eToro Vs FxPro

The competition between eToro and FxPro is undeniable in the world of broker platforms. After cognitive research, we came up with this article in which the difference between eToro and FxPro is being discussed with a comparative lens. However, the research that we scheduled highlights masterfully that the battle between Fx Pro and eToro is a big tie.

What we must not forget is that eToro and FxPro beat the rest of all. However, choosing one in between these two would be problematic always.

The trading cost between eToro and FxPro has a considerable difference. However, getting known to it is a difficult feat. The pricing range varies significantly among the users, and no user ever publishes the real account of his data due to privacy concerns.

A thorough and systematic analysis shows that the price structure of FxPro beats the rest of all. Compared to the rest of the trading platforms, FxPro offers a relatively better pricing deal.

Forex Brokers let you track where among the 20 internationally recognized databases forex is being regulated. Further research suggested that Globally eToro encaptures 2 global tiers, whereas FxPro has 2 global Tiers and so on. Concluding it all, the Security range of eToro i.e, 91.00 beats the one of FxPro i.e 89.00. Considering the aspect of excellence, there is a debate stirred between eToro and FxPro. We have reached the conclusion of finding the FxPro better due to its impeccable trading equipment, extensive research tools, and internet application accessibility.

The trading tools of FxPro are beyond any comparison. FxPro leads any other trading platform with the market research spectrum and has the most impressive mobile application features.

FxPro has today marked its significance in the topmost MetaTrader brokers range. It provides complete access to the numerous accounts of MT4 and MT5. Another thing that gets counted is FxPro’s price range that is a tad higher than eToro or any other.

On the other hand, eToro offers a brilliant experience as a trading tool.

Where do FxPro and eToro stand with respect to copy trading?

Copy Trading and MetaTrader, both are remarkably well-known trading platforms. Both of them allow you considerable copy trading. However, eToro doesn’t give you the compatibility to use MT4, whereas it is a go-to option for FxPro users.

FxPro allows the traders to use 69 pairs of European and American currency, whereas eToro allows only 47 pairs. Other than forex pairs, eToro enables the traders to access to considerable 2314 CFDs.

In this respect, FxPro is way behind that its competitor, offering only 187 CFD available. Setting itself back to a scale of 2,217 CFDs.

Which broker among eToro and Fx Pro is more reliable?

You can determine a broker’s reliability & trustworthiness by looking at eight factors:

There is a set of features determined to help define which broker is more trustworthy. Let’s get a look.

– You have to ascertain which primary source is playing its role in its regulation

– How much time has gone since they started regulation

– Where did they keep your money saved? Either in a separate bank account or somewhere else?

– Whether they make use of tier 1 like the reputable banks or not

– Check whether in the past five years they got fined or any negative aspect regarding them came on board.

– See whether their services are well-known and hyped

– Is the broker you are in business with publicly acknowledged

– Learn the broker’s whereabouts

Considering these eight aspects, both the brokers, FxPro and eToro have deemed to be reliable.

The regulators that hold the key to run eToro are CySEC, Financial Conduct Authority, and ASIC. While the ones that operate FxPro are CySEX, SCB, and DFSA.

Financial Conduct Authority is the most considerable yet strict broker’s regulator known yet. In order to keep their association ongoing with FCA, FxPro and eToro need to ensure that they are sticking to the FCA’s dispatched guidelines. Another regulatory means of the Financial Conduct Authority is XTB.

Credibility of the broker platform depends on how old it is:

One savage aspect to determine the credibility is the time since when these brokers came into existence. One crucial aspect of reliability is the time period. If their period of existence is longer, their reliability is more believable.

There have been several scam brokers out there whose presence only existed for fewer years before they disappeared.

Both the broker platforms under question got introduced 14 years back and have been existent since then.

Where do the broker platforms keep your money is another huge aspect to notice. No user wants the broker to use the same account into which they have kept depositing their funds. The brokers are supposed to use a different account to hold the client’s money than the one where he has been depositing money. This fact ensures the credibility of the brokers.

Both the eToro and FxPro make sure to hold your money in different account. Holding money in the same account can be problematic.

The reputable banks including Barclays, HSBC, etc use reputable tier 1. These mentioned banks have been existing for over a century and have considerable assets. These are the banks eToro and FxPro are associated with, however, it is not known yet which bank specifically.

Before signing up for a broker, you need to sure if any legal case against them has been running in the past few years. If any regulator has fined the broker, it would mean nothing else than the broker has been busy in malicious or illegitimate doing. The penalty matters against your chosen brokers are important for you.

How popular is their service/website?

While not always the case, the number of traders a broker has can be a good metric for understanding how reputable a broker is.

The popularity of the broker speaks its credibility. If a considerable range of traders is on board, it means that the broker has value in the market. A better number of traders bring credibility to the broker platform. EToro leads the competition with its traders soaring high with a number of 60,000.

Public listing is of importance to any broker platform. If a broker company has a public listing on the stock exchange, it is supposed to be more significant with respect to its financial stability and execution of operations.

The good news, in this case, is that FxPro and eToro, both of them, have been publicly listed.

Where the headquarter of your broker platform is located matters incredibly:

The location of the broker headquarters matters considerably. The renowned companies must have their operating heads in the capital cities or metropolis.

Cyprus is the center of financial extravagance, that is the place where eToro’s headquarters are. Moreover, FxPro has its headquarters are situated in London, UK.

The most important aspect of all is for you to make sure if your chosen broker’s company possesses all the features that are worthwhile. You must ensure the repute of the broker’s platform, simultaneously, make sure that its enabled features are essential for your trade service.

Below, we are enlisting some crucial features of the brokers

– The services that it brings to you

– The equipment of worth

– The platforms that it opens for you

– The different account types you can use

– The funding methods that it uses

– Risk management protocol

Which broker platform works better with the trading system?

FxPro and eToro, both offer a remarkable trading system. However, currency pairs of FxPro are a notch more believable than eToro. That’s particularly due to the fact the FxPro offers 75 currency pairs, which is a significant number. EToro deals with cryptocurrency in a better way than any other. It works with different cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Ripple, etc.

With any of the broker platforms, either it is FxPro or eToro, you can trade gold, crude oil, or any other valuable source.

eToro opens the doors of social trading for you through which you can trade considerably, discuss the crucial matters on the forum, and replicate the method of other successful traders.

If all the features of the broker’s platform fall under your accessibility, you further need to make sure whether the account types it offers are feasible or not. There are three different account types eToro offers you, a mini account, a premium/standard account, and a VIP account.

Does your chosen broker platform allow Muslim Trading?

eToro is also well accustomed to Muslim trading values. It has a segregated Islamic account for the Muslims to run which includes no interest, sticking strictly to the Shariah. If a Muslim has to open his trading account in eToro, he can do that with feasibility while abiding by his religious values.

In case your trading style falls under the scalping or hedging category, know whether your selected broker platform enables you or not. eToro is not supportive of this methodology, while FxPro allows several unique trading styles including hedging and scalping.

Learn about the affordability of the broker platform:

Knowing whether your chosen method is affordable or not is a must. If you do not find any broker platform affordable, there is no point in knowing further about that. Don’t dive into the comparison of the fee structures of both platforms. Just get a basic knowledge of the fees of the equipment of worth.

Wrapping it up!

We provided you a detailed account of the two broker platforms that have a considerable hype about the traders. Both of the platforms are of great value and have such magnificent features. There is underlying difference between the cost of eToro and Fx Pro, the one that sits well with you has to be your priority.

This article will help you sign up for the better platform between the two. The age of the broker platform, its affordability, its popularity and safety are some crucial aspects that you must consider before going for it. Whatever platform may it be that you choose, we wish you happy trading. There is underlying difference between the cost of eToro and Fx Pro, the one that sits well with you has to be your priority.

Can you make money with Life Points?

Life point is an online survey website. Life points are a group in which similar-minded people express their views to win prizes or rewards. No doubt, Life points are powerful that can influence different brands and companies’ decisions, which is obvious.

Most people participated in Life point surveys to earn money, which helps them for living. When you visit any mall or go to a movie, you easily collect life points if you share your experience and give reviews about products or services. Right now, Life Points has more than 5 million members around the world.

Without any doubt, Life Points is a legitimate site. Many people doubt whether life point is fraud or real. Life point is entirely legit. On every online survey site, your experience can be different. Even Life point is giving ten bonus points to new members if they sign up.

When you join life points, you can win points when participating in different activities on the website. The actions from which you can earn points can be changed after some time. These activities are mention on the website.

About lifepoint points

Even you can earn more life points by participating in surveys. After completion of the activity you get many Lifepoint points, let’s see how you get Lifepoint points and what do they do:

1. The number of points for a specific activity is mentioned on the website, and it is also mentioned in the email or notification you receive for that particular activity.

2. If you want to know the total number of Lifepoint by points that you have won, you can view it by visiting the member’s page of that website.

3. These Lifepoints points are like a personal thing you cannot share with anyone without Light speed’s written permission. These points are not your property, so you cannot sell, transfer, or give it to anyone without the consent if you want to assign your points to someone else, so you should have written permission of Light speed.

4. If you want to unsubscribe from Lifepoints or If Light speed cancel your Lifepoints account subscription so according to the Lifepoints membership Terms and Conditions, your Lifepoint points and prizes will be surrender.

Survey of Lifepoint

Being a Lifepoint member, you can express your opinions and views by participating in online surveys covering almost every topic of your everyday life. The activities are product testing, mini-polls, and different types of data collection. This is undoubtedly an excellent chance to win Lifepoints, which you can spend on the best rewards.

Survey Invitation

You receive survey invitations through email, and these can be sent during the survey period. To participate in these online surveys, you don’t need any specific skills. You have to fill the survey and express your thinking that’s it.

Length of Survey

The length of surveys can be different; mostly, surveys take 10-15 minutes for completion. Compensation is given for a variety of surveys and it also depends on length. Compensation is offered if the survey is completed by the people on an urgent basis as requested by the client. If the client demands surveys urgently, so there are more chances to get higher rewards.

Disqualification of Survey

Suppose you begin a survey and don’t complete it, so Life point only gives a few points just for your efforts. You can only get 2 or 3 points at a time, so it takes time to reach the cash out level. Even you can earn 10 points in one day by this you can spend your points soon.

Worldwide Eligibility

A person older than 14 years and more can participate in Lifepoint surveys and activities from almost twelve countries of the world. Most important, everyone can use it as Lifepoint is available in more than 26 different languages.

Panels of Lifepoint

Although Life Points is a new online survey program formed by two panels MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket, both these panels are working for more than a decade. Most important, almost 5 million people are associated with Lifepoint. They are entirely legit and fair. Even many people have about their fairness.

Advantages of LifePoint

Users don’t know the survey topics, but they know about how much time it will consume and rewards too. It is essentially the time you are spending on surveys, are you getting pay accordingly?

The Fastest way of earning

The best thing is that you can get in your points for a gift card with at least 550 points. You can easily earn this many points in starting seven days.

Flexible redeem options

When you cash your Lifepoints, you have to select any one option among other famous gift cards: iTunes, Amazon, Groupon, and many more. As there are many options, so there is a program for each person.

Service and product betterment

This can seems of no importance to you, but few people like to do service and product betterment.

How do Lifepoint works?

  • Let’s suppose any company wants to know about customer preferences.
  • The company hires Lightspeed to conduct a survey and collect data.
  • The survey is prepared for LifePoint members, who are the targeted audience.
  • The members who complete the survey win the points.
  • The members redeem points to get gift cards by the following options PayPal or charitable donations.
  • Rewards are different in each survey; some survey rewards are 60 life points while some survey rewards are 350 too.

How to make money with Lifepoints?

Product testing

Lifepoints usually send members products to check the quality and give reviews. It is such fun to test a product and earn a reward too.

Recording Behavior

Lifepoints email their about behavior diary and keep track of how they do things. The information was used at the time of product and service development.

Getting money

When you have enough of LifePoints so you can quickly cash them out by

  • Electronic gift card
  • Charitable donation
  • PayPal credit

LifePoint is best for:

People who loved to share their views:

LifePoint is the platform where you can easily earn rewards by doing surveys. It is best for people who participate in the study and have no issue telling their personal opinions.

People who want to earn extra money

If you have an interest in making more money, then paid surveys are a simple way.

People who don’t have time to earn more

You are taking a survey just as time pass or fun is a good option. But you cannot do it as a job or to grow your wealth. Everyone loves to have extra money, and why not? These surveys hardly take a few minutes.

Do Lifepoints deserve your time?

If you love to complete surveys so then, LifePoint is best for you. Unlike other sites, LifePoints not play rewards for playing games, watching videos, and shopping for its members if you are comfortable sharing your opinions and views to benefit from it.

Although sometimes it is difficult to pass the qualifying round, you have to be patient. The thing which matters is that how much time you can take out for doing surveys and how serious you are about making more money. People who often have free time and are interested in doing surveys and want to earn extra money should participate in surveys, and it is considered a second job or part-time job.

People not capable of LifePoint

  • People who have less patience

If you are impatient, you can easily be irritated as the qualification round is tough, so you have too many attempts to qualify. These people who are short of patience go to other sites that give rewards for watching videos and playing games.

  • People who want to earn an immense amount of money

These surveys are best to make a few extra dollars, but you cannot rich by doing these surveys. People who want to earn big should invest their time in some work, which helps make an immense amount.

  • People who don’t like to share their opinions

LifePoint is an online survey site where you can give your views and opinions while filling the survey. If you are not comfortable expressing your thinking and beliefs, it’s better not to participate in surveys.


If you figure out how to earn extra money by sitting at home quickly, you can easily be paid by doing surveys. It is the easiest way to make extra money.

All these surveys require only a few minutes, and you have to express your personal opinions and views; that’s it. But it needs the patience to pass the qualifying round as it is quite tricky. But once you qualify, then you can earn for sure. No doubt, it is the best opportunity to invest your time, but you need patience. You all should complete surveys and make well.

Is Remotasks Scam?

In this modern world, freelancers who are looking for new ways to add extra money to their bank account have more choices available than ever before. Particularly, the corona virus pandemic has caused job cuts globally and pushed people to search for new opportunities online. This has eventually helped freelance websites to grow their business since numerous people are trying to the world of freelancing. You can find several freelancing websites where you will get the opportunity to step up your freelance business. Remotasks is one of those micro-job websites that pays ‘taskers’ to complete different tasks. Here, the most important question is whether this website is legit or just another scam site you need to avoid. You are probably here because you wanted to know whether this website will help you make money or not. And it is always a better idea to do your research before joining a platform.

So, is Remotasks legit or scam? In simple words, this website is legit! This micro-job website pays from one dollar to two dollars per hour to complete a specific task. For instance, you can transcribe audio files, annotate pictures, categorize t-shirts, or moderate content. In this article, we will discuss how this site works and if people actually make money from it or not. And we will discuss if it worth your time and effort or not.

What Is Remotasks About?

First of all, we need to understand what is Remotasks. It is a micro-job platform that pays users to complete various tasks online. Remotasks is just like other freelance websites such as UpWork, GigBucks, Amazon Turk, and Fiverr that pay users to complete tasks per task or hour. However, the thing that makes it different from other major freelancing websites is that the tasks are usually ‘small’ and you can complete them in a short time. And as expected, you cannot make much money either.

In simple words, you will not get big projects;instead, you will be getting several small gigs. Now, the question is what type of tasks you can complete on Remotasks. There are a lot of individual tasks users can complete on this platform, and it really depends on the interests of a ‘tasker.’ There are several categories and the following are some of them.

  • Data Collection
  • Audio Transcription
  • OCR Transcription
  • Comparison
  • Image Annotation

So, how can you access any category? For this purpose, you will have to take an exam to ensure you can perform tasks related to the category. Remotasks allows you to enter as many categories as you want, and it is pretty easy to qualify for the exam. People who do not even have any prior experience can complete the tasks. For instance, sometimes users are required to draw boundary boxes around some objects within a picture to help what is where in the picture. Or you can categories t-shirts in terms of patterns, design, and color. While these are some simple tasks, categories such as audio transcription are considered more advanced. For instance, good typing and English skills are required if you want to work in audio transcription category. This is one of the reasons why English fluency is one of the essential requirements.

Who is Behind Remotasks?

Now, you have completely understood what Remotasks actually is. So, it is time to learn about the history of this platform to check whether it is legit or a scam. The name ‘Remotasks’ is short for ‘remote’ and ‘tasks.’ back in the year 2017, this website was founded and a company known as Scale AI, Inc. owns this platform. It is worth mentioning that Scale AI, Inc. is a San Francisco based company, and this company specializes in AI applications for robotics, self-driving vehicles, and drones, etc. Moreover, this company works with some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Samsung, Uber, and Airbnb. I think it is good to know that Remotasks is backed by a trusted, legitimate, and respected company like Scale AI, Inc.

How Remotasks Work?

Just like most other similar platforms, Remotasks requires users to sign up for an account. You can sign up for a free account, and the next step is to complete basic training to unlock tasks within various categories. Once you complete your tasks, your payment will be added into your account. Within the next seven days, Remotasks will pay you money via PayPal. Now, we will explain how this entire process works.

1. Create Your Account

As we have already mentioned that signing up is completely free, and it is pretty much easy to complete this step. First of all, go to Now, use your Facebook account to sign for Remotasks. Here, it is worth noting that if your Facebook account is not linked to a verified email address, you will not be able to sign up for Remotasks. Users are also required to provide their mobile number since Remotasks sends an SMS code for verification purposes. Once you are done with the verification process, you will see a welcome screen. Now, you are ready to move to the next step.

2. Access the Training Center

After you create your account on Remotasks, you will first go to the Training Center to access training on task categories. You should complete the training in those categories you want to work in. after the training is complete, tasks will be unblocked, and you can now start earning. The only reason why this platform requires users to take this training is to ensure that you have the right skills required to perform the tasks. It would be best if you kept in mind that you will have to take an exam to unblock a category. Go to your dashboard and tap on the exam link to get access to the exams. Remotasks allows a user to try three times to pass the exam. And if somehow, someone fails all of these three opportunities, they are locked out of the category permanently.

3. Select and Complete Tasks

After passing the test, you will be provided access to tasks which you will complete to earn money. These tasks depend on the category you have unlocked. And if you have passed all the exams, you will have access to all the tasks. At this point, the quality of your work is what matters the most. While a few mistakes are acceptable, making too many errors will get you locked out of a category permanently.

4. Get Paid

This is the final part. You will get paid on a weekly basis, and Remotasks will pay you via PayPal. However, you will only get paid if Remotasks accept your tasks. This indicates that the quality control team always ensures that the work is in accordance with their quality standards. It is worth mentioning that it is crucial to have access to a PayPal account in your country to work for Remotasks.

How Much Can You Make?

It entirely depends on which tasks you have completed and how many of them you complete in a given week. However, people usually make around $1.50-$3 per hour. By working 10-17 hours each month, you can earn around $30-$50 per month. This means that you will have to work approximately 2.5-4 hours per week. It is worth noting that Remotasks pay more based on how accurate you are on completing your tasks. If you are closer to 100% accuracy, you will get more money.

Moreover, they do not have a minimum payout amount. Instead, this site pays all of your balance from your Remotasks account to the PayPal account each Friday. However, a 2% processing fee is deducted from your balance.

Now, we will list some pros and cons of this site so you can decide whether Remotasks is a better option for you or not.


  • This site is backed by a trusted and well-known company that works with some of the biggest companies in the world, including Uber and Samsung.
  • People from any country can join Remotasks and earn some extra cash from the comfort of their homes.
  • You only need to be fluent in English and have access to a laptop with at least 4GB RAM.
  • You will get paid every Friday.
  • Provides training on how to complete various tasks.


  • The overall potential income is $1.50-$3 per hour, which is pretty low.
  • If you make too many errors, they will not pay you, or you might get paid less.
  • PayPal is the only payment option, which means if you do not have access to PayPal in your country, you cannot work with Remotasks.

Final Thoughts

So, Remotasks is a 100% legitimate company that is providing people with opportunities to earn extra money by completing tasks from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, it is backed by a US-based well-reputed company. This indicates that Remotasks treat their users properly. Although joining this platform is not a way to get rich, but Remotasks is legit.

The Best Affiliate Program

Starting an eCommerce business does not require practical hard work, unlike the brick stores, but it does demand consistency and persistence. Promoting your service is a difficult stage as most people want instant success and business growth. Affiliate marketing helps you drive indirect organic traffic by promoting your services or others’ services based on commission on different platforms. Once the customers find your goods fancy, they will go for it, the product sold, get a commission, or if it is your then as a whole, you will benefit. Wealthy Affiliate program made it all easy for you – acquiring the learning process and promotion on the same page. You don’t need to go to any other site for your problems; a Wealthy Affiliate is a large platform with services that will fascinate your ambitions and help you achieve what you have desired for an extended period. Internet brings new review with the passing time for Wealthy Affiliates by different people, we have the desire to make the true one, and you can rely upon it.

About Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Carson initiated a wealthy Affiliate intending to educate people on earning passive income when you find your job disgusting or want to start as an entrepreneur. This platform has the experience of 15 years, since 2005, to teach 1.5 billion entrepreneurs giving their best to make money online effectively and efficiently. Over time, it has evolved with innovations in services for the novice, and naïve individuals who are into their glory in the virtual world failed in the real one or want success in both. Wealthy affiliate updates over 750 training updates per annul and frequently improves the system to motivate their user experience and grow their site. They have an in-house working team that works tirelessly to operate the platform and services with the motto that tomorrow will be comfortable and better than today.

Learning with the Site

Transforming your ideas into reality and benefiting from it is a kind of easy now; sign up for wealthy affiliate membership; it does not require your money for basic membership and is free. In the primary account, you will not enjoy the complete services that only require premium access, but if you are a beginner and starter, it is the best choice. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to start an e-commerce business from scratch; one thing it does not be perseverance. That is something you have to engulf yourself stepping into this particular arena. The contentment of success lies in patience, persistence, and consistency; bring that attitude in you; if you don’t have, then nobody is coming in your way.

Chose your Role

Once you sign up and end up on your dashboard, you will see an introductory video that will give you a brief insight into the platform, how it works, and what you need to do. The learning process is thought-provoking; it will provide you with the choice to choose your niche. Wisely select the niche because you will have to work on it at the start, pick one that has your interest, and are eager to work on those premises. If you select something odd to your personality, you will land in disappointments that are harmful to your career. The services you incorporate will let you decide efficiently with the niche, but if you find that a little problematic, organize research for something that interests you and your needs; perhaps selecting a niche is the crucial step when starting an online business. Your service should engage people for their demands, making it easy for you to reach a higher audience with reliable customer trust.

All-in-one podium

Wealthy Affiliate has many features; you don’t need to switch sites for your work. If you have to choose your business, selecting a niche, building website, getting the perfect domain for your site or train yourself, everything in one place. There are mainly two courses; one teaches you how to build a website, promote it and other leads you to promote Wealthy Affiliate and make money. These courses are easy to follow and structured fine, you will not lose track of your practice as it keeps the ways of your journey. After videos, there are specific tasks and assignments that you have to do, to get the expertise of what you have learn.

Website and Domain

Now once you have selected down your niche, then it is the time to build a website, not a matter of concern as the site will provide you with all the essential materials for your site. Learn how to make one and implement the steps without any mistakes; may it small or big ones, the guide is always there so that you can get help when required. Buying a domain is not even a problem, Wealthy Affiliate provides a free domain for your site paid one also, follow the training and the support from the site then you will enjoy your own empire. Working for a commission by others may not suit you, so we recommend that you build your website and promote it until the desired results, but you can also try as it will provide a fair amount of money effortlessly.


Driving traffic to your website is the second crucial step to process when you are done setting up your website. If you are not able to reach as many people as you can, then your business will not operate your desirability, sales would below, and you will feel like having an economic crisis. Wealthy Affiliate has an in-build keyword planner that you can use to stuff the high-ranking keywords to your website; this keyword planner is free for all the users of wealthy Affiliate. Eventually, your site will gain more organic traffic, more traffic, that means your business will thrive as you wanted from the start. The optimized and quality content is obtained quickly with this tool concerning all the search engines, Google is considerably used by many users across the globe, with the keywords that are searched most, giving you the algorithmic optimization for your content.

Making Money with Wealthy Affiliate

Making money with affiliate site or affiliate promoting is worth many bucks, you can learn that with Wealthy Affiliate. Getting commission on the purchases is like devouring cake as it seems, it needs your efforts to make yourself trustworthy in front of the customer. You can also try another way as on wealthy Affiliate you can earn by either creating affiliate site in your niche, or promoting wealthy Affiliate or creating free training for others. Let us elaborate them; affiliate site-building will be more accessible with the learning on the site. You need to add quality content to your site and drive traffic from different platform either social media or other than your consistency will give you a lot of bucks. It is a random thought that wealthy Affiliate promotes their site by you, but that is an option either you want to do it or not that is entirely up to you. It will pay you for the referral you will provide for the premium membership as long as they remain premium members, you can promote by a blog post or direct referrals to the site. You can also earn by teaching other members of the site, create a free training, and you can make up to $5 or even more than that.

Customer Support

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform driven by its community, the beginner usually fell attraction for this, if you are stuck in somewhere and its challenging to fathom things explained in the video, you can always take help from the community. At the end of each video there a discussion menu, you can add your comments and ask questions from the author or any other experts. Wealthy Affiliate has made the learning process more interactive and comfortable, either you are a primary user or a paid premium user. It makes sure that you enjoy all the privileges once you pay for your account and the money you have spent to learn and thrive does not seem to be wasted in naught. You can chat with the users of the Wealthy Affiliate and ask for help regard the problem you face. There may be something that you might not find good as it is not likely it is the perfect platform, even it is improving day by day, then you should ask for help from the customer support. Customer support is available any time and interactive; you will not face that problem any more once you have reported it in the right place.

Final Thoughts

Online business is surging, but many people are not in the mainstream of appointing themselves familiar with the process, but sooner or later, bricks stores have no existence. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for making money but what you need are persistence and consistency, if you are in the haste of making money then this site is not for you, we hope you found this insightful.

eToro Vs Degiro

Nowadays, there are several ways one can make money on the internet. It’s all about exploring the different options you have and considering the skills you possess. If you search about it online, you’ll see how you can opt for blogging, social media marketing, vlogging, content creation and freelancing etc. In simpler words, the internet brings you endless opportunities to make money and it all depends on what you want to do.

Speaking of making money, you probably already know how stock marketing trading is on the rise nowadays. Years ago, people never even thought about investing in their money in this business because it was considered extremely risky. One moment you can become rich and the other moment you can lose all your money if you don’t act wisely.

However, now things have changed, now people are more curious and interested in stocks because they have developed the right kind of trading skills and now they are better at making investment and trading decisions.

Now if you want to trade in the stock market, you’d first need a broker account for it. You are supposed to pick your brokerage company wisely because it really can affect your money making process. You’ll be sticking with your broker for a long time and honestly, changing one is a real time hassle.

eToro Vs Degiro

eToro and Degiro are two of the most popular brokerage companies in Europe. The main difference between the two is that eToro is from Israel and it advertises social trading. On the other hand, Degiro is from the Netherlands and it advertises extremely low fees. For someone who just started the stock market trading business, it can be difficult to pick any one of these brokerage companies. However, after reading this article you won’t have to worry about anything because today we are going to explain them both in detail so that you can make a more informed decision.

All You Need To Know About Degiro

Degiro started its operations in 2018 and right now this company is offering its services in 18 countries. The main selling point of Degiro is its low fees. Due to this, they have grown a lot over these past 2 years and right now they have around 200 employees. With them you can access different investment instruments like CFDs, stocks, bonds and even ETFs. If you want to open an account with this company, you’ll have to wait because there’s already a long waiting list waiting for approval.

All You Need To Know About eToro

eToro started its operations in 2007 in Israel so as compared to Degiro, this company has been in service for a long time now. Right now they claim around 11 million users and they are offering their services in 140 countries. The value of this company as of now is 800 million dollars which is quite impressive. This company has two main selling points;

The “low commissions” factor is quite self-explanatory but when it comes to the social trading systems, eToro is different from other brokerage companies. For that they have two different features. The CopyPortfolio feature allows users to copy the portfolios of other successful traders and the CopyTrading feature that allows the users to copy the trades that are made by the most successful traders. Their main investment instruments include; CFDs, bonds, cryptocurrencies and ETFs.

Which One Has Better Minimums?

The minimum deposit for eToro is $200 which means that you need this amount to get started with this company. On the other hand Degiro has no minimum deposit required. So even if you have a small amount to get started with, you can use it with Degiro. So the results are in front of you that when it comes to better minimums, you get it with Degiro.

Which One Comes With More Features?

You probably all are passive investors so it’s important to have a look at the ETFs first. When it comes to the ETFs, there’s a huge difference between the two brokers. On eToro the ETFs choice is a little limited as you don’t get access to all the ETFs on the stock exchanges. But with Degiro your choice here isn’t limited.

On the other hand, both the brokerage companies offer a mobile and a web application. However, when it comes to better experience and better usability, you’ll probably enjoy eToro more. When it comes to trading, both companies offer almost the same features. You just buy and sell shares with them with the typical market orders.

What’s noteworthy is that Degiro does not let you trade in currencies. You can hold one currency in your account and when you buy something in another currency it will be converted automatically. On the other hand, with eToro things are a little different as it does allow people to trade in currencies.

You’ll find more information on eToro than Degiro and this is a big deal especially for those who are just getting started with the trading business. eToro advertises social trading which of course means that they have more features to offer. Here you can copy the trades of other success traders and their portfolios as well. This isn’t something you get to enjoy with Degiro.

In a nutshell, Degiro has more ETFs to offer whereas eToro is rich in features. It’s all your choice and your requirements that you need to look before making a move.

What’s Cheaper? eToro Or Degiro?

When it comes to affordability, you can rely on both Degiro and eToro. However, as the deposit fee for eToro is $200 and for Degiro, there’s no limit then you definitely can see a big difference here. It’s just that with Degiro, you don’t get to trade in currencies so if you are looking for that then opt for eToro instead.

Otherwise, both the brokerage companies are worth trying and worth relying on. Both have unique features and they both are successful in the entire Europe.

What’s More Successful?

As eToro has been around for a long time now, it’s a more successful company with a huge customer base that’s growing with each passing day. Degiro got started in 2018 and it’s still in the growing process.

Overall Verdict

There’s no one answer to the question “what is better-eToro or Degiro?”. The answer lies in your requirements and the type of trading you are looking forward to. KIf it’s the ETFs that matter to you then there’s nothing better than Degiro but if you want to deal in currencies then eToro is the best suitable option for you here.

Also, remember that trading is a risky business and you can lose and you can win a lot here. In other words, it’s not for the weak hearted. You need a strong mindset and the right kind of courage to step in this field. If your strategies are up to the mark and if you have the right market knowledge, it will be easier for you to make huge profits in this field. It doesn’t matter which brokerage company you choose among the two. What matters is how good you are at trading and what skills you possess to make the right decision at the right time.

Convertkit Affiliate Program

Are you an affiliate marketer and exploring ways to enhance your income? Well, there is an overwhelming variety of options to choose from for your affiliate program. You can choose ConvertKit as it is one of the amazing platforms for helping you earn more money – it is worth joining!

Before finding out how ConvertKit is going to bring you benefits, you might need to understand the program.

What is ConvertKit

ConvertKit is actually a marketing software that is designed for easy usage and is quite attractive for new bloggers. While using ConvertKit, you will have access to a visual automation builder so that you are able to display all the workflows into the context. Moreover, there are a lot more advantages such as opt-informs, landing pages, various templates, etc.

Moreover, ConvertKit also comes with a ConvertKit WordPress plugin so that you can easily add the desired opt-in form into WordPress sites. Isn’t it amazing?

If you are a blogger or a YouTuber who has a strong online presence and want to have a long list of email subscribers, then you definitely need to join the platform and make affiliate marketing more successful.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Being an affiliate marketer, you are marketing the products of some other company. If you are a blogger or a YouTuber, if your viewers buy the product on your promotion, then as an affiliate marketer, you will be getting some percentage of commission on their purchase.

It means that there is a triangular connection – one is the company who produced the product and is looking to sell his product, second is the affiliate marketer who is focusing to convince his audience in buying the product and third is the end-consumer who will eventually make the purchase.

The affiliate marketer receives a small percentage of commission, at no cost to the consumer, if he makes the purchase.

How Does ConvertKit Affiliate Work?

Becoming a ConvertKit Affiliate is easy – you can earn 30% of the total amount on every purchase that you referred to their products. You will be getting your own unique link to the product by ConvertKit. What you have to do is to discuss the advantages of the product with your audience and convince them in making a purchase.

You can use share the link in your blogs or videos or social media accounts. ConverKit will give you a period of 60 days for bringing in the traffic and drawing consumers.

How to Promote Convert Kit?

Interested in getting ideas as how you can promote the ConvertKit Affiliate program for earning commissions? Well, here are some ways and you can follow these strategies for promoting your product:

ConvertKit is a wise choice for upcoming influencers and bloggers as they have smaller emailing lists and need limited options. You can sell this attribute to your targeted audience and market them the product as a simple and easy-to-use option for meeting their needs.

Share Your Own Personal Story

People are convinced by examples – tell your audience that you use ConvertKit for your business and it will surely engage more interest. In fact, everyone is aware of the critical importance of email marketing so when you will share your experience and personal story with the readers/ viewers, they will ultimately feel that the product is just right for them and they need to invest in it.

Tell the People Importance of Email Marketing

If you are writing blogs to influence upcoming content creators, then they will be interested in getting pro tips for growing their circle and that is where you can communicate the advantages of email marketing to them. Consequently, promote ConvertKit as one of the top-notch email marketing software.

Tell Your Audience the Pros of ConvertKit Software

You can tell your readers that how the email marketing software will bring more influx of visitors on their platforms. Convince them that ConvertKit is the right choice and guarantees more success. Share some inspiring stories with them – gain their trust and make them feel that the product is genuine!

Here are some pros:

A Good Earning Percentage

Currently, various affiliate programs are available and on average they are giving a commission of 20-30%. Hence, ConvertKit is on the higher side and is surely going to assist you in your venture by letting you earn a great deal of money!

Little Effort Promises More

The key to the success of an affiliate marketer is that he has established the right audience – for example, if you want to market scrubs and hospital equipment, you need to have doctors or paramedics among your audience, or else having many followers will not help sell the desired products. Similar is the case with ConvertKit – it is for the creators, bloggers, and YouTubers who are struggling to build their audience base. In short, if you have a lot of entrepreneurs or content creators among your audience, then you are addressing their requirements, and they will respond back by purchasing the product.

In fact, ConvertKit is a self-promoting product, and it will not be hard for you to build referrals with the right audience – the product is popular and already attracts content creators – hence, only a little effort can bring you good commission!

More Span for Bringing Referrals

Moreover, ConvertKit gives a time span of 60 days to the affiliate marketers for building traffic whereas other programs impose the condition that you start making referrals within 30 days – the increased time period makes the entire process less stressful. You will have more days, and you can promote the product more – you will reach there slowly and steadily!

If your audience believes in your product, you will start generating a handsome amount of income real soon and ConverKit has already made a strong online presence!

Super Easy Payments – No Minimum Threshold

Whether you are able to refer one account or a hundred accounts to ConvertKit, you will get your money! Unlike other programs where you are bound to refer a minimum threshold amount for taking your payout, ConvertKit is quite dependable – it is no least bound, and you will get paid for even the tiniest of efforts.

You Get Full-Time Assistance as a ConvertKit Affiliate

If you become a ConvertKit Affiliate, you can contact the affiliate marketing manager and ask them your queries – it shows that the company values its members, and there are a lot more chances of getting better advice on promoting the product. You can also join their Facebook community and find out how others managed to sell the product successfully to get innovative ideas.

Cons of Convert Kit

Like everything out there, there are also a few cons of becoming a ConvertKit affiliate marketer:

The Application Process is Lengthy – You Might Need to Wait For Weeks

ConvertKit receives a high volume of applications; hence, it is possible that you might hear back regarding your application after six weeks! On the other hand, some affiliate programs respond back within five working days. So, while you are applying, you need to keep in mind that the application process is lengthy, and there is some delay involved.

No Deep Links

Usually, as an affiliate marketer, you get deep links for your audience. These links are helpful in bringing the targeted leads to the page that has the desired product. However, ConvertKit will not provide you a deep link; rather you will get a generic website link only – as a result, it can take away the interest of your leads.

It would have been better if you got a special code or link so that your consumers would explore the product directly.

Promotion is Challenging

With ConvertKit, you don’t have a lot of promotional options such as logos or graphics for the purpose of promotion – it can make it a tough task to promote the product. The presence of diverse graphical makes the promotional campaign easier – now you will have to get a bit creative with limited promotional options and create engaging content.

If you decide to go for ConverKit Affiliate marketing, be sure that your targeted audience is relevant, and they are interested in such products. Obviously, good email marketing software is the basic necessity for all bloggers, influencers, and YouTubers today; so, it would be wise if a major chunk of your audience is already pursuing content creation, and they know the underlying advantages of investing in good marketing strategies.

Wix Affiliate VS Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate and Wix Affiliate, both of them have a massive hype in the eCommerce market today. In this digital age where eCommerce is significantly thriving, all the focus is glued to these two affiliate sites.

Having a much firm belief in Wealthy Affiliate, most of the users are depending on it for now. However, many newbies are trying their luck with Wix as well.

In this article, we will help you compare the Wealthy Affiliate and Wix Affiliate through all the paradigms. This would not be only helpful to the eCommerce giants, but also to the newbie who is coming to this trade.

What platform among them is more dependable?

Wix never lets you claim that you own your website. Your website will always remain in Wix custody, while they be having the arms to delete it whenever they wish to.

Moreover, a whole set of modifications that happen to your site will occur due to Wix. In clear words, you can never get the keys of your website in your hands as Wix will itself authorize on the site that belongs to you.

Why is there a need for this comparison?

Both the affiliate sites offer you the same slots and promise the same success, but there are considerable loose ends that mustn’t go unnoticed. The people who come to use Wix are newbies, with little to no knowledge of the market. They hope to get successful by using Wix. However, that is not the case. Things might be easier to deal with as a Wix user, but the results with it are not so promising at all.

As a Wealthy Affiliate user, you get the whole market insight and training on how to leave your mark. The training you get with Wealthy Affiliate on how to use the eCommerce site makes all the difference.

Most newbies go for focusing on the fact that it is free and overlooking all the other aspects of importance. Once you are on board with, it can end up being more expensive.

If you are looking forward to being economical, my sincerest suggestion to you is to head off to Wealthy Affiliate.

We will let you know how to own a Wealthy Affiliate account at reasonable rates. There is a yearly package available with which you get the Jaaxy Lite SEO Keyword tool at no cost. With this pricing plan, you can take care of all the dimensions of your eCommerce site while spending a fair amount.

If you are a premium user of Wealthy Affiliate, you can make use of their 6 monthly packages as well.

One thing you must keep in mind while going through is article is that Wix is a CMS platform, so it provide you training is out of the question. Wix might not work out for you due to the pointers that I will mention below. With Wealthy Affiliate, it will be a difficult feat to deal with in the beginning stages. However, once you grow in it, things will eventually work in your definite favor.

We suppose that there is no need to do a detailed review on Wealthy Affiliate or Wix Affiliate before getting started with the comparison. Most of the readers who come here to learn about the differences between these two sites are really just looking out for differences between them, not the whole account of them.

The basic reason why I think there is a need for comparison is that every day more newbies are considering Wix as their savior, hence setting forth with that.

I will entail the price differences and will compare both the sites with reference to the money that is invested in them throughout the business.

Since not much is known about Wix from before, we should bring the basic information up. Wix Affiliate site was founded in the year 2006 and has its headquarters in Israel. The current CEO of Wix is Avishai Abrahami who is one of the founders of Wix.

The major reason why Wix has instilled such a great attraction is that it is Free. But bear in mind that it is Free just in its Basic mode. Where the whole game is concerned, Wealthy Affiliate will end up being more frugal for the users.

Wix Affiliate is aesthetically appealing. But is it worth it?

Just with an easy drag and drop, you come up with aesthetically pleasing sites with the help of Wix. Choose from the good-looking templates that are available and everything will get managed for you for the time being.

But mind it, we are mentioning all alone the aesthetic features of the site. No guarantee of whether it has dealt with the technicalities or not.

About the basic plans and all, you can find yourself. Not even spending your time on this site is of any use to you. Wealthy Affiliate will charge you for the development of a site, but in return will pay off ten times more than your investment. On the other hand, there are little to no chances of earning from Wix Affiliate.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can take care of the SEO by yourself productively. But, willing to get your Wix site ranked you will have to hire an SEO expert with really good skills, which is the only way to expect getting ranked.

Furthermore, the prices don’t remain constant. Wix will ask you to purchase applications that might be troublesome to many of the users. Sometimes, the applications are glitched or have significant technical faults. This way not only earning is thought to be behind the bars, but chances of getting investment drowned are fully highlighted.

The reason most of the eCommerce site developers start with any Affiliate platform is to earn with that. They would want their site to be monetized and the money comes flying from it. Thus, you need to ascertain whether you are close to accomplishing your goal of earning money or not.

How the digital market works today is solely based on the online stores with which the payment system is attached. Creating online stores is a great asset. Even if buyers are not piping in, there is a definite space for spectators gazing at your showcased items virtually.

But with Wix, it is utterly unattainable. Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, let you come up with your virtual online store.

Plugins make things a notch better:

The worst part of the whole deal is that Wix has no plugins. You will rather have to make the use of Apps, which will cost you a great fortune. Apart from it, Wix lacks their personalized email servers altogether.

Moreover, Wix asks you to spend $5 on G suite each month which is only good for storing your files you shall make the mind about uploading in the future. Isn’t it really just crossing all the borders of extravagant ordeal pertaining to file storage space?

What are the issues awaiting you if you are a Wix user?

A website made with Wix might face issues in loading and you will be needed to resolve those issues. Bear in mind the fact that Wix doesn’t allow outside hosting as well. However, with the Wix site, you are enabled to a built in CDN that enhances the speed of your site.

SEO optimization with Wix really has no outstanding results, as a newbie in the world of website owners, it will exhaust you and waste your time.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can start your website in any language you want, but Wix doesn’t support all the languages. A site built with Wix will bother you in the up-gradation and image upload.

Once the theme that you have selected, there is no possibility of changing that again. Small companies rely on Affiliate marketing to showcase their product out there and expect a better number of customers. If your site is not good enough with respect to its maintenance, it is utterly useless.

Apart from all the other reasons, Wix fails in getting synced with Google and also does not permit Affiliate links.

We shall intimate you that these are some reasons that Wix users fail. If you really want to succeed, Wealthy Affiliate is a much better and suitable option out there for you.

How has a Wealthy Affiliate proved to be the most suitable Affiliate platform?

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can immediately lookout for help if anything goes wrong and get it fixed. However, Wix brings you no such option.

Wealthy Affiliate gets your private coaching and trains you on all the aspects of the site. If you have learned better, only then you can demand productive results.

There is a live chat opportunity enabling you to ask any query that comes up.

Wealthy Affiliate recommends you the suitable domain platforms, on which the whole of your site stands.

Wrapping it up!

Wealthy Affiliate and Wix Affiliate are the two obvious reasons for anyone who wants to begin an eCommerce site. This article will help you in making the right choice and not will save you from going for the wrong option.


Etoro – Best Ways Start Investing

How about you invest, and the money increases effortlessly? Cryptocurrency is one way; that’s what statistics say; one-bit coin in 2010 was up to $0.08, and now it is $14913. Etoro is the platform for investing in a variety of cryptocurrency coins. Basically, the company was meant for forex trading, but later it was changed to cryptocurrency trading by Yonni Assia, a protruding figure in the trading community. With its 13 million users across 140 countries, it is one of the best ways of investing in a friendly user experience for beginners. You can copy the trades of other investors in this platform, the reason for its social dominion in the broker industries. Not only restricted to crypto trading as it was basically built of forex so, it still trades with forex, CFDs, and much more in the form of Crypto Trading and Crypto Portfolios.

History of Etoro

The company was initially founded by two brothers Yonni Assia, Ronen Assia, and David Ring, in 2007 as a forex trading company. In 2010, it expanded its services to OpenBook social investing platform, copy trading feature, and its first android app to execute trading efficiently with mobile devices as well. By the time investor invested and it has reported being invested 162 million dollars by investors across the globe. In 2018, the company provided services to US investors as well; they can trade in various crypto coins and delivered a wallet of cryptocurrencies for Android and IOS. In 2019, it acquired Delta, a Belgium company, for its trading portfolios to manage them effectively. Now it is among the best platform providing friendly ways to invest in the virtual business making more with less.

Who is it for?

Basically, this is for the crypto traders; you can exchange and contract the assets in your account. Invest by depositing the money and changing it into cryptocurrency, then you can copy others as well, or you can implement your own rule if you are already familiar with CFDs or trading; this is a huge risk as 70% of the customers face loss in CFDs, so you must be very much capable bearing the loss and yourself willing to venture in the circumstances. Implementation of copy is trading is efficient and easy for the users that make it to be among the best ways to invest in the virtual currency. For the US, it has a restriction that they can only trade via virtual currency, but it has affirmed that they are going to expand the premises of their users investing and trading from the US.


Etoro has many built-in features to give a reliable and cooperating experience to its numerous users globally. The following are the feature you will inbound once you are a registered user with Etoro.

Various Cryptocurrencies

Etoro offers to trade in 15 different cryptocurrencies that are more than any of the trading agencies or companies, the best ways to exchange in one place. It submerges currencies; Bitcoin, Tezos, Dash, NEO, Stellar Lumens, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, XRP, Litecoin, EOS, Cardano, IOTA, Z cash, and TRON; the podium can have access in one place.

Digital Wallet

The inter conversion of crypto assets is now in your hands; Etoro wallet is an app-based for Android or IOS both. It has a feature to transfer digital assets to another user and receive them as well. The trading platform can also be used to receive currencies to the wallet with a transaction limit from $125 to $10,000. Well! that are its pros, but there are things that some might find daunting; through this wallet, you cannot have the ultimate control of your funds in the platform that is still with the company as this a separate product for service. A costly fee of 5% is charged upon changing the cryptocurrency into Fiat currency. The experience is similar to the web, but it lacks some features.

Copy Trading

Social trading features tracking millions of users across to copy the moves they make; you can use this feature to make the same moves like the ones who are efficaciously making money with crypto. At a time, you can also follow up to 100 users’ moves and copy them instantaneously. Potential losses are restrained when you chose the option of stop-loss; by clicking these options, you can mirror the investor and stop any potential loss to your assets. Stop loss is not available for US users, but you can select the maximum draw down to refrain from losses. Millions of investors are accessible, and you can view their stats and risks made even from the beginning of the period.

Trading Fees

Trading cost varies with the market, sometimes it may fall, or it may rise. It does not charge any cost on depositing or withdrawal for crypto, but trading and exchanging are not excluded from charges. Spread, the fee collected according to the market is varies about 0.75% to 5% for bitcoin and 1.9% to 2.9% for other currencies. These charges are relative and may be costly for some or maybe cheap for some users who use different firms for swapping purposes.


Registering an account on the website is simple, provide all the necessary documents and information for your account. Then you have to wait for 3 to 4 days so that it verifies your information and then make the account ready for your practicing and trading. It charges $200 for registering an account on the site from any country except the United States and Australia resident, who will require only $50 for the process. Your bank is directly connected to your account with plaid, and credit cards can also be connected with the account for funding with limited cards like PayPal, Sofort, and Skrill.


Trading in Etoro is simple just like any other wallet or trading app. The “Buy” button is prominent, and to buy any of the coins, click on the button, follow the steps. It gives you a demo account to practice your skill once again, so that once you step in the actual consequences, then you effectively trade without any losses, then the sole purpose of the demo account is achieved. If you want to sell the assets you owned, then you can do it with the drop-down menu, some portions can be sold, but you won’t be able to do it for the individual lot. The transaction as a whole must be closed before performing the selling process in the account.

Non-US patrons can perform other functions also with this because the site has 1700 equities with 43 currency pairs and 20 CFDs for you. This operation gives you the sole control of your trading prospects; you have to indicate the option that you know relatively well to perform well in your business. This may make you feel like living in the US is not always good for everything, but it is how it is; you cannot access them while being a resident of the US, but the company is looking into that aspect; you don’t have to concern.


Margining can be affecting if you are not familiar; eToro does not consider portfolio margining. If you have an account with an investment that is less than 5000 dollars, then you will not be accountable for any interest; that is great leverage if you consider it. If your account is inactive for a year, then you might face inactivity charges but, if you become a member of the eToro club, then you will have extra bonuses and won’t be charging anything for inactivity. If you are a novice, then you have a research amenity as well; the news feed shows the posts of other users. You can visit the characteristics of any cryptocurrency in the list and observe the analysis of the market. Read the different blog posts to help yourself by selecting the analysis tab from the News.

Customer Service

The security of the customers is taken care of; the mobile app is unlocked with biometric verification, so nobody else can mess with your account. Online help is made easy with support to chat with an agent, that you can open on the page of customer service. If you are a valued customer and have made a balance of $25000, then the reward of your prominence will be fast customer service as others will get the same response in a week or so; you will be appreciated much. Live broker support is unavailable for care presently but will launch soon reportedly from the company.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency is perhaps the easy way of making money; eToro has brought it way easier. It has an average of 4.2 ratings, which is higher, for it is bringing more things operational. The site provides the perks more than any other site and is still working to improve many things with the aim to dominate the whole industry and provide a great opportunity for its users to trade. Invest, sit back, observe, and hit when it’s the best time.

Is IC Markets Scam?

Decades ago, no one ever knew that there would be something called “Forex trading.” People just worked hard on their education and academics, and then they just applied for 9 to 5 jobs that paid a fixed amount of salary every month. Now, things have changed at a whole other level, and the number of opportunities that we have around, they are just endless! Especially due to the internet, our lives are now much easier than they used to be.

If someone has the right kind of skills and the right motivation or dedication to make money online, he can do wonders and earn a proper income sitting in his house. Yes, you read that right, and if you search for it online, you’ll come across several online earning opportunities. There’s blogging; there’s vlogging, social media marketing, and freelancing, etc. The point is that the internet is a whole other world in itself, and here you will come across endless means to make money.

Speaking of making money, forex trading is trending nowadays. If you are here, it’s obvious that you are the kind of person who is interested in forex trading, and now you want to know what IC Markets is and how it can come in handy to you. For starters, there’s no doubt in the fact that if you have the right trading skills and a little know-how of the forex market, you can make millions in this field, but it’s a time taking process, so you do need some real-time patients too.

What Is IC Markets?

IC Markets is one of the best and most renowned CFD providers to date. Whether you are a new trader who just stepped in the market, a scalper, or an active day trader, this platform is for you as it provides some real-time trading solutions that you can’t find anywhere else easily. From superior liquidity to low latency and a cutting edge platform for trading, with IC Markets, you get lucky with all of this.

There was a time when traders had no access to the previous prices, but now things have changed as IC Markets stepped in. Now it’s not just that only the high net individuals or investment banks will have access to previous prices, but you will also be able to gain it as a trader.

The company was started by a financial team of professionals in 2007, and it was established in Australia. The main motive of the team was to bridge the gap between those institutional clients that offered trading solutions and retail. In a nutshell, if you are in search of one of the best and the most competitive trading solutions provider, then IC Markets be the name you should put your trust in.

What Type Of Broker Is It?

If you want to enjoy no dealing desk and manipulation free pricing, then IC Markets be the broker you need to opt for. It’s an ECN trading environment provider that gets the traders real-time, true spreads from 50 different banks, liquidity suppliers, and dark pool liquidity sources. The orders of traders are connected to the market by servers in NY, and this connection is quite speedy, and the latency levels are quite low.

Is IC Markets safe or a scam?

One of the biggest concerns for people be the authenticity of a broker. Yes, it’s true that the internet is full of scam companies and fake brokers who are waiting to make a fool out of you, but that’s not what you should worry about when it comes to IC Markets. It’s one legit broker that’s constantly regulated by a reputable external authority, which is why you can trust it without any hassle. What makes IC Markets the best is that it’s a CySEC and ASIC regulated international broker that has been operating around globally for years now. Of course, a broker that has been around for a long time and has a massive trader base cannot be a scam, so you have nothing to worry about here. Moreover, IC Markets comes with professional Indemnity Insurance, so all your money and transactions are absolutely safe here. The only issue that you might face with this broker is that all of its international proposals are through an offshore entity. This might be a little troublesome for some people, but if you look at the bigger picture, you’ll know why and how you can trust this broker in forex trading.

What Are The Offers And Conditions For Traders?

For starters, IC Markets is going to be the best broker that you’ll opt for, especially because it offers around 232 different assets, and traders can trade in CFDs (bonds, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies), forex (currencies), and futures. In simpler words, there’s a lot you can do using this platform. It’s just about using your skills in the best possible way, and you sure have results. As far as the spreads are concerned, they start at 0.0 pips, and for that, the commission is $3 on each trade and $100 in CTrader.

On the other hand, the live account is what you’ll enjoy using the most because it works in real-time, and all the executions are right in front of you all the time. That’s what most people love about IC Markets that it provides unrivaled fast execution because its data center is in NY and London. Moreover, as said earlier, there’s no price manipulation that you need to worry about because IC Markets is a true ECN broker. No hidden fees for any traders, and you get raw spreads every single time. IC Markets is supplied by various liquidity providers, which means that here you get just the right amount of liquidity.

Here are some conditions for the traders;

There are 232 assets available

ECN starts spreading from 0.0 pips

You get leverage up to 1: 500

In other words, the trading terms are just extraordinary here with this broker. It’s definitely one of the best forex providers, and you shouldn’t think twice before switching. Just make sure to make smaller cuts here because there are no shares in IC Markets.

Overall Verdict

Now that you know what IC Markets is and how it works, it’s high time that you shift to this broker that’s more trustworthy and more reliable. This broker definitely isn’t a scam, and you sure will enjoy working with it because this is where you get the kind of profit you want in forex trading. Instead of looking for other brokers that aren’t much reliable and can scam you at any point, you should opt for IC Markets. It’s more reasonable, it’s more trustworthy, there’s a huge community of this broker, and it will eventually bring you the results that you want in trading. So now, without waiting any further, try it out and see how things fall into place for you with IC Markets.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A MLM?

When it comes to making money online, you don’t have just one but several opportunities to opt for. In fact, this is what people are doing, they are opting for different online training sessions to build their skills and then they are making a real-time income sitting in their house. If you think about it, online earning is a lot easier, more convenient and a much better option then looking for some 9 to 5 jobs where you get a fixed amount of money paid.

Speaking of online earning, one of the best things that you can do out of blogging, vlogging or freelancing etc is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the talk of the town and it all makes sense because if you have the right kind of marketing skills, you can make a good fortune in this field. This field is specifically for those who have an entrepreneur’s mind and those who are willing to dedicate proper effort and time in marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Those who don’t know what affiliate marketing is, stick along! It’s a very easy and simple concept to understand! In affiliate marketing, what happens is that you work for a company and you promote their products and when someone purchases a product through your link, you get a commission out of it. This is what affiliate marketing is and for this, you first need to take a proper training course and then build your own website to promote other people’s products and services. If you work hard, it’s a huge and a great business to get started with so if you are planning to join it, you shouldn’t wait anymore!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

If you want to be a part of one of the best and the most successful affiliate marketing programs then Wealthy Affiliate is what you should join right now. It’s undeniably one amazing platform that’s for all those who want to start their affiliate marketing journey and for those who want to establish the one they have already started.

Unlike other scammy programs, Wealthy Affiliate comes with no false claims and it doesn’t claim to make you rich overnight. It will take time and once you learn how affiliate marketing works, you’ll then start getting the income you’ve been expecting.

Moreover, another proof that this program isn’t fake is that it has a huge community that’s growing with time. The community, the hype on the internet and the reasonable claims of this program are a real time proof that joining it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Pyramid Or An MLM Scheme?

Yes, there are some online programs that look like an MLM or pyramid scheme but when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to worry about any such thing. The reality is that this program is one of the most authentic affiliate marketing programs to date and it will help you build your own affiliate marketing business in the best possible way.

Yes, there are some MLM elements in the Wealthy Affiliate program but you cannot regard it as a complete MLM program. For those who don’t know, MLM, also known as, multi-level marketing is a strategy used by some direct sales companies out there to encourage the existing distributors to hire new distributors who are given a percentage of their sales.

Keeping this in view, yes, the Wealthy Affiliate program does give away a touch of an MLM strategy but there still is some benefit of doubt here. Here are some points that show why we cannot regard the Wealthy Affiliate program as MLM;

It doesn’t restrict you to just promote WA

It doesn’t require you to recruit your family or friends

You don’t have to do any face to face selling

It comes with a single level of referrals and there aren’t any multi levels

Here you don’t recruit people in fact, WA hires people instead

With all these things under consideration, you can clearly tell that Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM. It’s a program specifically for two kinds of people; first it’s for those who want to learn how to do affiliate marketing and how to get started with it and secondly, it’s for those who want to create their website and get it ranked on the search engine to get more traffic.

What Does The Wealthy Affiliate Program Offer?

There are two core training offered by this program. First is the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the second one is the Affiliate Bootcamp. Both the training are worth joining and they both will benefit you in the best possible way. The first program will help you in propelling your journey of internet entrepreneurship. And the second program will teach you how to make money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. In a nutshell, it’s all on you and what you want to do. If you want to build your own website and learn how to market products on it for other businesses then the Online Entrepreneur Certification will be the best suitable option here. This program comprises total 5 levels and each level has a detailed description about how things are done, starting form choosing the right niche to how to create your website and how to rank it on Google for increased traffic.

The second program is for those who just want to make money directly by promoting WA. It’s simpler, it’s easier and here you get quick money especially if that’s what your goal is. So it’s your choice because both programs are equally effective and they sure will help you make some good amount of money.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

One of the most important questions that people often ask is the amount of money they’ll have to pay to join this program. Well, you don’t have to worry about the investment because it’s as little as $49 per month. Yes, you read that right and if you think about it, it’s quite reasonable. Unlike other programs asking for thousands of dollars just to teach you how to make money online, this one doesn’t charge much and it is very reasonable as compared to the other programs.

Is This Program Authentic?

From all that what we have told you here earlier, yes, the Wealthy Affiliate program is undeniably one of the best and the most effective programs that you will ever join. It comes with all the basic information you need to become a successful marketer and it definitely is worth your time and investment. One thing that we are sure about is that you won’t ever regret being a part of this program as it always comes with effective results.

Overall Verdict

Now that you know how the Wealthy Affiliate program isn’t a MLM and now that things are clear for you, it’s high time that you think about joining this program and started your affiliate marketing journey. We assure you that this will be your best decision and that you will benefit out of it. It’s just that you have to stay dedicated throughout and invest as much effort as you can if you want to see real time results. Now without waiting anymore, decide the training that you want to choose out of the ones provided by the Wealthy Affiliate program and get started right away.

With consistent efforts and dedication, you’ll soon witness results and you’ll be more than happy with what you end up with. Moreover, as this program comes with a huge community, you will never fall victim to any issues and all of your queries will be answered on time. So don’t wait and see it for yourself how you can be successful with the Wealthy Affiliate program.