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If you have been following my blogs then you should know what affiliate marketing program online is because I have written several blogs about it. If not, then let me explain it in a way where you can understand it easily.

Affiliate means being connected or attached to a person, group of persons or a company. Now, we all know that marketing means to advertise a product for the purpose of getting a sales commission for each product that was sold through your affiliate link. One of the ways to earn through affiliate marketing is through JVZoo.

JV Zoo is one of the legitimate affiliate marketing programs available online. Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, JVZoo provides instant or easy promotions of products. Affiliate marketers can also find a lot of interesting products with bigger commissions to promote.

What You Need To Know Before Signing Up For JVZoo

1. Affiliate cookies – affiliate cookies are the tags stored to the website when a person clicks your affiliate link on the product you are affiliated with. The cookies are stored in a span of time the affiliate website allows them until such time the person will make a purchase on your product. Some affiliate platforms only allow 24 hours for the cookie to be stored and then you will not get any commission for any purchase after that. With JVZoo, every time a person clicks on your affiliate link and buy a product, the cookies are stored for a lifetime. So what happens is, every time that certain person makes a purchase of the same product, even though they purchase the product through another affiliate link, you will still get the commission.

2. Instant affiliate payments – Some affiliate marketing program online have the rotation payment system. This means you will only get a payment for every other sale and you will need to get a lot of sales in order to get payments. JVZoo, on the other hand, gives you credit for every sale even if you only made one sale.

3. Becoming a JVZoo affiliate is easy and free. That’s right, with all the features that it boasts you’d think there’s a fee for joining this legitimate affiliate marketing program, but the good news is, there’s none.

4. Easily track your sales status – JVZoo will give you the stats of the product when you start joining them in order to help you choose the right product that will match your needs. These stats are very helpful because there are a lot of products to choose from and knowing the statistics of the products can greatly help you decide which product to choose from. Not only that, but you will get the statistics of how many times your link has been clicked and how many sales have been converted.

5. A great help in your niche – one of the reasons why people are not support JV Zoo successful in affiliate marketing is promoting products that are not related to their niche. JVZOO, on the other hand, will give you a list of products under your category that is related to your product. So JVZOO is not only handy on the statistics, it will help you increase the chances of your affiliate marketing success.

6. Dimesales – JVZOO uses this strategy. This is a business strategy that businesses use to create the idea of a scarcity of a product in order to get more sales. When people see that the supply for a certain product is limited, chances are they will buy that product and won’t pass up on the deal, thus more sales for the product and more commissions for you as the affiliate.

7. PayPal Payments – all payments on JVZOO are made only through PayPal. No other payment methods are available so you need to make sure that you have one before signing up.

8. Vendor Approval – Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, you will not get instant approval to be an affiliate for a certain product with JVZOO. Vendors will have to review your application as an affiliate and get approved by them.

9. Refunds – Refunds are taken out of your PayPal account immediately.

Start Using JVZOO

Like I mentioned, signing up on JVZOO is easy. You can just go to their website, JVZoo.com and click on the red letters that say get started now. Just fill that out and you are ready to be an affiliate marketer with them.

If you are a seller you can create a product with them for free. In fact, if you are a seller, you don’t even need to have a website, all you need to do is create a landing page with the details of your product and it’s benefits. After that, you can create an affiliate program for your product. You can also customize your offers by creating one-time offers and dimesales. The good news is, there are also no upfront fees with JVZOO. They will just get 5% of the sales or a $17 flat fee which includes the one time offer. To start selling on JVZOO just click on start selling on JVZOO at the bottom of the page.

JVZOO has a great feature that is called the ad manager plugin. The plugin is used by a lot of people to promote the affiliate products of JVZoo. The ad manager provides a link to your blog to promote the product. The plugin has your JVZoo affiliate ID so you’ll get paid when they buy the product. This plugin can also be used to display the feed on your WordPress page.

While there are a lot of things that you can do with your affiliate link, let’s take a look at the things that you should not do with your affiliate link.

Things That You Should Not Do With Your Affiliate Link:


1. Do not send affiliate links to anyone that did not give you permission to do so. I get emails and texts all the time that contain links and I don’t really care about them. They are either blocked or deleted almost immediately so stop sending out spam messages. They don’t really work. People only buy from those they trust.

2. Affiliate links shouldn’t also be posted again and again on your social media pages. JVZoo links are blocked by social media pages because of this. Remember people go to social media to interact so don’t put in links. Instead, try to create informative content about your niche, insert your affiliate link, and share it on the social media sites. If your content is interesting enough, people will check it out and you have a higher chance of getting a commission out of a sale from the affiliate link.

3. Do not put your link on the traffic exchanges. People who are on the traffic exchanges are there to get traffic or leads as well. Another reason for avoiding this is that there is a chance that your affiliate status may be removed by the seller. Sharing your affiliate link on the traffic exchanges will cause short visits to the links and it could affect the website of your seller.

How To Promote JVZoo

1. Capture leads or build a list of prospective customers and send them emails. When you are lead capturing, people enter their email addresses because they want to learn more about your product. So sending them email information about your product and inserting the links will have a higher percentage of revenue.

2. Create a blog. Blogging has a very high chance of creating revenue. Why? People who read your blogs get more information about your product, thus a higher change or earning money from legitimate affiliate marketing programs. You can also incorporate SEO on your blogs so it will rank well on the search engines. Once your blog has a good ranking with Google, you will have a lot of traffic going to your site. You can also put a lead capture form on your blog and email your prospective buyers in case they did not buy anything.

3. Create a video review. You can create a YouTube video reviewing the product you are affiliated with and insert the link on the description of the video. YouTube is widely utilized by a lot of people so it’s a good platform to market your affiliate products.

4. Create a lead capture page and redirect them to your affiliate link. Autoresponders will allow you to create a lead capture page and build your email list without a website or a blog page.

All in all, JVZoo is one of the legitimate affiliate marketing programs available on the internet that can help you get a lot of money. Before choosing an affiliate product, review the product well and the affiliate link. It is very important because your success will rely on it. Of course, this is just an overview of JVZoo and affiliate marketing. If you want to succeed in promoting the product, do research on how to succeed. You may find a lot of suggestions from different individuals and it’s up to you to try the suggestions so you can succeed in an affiliate marketing program online. There is no exact recipe for being a successful affiliate marketer. All you have to do is have the patience to market the product and the determination to succeed even if at first, you will not earn enough money.

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