Affiliate Marketing and Investing in Stocks

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

This article will tell you what actually Affiliate Marketing is and how you can boost your earnings by Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a product promotion campaign through which you introduce the products of the companies by the link that the company provides you against a commission. In this way, you become a salesperson of multiple companies instead of just restricting yourself to a single company, and in this way, you can multiply your income.

This salesmanship runs round the clock and is not confined to specific working hours. The ultimate job of an affiliate is to search for the people’s needs and the products that can fulfill their needs.

How can you put your plan of Affiliate Marketing into practice?

It is important to know how you can become successful in Affiliate Marketing. It would be best if you make a strategy. At least one must know the following essential points:

  • Thorough knowledge of the product will enable you to be acceptable to the buyer.
  • The Affiliate must be well aware of the potential consumers. He must have the ability to persuade consumers to buy the product being sold in a convincing manner. In this way, the Affiliate gains the confidence of the consumers who start trusting him. The consumers start believing that the product they are going to buy is beneficial for them.
  • The Affiliate approaches consumers through Blogs, websites, and social media.
  • The merchants allot a particular link to the Affiliate to determine whose is the sale. When a customer clicks the link, a micro file called a cookie is stored in the merchant’s device. It develops a sort of confidence between the Affiliate and the merchant. It also enables the Affiliate to get his share even if there is a delay at the buyer’s end.

Let me explain this with the help of an example:

For instance, a person searches for the best laptops to buy under $600 and ends up opening your blog post. Suppose that he gets convinced by your post and goes to amazon to buy the laptop by your affiliate link. Then he remembers that he has to do some groceries, and he leaves to do the groceries. When he gets back and starts over from where he left, he finds a headphone and buys it along with the laptop.

Here’s the good news for you! Remember? That he was brought to Amazon through your affiliate link, and a cookie was stored in the merchant’s device due to that? Amazon remembers that due to its 24-hour cookie time. In this way, you earn for both the laptop and the headphones even without promoting it!

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Programme?

Wealthy Affiliate is basically a course designed for individuals with no know-how about how affiliate marketing works and how you can boost your income with affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate was created back in 2005 by two Canadians, Kyle, and Carson, as an initiative to make the newbies in this industry prevail and succeed just like they did.

After two years in 2007, after creating the Wealthy Affiliate Programme, the founders, Kyle and Carson, launched their website-builder and a web-hosting site, called, so that the members of Wealthy Affiliate Programme could easily and quickly build their own websites. But, unfortunately, WordPress its most significant competitor, on the other hand, was more prevalent among people than Which ultimately resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars because the project was put-off in 2008.

Still, the founders, Karl and Carson, didn’t give up and continued to make improvements to the program. In 2009, they formed a “virtual training center” and also inaugurated their Premium plan. Later in 2011, they added an option of “live chat” that enabled the members of the Wealthy Affiliate Programme to do live chat in real. In 2012, they launched yet another thing. The “Jaaxy keyword research tool” to facilitate the wealthy affiliate members to find the best keywords to increase the traffic on their sites. Later in 2012, they reduced the price of their premium membership too (47/month).

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or a Scam?

According to the official website, over 1,400,000+ members and almost 23,000 people benefit from it every day. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a scam, but it is a time taking course and is not for those who are not ready to invest their time into it. Obviously, affiliate marketing is not an easy task and needs a lot of practice and guidance if you are a newbie. A new website typically takes 6+ months to be successful. Well, that requires a lot of patience.

What is meant by Stock Investment?

There is a wide variety of types of investments in the market. Stock Investment is one such kind of investment. In Stock Investment, you can be a shareholder by investing even small amounts. The investors pick and choose the stock wisely and carefully in order to make profits as and when the values soar.

Stocks are shares that represent a type of ownership in a business organization or company. It is a lucrative and reasonable investment scheme that is growing and prospering one’s business to earn and increase income. On making an investment, you become a shareholder of the company with the legitimate right to profit from the company’s business. In this way, the investor and the company become interdependent partners with mutual trust.

In the business and trade terminology, the term Stock is taken for “ownership certificate” issued by a company, whereas a Share is the Stock certificate of a particular company. Having a specific company’s share makes you a Shareholder.

What is eToro?

eToro is a UK based social platform for investment and trading. It is also a brokerage company worth $800 million. eToro is most for beginners who don’t know about trading and investment and is 20 times cheaper than other companies with 0% commission on real stocks! It is a licensed brokerage company registered by CIF, the Cypriot Investment Firm.

eToro can be quite unpredictable for you if you are interested in making money fast because there are many chances that you may lose the money as fast as you have earned it.

How to Earn from eToro?

There are two main ways to earn from eToro:

By Copy-Trading:

Copying the successful traders’ techniques in a manner in which you can be a successful trader by benefiting yourself from the other brainchild.

eToro is there to provide you with the most delightful and exciting ways, like copying successful traders’ success stories. You are even allowed to copy the complete portfolios of such traders. It is interesting to mention the legitimacy of this act of “copy traders.” It is legitimate because if your business becomes progressive and prosperous, its effect will pass on to the traders you have copied.

eToro opens the avenues of success for your business. The process is quite simple and easy. When eToro is clicked to open, all is opened in our account as well. You will have to make efforts to search the successful traders on eToro. Copying on eToro is very comfortable. Once you have found the best choice, you just need to click the blue “Copy” button. There is no loss risk because you have an option of “stop loss.” With the help of this option, your account automatically stops copying in case of heavy losses.

For example, if you have set the option to 35% and the trader you have copied loses 35% of the investment you have made, eToro will stop copying them automatically, and you’ll be in the safe zone.

By becoming a popular investor:

You can become a popular investor with your positive attitude. Your decent and responsible behavior will establish your worth and credibility. People will start copying you. This can be highly rewarding and pleasing for you as it will increase your monthly commission. But it takes time to become a popular investor. You’ll have to become more active, answer people’s queries, and get involved in discussions.

Mistakes to be Avoided:

Mentioned below are some common mistakes that must be avoided in order to be a successful investor or trader.

1. Most of the people open the “sell” option rather than the “buy” option. It is because selling can be a lot riskier than buying.

2. Being impatient. Stock investment and trading are not for impatient people. For example, you see your stock going down; you may get terrified, which can push you to the point that you may take a wrong decision, which would be an actual loss because stocks keep bouncing!

3. Some people use too high leverages. That’s a blunder!

4. The beginners like the idea of copy-trading so much that they start copying the most copied trader blindly without any investigation.

5. Many people just blindly chose every green trade. Don’t do that.


It is rightly said, “Time is money.” So, if you have time, don’t waste it. Turn it into money. You can avail the best opportunities and earn through Affiliate Marketing and Stock Investment on eToro.

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