Wealthy Affiliate and Why It’s A Number One Recommended Affiliate program

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I know you are here because you want to learn more about legitimate affiliate marketing programs. In this article, I will discuss Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an affiliate program that I would recommend you to use and I’ll tell you later why. I only have one question for you. Why do you want to be an affiliate marketer? If you have an answer to that question then I can definitely help you out.

If you are familiar with affiliate marketing, then you are aware that joining an affiliate marketing program is free, but what makes wealthy affiliate marketing program stand out from the rest? Wealthy Affiliate has a training program that is offered to its members for free. Now, that’s a very big bonus because we all know that training programs are not for free.

Wealthy affiliate offered free training programs so that beginners who do not have any idea on what to do will know where to start so they can achieve their goal. They are offering training programs for free because they realize that many people are hesitant to start doing affiliate marketing because they either lack technical knowledge, lack capital, or they don’t have any ideas on how to start and about the products.

Wealthy Affiliate University has the answer to all of these problems. They will educate you on how legitimate affiliate marketing programs work, start being an affiliate marketer for free, and will educate you on different niches. You will learn while starting your online business.

Of course, after the free training, they will give you an option to pay for advanced training, but you can sign up for free training first and learn for free. After which, if you like the lessons then you can pay for it. Don’t worry they won’t require you to give out your credit card number to sign up for the free training. Isn’t it awesome?

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

As discussed above Wealthy Affiliate is best known to be the best place for beginners in the affiliate marketing business. The price for a starter membership is free, but you have the option to get a premium membership for $19 on the first month and $49 per month Thereafter or $229 per year.

Don’t worry about being scammed because it has been in business for more than a decade and o in 193 countries. That alone will let you know that it’s a stable company that pays well.

This company was founded by Kyle and Carson from British Columbia in 2005. They were already successful online businessmen when they decided to create Wealthy Affiliate which is now considered one of the legitimate affiliate marketing programs today. They also co-own 2 other programs which are Jaaxy and Street Articles that Wealthy Affiliate members can use for their businesses.

Their training has a step by step pattern that is easy to follow so that anyone can do it. Kyle and Carson, the owners are even online regularly to answer questions in the Wealthy Affiliate Community. This shows that the aim of the company is really to help the members succeed in affiliate marketing. Weekly webinars are also available for you. The host has really good humor which makes it very entertaining as you study. You can even ask questions or clarifications about the tips that are shared by the host. All the tools are also provided in wealthy affiliate which I will discuss later.

Who Can Join?

Wealthy Affiliate can be just for anyone who wants to earn a passive income. Basically, it’s for:

• The unemployed or stay at home moms and dads who want to earn while taking care of their kids at home

• Persons with Disabilities who cannot afford to go to an office to work

• People who are looking for a passive income because they are planning to quit their job

• People who have a hobby or passion, but wants to earn from it

• Bloggers who are looking to earn more money

• Students who want to earn more so they can pay for their studies

• Retirees who want to earn or want to invest their money into a business

• Local businesses who want to expand their business online

• People who want to build a website and don’t know where to start

Wealthy affiliate is just for anyone who wants to learn how to earn a passive income online. As long as you have the desire to earn and the no quitting attitude, then I’d recommend this website.

Why Start An Online Business

Remember that I asked you earlier why do you want to be an affiliate wealthy affiliate marketing marketer. Here the reasons why most people want to sign up for wealthy affiliate marketing:

• You won’t have any boss because you are the boss

• Your passion or hobby can be your business

• You don’t need to have a big capital

• Work anytime and anywhere there’s an internet connection

• Work whenever you like

• Have income without going to an actual office

How to Start Building A Business in Wealthy Affiliate

Just like other legitimate affiliate marketing programs, setting up your business should be done like this:

1. Choose a niche or product – choosing a niche is very important when starting your online business. Wealthy affiliate programs have a lot of niches to choose from. Pick something that you like or a hobby so that you know the product very well and have fun while marketing it. Keep in mind that the product that you will choose as well should be something that people will want to buy.

2. Build Your Website – Of course, since you are building your business online, you would need a website. Your website is very important because it is the foundation of your business. Without it, people would not know where to find you. It is the equivalent of your physical business location. Creating a website with Wealthy Affiliate is very easy. There’s a step-by-step process on how to build a website that you can follow when you create a website. Make sure that your website name or domain name is for your niche so people can remember it easily.

3. Attract Traffic – In order to make a lot of money from your website, you will need to get traffic to go to your website. Wealthy Affiliate will give you a lot of tips on how to drive traffic to your website through obtaining good keywords, incorporating it to your content, and ranking your website in the search engines.

4. Earn, earn, earn – After you have a lot of traffic to your site, you can promote the products that you have been affiliated with. The affiliated products should be within your niche so that people will go to our site and buy the products and after which you will get the commission from the company that you are affiliated with.

What To Expect in The Wealthy Affiliate University

When you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate marketing, you will then be taken to the training page. Remember that this is the best feature of Wealthy Affiliate and why people are into Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t hesitate to take their lessons even though you may have the knowledge on how to market products. I’m sure you can still pick up some tips and techniques in marketing that can help you improve your marketing skills.

The step-by-step lessons are easy to follow and after each lesson, you will find tasks to complete to test how you’ve learned. This will make sure that the students of Wealthy Affiliate University are learning.

The free lessons include:

1. Introduction

2. Understanding how to make money online

3. Choose a niche

4. Building your own niche website

5. Setting up your website

6. Getting your site ready for Search Engines

7. Creating your initial website content

8. Creating custom menus on your website

9. Understanding keywords, The start of your content

10. Congratulations and your next steps

wealthy affiliate programs

The subjects included in your training are the following:

• Finding your niche

• How to build your site

• How to search for the right keywords

• How to write content

• Creating videos for your website

• Choosing the right affiliate program for you and how to use your affiliate links

• How to rank in Search Engine Optimization

• Social Media Management

• Pay Per Click

You will also have access to live training or webinars. These webinars are done weekly for premium members. Google Ranking updates are discussed here as well as the latest tricks in marketing your products. You can also get to interact with your host after the webinars. If you get the premium membership after signing up for wealthy affiliate programs then I would suggest going to the weekly webinars diligently. They are very important in your business.

Wealthy Affiliate Support

Wealthy Affiliate has its own community and support. One of the reasons why a lot of people fail in affiliate marketing is not getting any support when needed. The online community itself is a big help when you are confused about what to do with ranking your website. Remember that not all things are learned inside a classroom but in real life. So when your business is not getting any kind of progress, you can turn to the online community to help you with your marketing efforts. The wealthy affiliate community is a “pay it forward:” community so people in it are always willing to help their fellow entrepreneurs.

Overall, among the legitimate affiliate marketing programs online, I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Everything that you need from training, tools, and support are in it. Do not expect to get results right away though because this is not a get rich quick scheme. Wealthy Affiliate marketers who have been successful will tell you that you will need to have a lot of patience and the will to learn in order to succeed being an affiliate marketer.

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