5-6 domains at once, you will get 20% commissions for all of them! If it’s a mix of things in their basket, you will still get money according to the individual plan. Since their plan is pretty straightforward, it leaves no room for scams from the website. Similarly, there is no stop to the amount of money you can earn through this program. Although the flow of money is slow, it is consistent.

Namecheap also helps its users for marketing through its gallery of banners, and stickers. As a member of any of the three networks, Namecheap will provide you with free material for their upcoming promos, sales offers, and discounts. These make Namecheap easy to use. You can put these banners and links on your site and start getting traffic within the hour.

Namecheap Commissions Vs. Wealthy Affiliate Commissions

Competition in the online world is a common thing. While Namecheap Affiliate has been operating since 2000, other competitors have rolled in too over the years. One of the biggest competitors of Namecheap Affiliate is Wealthy Affiliate. Since I know both of the websites well, I will jot down some points for you. And then you get to be the judge of them:

  • Namecheap affiliate offers online safety to its users that helps them to hide their info. Wealthy Affiliate has no security for domain names that it provides.
  • Although the Namecheap commissions’ plan is much more straightforward and easy to use, it uses % to provide you with your earnings. On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate has a detailed plan that tells you the exact amount in dollars. This helps in clarifying the amount of money you will get.
  • Namecheap offers material such as banners, promo posters for ease of its users. Wealthy Affiliate does not provide its users with this.
  • Wealthy Affiliate has a commissions plan for free and paid members both. This means that you can even earn money as a free member without putting a penny of your own. On the other hand, you have to buy a domain name and enroll yourself in a commission network to start at Namecheap.
  • Namecheap Affiliate is way cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate. It even has a promo deal of selling the domain name at 88 cents! Wealthy Affiliate on the other charges $8 per year for every domain name that you buy.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is not only a platform for making money through commissions. It offers two fantastic courses and a teaching experience that Namecheap does not provide.


As an online marketer, it never hurts to have a steady income on the side. Namecheap Affiliate promises a profit from its three best of the market commission networks with its clear cut plans. The 2 million users of Namecheap Affiliate proves the credibility of the web domain providers. The Commissions Junction network alone has 1 million users enrolled that have been getting steady income through its plan. Apart from all these offers, it provides you with the tool of Domain Search Widget that you can add to your website. This tool attracts customers two times as it helps them find unique domain names. It also directs them to the Namecheap website using your referral link. Moreover, the site has regular offers that give you an edge over the other affiliates.

Best CFD Affiliate

In this article, we will explore the best CFD Affiliate program out there by eToro. But before we dive into it, there is one thing I want to clear out. One of the major misconceptions that people have regarding Affiliate marketing is that they need a website to do it. If you do a random Google search about how much time people spend on online platforms, you will be surprised. Most people prefer scrolling through their Facebook and WhatsApp more than reading through online website articles. This means social media has more traffic than online websites. Ergo, I prove my point that to be a successful affiliate marketer, you do not need a website, especially in the case of eToro.

For some people making and maintaining an online website just for affiliate marketing can be a hasty job. According to interviews conducted by successful affiliates, we learned that the key to affiliate marketing is the use of low involvement/low maintenance marketing sites. These are mostly your Facebook wall, online groups, and personal contacts. This means you do not have to maintain a whole website to attract people. If you can get people to sign up using your link through a WhatsApp convo, you will get a commission for it! Let’s look into a few mediums other than online websites that can be used for Affiliate marketing:

  1. Videos: That’s right; you can even earn money by making short videos and convincing people to try out your referred link. This is made more effective if you already have a Facebook or YouTube Page with a decent following. But if you are lucky, you can once in a blue moon find online websites willing to put up your video for free.
  2. Blog Posts: Creating your blog using WordPress can hardly take more than an hour. Set up your blog, and you are good to go. With the help of eToro, you can start CFD affiliate marketing within the hour.
  3. Online Groups: If you are part of online groups on WhatsApp or Facebook, you can easily target thousands of people. Post your CFD Affiliate link on the group, and your commissions will start to roll in.

What are CFDs?

But before we dive into eToro CFD Affiliate programs, we need to know what CFDs are. CFD stands for ‘Contract for Difference’ and is only available in online trading. It is a trading method where the investor can reach out to a CFD broker instead of buying the asset themselves. One of the most significant advantages of CFD trading is that it saves you the hassle of purchasing the asset yourself. Other key benefits of CFDs are:

Many excellent affiliate networks are here that allow us to promote quality products and generate the safest income on the internet. For instance, there is network eToro that welcomes you and also trains you to generate your first-ever buck on the internet

  1. Go long or Go short: As you go through a broker, they guide you according to your financial position. So now you can either go for the big fish or look for small assets.
  2. Diversify with ease: The traditional trading does not bound you, the whole online trading market is your game. Now you can quickly diversify into different markets and create a mixed portfolio for yourself.
  3. Apply leverage: If the above two points did not convince you, this definitely will. Yes, my friend in the investment world ‘More with less’ can be real. In the case of CFDs, the brokers make sure that you invest a minimum of your capital and maximum leverage. Leverage can be in forms of loans from other banks or other investment opportunities. So with a minimum capital of your own, you can earn a huge chunk of money.

Although one thing that eToro itself clarifies is that CFD trading is risky trading. This means if you invest in the CFD method, make sure you know how to read trends, forecast future returns, and assess risk against it. Since it is a risk trading method, the return is very high too. But what most of the investors don’t know is that the higher the return, the more you risk losing. So around 75% of the investors working through CFD trading at eToro are at a loss. So make sure you know your financial basis before investing in CFDs.

Even though for CFD Affiliate, you don’t need a maintained website or grammar skills, but you need basic info regarding investment 101. Because trading through CFDs can be highly tricky. And one of the most effective tools to sell your product is to know your product yourself. So if you opt for eToro partners, you must familiarize yourself with CFD trading first.

Why is eToro the best CFD trading website?

There is money of reasons that make even the riskiest CFD trading quite easy with eToro:

  • EToro has the most regulated brokers compared to the online trading world. Since CFD trading is conducted through these brokers, it is essential to have up-to-date market info. EToro currently has 9 million users that are being facilitated by these brokers.
  • EToro provides you more options than traditional trading. CFD trading can only be conducted online, which allows the investor to diversify his portfolio. Which means you can have assets, currencies, indices all in one single portfolio.
  • As I mentioned earlier, CFD trading is one of the riskiest online tradings. But to make it easy, the eToro app provides you with advanced risk management features. The purpose of this software is to send you an alert in case of any market changes.
  • Even as a beginner investor, eToro provides you with a 1:30 leverage option. This is the highest leverage ratio offered by any other investment apps. Furthermore, as you become a pro client, this ratio can be further increased according to your experience and success.
  • EToro has a CopyTrader tool that allows you to copy the portfolio of any successful trader.
  • The customer care helpline of eToro is available for all users 24 hours a day.

eToro Partners Program:

Now since you are updated all on the topic of CFD trading, let’s talk about the eToro CFD Affiliate program. All the online members who are also engaging in eToro Affiliate program as referred to as eToro Partners. When you sign up as eToro Partner, eToro provides you with a partner link. Now this partner link is your coin machine.

Each time an investor clicks your partner link, they are directed to various sites of eToro. Your partner link can be about eToro’s Investment Network or any promo offers. If any visitor decides to go with the eToro CFD trading, and register for it, you get a commission. eToro Partners Program keeps a firm track of your progress as an affiliate and the amount of referral traffic you generated. You get a commission for your referrals based on the plan you chose.

Instead of Pay Per Click (PPC) method, eToro follows the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) method. Now following are a few rules that each visitor must meet before they are a valid referral:

  • The referred visitor must be completely new to eToro. This means they must have no prior account or any other account registered at eToro. The partners’ program uses strict rules for CPA and does a background check for each new referral. The visitor will not be a referral if they already have an eToro account.
  • After visiting the social network of eToro, they must sign up. You will only earn a commission if your referral opens its eToro account for trading.
  • Apart from trading, your referred visitor must also engage in Affiliate marketing of eToro. Which means that they must bring in at least $10 commissions to eToro per year. With every referral your referral brings in, you get a % of their commission.

EToro provides its partners with an easy way to do affiliate marketing without actually owning a website. This breaks through the barriers of traditional affiliate marketing. The partners’ dashboard has features for the commission account. You can also change your payment method to Skrill, Wire Transfer, and Neteller or even to your eToro investment account.

For you to cash in your commission as an affiliate, your eWallet must have a minimum of $100. And if you are using a Wire Transfer, you must have at least $500 of commissions before you cash them.


EToro currently has one of the most straightforward CFD Affiliates Program. CFD trading itself is the high risk/high return trading, but with the help of eToro, it is easy to earn commission in it. The eToro Partners program helps you make commissions through referrals and provides you with marketing tools. EToro itself keeps track of your referral traffic. But if you would like to keep a record of your referral activity, you can ask eToro to activate the Pixel feature for you. This feature allows even the partners to monitor their progress. So what are you waiting for? Go to and click on ‘Join Now’ to begin your CFD affiliate journey.