Learning How To Do Affiliate Marketing the Right Way

Everyone on the internet is talking about affiliate marketing. If you are here because you are curious about what it is then you have come to the right place. Learning how to do affiliate marketing is not easy. You will need to learn the techniques of the trade so you can be a successful affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is also known as performance marketing. When you are performing well, you get a lot of sales resulting in more commissions. Starting out as an affiliate marketer is the biggest stumbling block that you have to overcome. There are thousands of affiliate marketers out there and there are scammers everywhere. You need to define which ones are good and which ones you should avoid.

I know you can always check the reviews on which company is good and which are not, but sometimes reviews are just made up. So you have to be careful and choose wisely.

There is no risk involved in affiliate marketing. Always choose an affiliate marketer that offers to sign up as an affiliate marketer for free. If the company that you want to affiliate with asks for payment then do not sign up with them. You want to gain money not to lose your money.

Once you have chosen your affiliate marketing product or service, it is best not to get another one. Focusing on only one affiliate can get you better monetary rewards in the future. You see, this is one of the mistakes that new affiliate marketers do. They sign up for a lot of affiliate marketing products or services thinking that they can gain more money because they will market more affiliates.

Focusing on only one affiliate will get better results. If you are a newbie in affiliate marketing you need only to choose the best affiliate marketing products and be an affiliate of only one of them. Do not go out of your way. Instead, focus on getting the right formula to gain money.

I would recommend affiliate marketing to people who want to sell their products without risking anything, but their time. So how do you start choosing the affiliate that is right for you?

Where do you find the best affiliate marketing company?

If you do a search on the search engines for affiliate networks I’m sure you will get a lot of results. You will find that there are affiliate marketing companies in different regions. Starting out as an affiliate is very simple. Find an affiliate marketing company, choose the product or service that you want to be affiliated with, and sign up with them for free.

Beware of Bad Affiliates

If you are trying to sell a product and someone approaches you promising you a lot of things that are too good to be true, then be careful. A lot of people out there promise marketing and performance as long as you pay. When you hear this, do not grab the opportunity right away. Stop and think about their offer first.

Check out what they are offering first. Do not go for something that you have to pay without any good output. With wealthy affiliate online business community, you do not have to worry about paying without getting any results. You only have to pay for the commissions on the sales of your affiliate marketer. Make sure that you are also not paying them commissions on sales made before 30 days. This will allow your software to check for shady sales. Remember that you should not pay for sales that are not valid.

Tracking Your Market ROI

Now that you are paying for commissions out of sales, you have to make sure that you track your sales. There are a lot of tools that are available online to help you track these sales. If you have the best affiliate marketing products, then the probability of higher sales are better so tracking them manually will be difficult. The good news is, most affiliate marketing networks have software that tracks your sales for free if you sign up with them.

Always choose an affiliate marketing network like wealthy affiliate that has a good track record and a good reputation when it comes to selling affiliate products or services. There are affiliates out there who will create false promises on behalf of your product thus discrediting your product. The affiliate marketing network that you should choose should include conditions on their affiliate marketing contract not to give false promises to prospect buyers.

The false promises are often included on their landing pages so it’s very important that your product or service credibility is positive always. Not only will your credibility be affected, but you could also into legal trouble. Learning how to do affiliate marketing is not easy and a big part of it is driving traffic to the website. Make sure that the way your affiliate marketer drives traffic to your website is through the white hat. If your affiliate marketer is using black hat method for driving traffic to your site, this might affect your product or service negatively as well.

A lot of affiliate marketers focus only on how to make money. The wealthy affiliate online business community, however, do not encourage unethical ways to make sales or drive traffic.

When choosing the affiliate marketing network for your product or service, try to choose the bigger affiliate network. They are the ones who are legitimate and the percentage of having a bigger email list is better with them. These affiliate networks can drive more traffic and sales for you.

The Selection Process Are Two-Way

So we talked about being careful about choosing your affiliate marketing network company for marketing your products or services. As soon as you have chosen and signed up for their affiliate marketing service, you will be their partner. Before becoming their partner you will need to do your part as well.

Your website should have the ability to handle high traffic. So that means your website landing page and your website should be able to handle a lot of buyers that will be going to your site. If your website is not fine-tuned for a lot of traffic, then the affiliate marketing network that you chose will not approve the partnership with your company. Remember that they handle a lot of products and services as well so they do not have the time to help you tweak your site for the influx of sales that will be coming your way in the future. The wealthy affiliate online business community for example only partner with companies that they believe will help them get an income out of the sales as well so you must do your part on enhancing your website.

Learning How to Do Affiliate Marketing

If you really want to start marketing your products or services with affiliate marketing then you should do your research first. You can read a lot of books available to you online about successful affiliate marketers.

If you do not have a product and you want to start with affiliate marketing, then you may choose to create an e-book or a guide. If it performs well, then you can make the best affiliate marketing products that have a demand for your prospect customers. Starting up a business is always a gamble, but you have to make sure that the stakes are low and your chances of winning are high. So how do you make sure that you have a higher chance of getting sales?

As soon as you have created a product or a service to sell, you can now start scaling your website. Start creating a marketing plan on how to create an effective sales funnel. Now, you may be thinking that these are only done by the affiliate marketers because they are the ones who will market your product, but you are wrong. As a brand, you also need to have a good sales funnel and landing page because this is where the customers will be going to buy. This is the secret of having a solid business online.

You should use the wealthy affiliate online business community well as any other company that you will choose to affiliate with. They will help build your website and your sales in the long run.

Also, consider using social media marketing for driving traffic to your site. Of course, if you do not have the time to do this, which is why you got an affiliate marketing network in the first place, then you can include this in your contract. A few affiliate marketing networks do not allow marketing the products on social media networks. Make sure that your affiliate marketers are doing it right on the social media sites, though. You would need to give them guidelines and if what they are doing is working. Do ahead and copy what they are doing for your website. This will help you get more passive income in the future.


Learning how to do affiliate marketing can be time-consuming, but do not worry. All your efforts will be worth it in the long run. Remember that a lot of companies out there rely solely on their affiliate marketers to market their products or services. The best affiliate marketing products are even successful in their respective niche. Make sure that you interact with your affiliate marketers or the affiliate marketing network that you have partnered with. It’s better to talk to them and get their insight on how you can help them market your site than not doing anything at all. Remember that you are partners so your product is not selling, they will not get any commission as well so both of you will not get any money.

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