SFI and Affiliate Marketing: Legit or Scam?


If you are looking to make money online, we all know that affiliate marketing is one of the best things to do in order to do that. There are a lot of legitimate affiliate marketing programs available online and one of them is SFI affiliate. Let us take a look at SFI and how to join them.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is being connected with a company and marketing their products so you can earn a commission out of their sales. Yes. It’s a performance-based model and the more you perform the more you earn. An affiliate does not have a product but markets other products on behalf of the company. SFI or Six Figure International was created based on the affiliate marketing business model.

SFI and Its History

SFI is an established MLM company which was launched in 1998. The true model of the company was MLM and Affiliate marketing was incorporated into the business model. MLM or Multi-Level Marketing is a legitimate way to earn money, but earning through this method is hard because you have to recruit affiliates in order to earn money through your affiliates’ sales. This is called residual earning. You can tap into the earnings of other people under you in order to earn so you have to recruit more people to join SFI in order to earn. This is one of the reasons a lot of affiliates quit in SFI, but they don’t realize that SFI has affiliate marketing incorporated with the business model and you can take advantage of this.

You may be aware of pyramid schemes and you may wonder if SFI is a pyramid scheme. It’s definitely not a pyramid scheme because it’s a combination of MLM and Affiliate marketing. Remember that pyramid schemes are only focusing on recruiting members into the pyramid so they can earn. Some offer products or services that are questionable and never sold to the public. Also, a pyramid scheme involves money in order to join and SFI does not involve a fee to join. In a pyramid scheme, only those on the top of the pyramid win and everyone else loose. In SFI affiliate, everyone is a winner because you get to promote products in order to earn as well as sell your own products or services through SFI. Not only that but no matter where you are positioned in the SFI affiliate marketing program online, you can earn and may have the possibility to earn more when you rank up.

Versa Points

SFI affiliates earn through Versa Points. Each day you are given tasks to complete so that you can earn Versa Points on your account. These VP points are free and you can earn an unlimited amount of VP each month on your account. VP Points are used to determine your ranking in the Power Rank Program of SFI Affiliate. AS Woody Allen would famously say “80% of success is showing up” and that is true with SFI Affiliate. All you need is to show up every day and do the tasks so that you will succeed in earning VP points and earn in SFI.

It’s free to join SFI and absolutely risk-free. You will need to have a small free to joincapital though when you join SFI affiliate because you will need to buy products within SFI in order to maintain 1500 VP points per month and maintain your EA status. Along with SFI is the triple clicks program that is very useful. No need to upgrade your account in order to access this feature because you can access it after you open an account with SFI. This affiliate marketing program online depends on your VP on how much you will be earning each month. Earning a matching VP with the team leader status that you have will determine the income that you will get each month.

Your goal in SFI is to get the Platinum Rank Team Leader so you have to work hard in order to reach this status. The Team Leader Ranking is based on the following:

1. Executive affiliate is the first rank in SFI. You will be required to maintain 1500VP every month

2. A bronze team leader is the second ranking in SFI. You will need to maintain a3000 VP every month.

3. A silver team leader is the third ranking in SFI. You need to maintain a ranking of 4000 VP every month.

4. A gold team leader is the fourth ranking in SFI. You will need to maintain a ranking of 5000 VP every month.

5. The platinum team leader is the last ranking in SFI. You are required to maintain6000 VP every month in order to maintain this ranking.

When you become a team leader in SFI affiliate you will have PSA or Personal Sponsored Affiliate and Co-sponsored affiliate. You will be their team leader so you will have the task of teaching them on how to be an affiliate in SFI and how to score a lot of VP points by following you.

Core Component of SFI Affiliate

The core component in SFI is in the affiliate center homepage which is included in the daily action tabs. This part of SFI provides the needed knowledge that you need in order to earn VP points in SFI. This should be reviewed every day and affiliates should apply the core component in order to earn their VP points.

Triple Clicks

This is the superstore of SFI. It’s an e-commerce community that will allow you to sell your items or trade. This is where you will choose your affiliate and promote their products. There are over 90,000 products and services to choose from so it’s up to you to choose which niche and product are right for you to be affiliated with.

Pros and Cons


• It’s a family-owned company so you don’t have to worry about the company going bankrupt.

• Registration is always free in SFI

• It’s available in different languages

• A customized website is provided for every affiliate who will join.

• You get a share of the profits each month in the triple clicks program of SFI.

• You can sell your own products in triple clicks

• You can sell second-hand products in triple clicks just like what you can do in craigslist and other ad sites.

• You can buy products in order to earn VP points in the triple clicks website

• ECA program – there is no cost for ECAs to plug in their products or services in triple clicks

• Pricebenders and penny auctions are available and you can bid on products that you want for as low as 90% from the regular rate.

• You can play games and earn in SFI Affiliate and win a lot of prizes.


• It’s not easy to recruit other members to join SFI and be under your team

• You will need to understand the system in order to earn money from it because of the complicated system.

• There are training tools available on the website of SFI, but you have to do self-training in order to start being an affiliate of SFI.

• The shipping fees in triple clicks if you purchase items are too high.

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Technical Support

SFI has very good customer service. Their technical support is available 24 hours a day. You get support about the SFI program and your sponsor is always there to support you.

SFI is like a family and their support system is great. If you are a member of SFI you would not feel alone unlike in other legitimate affiliate marketing programs. Everyone will be happy to assist you. Those who have been successful will always assist you because they already know the process that will work.

SFI is a legitimate affiliate marketing programs that are paying good money as long as you perform. Although their process is more complicated when compared to other affiliate marketing program online, it’s definitely not a scam. Like everything in life, it will take a lot of hard work and showing up daily in order to earn in as an SFI affiliate. You will need to understand the system and recruit people as well in order to earn. If you have no idea on how to sell products or market affiliates, you have the option to invest some money to purchase products and earn in the triple clicks program. That means you will not have any excuse to earn in SFI. You have a lot of options! If one technique in earning doesn’t work for you, then there are several other ways to earn in SFI.

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