Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tips on How to Earn More Money

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So you’ve signed up to be an Amazon associates or to the Amazon affiliate program. What do you do next? How do you earn money by being an Amazon associate? If you’re want to know more on how to make the most out of being an Amazon affiliate, this article will give you Amazon affiliate marketing tips that will help you become a successful Amazon associate.

First, let me congratulate you for signing up with Amazon Associates. You’ve chosen well because it is one of the top affiliate marketing programs online. In fact, it is one of the first affiliate marketing programs launched online. The fact that is has been used by a lot of affiliate marketers for more than 2 decades means it is a very established program. If you are doing Amazon affiliate marketing programs to start a business or just you just want to earn some extra money then you are on the right track by signing up as an Amazon Associates.

How To Get Started

1. Choose a good product – if you have not chosen a product to market yet, then you have to choose wisely. Choose something that you are passionate about. It should also be something that a lot of people are using so that your target market is wide. Your product should also be something that is related to your website niche. Remember that you will be marketing this product so it is easier to sell something related to the topic of your website rather than choosing something that is not. I know it’s hard to choose the product that will match your niche, but once you have chosen one, concentrate on it and do not be tempted to sign up to be an affiliate of another product yet. It will be harder to promote two products. You’ll end up spending more time and getting less money if you will promote more than one product.

2. Know what your readers need– When you write the blogs for your website, you should know why they will read your content. In blogging, content is Amazon affiliate marketing tips king and the content that you will produce. Consider creating content that is informative and will get your readers to buy your product. Learning how your target market’s buying intent is very important in converting this traffic to earning commission sales.

3. Build Loyalty – Your blog needs to be updated regularly in order to get loyal readers. People are very suspicious and would not buy immediately until they will trust you. So being consistent with your blogs is very important. Give them interesting topics and very informative articles in order to get them to keep coming back to your website. Not only will you get sales from them, but if they like your blogs, there is a possibility that they will recommend your blog and products to their friends as well.

4. Divert people to Amazon – one good thing about being an Amazon associate is the fact that Amazon is trusted by a lot of people worldwide. When people see that your link is going to Amazon, most of them would not have second thoughts and buy from your link. A lot of people even just go to Amazon to browse products and most of them end up buying a product that they like. You can also experiment by posting fun survey questions on social media about your product and give them your Amazon Affiliate link or a link to your blog. Get them to do some window shopping in your Amazon Affiliate link and the chances of getting a commission would be higher.

5. Build traffic to your website– building traffic is very important in being an Amazon associate. One of the Amazon affiliate marketing tips I got from an expert is to have a good website ranking by optimizing your content to become an SEO-friendly blog. If you rank your website in the search engines, you will likely get more traffic especially if you are on the first page of the search engine results. Search for good keywords to your blog in so that it will rank well with Google. The content on your site is very important in ranking your site on the search engines algorithm.

6. Give an honest review – When you write about the product, be honest. Recommendations are appreciated by the readers and they are quick to affiliate marketingdetect if you are just overrating the product you are writing about. If possible use the product and test it or get people who bought the product give you feedback on the product performance. If possible, have people leave a review of the product on your website. People who go to your website with the intention to buy the product you are promoting will look for product reviews so these reviews will help you earn more money on the Amazon affiliate marketing programs.

7. Promotional links – Let’s face it. People love discounts and promotions. I, myself is always on the lookout for special discounts whenever I go online to buy products. There are a lot of deals on Amazon throughout the year so keep an eye on these discounts and take advantage of promoting them to convert them to sales. Write about the discount or to let people know that there is currently a special promotion going on. This will help attract more traffic and eventually convert them to sales.

8. Include multiple links – One thing that most marketers are doing wrong is to include only one link in their blog post. Remember that you are writing a lot of information and you need to make sure that readers will stay to read all of it if you are putting the link at the end of the blog. Putting several links on your post will increase the percentage of someone clicking it to buy the product you are marketing.

9. Creating a best seller list– People generally will buy something that others have tried buying. Creating a best seller list will get you more sales. Take note: do not just create a bestseller list of anything. It has to be related to the product you are marketing. If they see that the product is popular, they will check it out and there’s a big possibility that they will buy it.

10. Reader reviews – If you check Amazon they have reader reviews so why not copy their tactic for your website? Reader reviews help other readers decide on what book to purchase next. In your case getting a reader review will help you get more blog followers thus more chances of converting them to sales.

11. Informative Links – Another tactic to follow that is used by Amazon is introducing a new product. People are into new things. For example, if a new model of phone is introduced in the market, most people would want to get that or check it out. Introducing or reviewing a new product that is similar to the product that you are promoting will get them to your page. Of course, you can compare the new product to yours and defend your product to get them to buy the product you are marketing instead of the new product. It’s up to you on how to sell your product to your visitors.

12. Images – Add links to the images you are putting on your blogs. Some people click on it in order to buy the product. It works for most marketers. It is one of the Amazon affiliate marketing tips that I found that worked for me.

13. Add buy now buttons – while searching online on how to make money with amazon associates I found a tip that says you should have the buy now button on your blogs. This is something that a lot of marketers use on the main web page. I’ve tried to add this on some of my blogs and it works because there are some people who do not recognize a link and waits for a buy now button in order to buy something online. Make sure it shows a yellow buy now button that looks like the one Amazon uses so people will trust that you will divert them to Amazon.

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14. Selling your product over and over – Find several ways on how to talk about your product. Most people want more information on the product before buying it. Do not just give them the general idea of the product. Promote it over and over in your blog. It’s one of a psychological technique that works for TV and radio advertisements so why not use it on your blogs to market your product as well. The more information they get about a product, the more likely that they will buy it because the brain remembers the brand.

15. Promote the products more on holidays– Holidays are the best time to promote products. Why? Simply because people buy gifts during the holidays to give to their loved ones especially during Christmas. I’m not saying that you should just focus on Christmas to sell your product because there are a lot of holidays in a year that people are buying gifts for their loved ones. Whenever a holiday is nearing, create a marketing plan on how to promote your product so people will buy them. Making a lot of blogs about gifts and how useful your product is will surely help boost your sales.

Follow these tips in order to succeed in marketing your product. Don’t get frustrated if at first, you are not getting enough commission. It takes time to get people to trust you to buy the products you are promoting. If you have no success with one tactic, try the next one or use a combination of several tips that I gave you above. It took some time for me to get the right formula and I never gave up on my goal to earn money from the Amazon affiliate marketing programs. I’m sure you’ll get the right formula for your success too.

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