Is Affiliate Marketing Legit?

It’s great to see how the internet has generated several opportunities for people all around the world to earn some good income. There used to be a time when people had to opt for a 9 to 5 job, that too, for a specific income they got at the end of every month. However, now things have changed to a whole other level. It’s that time when people can work online and earn as much money as they want and withdraw it any time they want to.

Speaking of which, when we say “online earning opportunities,” we are basically referring you to businesses like blogging, eCommerce and affiliate marketing, etc. Among these three, affiliate marketing is trending right now, and that’s what we will be talking about today. If you are someone interested in this field, this article is a must-read for you because today, we will tell you all about affiliate marketing and whether you should get into it.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process where an affiliate earns a commission by marketing the products or services. Usually, what businesses do nowadays is that instead of spending time on devising and implementing a marketing strategy for their products, they hire affiliates, and then on each product sold, they provide them a decided commission.

This is the simple process that people know as affiliate marketing, and as days are passing, we’ve seen more and more people joining this business, making a good amount of money. As far as the sale tracking is concerned, it’s done through affiliate links. Every time a visitor clicks on an affiliate link used by the affiliate in his blogs or on his website. When the visitor buys a product from that link, the commission gets generated for the affiliate.

Is It Worth Your Efforts?

Well, on a serious note earning through affiliate marketing is a time-consuming process, and it requires some real-time effort. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t give up easily and has the ability to put in his efforts and skills with consistency, then yes, this is definitely the right job for you.

There are people who think that online earning is like magic and that they can become rich overnight. Yes, the internet provides you with opportunities to work from home and make money, but as said earlier, it takes time. In the case of affiliate marketing, it can take you a period of 6 months, at least, and after that, you might see some income coming towards you. It will take you some time because affiliate marketing is trending right now, and people are opting for this business model at a rapid pace. When there are so many people working on the same thing, it will be hard for you to come and compete with them. You need proper marketing skills and extraordinary knowledge to stand out from the crowd.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

After linking the seller with the consumer, you might be wondering how will you get paid as an affiliate? This is a little complicated to understand because it’s not always necessary that a visitor buys the product, and then you get the kickback for it. It depends on your program! There are some companies that pay their affiliates just for driving traffic on their website, and they pay them even if there’s nothing purchased.

Here’s how an affiliate can get paid;

1-Pay per sale

This is the type that we were talking about earlier. In this case, the affiliate gets paid a part of the commission promised to him when a consumer buys the company’s product through his affiliate link. You have to use your marketing skills to convince the investor to invest in the product so that you can make money out of the sales.

2-Pay per lead

This is an even more complex system to understand. In Pay Per Lead, the company gives compensation to the affiliate when he converts the leads for them. Here, you have to persuade the consumer that he visits the website of the merchant and completes a desired action like filling out a survey form or signing up for a trial of the product or subscribing to the newsletter, etc.

3-Pay per click

This is the easiest of all methods where you get paid just when a consumer clicks on your merchant’s site. Yes, you read that, right! It’s more like driving traffic and getting paid for it. Here, it doesn’t matter if the consumer is filling out a form on the merchant’s website or actually buying a product, you’ll just be paid for the clicks in this program.

Now that you know how affiliate marketing works, it’s time to tell you about some of the best basic benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer.

Why Become An Affiliate Marketer?

If you are still confused about why you should opt for this business model when several other options are standing for you in line, then there are things you need to know about becoming an affiliate marketer. Starting with;

1-It’s a great source of passive income

Usually, to earn money, you have to stay active and use the laptop all the time. But in affiliate marketing, things are a little easier. We mean by “easy” here that even when you are sleeping, you’ll still be making money if you choose this business model. The more people click on your affiliate link and the more they buy the merchant’s product, the more money will be added. It all falls back to your marketing skills. If you are skillful enough, you’ll be making a great deal of money even when you aren’t active on your computer.

2-No customer support required

Usually, when an individual marketer is working for a company, trying to sell products, he has to provide customer support to the customers and make sure that they are satisfied. Well, when it comes to an affiliate marketer, there’s not such thing required, and it’s not your job at all to satisfy any customers. All you have to do is to act as a bridge between the seller and the consumer, and that’s all. There’s not need for you to be worried about working hard and making customers happy by staying active for them 24/7, answering their queries, and solving their problems. You do what’s best for you, and that’s “marketing.”

3-It’s work from home

Don’t you like to sit back and relax on your couch and work from home to make some passive income? Back then, it was much like a dream come true for people who had tough 9 to 5 jobs, but things have changed now. With affiliate marketing, all you need is a computer and a table and a chair. You can put it in your shared work space or dedicate an area of your house to work. It’s your choice, but not matter what it is, you clearly don’t have to worry about dressing up for the office every day and working under your boss, dealing with his moods.

4-You can become rich

Yes, you definitely can become rich with affiliate marketing, and if you search it online, you’ll see several people who made some big-time money in this field. But here’s the real challenge! You have to stay patient to see the results. It’s not magic, and you clearly can’t expect marvelous results in a month. To become “rich” in this business, you need at least to do some hard work for two years because that’s the requirement of this business. The more you wait, the more you use your skills, the more effective your marketing strategies are, the more results you’ll get.

5-Reward is based on your performance

Unlike an office job where even if you give your best, you still get paid a decided amount of figure with little to not incentives, this field and this job as an affiliate will earn you money based on your performance. The better you perform, the more sales you drive, the more money you’ll make. It’s all about honing your skills in reviewing products and writing effective and engaging campaigns to drive customers.

Overall Verdict

We’ve told you everything you should know about affiliate marketing, and as you can see, there’s not way in the world that this business is not worth a try. It requires effort, patience, time, and great marketing skills, so if you have all of these qualities in you, then why wait?

Here we’d suggest that if you are already doing a 9 to 5 job to make ends meet, then don’t leave it. You can start affiliate marketing as a side business and invest time in it when you come back from work. With your skills and efforts, a time will come when you will be able to replace your job with your affiliate marketing business. Just have some faith!

Make Extra Money At Home With SFI4

The title suggests that we are talking about starting work on a side other than your true calling. . You would ponder over the ways that might end up fulfilling your dreams.

It would help if you considered that you don’t have enough time on your plate to give it to a side job. Your full-time job is already getting you stressed so that the other work must be painstaking. If you contemplate over it, it would seem not very easy.

How to earn a lot of money on the side through apart from your regular job? Huh!

SFI4 will make it work in your favor. In this article, we are going to articulate to you how you can get rich with SFI4.

Before getting started, let us give you a clear insight into SFI4 and how it works. When you know about it, we shall tell you how to get started to it and what advantages it will bring to your basket.

SFI is the acronym for Strong Future International having its headquarters in Nebraska. The Carson services took this initiative in 1998. Since then, it has loads of success under its name and leads the world publishing market.

Now, SFI4 has trillions of users who have the network’s access from 200 countries. Thus, it is said to be the first network in the world of marketing.

SFI4 is also associated with Veriuni and the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs. Hence, it lets the products that belong to our personal life, hygiene, and telecommunication get marketed.

What can you expect from SFI4?

The top-notch marketing network in the business field lets the vendors market for their products independently through the affiliate.

Vendors can market for the products that they sell for attracting a potential customer ship from throughout the world.

When a vendor uses SFI4 to market for the product, he won’t have to invest anything into getting started. In return, the user will be paid a commission for his products that gets sold. The amount that one earns depends on the size and network of the vendor’s shop.

In the past twenty years after its establishment, SFI4 has been the means through which many people earn. It has built a significant number of Successful Affiliate Members who get made a sum of commission every month.

The most surprising and spectacular aspect of SFI4 is that the user gets earned residual income continually. The hard work required out of him was just for one, but the earning will continue as long as the products remain in the market and get sold.

Well, now we know that SFI4 has a lot of startling benefits for anyone who wants to earn big time. The nest question that comes is, how does SFI4 work? Let’s get to know about it.

How can you earn excessively from SFI4?

When one makes up his mind to go for SFI4, he gets two options. He can either register himself on through the Eye Earn website for free or directly use the leading SFI site to sign up. Ultimately, you will get your position among the line of potential members of the site.

In the next coming 30 days after you have joined SFI4, you can update your membership and transform into an Executive Affiliate member. This is how you will get your place among the dominant line of members and would get able to earn a lot of money every coming month when new people join.

Once you are on board with SFI4 and opts to promote your site URL, this will lead to bringing more affiliates towards your network. After getting upgraded into an executive member, your income will soar high in the sky.

Moreover, in this way, you can also get a retail commission whenever a product gets sold from your SFI4 built store.

Suppose you want to know more regarding the Compensation Plan and the income that comes through that. You can do that by visiting the Compensation Plan menu that exists in the SFI Members Area.

If you really want to get successful as a SFI4 user, you need to stop procrastinating and doubting its credibility. SFI4 is a believable opportunity for you that can make you earn hefty sums of money.

Have a look at the gazillion of successful vendors it has produced, who are earning every month via SFI4. In the past 20 years, it has made a lot of people receive a lot who believed in it and invested their time and energy into it.

Once you have decided that you are going to execute your business via SFI4 today, make sure to stick to it and never recoil back. Get with the flow, and don’t turn back. Suppose you are keen to earn loads of money to get done with any critical matter. Here is a big-time opportunity for you that you must consider.

What are the considerable SFI4 Subdivisions?

Triple Clicks:

This subdivision of SFI4 affiliate started working back in the year 2009. It is one of the spectacular destinations available on the web for the vendors.

TripleClicks is the store for a wide variety of products, most of which are exclusive and are not available at any other place on the internet. In the store, new and refined products are added each day.

With TripleClicks, the users can sell their products online that are not wanted by them without investing any efforts into it. Either the users can trade the products, or they can sell them for money.

The ones having their affiliation with TripleClicks can market for their products and get a commission for that on all the products that they sell.

Eye Earn

This is another global platform that SFI4 offers you. It lets you advertise your products quickly and effortlessly. You mustn’t mind if you are not acquainted with the perfect know-how of advertisement with this feature. Anyone who is starting from scratch can do this form of advertising correctly.

You don’t require any previous experience to dispatch on this ride. Moreover, it is amusing to market, advertise, and sell your products with

Eye Earn has this motto to get you included in its personified form of advertising networks. This way, you can receive the residual income while you are busy with your other home chores.

This platform lets the vast number of big brand names to work with SFI’s Executive Bonus program in a compound form.

It is the home for a considerable number of big and significant brands and vendors from all around the globe. The companies associated with it include iTunes, and eBay, etc.

How can one check out his money with SFI4?

When you have finally started your business with SFI4 affiliate and your earning has dispatched through that. Here comes the question of how you will get able to check out all this money. PayPal is one way through which you can obtain your SFI4 earned commissions.

With PayPal, you can withdraw all your money immediately without losing much effort into it. If you have linked your PayPal account with your Bank account, it will help you to get the cash in your bank account so that you can check it out within a few days.

How do the SFI4 users feel about it?

Among the SFI4 users, it is a mainstream opinion that getting signed up with this site has helped them earn in flamboyant ways. It provides the users with enough revenue that he can finally stand on his feet and make his financial ends meet.

When one is being serious about SFI4 and using it effectively, the earning can begin in just a few hours. It is such a mind-blowing opportunity that you can carry out without investing great efforts. Moreover, the earning would be legit wholesome.

Parting summary words:

If you have been making your mind to get started with SFI4, now you must have a better knowledge of what you are signing up for. It is the best available slot through which you can earn a great deal of money.

While getting registered to SFI4, you can expect a lot of money to come out of it for you that can literally make you productive overnight. No worries if you don’t have any business knowledge or advertising guts from before.SFI4 will train you from free before you begin to sell out your business, develop a great business, and start earning with it.

Choose the subdivision that better suits you and get started. In the beginning, if you are not doing great on SFI4, you must continue with it without looking backward. This is the only way with which you can kiss the height of success as a business personality via SFI4.

What Is Google Keyword Tool

You cannot even imagine starting a successful google site with no use of Keyword tool. On Google, it is just the game of keywords that let you get ranked and make you become successful. Even if your written stuff is wholesome and qualitative but with not so good usage of keywords, your chances of getting successful are too low.

So, before you abruptly go to use google keywords tool, it is mandatory that you learn about that. We are writing this article for the very same reason.

You aim to become a successful google website holder, thus you want to know how your content creation must be as it is the reason for your website’s success.

Google keyword tool helps you to know what are those keywords for which the users search google more often.

What is a Google Keyword planner?

So, you want to know about Google keyword planners. Google has served our life and all its means with abundance. It doesn’t want you to keep contemplating over the best and in demand keywords. This is how it brings to you its keyword planer. Here you can get signed up and as per your targeted market, get to know all the versatile keywords.

Its not just that! With Google Keyword planner your businesses get to flourish and grow more. Here is an account how it does happen.

How Google keyword planner helps you to grow businesses?

People only acknowledge a business when they want something that you offer. Be it a service that your business offers them, or be it the required products. They will only get to notice them when they really fall in need of them.

Google is the most used search engine where people come to search for everything they want to have or want to know. Now, your businesses really get a chance to become spectacular if Google ranks them and they appear on topmost places on the Google list. How does that happen? With perfect usage of keywords.

No matter how stunning your products are, while using keywords that don’t stand out no one will even know that your business exists. You really need to stick to the usage of keywords assorted by Google keyword planner, only then it becomes appeasing that your business is going to get some notice in the market.

1# Pop up at first when you have in store what people search on Google:

Google has taken by storm the life of every human who lives on the planet and feels like researching about anything. When people want to know what do to do next with their life, when they find places to move to or when they look for products that they can buy. Google strikes them as the engine that knows everything.

If you too have something well to offer to the people, Google will show you to the targeted market. However, you need to be certain that you are not employing keywords that are useless and for which no ones searches.

Your incredible products can remain from catching the customers attraction just due to the fact that you haven’t made outclass use of keywords in the content.

Now, if you want your content to really strike the customer’s attraction, you need to search on Google Keyword planner what are the some keywords that Google users search for usually.

Only add the keywords in your content that gather huge traffic to you. In this way, your website would be able to rank at a top place on Google.

What stunning benefits can the use of Google Keyword planner bring to you?

Only with the use of correct keywords, you can witness such startling changes appearing in the viewership of your website.

Here we will give you an account of few benefits that apt usage of keywords bring in the ratings of your website.

1# Increase the number of people who visit your website

When a website gets high ranks on Google, it ultimately starts receiving a better number of potential clients visiting it daily.

Comparatively, to those websites who might offer brilliant products to the customers and would have developed amazing content to sell that with no usage of powerful keywords, the sites using Google Keyword tool will rank higher.

When the sites happen to rank high, definitely more customers catch a glimpse of them and click on their link to see what it offers inside. This is how, majorly Google Keyword planner has been useful in getting you more and better internet traffic.

2# Gets you more phone calls for business purpose

You would have featured your business number on the site that you are using for advertisement purpose. The interested customers might eventually call you to know more details regarding your business and to get a better insight of what you offer.

This brings a massive increment to your business and sales and gets you a wide range of potential clientele.

3# More customers visit your store after seeing what you advertises

Your website works as a mean of your business advertisement. There you articulate all that you offer in your brand what leads to attract the customers towards your store.

Among the massive number of customers who are out there, there is a huge probability for you to meet the potential clients too who really require your services or products.

They will reach out to your store or business outlet to buy what they demand. This will end up flourishing your business, as you will get a more sound customer ship.

Why is Google Keyword Tool better than the other existing keyword tools?

Googles knows about things that others can never get their hands on. Also, the server in question is Google, so anything Tool that is related to it will bring you more success.

We acknowledge that their is a variety of keyword planners available on the internet and it is no denying that all of them work pretty awesome. But, none of them can beat how astonishingly Google Keyword planner works.

When the credibility and the liability is concerned, nothing will be able to beat the Google Keyword Planner. It takes you to the keyword that get you enough required traffic and eventually gets your site ranked on the top.

If we have really made your mind and brought you to notice how fascinating Google keyword planner is. We shall get you some tips to get started on it.

How to get started on a successful journey with Google keyword planner?

Well, you can only make the most out of anything if you know how to use it effectively. The rest of our article will help you know about that.

Filter your audience and set up a budget

When you register yourself on Google Keyword planner, you will have four options to choose one from.

You are allowed to enter a phrase to generate the keyword via that.

Mention any website to obtain the keywords according to that

Choose a category and get keywords that would help you

You can know about the keyword volume and what keyword trends are leading the market.

It briefs you about the keywords that have been trending previously so you may get a better idea what keyword is going to lead the internet market more.

Gets you a regional knowledge about the keyword’s performance:

Not all the keywords are for all the regions. The search for keyword varies depending on the difference in regions.

If a keyword has more search volume in a lot of regions, it doesn’t guarantee you that your region has to be among one of them. The keyword getting traffic to different sites across the borders might end up not standing out in your region.

So, before selecting a keyword to use in your content, you must from before know how it works in your area.

Where a lot of keywords tools fail to bring you this knowledge, Google Keyword planner effectively tells you what keyword is meant to work in your area.

Go for the quality!

If you are planning to use keywords excessively throughout your content, we assure that comparing to it, the better thing is if you choose the keyword with quality as its significance.

Keep these two things in mind while using Google Keyword planner

  • To generate a keyword, write down the words that have relevance with your website content and business. This will lead you to get better and high performance keywords.
  • If you enter any specifically sorted page on your site, Google Keyword tool will generate the keywords after viewing your page.


The world is shifting, so are the means of advertising too. Google Keyword Planner is a reliable source that lets you get access of the credible and high performance keywords. These keywords work to help your website obtain a better rank on the search engine and eventually a sound customer ship.

ENOM INC vs. Wealthy Affiliate

Visualize sitting back and viewing the money rolling in your account, and you do not even have to recruit anyone or hitting up any relatives on social media. For that matter, not even have to lift a finger. Companies like ENom, Inc., and Wealthy Affiliate help people make gather all of this, and that too at a snip rate. The numbers of affiliate platforms in both are very large, providing ease and comfort of choice.

The article provides the right information to people for making educated purchase choices. Various reviews by consumers are composed and weighed concerning customer evaluations and endorsements of Enom, INC, and Wealthy Affiliate. The basis of scores is set on relevant benchmarks and exhibits that calculate the performance of the company over a while.

ENom, Inc. is a Web hosting company involves in selling different products tied narrowly to domain names, for example, e-mail services, software for Website building, and SSL certificates. Around 15 million are managed by ENom, Inc.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) structure or an exact pyramid of marketing levels; however, it provides essentials of both. Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform; it offers online courses based on affiliate marketing. Instituted in 2005, it has developed into a big community comprising above 1.4 million followers; most of them are online marketers and entrepreneurs.


As ENom, Inc. and Wealthy Affiliate have similar domain services and ranking in the hosting category, while in the customer service category, ENom, Inc. is doing better 27 categories of ENom, Inc. and 12 of Wealthy Affiliate. They provide more hosting devices to make a selecting even offering a few dedicated servers, and services of web building, and provide a wide-ranging feature list than its competitor. The basic purpose of Wealthy Affiliate is to teach money-making techniques through which creating websites based on any topic is explained.

ENom, Inc. web hosting is a platform that provides professional help with above 10 million domains, any hosting bundle that fulfills the requirements of any business can be customized. In comparison, Wealthy Affiliate is a website aimed to offer training and tools to affiliate marketing professionals. They also make available latest programs for training that are intended at augmenting the websites for businesses and generating online traffic to the selected websites.

While ENom, Inc. provides a platform for shared hosting, it is amongst the widely used domain name registrars online, with several plans to suit reseller accounts, accounts for all three types low level, intermediate and high-level affiliates who can make more than $3,000/day; and even gurus of affiliate marketing who can make more than $10,000/day. Perhaps on Wealthy Affiliate, one cannot earn money. But it offers a method to make money. The objective using the tools and training programs by Wealthy Affiliate to stimulate any number of services, facilities, and merchandise presented online or through the internet.

ENom, Inc. promises a 99.9% up time in shared hosting for its services. The data hubs that ENom, Inc. maintains provide superior features and infrastructures comprising additional power supplies and 24-hour security, permitting the corporation to deliver protected and consistent hosting services.

Quality of Customers services:

If we look into the algorithm based – Customer behavior and Satisfaction, we will collect mixed reviews by the customers for both the companies, as anyone who is in the decision-making process for buying Hosting Services, it’s essential to realize not only how professionals appraise the services in the analyses, but also to learn if the businesses and public who purchase it is contented with the products. Both are lacking in some area of customer services and are not regarded as very responsive. Often we can find of non-responsiveness and

ENOM, INC. and Wealthy Affiliate Consumer Ratings

ENOM, INC Wealthy Affiliate
Rank 25 out of 169 in the Hosting category 19 out of 169 in the Hosting category
Customer service 27 in category 12 in category
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy 14 in category 16 in category
Price Affordability 35 in category 35 in category
Website 32 in category 24 in category



Wealthy Affiliate’s training explains the user methods of creating a website authority inside the several categories Wealthy Affiliate deals in and provides training. They provide hosting, a website, and other services. To turn total newbies into effective affiliate marketing persons, online boot camps are very operational. ENom, Inc, Inc products range include VPS plans, web hosting, tools for building websites, reseller accounts, domain names, DNS hosting, registration services, and more.

Price affordability:

Wealthy affiliation is more price effective than ENom, Inc., but there is no real payment, as such, while transferring any domain to ENom, Inc. or amongst diverse ENom, Inc. accounts. Though, payment has to be made for the transfer, as an extra renewal year is added to a great number of transfers. Everything that is transferred in both domains is managed by the registry. Another year to the date of expiry is added at the registry of any domain, which charged to the acquiring registrar for an added year of renewal. Therefore, this charge is distributed to the client. Upon completion of any transfer, the expiry date of the domain will have augmented by another year. This makes ENom, Inc. affordable and ease of choosing what you need is another feature that makes it affordable. This makes it more affordable and price-effective.

User satisfaction:

The user satisfaction and review on ENom, Inc suggests improvements are required in the area of customer support and services the reviews on some forums are not very encouraging as late night and weekend calls are not replied, and a customer was unhappy about not getting refunded on payment made erroneously through credit card. Similarly, billing problems and no reply have been commented by customers for wealthy affiliates as well.

Salient features of ENom, Inc. and wealthy affiliates

Both provide a platform that is designed for affiliate marketing at major levels, although they have different strategies; still, the goal to be achieved is similar. If the training and startup help is required, than Wealthy Affiliate is the choice, but in case of any need of prevalent and commonly used applications in any software set, ENom, Inc. will be there to help.

Although the affiliate marketing is not a piece of cake as per many types of research, while marketer is trying to foster associations, focusing on the niches, focusing on some key partners, and creating a structure that produces performances for the Affiliate and the advertiser both, and still affiliate marketers succeed to gain profits and bring changes for the business on a large scale. Wealth affiliates help in transforming the concepts into earnings. Providing more than a million money-spinning niches for a business startup. Wealthy Affiliate helps startup businesses in choosing the right direction for starting a business.

The choice of applications and their usage that fundamentally are greatly suitable for any business’s exclusive requirements is taken care of through a market-leader in a web host and software solutions. They have millions of subscribers and have an answer to what is the requirement of the business.

If hosting Services at ENom, Inc. is reviewed with fundamentals that the businesses may seek in any software, for example, the fee structure, chief features, accessible integrations, etc.and comfort of selecting several online solutions that are suitable for the company’s requirement.

Both ENom, Inc. and Wealthy affiliates give out open trials of such apps, online reviews and descriptions are also available of products of both the companies, anyone wishes to get involved in working on this can investigate accurately and understand what he must buy or use. The possibility to research profoundly is guaranteed to help the buyer in finding the optimum software platforms for the unique requirements of any company.

To construct good-looking websites ready to make profits. Not even requires a designing capability. Wealthy Affiliate and ENom, Inc. both assist businesses in building such a website in very short spell time. They both have secure hosting, ultra-powerful, and state of the art, technology to assist businesses with affiliate marketing and web-hosting.


In the above article, all the aspects of similarities and differences between both the companies have been discussed. Affiliate marketing in the present time is a necessary investment for any company trying to make an impact in online selling or even in retailing. Both companies provide different and assorted platforms to cater to different needs of the businesses regardless of their stages of operations. They offer a wide variety of products and training programs that can help in every stage of a business operation to make an impact in case of need and according to the requirements. Easy to use and comforting plans available, which are easy to choose, and user-friendly packages are available from both companies for customers.

How Do You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

Want to buy that favorite pair of shoes or upgrade your car? But, don’t have enough money in the pocket! Well, don’t worry as there are myriad of online money-making platforms to help you earn well. If you haven’t tried online work because you have low confidence and fell afraid that you don’t know enough yet, then it is the best strategy to get started with Wealthy Affiliate. When I say that it is an excellent site for beginners in terms of exploring and learning about how to make money online, I am a literally a hundred percent sure!

Interested to know how to use Wealthy Affiliate? If yes, this article is a must-read as I have made an effort to compile all the relevant information and tactics necessary for making money with Wealthy Affiliate. Although, I can’t say that there exists a simple magic trick that will work for all of us, but I am quite sure that after interpreting the guidelines, you will be able to craft your path towards success and will start earning handsome commissions with Wealthy Affiliate soon.

Before jumping to the terrific ideas for making money, I would like you to know about Wealthy Affiliate- what it actually is and how it works. It is good to understand the working principles before starting the work so that you have full command.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

If I try to explain in simple words, Wealthy Affiliate is an online income generating platform where anyone can sign up to learn how to create an online business to make money. The website is designed dynamically for beginners as well as experts to learn each and every bit about potential online marketing techniques and tools.

Wealthy Affiliate is a legit platform and a golden opportunity for online business. In fact, it is a great service that teaches ENDLESS ways to the members to earn money with affiliate marketing. The platform helps you to find out a good niche, create engaging content, and build a search engine optimized website. There are guidelines for every necessary task required to set up an online business. You can learn from registering the domain name until the deployment of web hosting. The only thing that is required is a strong commitment, diligence, and passion on your part. No matter what approach you adopt, you can rest assured that with effort and struggle, you will be able to achieve your dreams.

Ways You Can Use To Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate

Create an Online Business

You have always wanted to earn that extra bit of money via online business so that you can spend extravagantly. But how to do it exactly with Wealthy Affiliate? Well, the platform offers you all the required tools necessary for establishing an online business successfully. Today’s digital world promises a great opportunity of success for new businesses. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, WA is the right platform to make it possible!

Here are some business ideas you can create on wealthy affiliate for making more :

Run a Blog

One of my young cousins recently upgraded to his dream car and when I asked him how he was able to accomplish that, his answer kind of shocked me – he had a blog on WA which paid him a hefty paycheqe every month! Sounds crazy? Doesn’t it? But, it is true! In fact, it is one of the excellent options for money-making. There are so many people looking for information on the internet. If you are able to reach and target the right audience, you can earn a fortune!

Run an Online Store

Another way of earning online with Wealthy Affiliate is to create your online business. Online stores have become a big hit now due to their convenience; you can reach more audiences and hence, get more sales. What if you don’t have your own business and products to sale? Well, no worries at all – you can still make a profit via affiliate programs; just sell other people’s products!

Run a Website

You can create any kind of website to make money online – it is not necessary to run a blog or an online store always! Suppose you think you have an amazing reporter writing skill, you can use it too. But how? Well, you can build an informative website and keep an update on the world events on it. if you get enough audience, you can start earning money with advertisements. Isn’t it amazing that you are not even spending a dime, still you will be earning money!

However, I recommend that you undergo the WA Training Sessions and use the training and use the defined tools and resources while you are building your affiliate marketing website as it will assist in ranking to the top and obtaining more clicks.

Use the Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program

One of the interesting ways to earn money through Wealthy Affiliate is to become a member of the WA Referral Program – it is just like other referral programs where you earn commission by referring people. How does it actually work? Well, it is simple – it means that you have to invite people for joining WA sign-up program; the more people you bring, the more commission you get! Talking of details, WA offers two different types of commission earnings depending on your membership of Wealthy Affiliate. If you are a starter member with a free account, you might get less commission that the premium account holders who are paying for their membership. Even for starter members, the commission is a good amount!

Create Training and Tutorials on Wealthy Affiliate

If you think you are good at delivering tutorials and pieces of training, it is best to utilize that skill on Wealthy Affiliate. Thinking of how to create engaging content? Well, the idea is basic – you have to grasp the audience’s attention by identifying their interests. Most of the people are in WA because they dream of earning successfully online, but they are not aware of how to do it! There you go – as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can offer lessons and seminars on online money-making tips and tricks.

Thinking of how much you will be making by this approach? Well, the amount depends on how many people visit your tutorials and the amount of likes/ comments gained. So, try to be as creative and innovative as possible for earning greater payments!

HOW TO START on Wealthy Affiliate?

Motivated to join Wealthy Affiliate but not sure about how to start? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to pay a single penny for it – you don’t even need to own your own credit card for registration. There is a free sign-up account option with the provision of 2 free websites where you can create an online business. With the free account, you can also use the WA Referral Program. However, if you are planning to earn money via training and tutorials, you will need a premium membership account.

What is it like to Work with Wealthy Affiliate?

Interested in knowing how is it like to work with wealthy affiliate? Although there are self-explanatory and amazingly designed courses and training on WA, still it is possible that you feel stuck at some point. I can assure you that the Wealthy Affiliate Community is one of the most cooperative and fabulous work community you will find on the internet as people here are readily available to extend extra support to their colleagues in tough times. You will find many people here from moms, dads to students, all working to achieve the same dream. Whether you are a newbie or an expert entrepreneur, you need to give WA a shot. I can positively say that as you decide to join the platform, you are taking one step ahead towards a brighter and secure future.

Stay Passionate and Keep Working – It comes slowly and gradually


Liking the idea of online business and becoming your own boss? As easy as it sounds, be careful of the fact that whether you opt for a blog or an online store, you need patience for the successful accomplishment. Honestly, speaking Wealthy Affiliate is not a quick getting rich platform rather it can take months for building your business from scratch and understanding the strategies required for a successful online earning venture.

If you are sick of those quick earn scams, you surely need to put your time and effort in Wealthy Affiliate. For establishing a real and substantial business on Wealthy Affiliate, give it some time. Don’t start panicking in the beginning- things will start working gradually. However, once you are on the right track, then there is no coming back!

Pamtree Review

Are you an entrepreneur whose business tends to face problems due to the loss of organization? Does your business suffer due to a structureless environment? Do you dream of having the ability to work anywhere, anytime, and keep your business running even after the business hours, not caring about having a proper office work space? If so, then this article is for you!

Pam tree is a multi-level marketing network management site made with the motive of encouraging fresh business minds to expand, think out of the box, and pitch in new ideas round the clock. This application understands the modernity of businesses and careers of today. It cooperates with the fact that businesses no longer need a physical office, and that they merely need a laptop and an internet connection. This way, an enterprise can operate without having to have a proper space. Moreover, it also understands that not all the businessmen or women are comfortable around the works of technology and hence provides a complete customized demo for the sign up process, they even provide email and phone support to their customers and run regular webinar training sessions to help businesses and their teams make the most out of the Palm tree multi-level marketing services.

When starting, you will realize that subscribing to Pam tree is a pretty easy process. There are three different subscription plans. The first one is the paper plane of plans. It happens to be a cost-free plan; it is free and hence doesn’t require any credit card details. This plan helps to import and manage business contacts easily. This application also helps to create a to-do list and set reminders for important tasks and meetings. To make your experience even better, this application also tracks your tasks and leaves you a review of your completed tasks and activities. It helps to send team messages to the company’s stakeholders, and it creates notes and assigns them to contacts.

The second plan is the airplane of the plans. This business plan requires the credit card details and a payment of 15 United States dollars per month. Good news to the people wanting to try this plan is that this plan allows a free seven-day trial, so you can always change your mind if you’re unsure about being a part of the Pam tree family. Besides the fact that this plan includes all the features of the standard plan, it also provides numerous other exciting features that you should know about before subscribing to the plan. This plan helps businesses to send trackable prospect messages, so you always stay updated with the happening of your dealings. Product or even service-based businesses can track their customer orders; they can mark down the quantity, specifics, dates, and other integral pieces of information. There is the store training facility, along with the ability to be informed with the marketing resources. Other than that, a business man can manage digital product brochures with the help of Pam Tree multi-level marketing services. You can even share templates, resources, products and notes or contacts, etc. with your team in one go!

The last plan is the rocket of the plans and is even as efficient as one. Starting from thirty United States dollars a month, this plan is the most popular amongst multi-level marketers. Given that this plan includes all the features of standard and business plans, It has a lot more to offer than just those highly efficient features. The biggest and the most successful feature being the Instagram automation tool, for those who are not aware of what this is, basically represents the use of third party software, which is enabled to manage your Instagram account and, in this case, Pam tree! This helps make automated likes, comments, and the sending or receiving of direct messages through Instagram on the front line. At the same time, it also takes care of your posts’ Instagram insights and analytics and suggests plans that help you achieve better results and growth. It also helps you to add new contacts from Facebook, Instagram easily, and LinkedIn; it helps you to grow your contact list further, which further helps in the growth of your business. Furthermore, it helps in custom reporting to the business. It helps pick dimensions and metrics and decides how they should be displayed in order to give out better fruitful results. It also takes you along the sales funnel and marks each and every step that a person took into becoming your customer; this also helps to strengthen your weak points and helps to attract consumers towards funneling down to the last stage. Lastly, Another Instagram growth tool happens to be the promotional ads, and fact wise this application helps Instagram business accounts to plan and set ads; your ads and promotions can always be tracked; the ones from Face book, Google, and even Instagram. You can be shown the amount of customers brought in, the outflows, the inflows and the advertisement reviews, etc.

You can always research and choose your plans accordingly. There is no restriction of having to choose a premium account. Other than that, if after researching and planning you’re still unsure about the choice you have to make then you can always make contact with the support chat available on the premises of the website. Fact wise, Pam tree makes sure that it doesn’t tie any of its customers to stay; instead its processes are flexible and breathable, you can deactivate or leave whenever you want to.

A great part of marketing comprises customer and customer relationship itself. With Pam tree multi level marketing one can always stay in touch with his or her clients. Pam tree provides a proper management of contacts be it through a phone number or a different social media tag. Much more than that, Pam tree shows you where exactly this contact is in the prospecting process, It gives you an update on which customer has been the best buyer, which needs a follow up and which is a new buyer and needs assistance to be able to become a proper part of the Pam tree family. Another great aspect when talking about customer relationships is the communication. Communication not only plays a great role towards the health of a customer relationship but also strengthens and grows a business, when considered in the long run. The feature of trackable messages helps not only to keep a track of the messages sent and received but also helps to create the best practice messages so your conversations are the same happy and light-hearted but conversing with your clients doesn’t take all day! Lastly, the customer tracking feature on this website allows a vendor or a business person to take notice of a customers purchasing behavior and ordering history so you can work accordingly and enhance your sale quantity and quality, both. This feature can also save you from getting scammed and you can always take note of the customer’s update on payments so that you’re always safe from getting yourself into a loss.

Another huge aspect to be taken care of for when running a business is team management. Whether you have a team as big as 1000 people or one as small as 2 people, Pam tree lets you manage both with its extra ordinary features. First off, To do lists, these may not sound as modern, but they get the job done better than the modern ways would’ve. This application lets you mark all tasks big or small, prioritize them accordingly and even highlight the outstanding and the completed jobs so that your business and your team remain on a structured track. Furthermore, a resource management page is also available on the page. This can be used to upload documents, videos, and other important material that can be used for the betterment and training of the employees. The best factor is that these are available at all times and hence always accessible by your team of network marketers. Moreover, a product catalog is also available on the Pam tree website, which lets you and your team carry your product brochure at hand at all times. It also lets you update the product information and filter the inventory.

Pam tree is a safe multi-level marketing network management site that offers free customer relationship management and a proper network management chain for MLM professionals, including all the mumpreneurs, traveling businessmen, and other network management teams. This website is an opportunity; and more for you! The growth might not be as fast as you want it to be and it might be easy to get disheartened by the slow growth of your business, but remember you and Pam tree are working with the motive to outshine other business in terms of not only commerce but also customer relationship management! Pam tree is a must have for all those looking to expand their business outside the box, be creative and adopt modern ways of businesses.

Review Websites And Apps For Cash

Websites and Applications testing and reviewing is one of many online job opportunities available on the internet. Several people find working online convenient. It is easy for students on their break, homemakers, stay-at-home moms, retired citizens, and people who need a break from their regular office jobs, but money should keep coming. It is a fact that testing websites and applications cannot be chosen as a career, but it surely can help to earn a little extra money for the savings. To work as a website/app reviewer, you need to understand the process properly. Here we will be answering all your questions such as;

  • What is website/app testing and reviewing?
  • Who are providing such jobs?
  • Procedure of applying.
  • How much will you earn?
  • Tips for being a successful reviewer/tester.
  • Earn money the legitimate way.

What is website/app Testing and Reviewing?

Website and App testing and reviewing are quite easy to understand. Whether small or large, companies and brands look for such people who can write and talk about their website/apps so that the public can judge the company and its products based on the review. Many bloggers are in this business. All they have to do is, write or make a video about the product, website, or apps given to them by companies.

Who Are Providing Such Jobs?

Now that you know about website/app testing and reviewing, let’s discuss sites where you can find such jobs. Many sites provide a platform for both the company and the reviewers.


UserTesting is one of the most reliable sites in the website reviewing field. Large brands such as Evernote, Dropbox, Microsoft, eBay, Apple, Twitter and Yahoo! avail the platform UserTesting provides. After adding new features to the website, apps, and products, these companies hire reviewers and testers for better judgment. UserTesting pays $10 through PayPal on completing a 20-minute video. Mostly the company asks to visit the website/app, go through a few tasks, and then write or talk about it on your channel. UserTesting is an honest and valuable site with no hidden charges in the name of registration fees.


Userlytics are known for their simplicity, they do not ask for an audition or sample testing, and anyone from any country can avail this opportunity. Their criterion is that you have to review the products, websites, or apps through a video; you will also get paid only if the client approves your review. Many people find the requirements uncomfortable and inconvenient. But it doesn’t bother the reviewers who are skillful because they provide such content that the client approves in the first look.

3. WhatUsersDo:

This site is quite interesting in its unique ways because you will get to review the website/app before it goes live and public, this means you will get a chance to be one of the few testers who use the product, be it a website or an application. Companies look for honest reviews and not commercial ones. This site requires an audition, and once you get accepted, you have to go through the testing/reviewing process, and then you will get the payments through PayPal on the 25th of the month.

4. StartUpLift:

This site is for those who have just started reviewing and testing. StartUpLift is not like other sites that pay well and provide great opportunities. They pay $5 per feedback and users get accepted without any audition. But since there is no procedure for auditions, it means more users will apply and the queue just gets bigger.

5. TryMyUI:

TryMyUI is one of the most known companies in the website/apps testing field. They require such users who do their work properly. Half-hearted feedbacks are not accepted. This site pays a $10 per 20-minute testing task, and the requirement is to record your feedback through video with audio and a short write-up, to sum up the survey. Since they are quite strict about the feedback quality, once you get accepted, you should expect a few opportunities every week.

6. Enroll:

Enroll is not on the same shelf as other testing sites. They don’t require any audition; also, they don’t ask for video or audio feedback. All you have to do is take the 15 to the 20-minute task and get paid. They are not paying $10 as others; instead, the pay rates are pretty low, literally from $0.10 to $1.50. Some people enjoy this site and take it as fun while others get bothered by the payouts. The site doesn’t get many users or large brands, but it can be availed as an opportunity as well. Small brands and low payments means fewer users, and you can take as many tasks as you like and get plenty of “low payments”.

Procedure of Applying:

The procedure of joining these sites is simple.

  • You go to the site, which is according to your convenience.
  • Take the audition (if they have any), the site will approve or reject you on the basis of audition.
  • Once you get accepted, you will be getting opportunities.
  • Give your feedback through write-up or a video, or some sites requires both.
  • Get paid.

How much will you earn?

When a business starts its website, they make sure the site works well, and it is profitable for the public. To get an unfiltered and honest review, the company always goes for user testing and public surveys. There are varieties of businesses that hire users to review their website/app, and you can have a rough guess about the payment while looking at the business category, whether it is a small brand or a large one.

  • Small brand website pays from $2,000 to $8,000.
  • Medium size business will be paying approximately $10,000-25,000.
  • Large business website will pay from $25,000 to $40,000
  • E commerce business hires users at $5,000 to $40,000.

Tips for Being a Successful Reviewer/Tester:

There are several user testing sites, and a huge number of users are assigned to test websites and apps. We will help you to understand the business properly. Here are a few tips that will help you out in the testing field.

1. Auditions are not just a formality, so you should take it serious of you are willing to get selected and earn money.

2. You should sign-up for multiple sites. It will save you time, and if you get approved in more than one site, it means more opportunities and double payment per week.

3. Most companies and sites of the task based on fir com, first served. So it would help if you are quick to act on the offers and grab the task as soon as it is offered.

4. Sometimes users rush into actual testing and anticipate finishing the task so they can get the payment, they think the sooner they finish the task, the sooner they will get paid. But in that rush, they make a few minor mistakes, and the feedback gets rejected. It would be best if you understood that quality feedback would bring more opportunities to you.

5. It would help if you never put your expectations on a high stack. You won’t be earning a big amount of money as soon as you join the marketplace. In the beginning, expect to make $20 to $30 per week. Skillful users may make $200 as they are ambitious about what they’re doing.

6. Keep on looking for better opportunities. Working as a testing user is fun for the time being, but it can be stressful too. As the load grows of earning money and paying to the expenses, one can easily get worried and doubt themselves. So, instead of making users testing your career, you should make it your hobby. And who leaves a hobby that pays well?

Earn Money the Legitimate Way:

When you search for online jobs, you come across a lot of scams and frauds. Many sites ask for registration fees, and few innocent people get robbed by paying the fees in anticipation of earning money. Working online as a testing user can be tough, and anyone can easily have doubts about the authenticity of testing sites. So, users must do their research and have patience. Over time your patience, determination, and quality of feedback will pay off, and you will start earning a good amount of income.

The website/app testing is something you will do for a few months or as a part-time job, but you can’t choose it as your career, it’s not sustainable. For some people, it can be stressful instead of being a source of relaxation. If you take it as a part-time job or a hobby, it is a fun way to earn money without disturbing your comfort zone. People who can’t go to regular jobs and they need a little extra money for the expenses, can apply and avail this opportunity. People like students and youngsters who are saving for their start-up, housewives, mothers who need to stay at home, someone who has quit their job or thinking to switch, retired senior citizens. You get the opportunity of being at home, and still, you can earn money.

Is Skimlinks Worth It?

Skimlinks monetizes the content for online publishers which include social networks, bloggers, app developers and editorial sites. Skimlinks technology automatically filters your content so you can know what matters to your audience and you can write about brands and products for them.

In 2007, Australian co-founders Alicia Navarro and Joe Stepniewski launched the company in London. By August 2013 Skimlinks had about 62 employees and raised $24million in funding. Tech City UK’s Future Fifty Programme (it’s a programme by government which supports fast-growing companies in London Stock Exchange) announced that Skimlinks is a member of the programme. In 2014, Skimlinks made sales of $625 million for above 20,000 vendors and by 2019 they earned $1.1 Billion through sales for more than 48,500 vendors.

The company easily gives competition to Affiliate Window, Commission Junction as well as ShareASale. But Skimlinks has developed good relations with these affiliate networks and through them Skimlinks has offers above 24,000 merchant programs for those who join the service.

In order to understand any business you should know all about it.

Legal Name: Skimlinks, Inc.




Email address:

How to Join Skimlinks:

In order to join Skimlinks, you have to fill the sign in form with your details and website URL. Once approved, you will receive a JavaScript to install in your website. The approval team reviews your application to make sure your site is capable of being a Skimlinks member and send you an email within 72 hours related to your approval.

After you have submitted your application, Skimlinks will match your details with their criteria which are:

  • You should have a content site, forum, blog or web page.
  • Your site must be having an amount of traffic from North America, Europe or Australia.
  • You should be having a unique content on your site.
  • Your content should be product-focused.
  • The company requires quality traffic on your site.

Publishers can earn commission by making sale to merchants in Skimlinks network through product links and references.

What if you get rejected?

Skimlinks might reject you due to some issue but if you can fix the issue or explain your situation through an email then they might reconsider you.

List of few Merchants:

  • Airbnb
  • Skyscanner
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Sephora
  • TripAdvisor
  • Hotwire
  • Booking
  • RentalCars
  • Zappos
  • Athlete

List of Skimlinks Publishers:

Online publishers with 1.5 million domains use Skimlinks such as;

  • Buzzfeed,
  • Mail Online,
  • WordPress Time Inc.,
  • Conde Nast
  • Hearst Digital.

Installation Guidance:

There are 10 easy ways to install Skimlinks, we will be discussing them all with you;

  1. Skimlinks can be installed through JavaScript.
  2. Install Skimlinks through WordPress site.
  3. Installing on Weebly.
  4. Blogger/Blogspot can install Skimlinks.
  5. You can also use Drupal for Skimlink installation.
  6. Installing Skimlinks on Joomla.
  7. Installation through Wix can also be done.
  8. Install Skimlinks through Squarespace.
  9. Installing Skimlinks module on Drupal 7.
  10. As well as installing through Drupal 8.


Company has released a number of tools and users have access to those tools so that they could monetize their content. Company’s main products are:

  • SkimLinks: This is company’s first product which was released in 2008. It connects unaffiliated links to user’s website and adds a tracking tag onto the click.
  • SkimWords: This is Skimlinks suite’s second tool and it was published in 2010. This tool is used for natural language processing technology in order to link particular phrases such as; product references and brand names to related online retailers respectively.
  • The Showcases: In May 2013, The Showcases tool was introduced in order to spread awareness to the members who are creating the content but they are not bringing the revenue to its fullest.
  • Skimlinks Editor: This particular tool instantly becomes the best-friend of online publishers who search merchants. It is a Google Chrome Extension which informs you about the merchants on Skimlink network, the commission rates they gave offered in last 90 days, as well as if they provide exclusive or above average commission rates. All you have to do is, pick desired merchant’s product link and publish on your site it even if it is unaffiliated with Skimlinks.
  • Audiences by Skimliks: This is company’s latest product. It immediately connects the audience with affiliated product link. The publishers earn as their link connects the audience with merchant’s product through links.

Skimlinks also provides extra services such as; shortening the URL of links into links that can be monetized, and SkimRSS service which helps the users to connect the links in their RSS (RDF Site Summary) feed.

Pros and Cons of Skimlinks:

Every service has its pros and cons. Let’s discuss Sklimlinks’.


  • Skimlinks is easy to install. If you are using WordPress then all you have to do is install and setup your Skimlinks plug in.
  • Company takes care of your affiliate link management.
  • Skimlinks helps you in joining or signing up to affiliate programs and gets you accepted by many merchants. You just have to linkup to the merchant and you’re good to go.
  • They can get you some amazing deals on commission rates. So, you don’t have to work hard.
  • Skimlinks automatically links you with merchants who carry products of your interest.
  • Your competitors are right in front of your eyes on Skimlinks site so you know what you are competing with and what changes should be made in order to be identified and to be successful.
  • Sometimes the company gets exclusive commission deals for you. If a merchant offers 10% commission on a site then Skimlinks will negotiate the offer to 20% of commission.


  • Skimlinks takes a lot of time when you are signing up for the first time. It can be a slow process but a follow up through an email or another source will help you to get noticed.
  • 25% cut in commission disturbs the beginners and makes them have a second thought but other services at Skimlinks are almost free at a point. So, on the bigger picture it should not matter.
  • Skimlink has once-a-month payment method and if you are used to of getting regular payments then it might get disturbing for you.
  • You cannot be affiliated with Skimlinks if you have new website with less traffic on it.
  • The company allots codes over codes so it only adds up to the duration of starting-up and could be tiring at times.
  • Customer service is slow and answers to queries are delayed.
  • Reporting is easy when you are using Skimlinks but they miss out the detail. For example; if you have earned 30% commission from Airbnb through your link but you don’t know about the booking details as well as when to expect the arrival of payment.

Skimlinks Reports:

  • Skimlinks reports inform which URL will be generating most affiliate revenue.
  • They give you a report about which merchants are best for you and which merchants are offering your desired commission rates.
  • They inform you what products you’ve sold and they give you options about the products you usually sell.
  • They sort out your audience so you know where to focus on.

Many more information is given through these reports.

Is Skimlinks Worth it?

Skimlinks is ranked as #1 content monetizing company. When we look over all on the information about Skimlinks we see advantages more than disadvantages of using it. Famous merchants such as; Target, Sephora, Walmart, Airbnb, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor etc are affiliated with Skimlinks as well as Buzzfeed, Mail Online, WordPress Time Inc., Conde Nast and Hearst Digital are one of the main online publishers who are affiliated with Skimlinks. Skimlink is preferred above all content monetizing companies because of the quality of service it provides. It’s a path where vendors and publishers meet and make money on both sides. Publishers earn commission out of the products and services vendors provide. There are no joining charges except 25% cut in your commission as they provide many facilities as well as some extra services without any fees. Your website should be having traffic so that you keep getting your commission through products. Skimlinks has strong competition with Commission Junction, Affiliate Window and ShareASale but it has developed a strong relation with these companies. Skimlinks works to make a win win situation for them, merchants, and customers as well as for publishers. The company has established some rules in order to maintain its standard. If the merchants you promote pay you above average commission then it’s worth it. You would have to sort your merchants and you should know about the exact products you can promote. When you will be focused towards the product marketing you will have better results for yourself. After reviewing Skimlinks over all, it is said to be worth the hustle. Those who use Skimlinks smartly have always recommended it further.

How to Become a Millionaire?

One of the most searched questions on the internet are ‘how to become rich,’ ‘how to become a millionaire.’ Well the answer is not as simple as you expect it to be. You do not become a millionaire overnight. It requires hard work and consistent effort. Only then can you manage to stand out.

Now there is a common misconception that any online business you do will definitely boom. Making money online is relatively easier than making money through corporate jobs. But even it has some glitches. The most common platforms you can make money online with are:

1. Online Tutoring

2. Freelancing

3. Affiliate Marketing

Online Tutoring and Freelancing:

All the three ways mentioned above require zero seed money from your end. This is one of the many benefits of make money online. The first two option, tutoring and freelancing, require some basic skills in the area. In order to become a proper tutor, you need to know your way around your course. Only then can you tutor and retain your students.

Same goes with freelancing. The freelancing market is highly competitive where the price is set on your skill level. Even if you decide to work as a content writer, you must know the basics. These include proper grammar, SEO writing style, logo designing, web designing etc. Since the market is almost saturated in both the cases, it is very hard to earn money quickly.

This is where Affiliate marketing comes in. If you are not sure as a tutor or have no prior experience in web designing, this is your place to shine as an Affiliate marketer. Becoming an affiliate marketer has never been easy before. To become an online affiliate, all you need is a working laptop, proper internet, creative idea for a blog and a passion to learn. So if you are looking for a way to become a millionaire online, you are in the perfect place.

Wealthy Affiliate:

If you really want to start out as a proper Affiliate marketer, you need to learn some basics first. If you are looking for a perfect place to start, Wealthy Affiliate is your way to go. Wealthy Affiliate is an online training and affiliate website that tutor up and coming affiliates. Wealthy Affiliate offers two programs:

1. An online Certification Course and;

2. Affiliate Boot camp.

For the course of this article we will only be exploring the Affiliate boot camp course. Apart from this crash course, WA also offers live session learning, different marketing and keyword research tools and a way to earn money! So read along to uncover the secret behind commission based earning.

Affiliate Boot camp:

The aim of this course is to educate affiliates regarding the world of affiliate marketing. Ever heard about the make money online niche? This is where the prime focus of this boot camp is. Through this course you will learn all about make money online niche. Now the best part is, there are two ways to earn money through the course:

  • You can learn all about make money online niche and create your website around it. Through this website you can earn money through Pay per Click option on advertisements.
  • And you can promote WA affiliate itself through your website and earn money through commission.

Let’s discuss the first one shall we. In order to truly create a killer make money online niche, you need to educate yourself. For newbies, make money online is the easiest niche to start with but over the time it has been highly competitive. You can get started easily, but it is hard to stay in the market and definitely harder to become a millionaire.

The best way is to go through the boot camp and educate yourself. The aim of the boot camp is help you create a website that attracts heavy online traffic. The more the traffic, the more the pay per click income. For this, WA has 7 phases of training, each of the phase having 10 different sessions.

  • The aim of the phase one is to familiarize you with the basics of setting up your website through WordPress. Once you have the website, WA provides you with templates that you can use to write your content on.
  • In Phase 2 you will learn how to convert internal links into affiliate links. Remember the aim of your site is to earn money and affiliate links is your way to go. Apart from this you will also learn how to effectively use bonuses to attract more online traffic.
  • Phase 3 is where the real work starts. You not only learn about social plugins but also tools of Google Analytics. WA also teaches you how to divide up the work so that you can create new content every day.
  • In phase 4 you learn about revamping your website. The best way to do so is through knowing your audience. By designing an easy interface, you can get twice the traffic you expected.
  • Phase 5 introduces you to the technical side of things. You get to position your website by designing a unique logo. You also learn the art of video making.
  • Phase 6 introduces you to the concept of Pay per Click. This helps you in deciding which option to go with. It also introduces the Jaxxy Keyword tool. Through this tool you can research unique keywords that enhance your search engine ratings.
  • In Phase 7 you learn about the power of Yahoo and Bing. It also helps you in maximizing the traffic on your review sets and help you set up a comments section.

How to Make Money by Promoting Wealthy Affiliate:

Another easy way to earn money is through commissions you get by signing up as WA marketer. In this way you promote wealthy affiliate itself on your website instead of advertising other brands. One of the many advantages of WA is that it promotes even the free members to earn commissions.

If you are unsure about the website, it provides you with the option of signing up for free for 1 whole week. In this week you get excess to phase of the training boot camp. You also get 2 free websites with set hosting that you can use to launch your career as an affiliate. And just like that you can also earn commissions even as a free member.

Although it does sound intriguing to earn commissions for free, there is a better deal. By signing up as a premium paid member you can earn 3 times more on your commission income. Apart from full excess to all 7 phases of the training boot camp, you also get free 100 websites for only $19 for the first month! You also get to experience the WA community and live sessions.

When we talk about earning through commissions, sky is the limit. If you are a free member you can earn up to $11.75 from a single referral if they decide to renew their WA membership. Similarly, if you manage to get a referral who continues to renew their yearly membership of WA costing $495 per year. You will get $87.25 commission income for this which is almost equal to 20%.

As a paid members, your perks for commission income increase too. You now also get $1 if any of your referred client fills the WA sign up form to the bottom. You also get $1 for every domain name purchase through your affiliate link. Apart from this, you have extra privileges any time a client signs up for WA. You get $8 if your client renews their membership for the first month. In case, they decide to continue to use WA after the first month, you get $23.5 per month basis. And if a single referral of yours renews their membership for a year, you get $235 for it!

Just by continuously referring WA to people, you can watch the money roll in. If you have a strong Affiliate base, meaning you have a social network where people try the products you recommend, this is the perfect way for you. Even if you dream to become a millionaire, the online world is full of scammers. WA has been operating in the online marketing world for the past 15 years. This is what makes us know one thing for a fact that WA is not a scam.


Becoming a millionaire no longer requires you to put 76 hours per week. It also has got nothing to do with luck. Just by purely following the trainings of Wealthy Affiliate you have a great chance of earning huge amount of money. Even if you have a regular job, it never hurts to have a steady side income. One of the best things that make WA the best platform to earn commissions is its conversion rate. WA is the market leader when it comes to referral conversion rate which is 1:8. Which means that out of every 8 referrals you make, there is a possibility of 15% that one of them will continue to renew their membership. And that’s how you watch your bank fill in.

Robinhood vs eToro

Are you looking for an online broker? You must have heard about eToro and Robinhood, but you are confused about which one is superior. If you want to choose between these two, don’t worry, our comparison between both the platforms will help you to judge the effectiveness, support, ease of use, price, as well as the trustworthiness of Robinhood and eToro. Online brokers use technology to make financial markets more accessible by any individual, and financial markets are no longer as exclusive as they used to be. However, as with anything else, the final decision which broker you should trade with will ultimately depend on what and how you are going to trade. You must be eager to start trading, so let us help you make more informed decisions.

What is Robinhood?

Robinhood used to shine because of its user-friendly smartphone application and, of course, the $0 trade. But today, nearly all of the leading online brokers offer free stock as well as ETF trades. The Robinhood investment app stands out most for, offering a streamlined trading platform as well as free crypto trading. It is a free-trading app with which you can trade stocks, options, cryptocurrency, and exchange-traded funds, and the most important thing is that investors do not need to pay commissions or fees. The platform which is one of the few brokers that allows investors to trade cryptocurrency offers both web and smartphone trading. You should also note that you do not own the coins you trade on this platform, and you cannot send coins out of Robinhood to your wallet. It is best for:

  • Smartphone users.
  • Individual taxable accounts as well as margin accounts.
  • Cryptocurrency trading.

Robinhood is best suited for:

It is best suited for those who are newcomers to investing and wish to trade small quantities such as fractional shares or a single share. Robinhood requires little research beyond seeing what others are trading on the platform. Overall, the simplicity of its app and web versions makes it easy to use for users, and zero commissions charged by the platform appeals to extremely cost-conscious investors and those who trade small quantities. With that being said, the offerings are light on research as well as analysis, and there are serious queries about the quality of trade executions.

Where Robinhood shines and where it falls short?

The following are the pros and cons of this platform which was launched to the public back in 2014.


  • The trading costs of this platform are exceptionally low, and you can place cryptocurrency trades in small quantities. In comparison, most crypto-friendly platforms require some specific minimums to trade.
  • The smartphone application, as well as Robinhood’s website, are simple and extremely easy to use.
  • It is efficient at getting your cash into the market, and all consumers have instant access to deposited cash.
  • The platform offers free ACH transfers. This will appeal to you if you are a new trader and have limited start-up capital.
  • It has a selection of seven cryptocurrencies for users to trade.


  • Very little research or resources available which indicates that if you are dedicated to improving your trading skills, you will outgrow its resources.
  • You will only get tick information and historical price data, and there are no customization capabilities available.
  • As the broker is still in its infancy, Robinhood is not an option for UK and EU investing.

What is eToro?

The online brokerage platform founded back in the year 2007, eToro has reached over 13 million users in 140 different countries across the globe- the United States is now also on that list. eToro made its name in the market through its social investing platform which is an innovative tool that allows you to copy the trades of other investors. Registered in Cyprus, eToro is a regulated FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the United Kingdom. You may also note that the firm retains a cross-border license to operate in various other European countries. The platform offers more than 2,000 financial tools across several classes including stocks, cryptocurrency, forex trading, and more. It is worth noting that it is one of the very few services where you can purchase cryptocurrency by PayPal. The eToro exchange sells CFDs as well as actual coins. It is best for:

  • Crypto traders.
  • Copy-trading or social trading.

Features you should know:

  • With the CopyTrader feature, you can copy and trade automatically based on other investors’ moves. You can choose the trader you want to copy, and then with a single tap, you can start mirroring the positions of those traders automatically. The minimum and maximum amount to copy a trader ranges between $200 and $500,000. You can even copy up to 100 investors simultaneously.
  • The United States clients can trade 15 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, TRON, Tezos, XRP, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, NEO, Cardano, Zcash, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, and IOTA.
  • The platform charges its trading fees through spreads that can rise or fall according to market conditions.
  • It provides a free digital wallet where you can store cryptocurrency. The eToro wallet is available on both iOS and Android. The minimum and maximum transactions are $125 and $10,000, respectively, and it will cost you 5% to convert cryptocurrency into fiat currency.
  • All United States residents can sign for a free account for virtual trading on eToro, however, it is currently unlicensed for actual crypto trading in New York, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Hawaii, Nevada, and Delaware.


  • It offers commission-free stock trading, and the sign-up process is quick and seamless.
  • Innovative tools such as social trading allow you to copy the strategies of other investors.
  • eToro offers access to fifteen different cryptocurrencies.


  • On the negative side, the forex fees eToro charges are high, and withdrawing money is slow with a fee charged $5.
  • eToro only offers one base currency- USD.
  • eToro clients in the United States are limited to only crypto traders, while it has equity trading and forex available in other regions.

Now, we will weigh both platforms on four crucial criteria to decide which one is the superior retail broker.


Robinhood: Based in the United States where all finance companies need to be licensed by the SEC, Robinhood is not an exception, and the client funds are also insured by the SIPC for up to $500,000 and $250,000 cash. Recently, the company was valued at more than $7 billion. However, the service is only available in the United States.

eToro: In comparison, eToro does not operate in the United States, and the company is not licensed by the SEC. Still, eToro has a worldwide reach via the licenses it has from the FCA in the United Kingdom, and ASIC in Australia. The company is also licensed by CySEC in Cyprus.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods:

Robinhood: It supports an instant deposit through ACH transfer, and it is the only option to transfer funds from your Robinhood application to your bank account. You can receive up to $1,000 instantly while higher amounts may take up to 5 business days.

eToro: eToro stands out among other cryptocurrency platforms as a rare platform that offers you the ability to buy cryptocurrency through PayPal. Furthermore, eToro traders can also deposit from Neteller, Yandex, China Union Pay, Giropay, Webmoney, and of course, bank transfer as well as credit cards.


Robinhood: As this platform does not actually hold any coins, Robinhood can’t lose coins either, which makes it a secure platform in terms of cybersecurity. Moreover, the company employs all standard best practices from the industry to make the exchange a safe place to run your trades.

eToro: The eToro platform is extremely safe, and no issues about hacking attacks or user fund losses have been reported until now. The company takes special measures to make sure that your funds as well as personal data are safe.

Buying Limits:

Robinhood: You will be able to deposit up to $1,000 instantly if you go for a Standard Account. In comparison, the limit for the Gold Account is $50,000. All transfers above these limits will be credited only after five business days.

eToro: On eToro, there are no maximum limits on how much you can purchase, however, you will need to have $200 to participate in CopyTrading. In addition to that, eToro requires a minimum investment of $5,000 for CopyPortfolios. For cryptocurrencies and commodities, the minimum quantity is $25, and it is $50 for stocks.

Final Thoughts:

So, who wins the battle? In terms of regulation, eToro wins as it has access to more countries, while in terms of fees, Robinhood is a superior broker as it offers free trading. eToro also supports more currencies as compared to Robinhood, and the broker also wins in terms of deposit and withdrawal methods as the plethora of payment methods is overwhelming. Both brokers are of similar quality when it comes to customer support, and regulatory compliance and licensing. To me, eToro is the superior one, however, the ultimate decision depends on what and how you are going to trade. I would suggest you to always keep in mind that investing in crypto is highly risky and known for its volatility.