Can you make money with Life Points?

Life point is an online survey website. Life points are a group in which similar-minded people express their views to win prizes or rewards. No doubt, Life points are powerful that can influence different brands and companies’ decisions, which is obvious.

Most people participated in Life point surveys to earn money, which helps them for living. When you visit any mall or go to a movie, you easily collect life points if you share your experience and give reviews about products or services. Right now, Life Points has more than 5 million members around the world.

Without any doubt, Life Points is a legitimate site. Many people doubt whether life point is fraud or real. Life point is entirely legit. On every online survey site, your experience can be different. Even Life point is giving ten bonus points to new members if they sign up.

When you join life points, you can win points when participating in different activities on the website. The actions from which you can earn points can be changed after some time. These activities are mention on the website.

About lifepoint points

Even you can earn more life points by participating in surveys. After completion of the activity you get many Lifepoint points, let’s see how you get Lifepoint points and what do they do:

1. The number of points for a specific activity is mentioned on the website, and it is also mentioned in the email or notification you receive for that particular activity.

2. If you want to know the total number of Lifepoint by points that you have won, you can view it by visiting the member’s page of that website.

3. These Lifepoints points are like a personal thing you cannot share with anyone without Light speed’s written permission. These points are not your property, so you cannot sell, transfer, or give it to anyone without the consent if you want to assign your points to someone else, so you should have written permission of Light speed.

4. If you want to unsubscribe from Lifepoints or If Light speed cancel your Lifepoints account subscription so according to the Lifepoints membership Terms and Conditions, your Lifepoint points and prizes will be surrender.

Survey of Lifepoint

Being a Lifepoint member, you can express your opinions and views by participating in online surveys covering almost every topic of your everyday life. The activities are product testing, mini-polls, and different types of data collection. This is undoubtedly an excellent chance to win Lifepoints, which you can spend on the best rewards.

Survey Invitation

You receive survey invitations through email, and these can be sent during the survey period. To participate in these online surveys, you don’t need any specific skills. You have to fill the survey and express your thinking that’s it.

Length of Survey

The length of surveys can be different; mostly, surveys take 10-15 minutes for completion. Compensation is given for a variety of surveys and it also depends on length. Compensation is offered if the survey is completed by the people on an urgent basis as requested by the client. If the client demands surveys urgently, so there are more chances to get higher rewards.

Disqualification of Survey

Suppose you begin a survey and don’t complete it, so Life point only gives a few points just for your efforts. You can only get 2 or 3 points at a time, so it takes time to reach the cash out level. Even you can earn 10 points in one day by this you can spend your points soon.

Worldwide Eligibility

A person older than 14 years and more can participate in Lifepoint surveys and activities from almost twelve countries of the world. Most important, everyone can use it as Lifepoint is available in more than 26 different languages.

Panels of Lifepoint

Although Life Points is a new online survey program formed by two panels MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket, both these panels are working for more than a decade. Most important, almost 5 million people are associated with Lifepoint. They are entirely legit and fair. Even many people have about their fairness.

Advantages of LifePoint

Users don’t know the survey topics, but they know about how much time it will consume and rewards too. It is essentially the time you are spending on surveys, are you getting pay accordingly?

The Fastest way of earning

The best thing is that you can get in your points for a gift card with at least 550 points. You can easily earn this many points in starting seven days.

Flexible redeem options

When you cash your Lifepoints, you have to select any one option among other famous gift cards: iTunes, Amazon, Groupon, and many more. As there are many options, so there is a program for each person.

Service and product betterment

This can seems of no importance to you, but few people like to do service and product betterment.

How do Lifepoint works?

  • Let’s suppose any company wants to know about customer preferences.
  • The company hires Lightspeed to conduct a survey and collect data.
  • The survey is prepared for LifePoint members, who are the targeted audience.
  • The members who complete the survey win the points.
  • The members redeem points to get gift cards by the following options PayPal or charitable donations.
  • Rewards are different in each survey; some survey rewards are 60 life points while some survey rewards are 350 too.

How to make money with Lifepoints?

Product testing

Lifepoints usually send members products to check the quality and give reviews. It is such fun to test a product and earn a reward too.

Recording Behavior

Lifepoints email their about behavior diary and keep track of how they do things. The information was used at the time of product and service development.

Getting money

When you have enough of LifePoints so you can quickly cash them out by

  • Electronic gift card
  • Charitable donation
  • PayPal credit

LifePoint is best for:

People who loved to share their views:

LifePoint is the platform where you can easily earn rewards by doing surveys. It is best for people who participate in the study and have no issue telling their personal opinions.

People who want to earn extra money

If you have an interest in making more money, then paid surveys are a simple way.

People who don’t have time to earn more

You are taking a survey just as time pass or fun is a good option. But you cannot do it as a job or to grow your wealth. Everyone loves to have extra money, and why not? These surveys hardly take a few minutes.

Do Lifepoints deserve your time?

If you love to complete surveys so then, LifePoint is best for you. Unlike other sites, LifePoints not play rewards for playing games, watching videos, and shopping for its members if you are comfortable sharing your opinions and views to benefit from it.

Although sometimes it is difficult to pass the qualifying round, you have to be patient. The thing which matters is that how much time you can take out for doing surveys and how serious you are about making more money. People who often have free time and are interested in doing surveys and want to earn extra money should participate in surveys, and it is considered a second job or part-time job.

People not capable of LifePoint

  • People who have less patience

If you are impatient, you can easily be irritated as the qualification round is tough, so you have too many attempts to qualify. These people who are short of patience go to other sites that give rewards for watching videos and playing games.

  • People who want to earn an immense amount of money

These surveys are best to make a few extra dollars, but you cannot rich by doing these surveys. People who want to earn big should invest their time in some work, which helps make an immense amount.

  • People who don’t like to share their opinions

LifePoint is an online survey site where you can give your views and opinions while filling the survey. If you are not comfortable expressing your thinking and beliefs, it’s better not to participate in surveys.


If you figure out how to earn extra money by sitting at home quickly, you can easily be paid by doing surveys. It is the easiest way to make extra money.

All these surveys require only a few minutes, and you have to express your personal opinions and views; that’s it. But it needs the patience to pass the qualifying round as it is quite tricky. But once you qualify, then you can earn for sure. No doubt, it is the best opportunity to invest your time, but you need patience. You all should complete surveys and make well.

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