Affiliate Marketing and SFI Affiliate: How Do They Work?


If you are a website owner than you need to have affiliate marketing on your website. A lot of people just set-up a website to blog and share stuff with other people or for their local business without even knowing that they can also earn from it using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing program online will allow you to have a passive income while having a day job or a business. You can sign up for an affiliate marketing program, insert special links on your website, and earn commissions from the products that you are affiliated with. Let’s face it though. Not everyone will try their hand at affiliate marketing because it can be confusing. Of course, a lot of people are afraid of being scammed online. In this article, I will let explain what affiliate marketing is and the legitimate affiliate marketing programs that you can sign up with.

So what is affiliate marketing exactly? Affiliate marketing was developed by businesses in order to widen their target market without investing more money on marketing and advertisement and getting more sales. Affiliate marketers sign up to be connected with the company so that they can be authorized to market the products of that company. The affiliate marketers then get a percentage of each sale that the company gets out of the affiliate marketer’s efforts. It’s that easy to do affiliate marketing. All you need to know is how to market the products correctly and you’ll start earning.

Here’s the downside of doing affiliate marketing. At first, you won’t be getting enough money. When I started doing affiliate marketing, I was only earning a few dollars a month. Several times, I thought of quitting, but my will to be successful was stronger than my pessimistic side. I did a lot of research on how to do affiliate marketing correctly. Of course, I tried several of them until I came up with the right strategy. I lost a lot of money from scammers as well, but I managed to regain them with the money I earned with the right affiliate marketing tools.

Affiliate links on your site do not only earn a commission every time there istogether a sale. Some affiliate companies pay every time there is some action on the link that was given to you. You get a flat fee for generating a lead or for a subscription sign-up. Of course, the pay is higher if you get a sale compared to the earning that you’ll get from other actions. There are also PPC or pay-per-click programs that will pay you a small amount each time a visitor clicks on the link without any action at all. Each affiliated company has different terms so check out the company before signing up with them.

There are a lot of affiliate marketing programs available on the market and one of them is SFI affiliate. SFI is much different from any other affiliate marketing online providers because they promote triple clicks and recruit people to join them. Affiliates who have invited people to join SFI now has the opportunity to earn from the sales of their affiliate links and from the sales of their recruits.

Anyone can sign up to be an affiliate of SFI because it’s free and joining them will automatically let you become an affiliate. SFI can be done by anyone because they have a page dedicated entirely to training you on how to become an affiliate. There are also tools that will help you build your business as an SFI affiliate. I was amazed when I first went to their site. There is a members-only forum that will answer your questions. Not only that, but they have tracking data and leader boards where you can see who has the most number of triple clicks.

Triple Clicks

Triple clicks is a big part of SFI and it was launched in 2009. Commissions are based on triple clicks and when people spend money inside triple clicks the SFI affiliate earns a commission. There are several ways to use triple clicks. You can buy and sell products participate in penny auctions on products that are discounted and play games online to win prizes. When you do these things you get either T-credits or Member Reward Points (MRP).

T-credits can be used to buy products, pay seller fees, bid on auctions and play games online. The monetary cost of one T-credit is $1.99 or as low as $.29 if bought in bundles. They are very important because you cannot sell products, do penny auctions or play games without it.

MRP or Member Reward Points, on the other hand, are given to you whenever you spend T-credits. MRP can be used to redeem products in the triple clicks marketplace.

4 Ways to Use Triple Clicks

1. Buy Products – Use Triple Clicks to Buy Products just like what you do in other legitimate affiliate marketing programs.

2. Sell Products – If you are a standard seller you can sell each product for 1 T-credit. Pro sellers, on the other hand, can sell for free and pay 15% on the price of the product. Along with the pro seller feature is a website with a sub-domain to sell your product. Both two types of seller can just list their item on triple clicks and the company handles everything. Whenever there is an order, all you have to do is fulfill the order that Triple Clicks will send you.

3. Bid on Penny Auctions – This is also known as Price Benders – At penny auctions, the price will be sold at a regular price, but when the timer hits zero participants can bid on the product for a cent and the last person to bid will win the item. Each bid will cost one T-credit and every time a person bids the price goes up by $.01. So the company will collect your T-credit for each bid and will also collect the final price of the item from the winning bidder. Of course, the winner of the bid gets to have a huge discount for the item, but the other people who did a bid on the item gets to lose T-credits.

4. Play Online Games – Whenever you play games you will have to pay T-credits, but when you will get either T-credits, MRP points or other p[prizes.

So we’ve tackled T-credits and MRP points. There is another thing that you need to understand in SFI and this is how you can make money. SFI uses Versa Points (VP) system and these can be converted into money.

You can earn a VP by completing daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that will be given to you as an SFI affiliate. Each T-credit spent or each member recruited will also earn you a VP. Doing all these things will increase your SFI ranking and will increase your earnings. The more VP you get the higher earnings you will get.


Ways to Earn in SFI

There are actually 6 ways to earn when you join SFI affiliate.

1. Direct Commission – Of course since it’s an affiliate marketing program online you can earn commissions on your affiliate link. You earn 45% commission volume (CV) for any purchases made by your referrals within triple clicks. A CV is the gross margin of any sales from your referral link.

2. Triple Clicks Executive Pool – How much money you will receive from VP’s will depend on three things, your ranking, your accumulated sales, and the company revenue for the month. Executive Affiliates will get a share of 40% of the company-wide revenue for the month, but team leaders that have higher ranking will get more. The rankings are as follows:

• Bronze Team Leader: Matching VP on all EAs in your down line within 6 levels

• Silver Team Leader: Matching VP on all EAs in your down line within 8 levels

• Gold Team Leader: Matching VP on all EAs in your down line within 10 levels

• Platinum Team Leader: Matching VP on all EAs in your down line within 12 levels

• Diamond Team Leader: Same as Platinum, plus double matching VP on affiliates on the 12th level.

3. Co-Sponsered Commissions or CSA – this s a referral program given by SFI affiliate. The payout commission for each CSA is 15% of the CV.

4. T-Credit Bonuses – The bonuses are earned each month depending on your ranking. Executive Affiliates earn 10 t-credits per month, Bronze team leaders earn 12 T-credits, Silver Team Leader earns 14 T-credits per month, Gold Team Leader earns 16 T-credits per month, Platinum Team Leaders earn 20 T-credits per month, and Diamond Team Leaders earn 24 T-credits per month.

5. ECA referral program – every time you refer people to become an ECA you will earn 10% CV on all the sales of that person for life. On top of that, you will also get 100 VP points when your ECA when they make their first $10 on sales.

6. SFI Pay per action – Earn for referring people to become an SFI affiliate. You can earn $10 per sign-up.

With affiliate marketing the amount of money that you earn is different. There are a lot of different legitimate affiliate marketing programs and each of them will let you earn different amounts each time you have a sale. SFI affiliate is different though. It will give you an opportunity to earn more than just the commission from your sales, but you can earn in more ways. It’s also very important that although you can earn $100 per day today, that amount can fluctuate and your earnings can become lower if your product does not sell well. Being an affiliate means you will have to work hard in order to make sales and maintain your status. Check out SFI affiliate and I’m sure if you diligently follow your tasks and market your product, you will earn money every month.


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