What Is a Brand Associate?

Are you here looking to become the best brand associate? Or are you a business owner willing to hire someone who can charm up your business? How many times did you question yourself regarding the success of your company? After all, what does it take to build a reliable name of your hard work? If you have all of these questions and some more than let’s go ahead and discover what brand associates are and how they help the business.

But before we do that, have you ever thought of how Adidas became the renowned name that it is today? Or how can a child even recognize Macdonald’s logo? Why is it easy to remember Krispy Kreme when it comes doughnuts? That’s because the companies and organizations work their way in making their product a complete identity; making it a brand, making it something worth remembering.

So, what is a brand?

How do you make your business a brand? A brand is the identity of your business, how you want people to think of it, and what image you want to create in the mind of your audience is what collectively defines you as a brand. Once, you position it this way; it stays with your audience forever. Why do you think people rejected ‘New Coke’ which was launched by Coca Cola itself? It is because people fail to identify it as coke.

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Your brand includes the logo, name, colors in your logo and name, tagline, any symbol, design, and the message that you convey to the audience.

Now that you know what brand means, it is essential to understand that how can make your business a brand. It begins by building a brand association and a proper brand image. Starting with the brand association, it is the perception about your brand that is in the mind of your customer.

For example; if a swoosh in black is seen somewhere, the first name that will cross your mind will be Nike. Similarly, if you think of sleek technology, then Apple might be something that you can remember. Or what do you think of when you hear the word “Open Happiness”, it’s coke.

Likewise, when you begin working on your brand, make sure that you have got it right. That when people listen or hear anything remotely associated with your product line, they think of you rather than your competitor. The quality that you provide, the message that you deliver to the audience, relationship with customers and marketing plays a massive role in creating a positive brand association.

Now, how you can further create a positive brand association?

It is by hiring the right person for it. A brand associate is a person that helps the customer and targeted audience connect with your brand. They help in attracting the audience towards your brand. By positioning your brand positively in the mind of your customer, they help you in expanding your business.

Now the question remains, how do brand associates do these things?

A brand associate is responsible for successfully implementing the ideas that are for the brand. If there is any activation or new marketing strategy planned, a brand associate would be responsible for making sure these activities take place accordingly and successfully.

They carry out researches and gather previous data, and according to the surveys and the current need of the market, they help the organization reach its branding goals. Hence, all in all, their main responsibility is to satisfy customers and brand simultaneously. They need to make sure that the customers stay loyal to the brand and the brand flourish in a highly competitive market.

  • A brand associate needs to do the following for the brand:
  • Conduct surveys
  • Carry out researches from various sources.
  • Make certain brand activities are aligned.
  • Gather information about the performance of the brand.
  • Get a follow up from the customers and leads.
  • Follow up with brand performance.
  • As we are part of the technological era, hence, making sure that the brand has a strong and prominent online presence.
  • Align customer satisfaction and loyalty plans with that of brand development.
  • Carry out engaging activities with the targeted audience.
  • Work out and plan on creating more lead for the brand.
  • Work with the brand development team to come with practical ideas and plans.
  • Work on enhancing the efficiency of the whole organization to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Prepare report based on survey information and desk research activities.
  • Provide front line inputs to the design and development of customer experience map
  • Get information about the customer.
  • Work on and support the implementation plan of the brand.
  • Support the creation of materials, templates and collaterals
  • Track information on the target profile

What is that you need to do to become a brand associate?

If you are interested in becoming a brand associate and the thought of working with brands excite you here’s what you would need to do to become a right brand associate. Start with a bachelor’s degree. Your bachelor program, especially in business studies, will give you a theoretical insight on how you can carry out projects. Use these four years and work with brands, or do internships to get an insight into how the real world works.

Make sure you know how to get along with customers to get your thing to go. It would help if you also tried to build a strong network as in the corporate world your connection can help you to go.

Now here are some of the essential tips on how you can create a good brand association and become an even better brand associate:

  1. Be yourself: You need to identify your brand and the brand you work for as a personality and a complete individual and treat it like one. Once you correctly understand the meaning, logo, tagline, and name of your brand, you will be able to deliver it rightfully to your customers. Hence, being yourself (brand) is where you begin with creating a good brand association. Apply this on your personality as well to become the best brand associate.
  2. Link up with influencers: We are the part of technology and technology has made it easier to connect with people, and it also has given people a great platform to influence others. Hence, connecting and associating social media influencers and even other influencing personality with your brand will get you the right association and recognition. Like how Nike associated themselves with Michelle Wie or how Jennifer Anniston represent Emirates and how Taco Bell linked themselves with Snapchat star Shaun McBride.
  3. Make quality rather than quantity: If you believe that by paying millions and having a celebrity on board is your way of making to the top, then it isn’t because people believe in quality more than they believe in quantity. So whether you are designing your next marketing campaign or your next product line, make sure that your work delivers quality. It should be something that speaks for itself. Simon Mainwaring said, “The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability.”
  4. Be conscious of yourself: Having confidence is one thing, but you must know that overconfidence can ruin up your hard work, and the same rule applies here. Where social media and online platform made our life easier, there is also one more thing that makes them quite tricky. Everyone has their approach to it. You can’t just hide on social media. Therefore, in this age, social media must speak positively about your brand. Or there is a positive image of your brand on the online platform; otherwise, it might just result in the greatest downfall. As a brand associate, it is your responsibility that you make sure that your targeted audience perceives your brand on social media just the way the organization needs them to understand it. There’s a positive image build on it.
  5. Don’t ignore traditional branding: Social media and online platform are undoubtedly essential, but tactics like Word of mouth and other traditional marketing and branding methods will always play a significant role in the building of your brand. Hence, you must make sure that apart from online platforms, people are aware and positive about your brands. There is a positive and robust image built-in people’s mind.


Building a strong brand isn’t a piece of cake, but it isn’t also something that is impossible. Hence, brand associates, if get it right, can help brand a strong and loyal customer base for a lifetime.

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