What is Secret Millionaire Bot? – Myths Vs. Reality Online

Online earning and money-making is a dilemma that has dragged most of the business-minded persons in general and profiteers in particular into a valley of dreams. They miss no opportunity to avail their selves off in the best possible ways. They don’t hesitate to leap in the dark. Such people believe in the old cliche, “no venture without adventure.”

Secret Millionaire Bot is one of the avenues opened to the people for earning money. Knowing all about it is a must before you trust such a tool of earning. You’ll need to keep in view the available facts and figures about Secret Millionaire Bot. Only unprejudiced and objective information can lead you to the right and ultimate decision to reject or accept such ways of earning.

What is Secret Millionaire Bot?

If we come to know the real status of Secret Millionaire Bot, we can easily get at the whole truth and avoid confusion and doubts. Secret Millionaire Bot is a “rehashed version of easy Instagram profits.” It is a video guide on Instagram marketing. It is a basic Instagram course comprising nine videos. It is also described as “an automated piece of software for generating money.”

Following are the facts for the introductory Purpose to be kept in mind to form an opinion about SECRET MILLIONAIRE BOT.

Name: Secret Millionaire Bot. (SMB)

Website: www.secretmillionairebot.com

Owner: Charles Allen.

Year of creation of the website: December 2018.

Visitors: Almost 40-50 thousand per month.

Primary Purpose of creation: To tell the people how to sell on Instagram using bots.

Promotors: Digital marketers.

Who can benefit from Secret Millionaire Bot?

Secret Millionaire Bot is apparently meant for the people who are ambitious to make more money with less effort. It is an online money-making activity by using Instagram, but, unfortunately, it does not come up to the expectations. Rather, it disappoints those who have attached high hopes with such tactics. Such tricks become unmasked too soon, leaving the people involved in it utterly dejected. They become exposed sooner or later.

What lies hidden in Secret Millionaire Bot?

Unfortunately, you don’t get what is promised. What is delivered is not even close to what you expect. Anyway, let us dive deep into it and have a look at what is inside Secret Millionaire Bot.

First Step

In the beginning, you see an introductory video that you have to watch.

Second Step

Later, on scrolling down, you’ll find an affiliate link that says, “click here to supercharge your income” that actually belongs to a guy named John Crestani. This is yet another Clickbetter product.

Third Step

In the third step, you are asked to get yourself registered for the “exclusively free website for VIP members,” which is another up sell to CoolHandle. The website is said to be free, but you still have to pay for the domain name and hosting, which means that it is not actually free.

Fourth Step

This step is nothing else but another up sell. A click on the option of “Secret Millionaire Bot’s Highest recommended product” will switch you over to another system called “Bullet Proof Profits.”

After going through all of these steps, you finally reach the training section, which is further divided into eight sections. Each section is for one week. And for each week, there are 1 or 2 videos.

Week One: In week one, you are provided with the necessary information about Instagram.

Week Two: In the second week, you are told how to start with the right foot.

Week Three: In the third week, you are taught how to build your own Instagram Brand.

Week Four: In week no. Four, you’re taught how to make a business Instagram account.

Week Five: In this week, you are taught how you can make more and more money using Instagram.

Week Six: In this week, you are taught how to become a drop shipper on Instagram.

Week Seven: In this week, you’ll get to know about the “Affiliate Marketing Case Study.”

Week Eight: Week eight’s videos will tell you how you can grow your Following on Instagram.

Well, in my opinion, you don’t need to spend even a single buck for such basic information as it is available on YouTube for free!

False Claims which show that SMB is A Scam!

As it is said, “lies have no legs to stand upon” the proverb is genuinely applicable to Secret Millionaire Bot’s false claims. Let us make an analysis of the top Five false statements made by Secret Millionaire Bot’s creator Charles Allen in his promo video.

#1You are the Luckiest that you got the Access!

Secret Millionaire Bot forces you to make haste by creating panic and a sense of deprivation in the buyer to make him sign up quickly lest he should miss the opportunity, which can be once for all for him in his life. It is the worst and ruthless exploitation.

The truth is that SMB manipulates to sell as much as possible in the digital market to accumulate cash as there is no such traffic on their site as they pretend.

#2 “You can make money on Autopilot.”

Another false statement made by the creator of Secret Millionaire Bot Charles Allen in his promo video is that by becoming a member of SMB, you can become a part of the “elite secret club of the millionaire,” and it is an incredible chance to make millions online doing nothing. He exploits people by displaying images of luxurious sports cars and attractive mansions, which forces them to make a purchase.

See how he boasts, throwing dust in the eyes of the dupes by showing how ordinary people are shown to become rich overnight.

“I sit back and let the money come automatically: while I am at a restaurant eating, on the beach with my wife, and best of all, while I am asleep.”

Whereas the truth is that thinking to make money without any effort is nothing but living in a fool’s paradise. Mind you, becoming a millionaire is not impossible; what is impossible is becoming a millionaire overnight. Becoming rich requires adequate time, patience, and a lot of effort with consistency and persistence.

#3 SMB is Reputable.

Secret Millionaire Bot misleads the people by putting a claim on their sales page, that the popular and reputable media sources such as Forbes, CNN, and Huffington Post have promoted it.

The truth is that it is an absolutely fake strategy. Secret Millionaire Bot has never appeared on any media outlet. Also, it has never been found on the Google Play store since it is not an app. They just link themselves with popular and reputable brands to win people’s trust. Thus, they trap the customers by be fooling them so they can sell as many copies as they can.

#4 People are earning money with SMB.

To convince and attract the attention of the people, it is a fascinating slogan. That if the ordinary people who have no ability to make money can make the best use of the opportunity offered by Secret Millionaire Bot, then why not you?

The truth is that none of the testimonials posted on the website is legit. All is fake, and an eyewash. The people that are hired are paid, actors.

#5 Programme was created by Charles Allen.

At least there must be someone who could own such attractive money-making activity. To establish the credibility of Secret Millionaire Bot, Charles Allen is said to be its founder. Which nothing but yet another false claim.

The truth is that no creator of the system has ever appeared. True identity has always been hidden. The website itself reveals that it has no founder as it is clearly mentioned on the website that the spokesperson is not using his real name. The name “Charles Allen” is nothing but just a pen name.

It is evident from this that Charles Allen is not an individual. It is merely a name used for deception. So, why would someone do this? The only answer to that is because the Secret Millionaire Bot is entirely a scam, from its creator to its claims.


To be ambitious about making money and becoming wealthy is not bad but to be greedy is rather a sin that can turn your life into hell. Such people don’t bother to investigate the credibility of the sites on which lucrative schemes of earning are offered. With the dying wish to become millionaire overnight, they jump into investments and consequently become deprived of their actual savings.

Websites like Secret Millionaire Bot are busy plundering the public in general, in one way or the other. The existing world in which we survive today is a complex web of scams, deceptions, and doubts.

This article, keeping in view the facts and figures, pros and cons, merits and demerits of the offers advertised on the website named Secret Millionaire Bot, has unmasked the selfish creators and exposed the bitter realities behind such scams.

The whole truth is that “bots” like Secret Millionaire Bot cannot make your millionaire overnight. Their strategy to make the people millionaire is beyond the understanding of a sensible person. A platform that offers you to earn a lot does not have an owner; how’s that even possible? It lacks so many other credible requirements too.

It is hoped that the detailed analysis made in the article will save people from such scams.